Grilled Grilled Cheese & Avocados


Do you notice anything strange about this picture?


Ben unloaded & reloaded the dishwasher last night, God bless his little heart, and instead of putting this lone Tablespoon into the silverware holder, he placed it in the top rack…face up…all alone…


Bahahaha! I don’t know why this made me laugh so hard – but it did. It’s just sitting there all alone, completely out of place!!! Maybe you had to be there…

I get to find fun, goofy surprises like this around the house all the time. Finding parmesan cheese in the hall closet, half-full cups everywhere (he’s seriously worse than the Signs girl) and my good kitchen shears in the garage, are among some of my favorites.

Until I found out he used said kitchen scissors to trim some weeds in the yard with. Really? :mad:

With a face like that, how you can stay mad?? ;)


Ohhh, in other news, I had the best time last night.

I was invited to attend a Cooking Club Party! :D

Every month, a group of 9-10 women who know each other from work, friends of friends, etc., get together at one person’s house. The host picks the menu, hands out a booklet of the recipes when everyone gets there, then they all cook it together! Isn’t that fun?!

Our menu last night was centered around the grill. Nearly every course including Eggplant, Red Pepper & Fontina Panini, Grilled Avocados with Salsa and Grilled Rum-Basted Pineapple was made over the piping hot coals.

Some of the ladies chopped veggies inside, while others manned the grill outside.

We cooked and chatted, with Skinny Girl Margaritas in hand, (have you tried? To die!)

then all sat down to devour our homemade feast.

We went crazy for the Strawberry & Spinach Salad, made with a sweet & garlicky dressing recipe from the host’s mother, and the grilled avocado. More on that in a minute. ;)

I so enjoyed the menu, and my time, that I decided to do a little recreation action tonight – these recipes were totally 2-nights in a row worthy!


Up first, a Grilled Grilled Cheese.


Called a grilled grilled cheese, because I have never actually grilled a grilled cheese sandwich before!


I started by buttering 2 slices of Great Harvest bread.


Then I layered on creamy fontina cheese,


which might be my new favorite cheese because of its superb melting qualities and creamy, mild taste,


cheddar cheese,


and a sprinkle of parmesan cheese.


Tops on…


and to the grill! Super low heat, lid down, ~5-7 minutes total.


Just enough time to get a nice crisp on the outside of the bread, and let the cheese get all gooey and melty. Why have I never done this before?!


Ben certainly enjoyed it! ;)

DSC_0004 (2)

The real highlight for me though, was the Grilled Avocado.




All you do is slice an avocado in half, drizzle the tops with a little lime juice, olive oil and salt & pepper,

DSC_0047 DSC_0052

Then lay it face down on the grill, for 5-7 minutes over medium heat.


Sprinkle the top with a little lime juice & salt when it’s done, then prepare to melt alongside the creamy, warm flesh. Add a dallop of fresh salsa to the center to really take it over the edge!


I served a cup of fresh pineapple on the side, too. That was actually done without thinking about the luscious, juicy grilled pineapple served with cold, raspberry sorbet for dessert last night. Mmmmmmlusciousjuicypiiiiineapple

Thanks to the cooking club for such wonderful company, and a great meal! :D


For dessert I whipped up a bowl of Blueberry Banana “Ice Cream“…


which actually has no ice NOR cream in it! Just frozen blueberries and a frozen banana.


Whipped into a delicious, creamy concoction that you would SWEAR was the real thing.


FYI, do not be greedy and try to lick the remnants off your food processor’s blade. You may nearly cut your eyeball in the process. I wouldn’t know from experience, I’m just saying it could happen…


I’m off for the evening! See ya’!


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