Crispy, Cakey, Sweet


I finally made it to the Farmer’s Market – whee! :D


The downtown farmer’s market is one of my very favorite things about summer Saturday mornings in central Iowa. Today was the first time I was home and able to go since it opened three weeks ago, so I snagged my Mom and off we went!

IMG_1126 IMG_1125

Even though the weather was grey & drizzly, we bundled up and hit the pavement with umbrellas in tow – we had some major ground to cover. It seems like the market doubled in size from last year! 8O


Starter plants and local veggies were piled high, but…

IMG_1167 IMG_1130







the flowers! :D


Pink, orange, yellow, red and purple.


Peonies, iris’, marigolds, daffodils and lilacs. They were everywhere!


My favorite find? The roses. Soo gorgeous and fragrant. Sniiiiiffff, ahhhh. :)


My favorite foodie find? Apple Cider Donuts.




My Mom and I were actually on the hunt for pupusas, but these golden-brown, crispy on the outside, cakey on the inside, old fashioned donuts made our mouths water the second we laid eyes on ’em.


Drizzled with sweet glaze and divided in two, for an uber-satisfying mother/daughter treat.


The pupusa stand will be our first stop next time though. Don’t get it twisted – nothing replaces a hot & cheesy spinach pupusa! ;)


The persistent rain canceled any additional outdoor activities for the day, so I locked myself indoors and took care of a couple things I’ve been putting off for weeks. Organizing our home office and purging my closet of the "oh I’ll definitely wear that again someday," but clearly never will, clothes for Goodwill. Ahhh, that feels MUCH better. Organization is my very favorite thing. :)

A light lunch of chopped mango and half a cantaloupe called my name around noon.


Look how juicy this mango was! It was literally dripping off the board as I was cutting it – yummy!


My never-ending sweet tooth was clearly still not satisfied, so I busted out a pack of dried pineapple from Foodzie to snack on a little while later.


These hunks of organic, dried pineapple have no added ingredients, are just 140 calories a pack (for a TON of dried pineapple, I might add,)

IMG_1180  IMG_1181

and taste just like a fruit rollup.


That’s a snack I can get behind! ;) 


Well this evening Ben and I are supposed to go to a BBQ festival here in town to grab some dinner with friends. The rain has stopped for now, so keep your fingers crossed that it stays that way!

See ya’!


Do you like doughnuts? What’s your favorite kind?

I shudder to think of the childhood years I wasted hating doughnuts. What was I thinking?! ;) My favorite are the old fashioned kind – preferably chocolate, glazed cake!

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