Rain Check


Hello – happy Saturday!

It’s been a low-key day here at casa de IGE. :) Ben and I slept in, then lazily got ready to head to the Farmer’s Market for a stroll and early lunch. It was only 10:30, but we were already starving for Pupusas!

Alas, the weather had different ideas regarding our lunch plans and a wall of ominous looking clouds started creeping up on the horizon. Luckily one of our favorite BBQ joints in town was nearby, so we made a split second decision to take a rain check on the Market & Pupusas (literally, tee-hee) and head to Jethro’s for lunch instead!

You really can’t go wrong with anything at this popular BBQ joint (except for the Adam Emmenecker Challenge sandwich, featured on Man vs Food. That tower of fried terror is just not right! ;) )

Their ribs are to die for, but something about the simple BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich always sucks me in.

I am telling you – I cannot get enough BBQ these days!

Jethro’s hickory & oak smoked meats are unnnnbelievable. Incredibly tender and full of flavor.

Check out that pink smoke ring on the outside of the pork. Slurp <– sorry, drooling!

Before I could dig in though, I had to consult – The Sauce Bear.

Jethro’s mild, sweet & smoky house BBQ sauce smothered my succulent sammy. YUM!

My side of sweet potato fries played no second fiddle. Nosiree.

These ultra-sweet fries are lightly battered before getting fried, which gives them this fabulous, crispy crunch. They were promptly demolished. :)

I ♥ Jethro’s!

In other news, Ben is feeling a little under the weather ( :( ) so we’re going to keep it low key this evening and watch Winter’s Bone. Have you seen it?

Last night I watched Conviction with Hilary Swank. AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME. Hil is an acting goddess. I love her!

It’s probably for the best that we lay low tonight, as we did NONE of the things on our “honey-do” lists today. Tomorrow will be busy busy!!

Have a great night!

Oh! The winner of the 18 Rabbits Granola Bar Giveaway is:

Emily W: #1 What type of work do you do? I’m a dental student! Only two more years until I’m a DMD!

Congrats Emily! Email your full mailing address and telephone number to IowaGirlEats@gmail.com. :)


What actor or actress would you pick to play YOU in a movie about your life?

I’m going to say, Amanda Seyfried. We’re both short, I hope to have her gorgeous, long hair one day (yeah, I think I’m growing mine out!) and she is freaking hysterical!

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  1. That BBQ looks great, pulled pork is one of my favorites!

    I would have to pick Charlize Theron….although we look nothing alike we are both tall and she’s gorgeous & talented so why not ;)

  2. erica 06.18.2011

    i guess i’m gonna go with lucy liu…out of lack of asian actress options lol!

  3. Fun post. I LOVE BBQ and sweet potato fries. Excellent choice.

    If I had to pick an actress to play me in my life movie, it’d be Jessica Beil because she has a GORGEOUS body and then people would think that’s exactly what I look like :D.

    Happy papusa-ing tomorrow!

  4. Lauren 06.18.2011

    Low Key weekend days are the best. Enjoy your movie. The hubby and I are getting ready to watch one ourselves. :)

  5. Rachel 06.18.2011

    Ha–My husband & I did absolutely nothing of what we planned either….We’ve been slugs all day (although I did bake some cookies).

    As for who would play me in a movie…I’d pick Cate Blanchette. Not only do I adore her as an actress, but my little boy has an action figure of her from the last Indiana Jones movie that he says looks like me. :)

  6. Yum! I’ve got pork in the crockpot for pulled pork sandwiches tomorrow! Love me some BBQ

  7. Emily 06.18.2011

    HA–I lol’ed at the rain check comment. Doesn’t take much…

  8. Brindi 06.18.2011

    Sandra Bullock is my choice!

  9. Next time I’m in Iowa (Labor Day weekend for Fry Fest and opening game) I’ve got to drag my BF to Jethro’s! I know he’d love it!

    I would definitely want to be played by Anna Faris (http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0267506/). She’s a hoot!

  10. Jill 06.18.2011

    I recently saw Winters Bone I LOVED IT SOOOO good! I hope you enjoy!

  11. Jenn in Texas 06.18.2011

    If you ever find yourself in Alvin, TX (trust me, you won’t), but they have the BEST bbq at Joe’s. I miss it so much! Sliced beef with a side of potato salad, a piece of Texas toast, and some sweet tea….it’s pretty much heaven. :)

    As for movie star, I would say Jennifer Garner because I LOVE her!

  12. Jessie 06.18.2011

    i’m dying over that pulled pork sandwich, it looks so amazing! for the longest time no one could ever come up with a celeb doppelganger for me, until zooey deschanel came along. we both have the bangs, long brown hair and blue eyes, and vintage style. I’ll take it!

  13. Oh my lawd, that sandwich looks sooooooooooo good! I would order the exact same thing. Yum!!!

    I can’t think of any actresses that meet my criteria.

  14. That looks so delicious – you are making me really miss Des Moines. I’m adding those two movies to my list…

    …and I’d be played by Angelina Jolie. ;)

  15. Heather 06.19.2011

    Hello~Happy Sunday! I was wondering do you use the Daily Plate calculator? Do you like it, and do you think it is pretty accurate? I am looking for an online tracker.

    Thank you! Heather

  16. Green Groats 06.19.2011

    Mmmm. Those sweet potato fries look so delicious. Love when they are crispy too. So good :)

  17. Barb Storm 06.19.2011

    Angelina Jolie- we have the same birthday June 4th. Bradd Pitt could play my husband. Mr and Mrs Smith — the later years (Or …they lived happily ever after)

  18. A.J. 06.19.2011

    Christini Ricci – talented and looks like me!

    I’m growing my hair out too. I am going from a super short pixie cut to about shoulder length. I miss my short hair; sometimes it is tempting to chop it all off again, especially now that my hair is at a gross awkward length! But change is good.

    • A.J. 06.19.2011

      You need to try the Flying Mango in DSM in you like BBQ. My favorite restaurant! I think Jethro’s BBQ is a close second to Flying Mango. I DO NOT understand the local obsessession with Texas Roadhouse…. totally overrated!

      • Iowa Girl Eats 06.19.2011

        omg I am obbbbsessed with Flying Mango! Top 3 restaurants for me in DSM!

  19. Melissa 06.19.2011

    Wow, those SP fries are calling to me!

    I think I’d choose Jennifer Garner or Keri Russell. I just love both of them!

    Hope Ben is feeling back to normal today! :)

  20. Julie S. 06.20.2011

    I love Jethro’s too! Can’t resist their sweet potato fries either. :) Seriously, everything I’ve tried there has been great!

  21. Emily 06.22.2011

    When is your next contest? Since someone named Emily one, I’m inspired to want to enter as well muwahaha!

    Have a great day, Iowa Girl!

    Such mouthwatering photos!!!!

  22. Emily 06.22.2011

    That’s “Someone named Emily WON, not “one” lololol oh my goodnesss!

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