Sabra Hummus VIP Giveaway – CLOSED


***This giveaway is now closed. Thank you for entering!***

to know the only thing better than Sabra Hummus? FREE Sabra Hummus!


I know there are ton of you out there that love Sabra as much as I do, and maybe even more that have yet to try it, so I’m sharing 10 VIP coupons that I received on my Sabra Hummus factory tour last week to spread the love.


Each coupon is good for one, free 7, 10 or 14oz container of hummus, or a “To Go” pack (personally I’d go for a 14oz’er of the Roasted Garlic Hummus – I’m just sayin’…)



Enter to win one coupon, up to three ways, by Thursday, 5/19 @ 5pm central. Here’s how:

1. Let me know which Sabra product is your favorite, or which one you’d like to try.

2. Click the Facebook “Share” button on the left-hand side of this post, then leave another comment letting me know you’ve done so.

3. “Like” the Sabra Facebook Page and Iowa Girl Eats Facebook Page (if you haven’t already) then leave another comment telling me you’ve done so.

Aaaand, I’ve run out of words that rhyme with hummus, so good luck and here’s to smooth, creamy & delectable eats! :D

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  1. Kim 05.18.2011

    I would try the roasted garlic hummus. Thanks for the chance, Kim.

  2. jilliann 05.18.2011

    i LOVE the roasted red pepper. a little too much maybe!

  3. jilliann 05.18.2011

    i liked sabra on facebook!

  4. Linda 05.18.2011

    Your post last week sooo made me want to try this hummus! I would love to try the roasted garlic!

  5. Jennifer 05.18.2011

    I would love to try one of their to-go packs. What an easy lunch option!

  6. Lanie 05.18.2011

    My favorite is the roasted red pepper hummus! It tastes almost like pimento cheese!

  7. maria 05.18.2011

    I’d try to spinach artichoke – I’ve never even seen it, so if I couldn’t find it, I would settle for, well….any of them.

  8. jilliann 05.18.2011

    i shared this post on FB.
    ps thanks for the giveaway!

  9. a 05.18.2011

    I am very passionate about the original hummus. Adore it !

  10. dmc 05.18.2011

    Def. the Red Roasted Pepper Hummus. Yummmmm!!

  11. Love me some Sabra and would love the chance to win some!!!

  12. After trying many of the flavors, I like the original best. Classic! It’s my favorite hummus ever.

  13. Erin 05.18.2011

    My current favorite Sabra product is the roasted red pepper hummus. I’d love to try all of the new flavors you showed in your previous post!

  14. a 05.18.2011

    I liked the sabra facebook page .

  15. I “liked” them on FB!!

  16. Sarah T 05.18.2011

    Sabra is definitely the best brand you can buy at the store. Personally, I prefer the Hummus Abu Goush.

  17. Robyn 05.18.2011

    My favorite sabra is DEFINATELY, HANDS DOWN the garlic.

    Soooo smooth

  18. Alicia 05.18.2011

    The roasted garlic is my crack

  19. Emily 05.18.2011

    I love both the roasted garlic and original hummus. Yummmm!

  20. Ellen 05.18.2011

    spinach and artichoke sounds sooooooo delicious!!! but really, you can’t go wrong with hummus!

  21. briana 05.18.2011

    I like the hot and spicy!

  22. Annie 05.18.2011

    My favorite is the red pepper!

  23. Deirdre 05.18.2011

    I love Sabra’s Sun Dried Tomato Hummus and I’d love to try their new Buffalo Flavor that you got to try on your tour.

    Oh and thank Sabra for me for passing out free hummus and coupons in Union Square in NY this past weekend. Totally made my trip to the gym worth it!

  24. Emily 05.18.2011

    I liked Sabra on facebook!

  25. Meg 05.18.2011

    Roasted red pepper hummus!! I could eat an entire container in one sitting!

  26. Allie 05.18.2011

    I absolutely love the jalapeño hummus! I can’t mix it all up though or else its TOO spicy for me!

  27. Katie N 05.18.2011

    I love the supremely spicy and am interested in trying their veggie dips, they look pretty delish!

  28. Jen C. 05.18.2011

    I love the roasted red pepper!

  29. Erin 05.18.2011

    I love the roasted garlic.

  30. Larissa h 05.18.2011

    i loveeee the roasted garlic! i only eat sabra hummus its soo good and smoooth! but after seeing your tour have been on the lookout for some of those other dips! they sound do good!

  31. Sara 05.18.2011

    The spinach artichoke is my favorite!

  32. Sara 05.18.2011

    I liked the Sabra facebook page!

  33. Odette 05.18.2011

    I am dying to try their Spinach and Artichoke Hummus! I’ve only tried their Spicy one!

  34. Lauren 05.18.2011

    I am completely in love with the new Sun Dried Tomato Hummus flavor. I really want to try the Lemon but I’m a little hesitant for some reason. This coupon would give me all the reason to try it.

  35. Bridget 05.18.2011

    I love the roasted red pepper!

  36. Lynn 05.18.2011

    I would love to try the roasted garlic hummus. I love garlic!

  37. Crystal 05.18.2011

    I can’t wait to try the new pesto and buffalo flavors!

  38. Crystal 05.18.2011

    I like Sabra on facebook.

  39. Lindsey 05.18.2011

    Ever since you posted about your trip, I can’t stop craving hummus! I’ve gotten some twice already! I love the roasted red pepper, although I’ve tried the spinach and artichoke as well, which is also tasty! I want to try the pesto kind when it comes available!

  40. Kelly 05.18.2011

    I’ve only tried the roasted red pepper because I love it and worry another flavor wouldn’t compare. If I won though, I’d try garlic.

  41. Amber 05.18.2011

    Roasted Garlic is my favorite…but I would love to try the Spinach and Artichoke!

    I cannot rave enough about Sabra Hummus!

  42. erin 05.18.2011

    im obsessed with roasted red pepper. put it on a tortilla with honey ham and apple slices. To.die.for.

  43. Amber 05.18.2011

    …okay, so I shared on my facebook page and I liked the Sabra facebook page!

    Hooray…here’s to hoping!

  44. The classic is my fave! So creamy!

  45. Emily 05.18.2011

    I like the spicy hummus! I would love to try more of their hummus flavors.


  46. Holly 05.18.2011

    Considering I put garlic salt on EVERYTHING…I’d have to say I’d try the roasted garlic like you recommended.

  47. Maddie 05.18.2011

    I would LOVE to try their babaganoush – I love it even more than hummus!

  48. Melissa 05.18.2011

    I love the spinach and artichoke and the roasted garlic hummus!

  49. Annie 05.18.2011

    I LOVE the roasted garlic hummus, can’t get enough of it! I’ve been eyeing the spinach artichoke one and really want to try it out.

  50. Melissa 05.18.2011

    I liked Sabra on facebook!

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