I have been having the most intense, specific cravings lately. Cheeseburgers, crispy peanut butter cups and absolutely anything BBQ, to name a few.

(Why can’t I ever crave fruit, by the way?!) ;)

Anyways, sometimes the cravings are so intense that it’s literally all I can do to not drive straight to the store and get the ingredients to make the dish on the spot. Cravings so strong I can literally taste the dish on my tongue days before I even fire up the stove!

Well the craving for tonight’s dinner hit so hard last week, that I immediately texted Ben to see if he was in:

Babe,” (yes, we’re babe’ers) “can we pleeeeeease have tacos next week?”

Ben hates tacos.

Hard or soft?” came the reply.

“Hard. They’ve got to be hard!”

“Chicken or beef?

“Beef. They’ve got to be beef!” (I’m telling you, this craving was intense AND specific!)


Victory! :D


Tacos for dinner – and DANG – they were good!


Just like that classic cheeseburger I was craving the other week, these tacos had to be of the tried & true variety. Hard shell, seasoned ground beef, fresh tomato, cheddar cheese, salsa & taco sauce. Nothin’ fancy. Just the good stuff.


Ok – I did amp up the volume and nutrients in my ground beef by adding a huge bowlful of torn baby spinach to the beef when it was nearly done cooking.


I have a giant bag in the fridge that needs using and, why not? :D


UGH THESE WERE SO GOOD! Just what I was craving.


Fresh-grated, sharp cheddar cheese in these babies was so key, too. I feel like the flavor of pre-grated cheese can get lost in dishes sometimes. These thick, flavorful shreds totally shined through though.


Craving fulfilled!


Things that I have NOT been craving lately?

Salads. I went through a period of like, 3 weeks where I made dinners that didn’t have anything leftover for lunches the next day, so I made and ate salad after salad, after salad after salad, instead. Bleh. Can’t even think about ‘em.

Also, candy. I know! I actually feel really weird/bad about this. Grape laffy taffy? Nah, I’ll pass. Starbursts Favereds? Eh, I’d rather have some crackers. Red sour punch straws? Pass the corn nuts. It’s weird!

In other news, to kick off Week 2 of The Fitnessista’s Summer Shape Up 2011, I buzzed through a KILLER 32 Minute HIIT Treadmill Routine after work:

Time Speed
1-2 4
2-3:30 6.5
3:30-4 7.0
4-5:30 6.5
5:30-6 7.5
6-7:30 6.5
7:30-8 8.0
8-9:30 6.5
9:30-10 8.5
10-11:30 6.5
11:30-12 9.0
12-13:30 6.5
13:30-14 9.5
14-15:30 6.5
15:30-16 10
16-30 Repeat minutes 2-16
30-32 4.0
Total: 3.51 miles

Then huffed & puffed through Workout #2. Between the run and the workout – I haven’t sweat that hard in a really long time! I’m enjoying pushing myself though.

Especially when it means I get to enjoy a little extra dessert…

Speaking of those crispy peanut butter cups… :)


Ok! Off to catch a re-run of the 2nd part of the Real Housewives of the OC Reunion Special. I had no idea it was on last night and was utterly devastated when I couldn’t keep up on the gossip with my Mom on our morning walk today! ;)

See ya’!

(and no I am not preggers – just hungry! ;) )


Have you OD’d on any foods lately?

Oh, I can add baby carrots to the list too. Ugh, I need a few weeks off!

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  1. Meagan 06.14.2011

    LOL! I instantly thought, *is IGE pregnant!?!?*

    Great idea about adding the spinach to the beef! I never would have thought to do that!

  2. Lauren 06.14.2011

    Cravings???? You’re not trying to tell us something are you. ;)

  3. Laura 06.14.2011

    Weird, I have been craving red meat (cheeseburgers, ribs) so much lately and I never really liked meat. I wondered if I was pregnant lol!

  4. Terri 06.14.2011

    Please tell me you’re trying to tell us you’re growing a sweet, little foodie baby. haha.

  5. erica 06.14.2011

    i went on oatmeal phases and scrambled eggs phases…i can no longer eat them.

    right now i’m in a smoothies phase….i’m hoping i don’t get tired of that!!!

  6. Lexi 06.14.2011

    Lean pockets. Definitely Lean Pockets. I ate a ton of them in college (I graduated in 2003) and I still can’t eat them. They are totally overprocessed but low calorie and easy (AND TASTY!).

  7. Reagan Babione 06.14.2011

    Oh my goodness me too! I had the WILDEST craving for chinese food and beans. I know weird combo. I made an Italian Slaw and Pinto bean salad for lunch that was giant and delcious then made your Tofu Peanut Noodles for dinner that were even better. GAH. I am so very happy they are amazing. Dessert sounds like Banana Custard topped with peanut butter and chocolate chips? Yeah. Delicious. Thanks!

  8. yogurt. not in smoothies fortunately, but alone…no thank you ma’am. :)

  9. Melissa 06.14.2011

    I am usually a sweet craver, but I have been allllll about the salty lately. But then, I ate cookies for breakfast, plus gummy bears as a snack, plus a lava cake for dessert today, so maybe I’m just telling myself that. ;)

  10. Katie 06.14.2011

    Have you been drinking the pregnant blog water too?? ;-)

    I haven’t been craving anything in particular, but thanks to your yummy taco photos, I am now!

  11. Machelle 06.14.2011

    bun in the oven DID cross my mind! ha! believe it or not…i have od’d on bacon. i never thought it could be possible, but yes, i’m taking a break from it. i love tacos!! you should try LaTiara shells. they are a little bit smaller than a normal shell and SO good! not a thick hard crunch but more of a thin delicate tender crunch…if that makes sense. Ha!

  12. Megan 06.14.2011

    Cottage cheese. I did Weight Watchers a few years ago and ate it all. the. time. I still love it but I can’t eat it at every meal like I used to!

    PS, I LOVE the spinach idea! What a great addition!

  13. Cecilia 06.14.2011

    I crave things all the time. I generally go with my cravings when I can. I figure I’m craving it for a reason.

  14. kEndra 06.14.2011

    I’m SUCH a food craver!! Always have been… one time I made vegetable fried rice & a can of baked beans because I was craving both of them (not together)… I even took the left overs to work the next day – some of my co-workers gave me some sketchy looks but what can I say??

  15. Katie 06.14.2011

    BBQ sauce. On everything. And even though I’ve probably totally OD’d on it…it still doesn’t stop me from using it. On everything. I should probably find a healthier food obsession, like broccoli or something.

  16. I feel like I’ve ODed on a lot of things lately: sandwiches, salads (made at home–not at a restaurant), almond butter, Chobani, and Clif bars. Maybe I’m just tired of all my food at home.

  17. Jessica 06.14.2011

    HILARIOUS…I am going through a “can’t stand salads” phase and I AM pregnant, so I totally thought that you might be about to announce something. :) Right now I can’t get enough soft pretzels with cheese and I have really been craving a chocolate soft serve cone dipped in chocolate. Random, I know.

  18. Stefanie 06.14.2011

    tonight’s craving ended in B-Dubs, who know’s where tomorrow’s will lead, hopefully to something healthier :)

  19. Karin 06.14.2011

    Love your idea of putting spinach with the ground beef for the tacos.
    It is getting towards 100 degrees in CA now, so salads are high on our list. Just too hot to eat much. But cravings, ugh, I love chocolate! Especially Newmans orange/dark chocolate bar. It is splendid. I get them at Whole Foods.

  20. I’m craving BBQ type things too! Right now I reallllllly want a pulled pork sandwich with BBQ sauce. I might have to make that this wknd ;)

    I can’t think of anything I’ve OD’ed on lately, but one thing I’ll never OD on is PIZZA!!!!!

  21. eemusings 06.14.2011

    ME. TOO. My cravings get SO intense, I can’t focus on anything else. It’s a curse!

  22. Haha, love the preggers disclaimer!

  23. Meghan 06.14.2011

    I have been craving cantaloupe! I also have been craving PW’s penne a la betsy- it’s pretty sinful so it’s a once in a while dinner! I think I overloaded on turkey sandwiches- need to find new lunch ideas!

  24. Mac 06.14.2011

    I crave tacos and taco salads everyday of my life! It is probably my favorite food aside from Mac and Cheese! Anything with BBQ on it is also a weakness of mine, oh and it has to be drowned in BBQ sauce by the way :)

  25. Sarah 06.14.2011

    Darn…not preggo! I can’t wait for you to have a kiddo so you can start helping me with some good, healthy kids’ recipes! They did like the Chipolte chicken, with just a smidge of chili powder. Thanks!!

  26. Stephanie 06.14.2011

    Baahahha I totally first thought that these were pregnancy cravings!! See you squashed that one ;)

    Love that you added spinach to these classic tacos, seriously a fabulous idea and they look just absolutely delicious!

  27. Come on, who doesn’t like tacos?????? Haha I love them! I never thought of adding spinach to the meet but I’ll have to give it a try. I always crave Chipotle… obsessed? Just a little bit :)

  28. Kaycie 06.14.2011

    Well just like everyone else – I was hoping at the end of this blog you were going to announce some BIG news! That will be a fun surprise when you do!! I totally OD’d on salads when I was first pregnant and couldn’t eat them for the longest time. They taste good now though. I never had any wierd cravings while pregnant though.
    I probably OD on chocolate more often than not:) But it is dark chocolate – and it has antioxidants, and is heart healthy, and… and…. and…..:)-

  29. Jennifer Chapin 06.14.2011

    Ummmm are you prego?? Lol! I have the same issue with cravings…usually I crave sushi which is awesome in Muscatine because we have NO sushi restaurants! :(

    Oh and hey, I have a neat tip for tacos! You can turn a muffin tin upside down and use it to hold up your shells while you’re filling them, Then just bring em to the table and serve! :)

  30. Ha, I’m with the first commenter. I IMMEDIATELY thought “She’s prego.”

    Ha haha. Oh that’s funny.

    I HAVE OD’d on things, namely sugar. Like last Halloween when I made sugar cookies for a party but then ended up bringing most of the leftovers back home and I inhaled them all practically in one sitting. It was kind of worth it, kind of not. A detox was definitely necessary after that episode.

  31. We had tacos for dinner tonight too and I laughed out loud because we used the shot glass trick…so my pictures look just like yours. Guess I’ll save that post, right? ;)

  32. anna 06.14.2011

    I had tacos the night before last! So good!

  33. C. 06.14.2011

    Trader Joe’s garlic naan- mmm. It’s so addicting! I made a personal pizza for myself with it for lunch AND dinner today. Dangerous.

  34. First of all, how does Ben not like tacos? We had tacos tonight, too. Soft, corn, chicken. Haven’t been OD’ing on any particular food lately, but need to start craving salads and fruit. It is finally hot here, so hopefully it will hit me soon!

  35. KaraHadley 06.15.2011

    PB. I have such a problem with PB that a jar never lasts more than half a week. By Wednesday the jar is empty and I’m ready to take a few weeks off.
    And I LOVELOVElove cravings like that. When you know so specifically what you want to eat and then you take that first bite…o’m’gosh it’s better than…most things in the world. Gahhh, now I want to start getting strong cravings so I can have that moment.

  36. rita 06.15.2011

    Awesome workout. Tried it tonight and it made the time absolutely fly. Love it!

  37. Sarah 06.15.2011

    This is sad, because it was a long time ago…but I went through a Weight Watchers phase where I pretty much ate Chicken Breast and ONLY Chicken Breast for dinner like everyday. I never mixed it up, besides seasonings. I still don’t really think the thought of chicken breast with a side of green beans sounds good at all! And that was like two years ago! Wow. haha

  38. Hope 06.15.2011

    I love tacos! I’m thinking about making them sometime this week. :) I’ve been eating way too many brussels sprouts lately. I keep roasting them up almost every night. I don’t know why. I just love ’em!

  39. Haley 06.15.2011

    Ever since I was pregnant with baby #2, I’ve craved all things salty – and that was over 4 years ago!!!

    Also, who do you believe – Tamra or Gretchen? =) And, isn’t poor Slade pathetic???

  40. Teresa K. 06.15.2011

    mmmm – how about Italian Ricotta cookies w/sprinkles on top? – Or oh yes – Fudge Fancies (they’re made by a local company here – um – 1/3″ thick sugar cookies with fudgey frosting on top. – but only the minis – the big ones are too much)

    When I was pregnant with my daughter – burritos – and this chicken and broccoli w/ranch and sliced almonds salad
    with my son – everything.

  41. Mandy 06.15.2011

    I wonder if there is something in the air…I made tacos last night and I have been craving hamburgers ALL THE TIME! But, unlike you, I am pregnant! And I also can’t seem to get enough chex mix, which is never something I would normally want to eat!

  42. When I have cravings, they’re SUPER specific too. Like the other night, I wouldv’e killed for Olive Garden’s minnestrone. Not any minnestrone, either, it had to be Olive Garden. I’m worried about what my cravings will be like if I ever do get preggers!

  43. I’d ODed on oatmeal a few months ago but couldn’t stop thinking about it last week. I couldn’t wait to get home from our vacation and made a big ole bowl of oatmeal!

  44. Alyssa 06.15.2011

    I’ve been OD’ing on salads lately because lettuce has been so cheap at my grocery store and once I buy it I feel bad wasting it. I try to mix up the add-ins otherwise I get really bored, really quick! Also been eating tons of cottage cheese! I can’t get enough. I eat it for meals, for dessert, for breakfast, whatever, and I especially love it with pineapple.
    I’ve been craving pasta probably because I have been trying to decrease the amount of carbs I’ve been eating, might have to have some this week.
    Thanks for linking to the summer shape up on Fitnessista, I did workout #2 and I am sore, sore, sore!

  45. Ha well I’ll soon be sick of salads….its peak time for lettuce in my garden. So trying to be as creative as possible to use it up and not waste. I will get sick of it eventually…it happens every year!

    I just posted this weekend about trying to not get sick of eating them..including pretty yummy recipe:

    My boyfriend dislikes tacos as well….but I think they always sound good!

  46. Sarah 06.15.2011

    Burgers. Definitely burgers. With thousand island dressing. So bad!! :-)

  47. Maria 06.15.2011

    Those taco’s look amazing… now i’m craving them ! Hmmm… OD foods are probably marmite. I eat it by the bucketload , but I never get sick of it :) mmmmm….marmite.

  48. Julie S. 06.15.2011

    As I was reading your post I thought, “She’d better be smart & put a disclaimer at the end or all of the comments are gonna be accusing her of being pregnant…!” :) Really sounded like it ‘cuz not only did I crave things when I was pregnant, but even moreso I couldn’t stomach things that I normally loved!

    I get cravings a lot, too. It’s brutal! I can’t usually wait a whole week before satisfying them, though! Wow, that’s willpower!

  49. Shhh… don’t tell anyone, but I sometimes crave a McDonald’s Quarter Pounder with salty french fries and a diet coke. Yikes! My terrible secret is out!

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