I can’t tell you how grateful I am to have 4-day work weeks!

Sure, arriving at work at 6:30am Monday-Thursday is no picnic, but I could do it forever to have Fridays off. It’s great to have the extra day to run errands, clean the house, etc, rather than dedicate my entire Saturday to it.

Want to know how I came to have a 4-day work week? I asked for it. If there’s anything I learned from my Mom, who could sell ice to an Eskimo, it’s that you’ll never know what you’ll get unless you ask!

Despite having the day off, I was up at my usual time to be at Starbucks by 6:50 for a 7am meeting regarding the new IGE website (eee!) and had visited Walmart, the bank, written a freelance article AND gotten three loads of laundry done by 11am. Sweeeet. :)

I got a wicked craving for a cheese & veggie scramble around noon, but a quick scan of the fridge revealed that we were out of eggs. Damn! The craving was strong so I sped over to the store to grab a dozen, and by the time I got back it had shifted. I needed a breakfast sandwich instead!


2 (very) burnt pieces of toast, sandwiching a slice of bacon, cheese and an egg.


I thought I could get away with the burnt toast, but it was terrible, so I took the top off and enjoyed the egg, cheese and bacon open-faced style. Should’ve stuck with the scramble!


I thoroughly enjoyed the fresh pineapple on the side though. How good is pineapple right now, by the way? It’s soooooo sweet! I’ve been cutting mine with the Williams & Sonoma serrated knife Ben got me for our anniversary. It works so well!


After lunch I picked up my bridesmaid dress from the tailor for the wedding I’m in next weekend. Barely squeezing myself into it instantly motivated me to hit the trail for a long run. Funny how that works… ;)

Despite a heavy headwind, the first 2 miles of the 4.8 went fine. It all went downhill at mile 3 though – I was insanely thirsty! So I bargained with myself:

“Fine. Walk if you must, but every time you see a milestone – a bench, bridge, location pole, etc – you need to run to it + 1 step.”

It worked like a charm, and I ended up running more than walking. Bargaining in such a way is more of a mental relief than anything else, and I was able to bring the final mile in strong with the wind at my back – promptly slamming 32 oz of water the second I stepped in the door.


I don’t know about you, but my eternal internal debate on runs where I get super thirsty is – do I stop and walk, thus taking longer to get home and get to water? Or do I keep running, making myself even thirstier, but get home faster?

I usually choose to run through it so I can get to water faster. Today was a combo of both though. You?

In other news, Ben’s been golfing with work friends all afternoon, and I’m going to go meet them for a BBQ at one of their homes. I’m bringing Olde Savannah Sweet Tea Wine to share.


I’ve been obsessed with Jeremiah Weed Sweet Tea Vodka since I tried it at Mullets last year, so I was very excited to see sweet tea WINE at the store earlier this week!


Ok so it was $4.99 and it’ll probably be terrible, but I have to know for sure. ;) I’ll let you know how it goes…


Oh, I also want to let you know what I thought about Noosa Yoghurt!

Ok – seriously – it’s wonderful. This particular flavor was mango, but it tasted like sweet and creamy cheesecake. Cheesecake! The texture is in between regular yogurt and Greek yogurt – actually very similar to cheesecake batter – and the similarity in taste is uncanny. I’m definitely buying more of it!

Also, thank you for your running pant suggestions! I can’t wait to start looking into all your favorites. :)

Have a great night – TGIF!


Would you rather work 4- 10 hour days, or 5- 8 hour days?