No Yeast Required Cinnamon Rolls


No Yeast Required Cinnamon Rolls are pillowy and sweet, and require no yeast to make them! 


I have to forewarn you that I’m dedicating a fairly large portion of this post to one of the most fantastic things I’ve baked up in a long time, mmkay? But first…

Things are looking up today. WAY up. On Friday the 13th, no less! Got up and cleaned the house, room by room (tidy, dust, vacuum, repeat!) then crushed this monster to-do list in an hour and a half, as every place I had to visit was within a 2 mile radius of each other. Sweet!

Highlights include stocking up on summer-shade (summer!) foundation & powder at Sephora in the mall, then stumbling upon a 2-hour, 40%-off sale at Banana Republic, where I hooked Ben up with oodles of shirts for $90 less than I would have paid for them without the sale – FTW!

Then it got good. I mean, real good. I came home and spent the grey & drizzly afternoon whipping up a recipe from In Jennie’s Kitchen that’s been burning a hole in my back pocket for a few weeks now – dense, gooey, mouth-watering no yeast required cinnamon rolls!


OH.MA.GAH. I am dying over this recipe! See, I’ve baked with yeast several times in the past year, and the recipes have turned out well, more or less, but sometimes I just don’t have the time or patience to deal with it, ya’ know?

Homemade cinnamon rolls without the hassle of making sure the milk’s the right temperature? The yeast is activating? The dough has doubled in size?


They exists, my friends. They exist! And here’s how you make ’em: Start by combining the cinnamon roll filling ingredients: brown sugar, granulated sugar, cinnamon, salt & butter.

DSC_0001 DSC_0003

DSC_0004 DSC_0006

Mix it up.


In a separate, larger bowl, combine flour, more sugar & salt, plus the leavening agents that let us ditch that pesky yeast.

DSC_0009 DSC_0013

Baking powder and baking soda. Booyah.


Whisk together more butter with buttermilk, then pour the mixture into the dry ingredients.

DSC_0015 DSC_0016

Stir with a stiff spoon or spatula juuuuuust until the dough comes together. If you over-mix, you will have hard cinnamon rolls. Then, to quote Dave & Sarah, everyone will laugh at you. And we can’t have that.


Gently kneed the dough into a ball, then divide into two halves.


Turn each half onto a flat, floured surface, then press on half the filling mixture.

DSC_0022 DSC_0024

Roll the dough up like a log, then pinch the top seam shut. This is the part where I noticed the biggest difference between a yeast-required vs. non-yeast-required cinnamon roll dough. This dough is MUCH easier to handle. Not as sticky, and more firm.

DSC_0026 DSC_0029

Slice, slice, baby!


Oh yeah!


The recipe says to place the cinnamon rolls into a greased 11×8″ pan. I seemed to have misplaced mine sometime in the last month, so I spit the rolls between 8×8″ and 6×4″ pans. MAKE SURE YOU GREASE THEM FIRST! If you don’t, you’ll be sorry! Now pop those puppies in a piping hot oven.

DSC_0045 DSC_0047

In the quick 15 minutes they take to bake, whip up some cream cheese icing.

DSC_0051 DSC_0053

Mash together powdered sugar and cream cheese with a fork, then drizzle in buttermilk and whisk until smooth.


Next take those GORGEOUS, bubbly, golden-brown rolls out of the oven, (ahhh!)


and pretend you live in a world where Grandmas still place hot pies on their windowsills to cool. Place yours on a wooden stool in front of the open back-porch door instead…


Then breeeeeathe in the Heavenly, sweet aroma that’s swirling around your kitchen.


Now ice, ice,

DSC_0068 DSC_0070



No Yeast Required Cinnamon Rolls

Makes 16 rolls


No Yeast Required Cinnamon Rolls are pillowy and sweet, and require no yeast to make them! 


  • For the Cinnamon Filling:
    • 3/4 cup packed brown sugar
    • 1/2 cup granulated sugar
    • 1 Tablespoon cinnamon
    • 1/2 teaspoon salt
    • 2 Tablespoons butter, melted
  • For the Cinnamon Roll Dough:
    • 2-1/2 cups all purpose flour, plus more for rolling out dough
    • 1/4 cup granulated sugar
    • 1-1/2 teaspoons baking powder
    • 1/2 teaspoon baking soda
    • 1/2 teaspoon salt
    • 1 cup buttermilk
    • 5 Tablespoons butter, melted and divided
  • For the Icing:
    • 3oz cream cheese, softened
    • 4 Tablespoons buttermilk
    • 1 cup powdered sugar


  1. Preheat oven to 425. Combine filling ingredients in a small bowl, then mix with a fork until well blended.
  2. In a another, larger bowl, combine flour, sugar, baking powder, baking soda and salt. Whisk together buttermilk and 4 Tablespoons melted butter in a separate bowl, then pour into the middle of the dry ingredients. Stir together until dough just comes together (do not overmix.) Kneed slightly with your hands until the dough forms into a ball, then slice it in half.
  3. On a lightly floured surface, roll each half into a 12x8" rectangle (think slightly longer than a sheet of paper.) Press half the filling mixture into the center, leaving 1/4" of the dough clear on all 4 sides, then roll like a sausage. Pinch together seam, trim ends and cut into 8 slices. Repeat with the other dough half, then place rolls in a non-stick sprayed 11x8" pan, or an 8x8 and 6x4" pan. Brush cinnamon rolls with remaining Tablespoon of melted butter and bake for 15 minutes, or until tops are golden brown.
  4. Meanwhile, to make the icing, mash together softened cream cheese and powdered sugar with a fork until smooth. Whisk in buttermilk, 1 Tablespoon at a time, until creamy. Drizzle onto hot cinnamon rolls and spread evenly.


From In Jennie's Kitchen

This recipe is courtesy of Iowa Girl Eats,


I can’t remember the last time I was this excited about a recipe! I just can’t get over how much easier these were than cinnamon rolls made with yeast-required dough. So rich and scrumptious too!


Here are the differences between yeast-required & no yeast-required cinnamon rolls, in my experience/opinion:

  • No yeast dough is much more firm and cooperative than sticky, yeast-required dough – which makes it much easier to handle, roll out and cut.
  • The texture of a baked no yeast roll is more dense than a yeast-required roll. Not better or worse, just different. Allllmost like a heavy pancake?!
  • I saved HOURS in the kitchen by ditching the yeast!


Ok, ok – bakers – please don’t get angry with me. There is definitely something to be said about baking with yeast. It’s very rewarding, and I’m not giving it up for good (I still need to try and make homemade bread!) it’s just that – if you don’t have a machine or anything, it takes time.


So if you get a craving for warm, fresh cinnamon rolls that needs to be squashed NOW, then you need to make these!




Do you prefer to cook or bake (or just eat!)?

I think I get more tickled about baking – as in seeing something look one way when it goes into the oven and seeing it transformed into something completely different when it comes out – but I love the fun of being able to throw this, that and the other into a pan without having to measure, and calling it dinner!

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  1. Jean Smith 11.13.2011

    You said you should try making your own bread but that you don’t like spending hours in the kitchen. This recipe sounds perfect for you! I’ve made it with a variety of flours and plain old all purpose flour has given me the best loaf so far, but they’ve all been good.

    no-knead bread

    3 cups flour
    ¼ tsp instant yeast
    1 ¼ tsp salt
    1 5/8 cup water

    Combine flour, yeast, and salt. Add water. Stir until blended: dough will be shaggy and sticky. Cover with plastic wrap and let rise 12-18 h. Dough is ready when surface is dotted with bubbles.

    Lightly flour work surface and fold dough over on itself 1-2 times. Cover loosely with plastic wrap and let rise 15 min.

    Lightly flour work surface and gently and quickly form into ball, pulling taut and pinching seam. Place with seam down and loosely cover for 2 h until dough doubles in size and does not readily spring back when poked.

    Pre-heat oven and dutch oven to 450 degrees. Place dough in pot, seam side up. Shake pot to even out dough. Cover and bake for 30 min. Uncover and bake until browned (10-30 min). Cool on rack.

    Makes one 1 ½ pound loaf.

    From the New York Times:

  2. Nikki 11.27.2011

    ok, so I am most definately a baker (my boyfriend does the cooking) and one sunday morning we wanted cinnamon rolls but hadn’t picked any up at the store. being as we didn’t have any yeast in the house i went on a mad hunt for a recipe that didn’t have yeast. These are friggin awesome…just right. didn’t have a single problem. used milk instead of buttermilk though. this recipe is a keeper.

    • Nikki 11.27.2011

      OK, I just have a couple of quick questions. I made these and the filling bubbled out all over…still very tasty, but messy. Is the filling suppose to be dry? I added more butter to the filling cause it looked too dry, it was still powdery. Is this why it got all bubbly all over? Also…why is there salt in the filling? I left it out.

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  4. Danielle 12.31.2011

    Can I make the dough, refridgerate overnight and then bake the next day?

    • Iowa Girl Eats 01.03.2012

      I’m not sure as I’ve never tried it before, although I have to think it might work! Let me know if you give it a try!

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  6. These were absolutely amazing!! LOVED THEM!!! So easy to make! Thanks for sharing it

  7. Maria P. 01.13.2012

    Thank you for posting this receipe!! I made them tonight for my 11 year old daughter (who happens to be a chocoholic!) and she said they were better than anything I have ever baked!! Now that is a compliment! I substituted whole wheat white flour for the all purpose flour and they came out great!!

  8. Dahlia 01.16.2012

    I’ve just made these and they were heavenly. However, a few things went wrong and most probably it’s my fault. I didn’t have packed brown sugar so my filling was not as moist as it looks in your pics. I also substituted buttermilk with yogurt because I didn’t have any. Only problem is they stuck to the pan though it was very generously greased.

    One more question when I add the icing should they be piping hot or just warm? I put the icing when they were just out of the oven and it kind of melted instead of forming a layer over them.

  9. jo ann 02.04.2012

    Easy and wonderful! Thank you!

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  11. Emily 03.11.2012

    These are AMAZING. Made them this morning for the family and they were a huge hit. So easy and fast, and made with ingredients I always have on hand. I’ll definitely be making these again and again! :)

  12. Samantha 03.11.2012

    I have no baking powder is that okay?

    • Iowa Girl Eats 03.11.2012

      Hey Samantha! The baking powder is what makes the cinnamon rolls light and fluffy. I wouldn’t recommend making them without it!

    • Marie 04.21.2012

      When a recipe calls for all purpose flour it also calls for baking powder and baking soda and salt. I have used self rising flour instead and I don’t have to put in the added baking powder and baking soda or the salt, it is already in the flour. So no you do not have to use it, just use self rising flour.

  13. Ashlee 03.18.2012

    This was my first time making cinnamonrolls from scratch and these were delicious! Very easy and sooooo good. Didn’t have buttermilk, but they turned out great with regular milk. Thanks for the recipe! :)

  14. Daphne 05.19.2012

    Hi, the rolls look great! But when they came out of the oven, the insides were very mushy, almost raw. Is there something that caused this?

    • Iowa Girl Eats 05.19.2012

      I would just bing them until cooked way through. If the rolls on the edge of the pan are browning before the center, just lay a piece of foil on top!

  15. Tracy Warn 05.20.2012

    These were amazing! We are currently living in South Africa and always miss the Midwest baking.

  16. nikki 05.20.2012

    ummmmm.. I used this recipe to make the rolls. how do I prevent the top of the rolls from being hard, also the dough taste weird, is it because i used too much baking powder?

  17. Melissa 08.09.2012

    Just found this recipe & I am so psyched to try these! Also, your To Do pad-is thete an app for that?

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  19. Valerie 08.23.2012

    Well, Im glad I didnt try yeast for my first cinnamon rolls. I was a HUGE failure with these. Im not even quite sure how, or what went wrong. I followed th directions and took my time.

    My dough was sticky as anything, my filling was dry, they fell apart as I tried to roll them and I ended up with an 8×8 pan of teeny cinnamon biscuit type… things. They smell good and the little piece I pulled off tasted good, but Im at a loss.

  20. Em 09.02.2012

    Just made these and they were amazing! Boyfriend said “this is the best thing you’ve made”, and I agree. I was not paying attention while making these and ended up rolling them the long way instead of the short way, accidentally put the extra T of butter in with the frosting instead of on the rolls before baking, might have put too much buttermilk in the dough bc it was very sticky, but I added more flour to get the right constancy. I thought they would turn out horrible after all my mistakes, but they were perfect! Definitely will make again, thank u for the recipe!

  21. Kate 09.18.2012

    My hubby woke up with a hankering for cinnamon rolls. And I wasn’t going to spend all morning making them so this was the perfect solution! They turned out fantastic! My husband said they “hit the spot” and were really good! He also wants me to hang onto the recipe; so you know I’ll be making this one again. Thanks for a delicious, easy, and quick to make recipe. :)

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  23. […] used this no-yeast cinnamon roll recipe from Iowa Girl Eats, and it was a winner! Because there was no yeast, I was able to throw everything together without […]

  24. Jodi 10.13.2012

    Just made these for my crew of 6 kiddos and they are gone in a flash. Took a little longer than Pillsbury canned cinnamon rolls ;) but worth it. They seemed to go farther & were more filling than the store-bought kind anyway. Didn’t have buttermilk on hand so added 2 T lemon juice to 1 c milk and was an easy substitute. Will double the recipe next time so we’ll have some leftovers to snack on. Delicious!

  25. Trish M. 11.18.2012

    Yum! Just made these but subbed the buttermilk in the frosting for Rumchata!

  26. Jack 11.30.2012

    This also makes a great starting point as a copycat Pillsbury crescent roll recipe. Just do the old flat, fat,fold ,flat,freeze croissant treatment!

  27. Kyra 12.02.2012

    Wow! I just made these for breakfast (though there’s nothing breakfasty about them) and they were ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! Better than any bakery. And so, so easy. I didn’t have buttermilk so used a tbsp of lemon and added milk to make it a cup. Next time I think I’ll use a little less sugar (maybe skip the regular sugar in the filling) but these were so excellent. Thank you!

  28. Joona 12.06.2012

    Oh my gosh! These are great and so sweet! Totally cures my sweet tooth! I’m not a bog fan of the icing so I used glaze, But the rolls were so great and thanks for sharing this recipe with us!

  29. andrea 12.09.2012

    Oh MY GOSH! thos are so good! i luv them! thanks for the recicipie!

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  31. Cori 12.22.2012

    Can these be made ahead of time and frozen? How long would they have to thaw and would it require a longer baking time?

    • Iowa Girl Eats 12.26.2012

      Unfortunately I’m not sure, as I’ve never tried. Will you let me know if you give it a whirl? I’d love to keep a batch frozen to pull out on the weekends!

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  33. Taylor 12.24.2012

    These are the best cinnamon rolls ever! Ive been making them like crazy. I brought them into work & I started getting orders because everyone loved them so much! They are so simple to make, love love love this recipe!

  34. Jeri Engen 12.24.2012

    I am wondering if it’s possible to make these the night before, refrigerate them, and take them out in the morning to bake?!?!

    • Iowa Girl Eats 12.26.2012

      I’ve never tried, but since they don’t have yeast, and won’t rise unnecessarily in the fridge, I think it’d be fine!

  35. […] morning we made pear and pecan cinnamon rolls. I’ll link you to the original cinnamon roll recipe here at Iowa Girl Eats because she has tons of photos to accompany the recipe. It’s fast, it’s easy, and it’s […]

  36. Amanda 12.29.2012

    I made these this morning. And they look nothing like yours. Mine were small and they didnt cook up the way yours did. How did u get yours to stay flat?

    • Sarah 02.22.2013

      Amanda, mine did the same thing!

  37. Shelly 01.01.2013

    Followed the exact recipe. I found the dough to be super sticky. I even added additional flour when rolling it out. I alsp thought they were very sweet. I would cut back on the sugar if I made them again. Less in the filling and omit from the dough/

  38. Misty 02.09.2013

    Can you prep them the night before and just pop them in the oven in the morning, or would that deactivate the baking powder?

    • Iowa Girl Eats 02.10.2013

      Hey Misty! I’ve never tried so I can’t tell you for certain. Let me know if you give it a go, and how they turned out!

  39. Sarah 02.22.2013

    I just tried this recipe with my gluten free flour. Unfortunately, I cant have gluten and have been craving cinnamon rolls. I figured it was worth a try. Either the gluten free flour mixture I have sucked up too much of the mixture, or I mixed it too much. My dough turned out pretty dry and they didnt puff up at all when I baked it. Also a lot of the cinnamon stuff on the inside baked out. They arent pretty, but they still taste okay and I’m definitely going to waste them. I think I may still try it out again and try to make a few changes and see how it turns out.

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  41. Dru Falco 02.26.2013

    This is genius! I’ve been looking for a recipe like this for months, thanks so much!

  42. Maya 03.16.2013

    Would you be able to just let the rolls sit over night and in the morning cook them and make the iceing??? Please respond ASAP I’m making today

    • Iowa Girl Eats 03.17.2013

      Hi Maya! I’m not sure as I’ve never tried letting them sit overnight. Let us know how it worked out!

  43. PJ 03.31.2013

    Can i store the dough overnight?

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  47. Kelly 06.11.2013

    I made these and put them in the refrigerator over night. They turned out great the next morning. I am almost sure you could freeze them and use them whenever as well. LOVE this recipe! Thanks.

  48. meredith 06.16.2013

    I made these this morning for father’s day and veganized them. They were so easy and tasty. I was happy to make a recipe that did not take 3 hours :)

  49. Chef Becky 07.12.2013

    I totally enjoy reading comments, but truly prefer the ones where folks have actually tried the recipes – so much more helpful. I’ve made these twice now, with the second batch definitely turning out better. The filling is to die for – could eat it right out of the bowl – – okay, actually I did. I was more careful the second time to roll them up a bit tighter, and both times found I had to bake them a bit longer than the 15 minutes. I adjusted the recipe to make 24 rolls – – delicious, delicious, delicious! Iowa Girl you rock – – I love trying your recipes!!

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