Then He Stopped Talking to Me


Road trip!


Ben and I got up early this morning to drive north to the Twin Cities (Minneapolis & St. Paul, Minnesota, dontcha know) for my friend’s wedding this weekend. It’s our second time up here in less than a month!


The ride was pretty uneventful and broken up by a Zone Perfect Sweet & Salty Bar for breakfast (it was ok, maybe a little too salty,)


and the standard tunaCORN Fantasy Football Adopt a Highway sign sighting.


This sign never gets old! Who names their fantasy football team “tunaCORN”? Then adopts a portion of the highway? What’s the story behind all this ridiculousness? I hate that I will never know the answers to these questions!


We headed straight for one of our very favorite places in Minneapolis when we arrived – Lake Calhoun.


I used to run around this beaut at least 3-4 times a week when I lived in the city after college. It’s a perfect 3 miles around, and the view of downtown can’t be beat.


You can rent kayaks and paddle boats here in the summertime too, which is always usually a blast… I’ll never forget the time Ben took me paddle boating for my birthday one year. We ended up getting a bum boat and his chair back kept flying into a flat, horizontal position every 10 seconds/5-6 pedals.


He was SO mad, which made me laugh SO hard, which made him even MORE mad…then he stopped talking to me. :( It was my birthday though so he couldn’t stay mad for too long – muwahaha! ;)


On one of the nicest days we’ve experienced yet this Spring, Ben and I strolled around the lake along with what seemed like half the city. Nobody wanted to miss out on the warm sun and mild breeze.

IMG_0055 IMG_0053



Our walk went quick, and I was up for another go-around, but our grumbling stomachs won out and we headed to Cossetta’s in St. Paul for lunch instead!


Cossetta’s is THE place for fast-casual Italian in the Twin Cities.


It’s a pizzeria/market/hot bar and their food is mouthwateringly delicious. Very fresh and authentic (I would literally give my first born for their baklava recipe…) They just won Best Italian in the Twin Cities by Citypages!


You pick out, order and pay for your food on the first floor, then climb up a winding staircase to sit and enjoy your Italian goodness while listening to rat pack tunes and looking at old family photos (of someone’s family!)


Ben and I snagged a seat right by the window – underneath the dried garlic and chilis that hung all the way to the ceiling.


Love the ambiance here!


You really can’t go wrong with anything your order at Cossetta’s – lasagna, hot soup, sausage & peppers, pizza – but you REALLY can’t go wrong with their Mostaccioli con Ricotta.


Complete with garlic bread for $5.25. I LOVE THIS MEAL!


Perfectly cooked pasta is smothered in ricotta cheese sauce, then generously topped with Cossetta’s house Family Sauce.


I tried so hard to order a salad. I really did. “You’ll hate yourself tomorrow when you won’t be able to zip up your already too-small bridesmaid’s dress!” I tried to reason with myself. But it was no good. This pasta is TOO GOOD to resist! Creamy, cheesy, and that bright, fresh house sauce competes with anything we had in Italy!


Cossetta’s garlic bread is completely mind melting as well. It’s the kind that somehow gets buttery, salty and garlicky on both the top AND bottom, and is soft and crispy on the inside and crunchy on the outside. I ate half then wisely gave the rest to Ben.


Speaking of Ben, he ordered 2 slices of Pepperoni Pizza.


You quickly taste just how fresh the cheese is, and again – that sauce! It ranks just behind DiCarlos Pizza from Ohio/WV as best pizza I’ve had in the states!


Fine. I confess! I took back the second half of my garlic bread. It was too good to giveaway, I tell you!


Luckily I came to my senses and packaged up half of my pasta. Small victories, people. :)


Well we’re all checked into our hotel now. Since Ben’s a priority club member, we got upgraded to a room with a view of the Mississippi River.


Hello St. Paul!


Off to the wedding rehearsal, then rehearsal dinner tonight. TGIF!

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  1. RunEatRepeat 05.06.2011

    You are the best food writer! My mouth was watering reading this :)

  2. HAve so much fun! I can’t wait to see pics!

  3. Low 05.06.2011

    THe lake is so pretty! Have a fun time at the wedding!

  4. Tear! I miss MN and the Twin Cities!! I especially miss the lakes. :(

  5. taylor 05.06.2011

    I’m moving to St Paul in less than a month…this post made me so excited and I now have Cossetta’s on my list of places I MUST go! Thanks!!

  6. Emily 05.06.2011

    I love you. It’s that simple. You are such a role model when it comes to eating what you want, when you want it. There are no games. As I’m still in the process of recovering from ED, I look to your blog on the reg for hope that you can live a normal and happy life without all the stress of fearing food. So, THANK YOU!

  7. Lauren 05.06.2011

    I’ve never been to Minneapolis but it sounds like a fun city to visit. What a great lunch! The one thing I always look forward to with road trips is where we will stop to eat. :) Have a great weekend!

  8. heather 05.06.2011

    ive had a new yorker’s sense of aloofness toward “other place”‘s italian food that is slowly deteriorating…the best pizza in the US is no doubt still in brooklyn, but oh my LORD–that garlic bread looks GOOD. have fun on your trip!

  9. Kristin from MN 05.06.2011

    We are going to the twin cities for a wedding next weekend! Too bad we weren’t going to the same wedding… that would be wicked! I would totally recognize you! Whenever we go to the cities we HAVE TO stop at IKEA, Trader Joe’s and usually MOA. I can’t wait to do some shopping!

  10. Christine 05.06.2011

    Hooray for St. Paul! I haven’t been to Cosettas in a while now…but your post reminded me how delicious (read: cheesy) everything is there! Mmmmmm……

  11. Daisy 05.06.2011

    looks like so much fun already! can’t wait to see you in the bridesmaids dress!!

  12. Rachel 05.06.2011

    How fun! I haven’t been to the Cities in a couple years, and whenever we’re there, it’s usually in St. Paul. I’ve never been to Cossetta’s, though. I need to fix that the next time I’m there!

  13. Amanda 05.06.2011

    Looks amazing! i met my bf in St Paul for lunch today and he said pick either Brasa or Cosetta! I picked Brasa (which I totally recommend next time you’re in the cities!) I will definitely be trying Cosetta next time :)

  14. Cassie 05.06.2011

    Love seeing pictures of places you travel. Gets me out of Jersey for a few minutes! :)

  15. dmcgirl 05.06.2011

    Great Pics of the Mississippi! Have never seen it, but who doen’t want to if you are an American?

    Yes, TGIF IG!! Have fun at wedding!

  16. Jill 05.06.2011

    Lady, you know how to live! Enjoy the weekend!

  17. Jill P. 05.06.2011

    Welcome back you 2! I was just at lake harriet today, it was gorgeous! I agree with a previous comment about Brasa, you must go. Have fun at the wedding, tell Laura congrats :)

  18. Lori 05.06.2011

    I live down the street from Cossetta’s, delicious! Mostaccioli is my go-to meal from there. Have a great weekend and hopefully the rain stays away!

  19. Jessica F 05.06.2011

    Nooooooo!!! I’m so jealous! I moved to Seattle last fall (which is also great, btw) but have been missing home and all the familiarities. First off – Cossetta’s is amazing. So yummy. Second off, I love doing to loops from Calhoun to the surrounding ones on bike. The bike trails connect tons of beautiful places. And should you ever want to do some people watching, go there on a sunny day and sit and relax.

    Can’t wait to get back there next month. Love the twin cities so much.

  20. Jealous. I want to move back to MN stat!

  21. Kristen Waby 05.07.2011

    I swear that everyone and their brother are going to a wedding the TC area this weekend! You are all making me very jealous! LOVE that area. Have fun!

  22. kEndra 05.07.2011

    I drive over the river on my way to and from work every day and it’s one of my most favorite sites ever!!! It’s just so dang pretty – especially right as it’s starting to get dark out city lights + view of the river = amazing! :) Have a fun weekend! :)

  23. Caitlin 05.07.2011

    I love seeing these pics on here- Im like ooh that’s my favorite place! (lake calhoun). Also, my family and I have a tradition where we go to cossettas every year on christmas eve morning to eat and buy groceries. We are italian so we get all our fixings for homemade spaghetti for christmas day. Great place!! Have a great weekend!

  24. Anne 05.07.2011

    What a great post! I’m an Iowa girl who moved up to the TC about a year ago. I linked to this post in my Twin Cities project (I hope you don’t mind)! I love both Lake Calhoun and Cosetta’s! And the tuneCORN sign.

  25. Monica 05.07.2011

    Oh this makes me so homesick! I can’t wait to return to the Twin Cities ASAP. I listen to Cities 97 everyday and when I heard about the weather forecast last night I just dreamt of Lake Calhoun and all the pale Minnesotans heading out to soak up the greatly missed sunshine.

    My husband’s number one rule every time we go home, make a Cossetta stop within 24-hours. He even tried convincing me to have them cater our wedding, but me and pasta in a white dress was just a very bad idea. No one does Italian food like Cossettas!

  26. Jess S 05.07.2011

    Mmm…I love Cossetta’s. We were there on St. Patty’s Day this year and it was PACKED! I’m sad for you that you missed the first Farmer’s Market of the year (it was also PACKED!). But don’t worry, my husband and I both ate pupusas for you! Have a great weekend!

  27. You always make Minneapolis look so beautiful and fun. I won’t complain about it, but I’ve been there a good twenty times in my life (maybe more) and have yet to fall in love with it. The Cossetta food looks delicious. I’ll have to check it out when I go visit my brother there soon.

    Have a good weekend!

  28. Ms.S 05.07.2011

    Love Cosetta’s! Next time you come up this way for a pleasure trip and have some time, I highly recommend three places in Northeast Minneapolis. Since we just moved into this neighborhood, we’ve been checking out some of the local hot spots. OK, first you NEED to stop by Sarah Jane’s Bakery – a true, old fashioned bakery that makes THE most amazing doughnut holes (try the ‘crunchy’ kind – trust me, they’re to die for), as well as regular doughnuts. Two doors up from Sarah Jane’s is a new place called Hazels – seasonal menu, food sourced as locally as possible, unique menu without being weird or too pricey. We had a fabulous brunch there and the ambiance is wonderful. (Both between 28th and 29th on Johnson Ave). Then, I’d recommend Sen Yai Sen Lek, a Thai place on Central Ave just south of Lowry. The amazing pineapple fried rice I told you about a couple months ago? Yep, this is the place to find it. SOOOOOO yummy! Excellent spring rolls and curries, too. I still haven’t come up with a recipe that even comes close to capturing all the flavors in their curried pineapple fried rice. Anyhow, hope you enjoy your time here in the Cities!!

  29. McKinzie 05.08.2011

    I live 2 miles from Calhoun now, but I lived in St. Paul when I was in college, and you just described a PERFECT Twin Cities Saturday for me :) Have fun while you are here, and I am glad the weather has been working out quite nicely for you :)

  30. That pizza place looks amaaaze. There are so many hidden treasures in the midwest. I miss!I may have to stop by Min next time I’m back home just to go to this place!

  31. You were seriously here for our nicest day since last summer. Good for you! I’ve driven Des Moines to the Twin Cities a hundred times on my way back from Omaha, and I have NEVER seen the TunaCorn sign! I’m going to look for it on my way home this summer!

  32. Ebby 05.09.2011

    I LOVE Cossetta’s! The atmosphere is great and the food is fabulous, which makes it hard choosing from the menu. Glad you had a good weekend…there’s so much fun stuff to do up there!

  33. Kelly 05.10.2011

    DiCarlos!!!!!!! :) :) :)

  34. […] garlic bread that also came with the meal was just "ok". If I hadn’t just had Cossetta’s garlic bread – aka garlic bread nirvana – then I probably would have liked it […]

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