My Buddy & Me


Maaaad props to all you Mamas out there! Tonight I babysat my 1 1/2 year old nephew Finn all the way from play time at the park, through dinner, bath & bed time (ps I swear he was having a blast on the swing… ;) )

photo 1 photo 2

None of this was out of the ordinary but Ben usually comes with at least part of the time and entertains Finn while I get his dinner ready, teaches him things like slurping so he’ll eat more veggies, runs his bedtime bottle up to me while I get him ready for bed…you get the gist.

Well tonight it was all me, baby! It went just fine, Finn was a perfect angel per usual, but it was also slightly exhausting doing everything myself. And that was just one night!

So, here’s an extra happy belated Mother’s Day to you all. From Finn and me to you. :)


Time to go scarf a Carrot Cake Larabar for dinner. The babysitter’s hunger level is definitely not top priority for a toddler – aka dinnertime is after baby’s bed time! ;)



Do you have children and/or want children? How old were you when you had kids?

I think I want two kids. I have NO idea how my parents were able to raise 3, busy-as-hell children. It was madness, I tell you!

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