Hello – happy Saturday!

It’s been a low-key day here at casa de IGE. :) Ben and I slept in, then lazily got ready to head to the Farmer’s Market for a stroll and early lunch. It was only 10:30, but we were already starving for Pupusas!

Alas, the weather had different ideas regarding our lunch plans and a wall of ominous looking clouds started creeping up on the horizon. Luckily one of our favorite BBQ joints in town was nearby, so we made a split second decision to take a rain check on the Market & Pupusas (literally, tee-hee) and head to Jethro’s for lunch instead!

You really can’t go wrong with anything at this popular BBQ joint (except for the Adam Emmenecker Challenge sandwich, featured on Man vs Food. That tower of fried terror is just not right! ;) )

Their ribs are to die for, but something about the simple BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich always sucks me in.

I am telling you – I cannot get enough BBQ these days!

Jethro’s hickory & oak smoked meats are unnnnbelievable. Incredibly tender and full of flavor.

Check out that pink smoke ring on the outside of the pork. Slurp <– sorry, drooling!

Before I could dig in though, I had to consult – The Sauce Bear.

Jethro’s mild, sweet & smoky house BBQ sauce smothered my succulent sammy. YUM!

My side of sweet potato fries played no second fiddle. Nosiree.

These ultra-sweet fries are lightly battered before getting fried, which gives them this fabulous, crispy crunch. They were promptly demolished. :)

I ♥ Jethro’s!

In other news, Ben is feeling a little under the weather ( :( ) so we’re going to keep it low key this evening and watch Winter’s Bone. Have you seen it?

Last night I watched Conviction with Hilary Swank. AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME. Hil is an acting goddess. I love her!

It’s probably for the best that we lay low tonight, as we did NONE of the things on our “honey-do” lists today. Tomorrow will be busy busy!!

Have a great night!

Oh! The winner of the 18 Rabbits Granola Bar Giveaway is:

Emily W: #1 What type of work do you do? I’m a dental student! Only two more years until I’m a DMD!

Congrats Emily! Email your full mailing address and telephone number to IowaGirlEats@gmail.com. :)


What actor or actress would you pick to play YOU in a movie about your life?

I’m going to say, Amanda Seyfried. We’re both short, I hope to have her gorgeous, long hair one day (yeah, I think I’m growing mine out!) and she is freaking hysterical!