Funniest Thing I’ve Seen in Years


3 words…

Go. See. Bridesmaids! :lol:


Ben and I decided to spend this cold and windy afternoon at the movies, which turned out to be one of the best decisions we’ve made in weeks. I was laughing hysterically throughout the entire thing – crying with laughter, even! I can’t remember the last time I saw anything this funny!


Some SNL people make movies that are funny, but they’re "stupid" funny, like Step Brothers (which I actually didn’t even think was stupid funny, just stupid.) This was funny funny though. Could not contain my laughter. Loved it!


After the movie we headed to Quinton’s for an early dinner.


Quinton’s is a bar & deli that’s original to Iowa City, home of the University of Iowa, but they opened another location here locally a couple months ago.


It’s funny because sitting down, we felt like we were in Iowa City.


The decor was similar, and the $3 beers for happy hour were definitely Iowa City-sized,


(aka bigger than my head!)


But the view out the window was definitely Des Moines. :)


Quinton’s has an AMAZING sandwich menu (Beef & Brie, anyone?!)


but their soup can’t be beat.


Creamy Potato Bacon Soup with a side of fries was an easy choice for me!


Thick and chunky soup, smothered in cheddar cheese and bacon.


The potatoes were kind of chewy – in a good way. I want to know how they do that!


I subbed my chips for a side of fries. Crispy but soft, and just the right amount. (I get a little cuckoo around fries, but really wanted to try them, so less it best for me!) :)


We had a Groupon coupon for Quinton’s – $15 for $7 – so we only paid $10 total for everything. Add $14 for a matinee movie showing, and you’ve got a pretty good day for only $24!

Well tonight Ben and I we are laying low. We tried to pick up Due Date from a Redbox, but the one we were at didn’t have it, and we were too lazy to go to another one…less than a mile away…to pick up a copy. Anything good on tv tonight? ;)

See you!

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  1. Kim 05.14.2011

    Wow, I just learned something. We have a Quinton’s in downtown Columbia, MO (home of the University of Missouri). I thought they were a local bar and grill until I saw your post.

  2. Kim 05.14.2011

    Too funny – hubby and I drove by Quinton’s after being at the Asianfest and I said “I swear that is IGE and IBE at the window!” Of course, he shook his head….dumbfounded with my comment.

  3. Alicia 05.14.2011

    I just saw that today– It was SO Funny!! I loved every second of it!

  4. Stefanie 05.14.2011

    I was thinking about going to see that, so glad it sounds like it’s worth the $. I wasn’t impressed with Due Date, it had it’s moments but most of the time I kept thinking “is this movie over yet?”

    • Iowa Girl Eats 05.14.2011

      This was way funnier than Due Date. The storyline in DD wouldn’t have really happened in real life (if that makes sense?) but Bridesmaids is a normal movie – just absolutely hysterical!

  5. I can’t wait to see Bridesmaids…so glad to hear you liked it!

  6. Celeste 05.14.2011

    I think we must have been at the same movie today…matinee of Bridesmaids at JC mall?!? We thought it was hilarious too! Love Kristen Wiig!

  7. jp 05.14.2011

    I believe Quinton’s is actually a chain – I’m thinking it originated out of Lawrence, KS.

  8. Quinton’s in our absolute favorite (well, it’s up there) place to eat in Iowa City. Love their huge beer selection!

  9. Katie 05.14.2011

    I’m going with a friend to see Bridesmaids tomorrow! So glad to hear you liked it. I can’t wait! It looks hilarious.

  10. Megan 05.14.2011

    Aaaah Quintons!!! That was the first restaurant my parents and I went to in IC! …three years ago now, holy crap. Finals finished yesterday, officially a senior at Iowa…gah. Just had a minor flashback :) :)

  11. Maggie 05.14.2011

    Saw “Bridesmaids” with some friends from the office and everyone in the theater was howling with laughter. At one point, Crystal Light literally shot out of my nose. Totally worth seeing in the theater!

  12. Anne Weber-Falk 05.14.2011

    My husband and I saw the movie last night. I didn’t want to go but I am so glad I did. Funny! Loved all the characters but my favorite was the sister of the groom. When she pulled her leg up! And when she drove past in her van full of puppies! HA! I think I want to see it again, but this time by myself.

  13. Chaviva 05.14.2011

    We’re going to see this tonight! SUPER STOKED!

    I <3 Iowa :)

  14. Liz 05.14.2011

    I love Quinton’s! I would eat there all the time when I lived near IC so I was stoked when I found out they were opening one in DM. Kristin Wiig is hilarious! I just saw her live on the Letterman Show on my trip to NYC and she was great.

  15. Kocinera 05.14.2011

    I’m so glad to hear that Bridesmaids was so funny! I keep meaning to go see it and was wondering if it would be worth it. Definitely going to have to see now!

  16. kate 05.14.2011

    We love our Quintons and $3 beers in Iowa City! You guys have a Wig & Pen now too…its like IC is coming to DSM!

  17. krista 05.14.2011

    so jealous re: Bridesmaids :P those fries look so good! i had work tonight, so on my break, went to go get some at crisp for the first time :)

  18. krista 05.14.2011

    ahh– some dinner* haha. why yes, it was a long day ;)

  19. sharelle 05.14.2011

    wow i didn’t even want to see that movie until now! i could use a good laugh. :)
    i live in iowa city & have never been to quinton’s. that soup looks AMAZING.
    too bad due date was out at was a funny one!

  20. Eleni 05.14.2011

    I’ve lived in Iowa City my whole life and haven’t been to Quinton’s…I’ll have to change that!

  21. Erica 05.15.2011

    I think someone mentioned it but Quinton’s actually started at KU
    I am an Iowa grad and was shocked when I visited Lawrence after college and realized it wasn’t an Iowa City original!
    I also saw bridesmaids last night and found it hysterical especially the plane scene!

  22. Molly 05.15.2011

    Where is your jacket from?? It is adorable!!

  23. Sher 05.15.2011

    My husband and I saw Bridesmaids yesterday too—we LOVED it!! I think I laughed louder than the whole theater!! Best movie I’ve seen in a while!!! Glad you loved it too!

  24. Valerie 05.15.2011

    i saw bridesmaids on friday, and it was so hilarious. definitely one of the most funniest movies i’ve seen in a really long time. i couldn’t stop laughing, and the entire the theater was roaring in laughter the entire movie!

  25. 1. my wife and I saw that movie and laughed our butts off last night.

    2. Your soup photos made my heart skip a beat.

  26. Todd 05.15.2011

    I have been to the Quinton’s in Iowa City and loved it! I was really excited when I saw they were opening up in East Village. Unfortunately the two times I have been there (once one we weekend evening, once on a weekday evening) the service was so bad I was ready to walk out. I actually had to go look for my waitress once, after we had been there for 45 minutes and we still hadn’t received our food. She was flat out ignoring us because she knew were were unhappy.

    I *like* Quinton’s food, and I always want local businesses to succeed, but they really need to step it up in the service department. I am very hesitant to go back there, even with a good coupon.

    What was your service like? I assume it was good, otherwise you would have mentioned it?


    • Iowa Girl Eats 05.15.2011

      It was good, although the restaurant was slow since it was early still. Eeks, hopefully they get it all worked out. Maybe/hopefully it’s because it’s still pretty new?!

  27. Betsy 05.15.2011

    mmm Quinton’s looks so good. There used to be a Quinton’s in Madison, WI where I went to undergrad– menu looks similar and they had killer soups too.

  28. Jess S 05.15.2011

    We just went to Quinton’s for the first time Friday night (with the same Groupon!). Because another commenter mentioned it, I will say that our service was good. However, we were there early (5:00-ish) because we had to make it somewhere by 6:00pm, so we were one of only three tables in the whole place. I’m assuming that helped. Seems like a cool place, and the food was great, so hopefully they get any issues worked out!

  29. Amy 05.15.2011

    I just saw that movie last night with my best friend. It was so funny! Just like you, we were both laughing hysterically the entire time. Kristen Wiig is my new favorite person. :)

  30. jad18 05.15.2011

    I have wanted to see Bridesmaids, so thanks for the review. Did it have a lot of really gross bathroom type humor? I am not a prude or anything (I liked the Hangover and Wedding Crashers), but Knocked Up left me wary of movies by that particular director.

    • Iowa Girl Eats 05.15.2011

      There’s 1 big bathroom gross-out scene and yeah it’s gross, but it’s also hysterical as well – and I’m the most squeamish person in the world about that stuff. Other than that, there’s no bathroom humor to worry about!

  31. Iowa Girl Eats 05.15.2011

    There’s 1 big bathroom gross-out scene and yeah it’s gross, but it’s also hysterical as well – and I’m the most squeamish person in the world about that stuff. Other than that, there’s no bathroom humor to worry about!

  32. heather 05.15.2011

    aghh how can anyone not like step brothers!?! the bunk bed scene…! that being said…i like potato chowder too, lol, your order looks like it was pretty good.

  33. Alexandra Aimee 05.15.2011

    I saw bridesmaids this weekend myself and loved it!! So cool to see this type of comedy from a woman’s perspective!

  34. Mac 05.15.2011

    Bread bowls are awesome! I used to get pasta bread bowls at the cafeteria all the time during my undergrad… Hello, carbo loading!

  35. Hope 05.16.2011

    I definitely want to see bridesmaid’s! I am a big Kristen Wiig fan! She is so funny! So I really need to get to the movies to see this! :)

  36. Joona 12.06.2012

    Great movie! Makes me piss my pants! LOL!

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