Cash Out!


I think our last day may have been my favorite day of our Vegas vacation!


Ben and I compared dream afternoon plans and matched up right away with happy hour (although what hour is not happy in Vegas?) on the nearest patio, to enjoy the hot sun and cool breeze. Luckily Cabo Wabo Cantina’s was right next door to our hotel!


Ben sang along to the rock and roll playing over the sound system,


while I sipped on a refreshing Waborita,


and Mojito, and munched on surprisingly amazing chips & salsa.


And it was good!


The massive hot air balloon looming over the patio reminded us that we hadn’t spent near enough time at the Paris hotel & casino next door, so we paid our tab and took our drinks to-go.


Love that perk of Vegas! ;)


I know I said I gave up gambling, but for some reason we had a plethora of one dollar bills, so we each threw $5 into the nearest penny slots.


Excuse me I need to concentrate, please! ;)


The concentration paid off and $5 quickly turned into nearly $15 – whee! CASH OUT!!


Ben had some basketball games to bet on, so we headed back to the hotel so he could do his thing and I could do mine – get ready for our last night on the town.


Which included a trip to our old stomping grounds the menagerie at The Flamingo – which is seriously stocked with ‘em!


Followed by an in-depth conversation about how/why flamingos evolved to look they way they do. Seriously though, WHY??


Who cares… Photo op! Ugh, the last time we took a picture in this spot, in 2009, there was a big pile of throw up in the corner. Last night was much cleaner! :)


After some final shenanigans on The Strip, we stopped for a late night nosh at the Earl of Sandwich.


The Earl is in the lobby of our hotel and I’d been dying to try it all week. OMG it did not disappoint. The bread was amazingly soft and squishy. Killer!


Soon after, we called it a night (or rather, a morning) shook the glitter off our clothes, and bid adieu to our time out on the town. :D


Overall, I was worried that three full days in Vegas was going to be a bit much, but we chose our activities (and numbers of drinks!) wisely, and I could have honestly spent three MORE days there!


We stayed at Planet Hollywood which, in addition to having tons of pink sparkly things, is in a perfect location right in the heart of all the action.


There’s great restaurants on-site,


and even a shopping mall with an ABC convenience store where you can buy drinks at, to save a couple bucks!


Plus, duh-duh-duhhhhhh, there’s a Sugar Factory candy shop right outside the entrance. Sold!


Best. Gummy worms. EVER! :D


There really is something for everyone in Vegas. High-end shopping and dining options galore, family-friendly activities, pools that just won’t quit and, of course, the opportunity to let loose and just have FUN. I’m already planning my return trip!

And my return to the kitchen! I missed cooking and can’t wait to stuff myself with vegetables. :)

We’re home now (and freezing our tootsies off – the house was 51 degrees!) so I’m off to unpack and dive into a sweatshirt. So thankful I have the next three days to recoup before going back to work! See ya!

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  1. Alisha 04.21.2011

    Sounds like a wonderful trip!! :) We are planning a trip for the fall, so now I am even more excited! Sorry you had to come back to the this awful cold weather, not fun!

  2. OMG! I didn’t know they had Earl’s in Vegas! I used to love eating there at Downtown Disney in Orlando =)

    Looks like you had such a fun time!!!

  3. don’t you just love the earl of sandwich? i tried it last summer at disney for the first time…i think im in love with that bread! and their sprinkles. :)

  4. Machelle 04.21.2011

    glad you had a great time and, great pictures! Ben looks like he got a little sun burn going on! i love the Flamingo, one of a handful (or less)of the really old glitzy nostalgic hotels left from the Rat Pack days.

  5. Lauren 04.21.2011

    Ah, the Flamingos! :) Such memories. :)

  6. heather 04.21.2011

    “a big pile of throw up…” for some reason that made me let out a big horse-laugh. tee hee hee.

    vegas is pretty killer, and it seems like you enjoyed, too. glad your journey was well and your return was sweet.

  7. I could spend weeks in Vegas!! Too much to see. You have so much luck in those hands!

  8. Whoa! Biiiig winners =) Don’t quit your day job! ha!

  9. dmcgirl 04.21.2011

    Glad you are back safe and sound! While you were trippin the life fantastic I have have been upto my elbows in paint!
    Trade ya!

  10. Know what I love most about you? That you and Ben are SUCH a FUN couple- I love that you’re a team and have a blast together. It says a lot! :)

  11. Daisy 04.21.2011

    amazing time you two had! I want to go back! Adam and I have that same picture at the flamingo!

  12. erica 04.21.2011

    earl of sandwich.

    i tell everyone about their holiday turkey sandwich that changed my life. lol.

  13. What a fun trip! Now I definitely want to go to Vegas. I feel like I have similar taste to you and it looks like you found PLENTY of fun things to do and tasty things to eat there, so I’m adding it to my “must-visit” list.

    Thanks for sharing! You and Ben are so cute together – I can always tell how much of a blast you guys have together by your photos.

  14. Sara 04.21.2011

    Fun trip! I’m actually n Vegas too…and I’m staying at Planet Hollywood…and I went to Sugar Factory today. If I would have seen you somewhere, it totally would have been like a celebrity sighting for me…in a non-stalker-ish kinda way! :) My hubby and I have passed by Earl of Sandwich and we thought it looked good, so with your good review, maybe we’ll have to hit it up tomorrow.

  15. I absolutely LOVE Vegas! My hubby and I are going at the end of June for the first time together (we’ve both been on girls/guys only trips but not together). I can’t wait!!! Drinks-to-go are the BEST!

  16. Mac 04.21.2011

    I wish I could come back with a voucher from a casino. instead I come home with an empty wallet

  17. Stephanie 04.22.2011

    the fun and laughter comes walking right out of my screen! happy easter!!!

  18. Hope 04.22.2011

    What a fun trip! I’m glad that you and Ben had a great time! You two are so cute together! :) Planet Hollywood looks like an awesome hotel! I definitely want to check that out whenever I get back to Vegas! :)

  19. That looks like such a fun vacation! And that striped dress is adorable!!

  20. Tracey 04.22.2011

    Wow! Looks like you and your husband had an amazing time! I remember when I was in Vegas and I wanted to try out the Earl sandwich place but we ran out of time. Next time I will have to check it out!

  21. I was just in Vegas in March, so this is a memory lane post for me. I stayed at the Flamingo, and I pretty much fell in love with Paris.

    Glad to hear you guys had a good time! :)

  22. Lib 04.22.2011

    Hope the 51 degrees was because you were energy conscious and turned the heat down. We came home to the same temperature and found that our furnace had died. Not fun to pay for a furnace after paying (and enjoying!) a vacation! Stay warm…

  23. Bree 04.22.2011

    Omg! I love earl of sandwich so much. I want to go back to Vegas for it right now! Glad you had fun.

  24. skinnyrunner 04.22.2011

    i was there in december and went to both the earl and sugar factory. cute pics!

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