If Calories Didn’t Count


Alternatively titled: "Hot Mess"


This afternoon I tackled the first day of the fourth and final week of Gina’s Summer Shape Up Program, and boy was it was a doozy. 8O

A 20 minute HIIT Routine of your choice + Week #1’s workout was on tap, but a cloudless, summer sky compelled me to ditch the gym for the open road and instead of pounding out intervals on the treadmill, I hauled azz on the trail. 3.5 miles in 29 minutes, which is crazy for me! Followed by the most sweat-inducing workout ever.

Which brings us to zee lovely picture above. :)

How am I feeling 3 full weeks after I started the challenge? Stronger. Much stronger! It was fun to do the first week’s workout again today and see how I’d improved. Everything was less shaky and uncertain, I had more control over my body, and was able to do more reps of everything.

Everything except sit ups, that is. I was supposed to do 50. I did…14. Gah! I don’t know what it is about those blasted sit ups – they are impossible for me! Even when hurling my arms forward with all my might!? Oh well, it was only a 1/4 of the final ab blast exercises in the workout and I was able to work through the other ones just fine with less trouble. ;)

In other news, I whipped up another just crazy enough to work recipe for dinner tonight – Honey Lemon Chicken!


This recipe from Closet Cooking sounded more like a refreshing summertime beverage (that I’d like to add a little vodka to!) than a savory dinner, but I decided – what the heck, I’ll give it a whirl.


I started out by pounding out 1lb chicken breasts until they were ~1/4 inch thick.


I added liberal amounts of salt & pepper, and a spoonful of cornstarch into the bag, then shook everything up.


The cornstarch was great for getting a nice, crispy crust on the chicken, and for thickening that honey lemon sauce!


The chicken breasts cooked in 1 Tablespoon vegetable oil, until they browned up on both sides,


then I took them off to rest on a plate while I got to work on creating the sauce in the same pan.


The sauce started with grated ginger. I always snap a 1-2 inch knob of ginger off the large pieces at the grocery store, then cut the peel off with a knife.


I don’t like big hunks of ginger in my food, so I grated my peeled piece up until I had about a teaspoon total.



The ginger sautéed in the remaining oil over medium heat while I juiced 1 fresh lemon.


2 Tablespoons honey joined the ginger and lemon juice, as well as 1/4 cup chicken stock and more salt & pepper,


then I let the sauce bubble away until it reduced by half.


I let the chicken sit in there for the last couple of minutes to reheat, and help thicken the sauce even more.


Finally I placed the chicken on a bed of fluffy, brown basmati rice and steamed broccoli, then drizzled the reduced sauce on top.


Drumroll please…it WAS crazy enough to work! The honey got very mellow, and the bite from the ginger totally came through. You know I love me some lemon flavah too!


Next time I actually might use the juice from TWO lemons. Cause I’m crazy like that. This was a great light & easy summertime supper. Thanks Closet Cooking!


Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some cake to eat.


Ben was supposed to take the leftovers to work today, but he "forgot".


I just think he doesn’t want to share…


My buddha belly is hoping he realizes sharing is caring, ummm, ASAP.



"If calories didn’t count, I’d eat _____ all day long."

If calories didn’t count, I’d eat Cheetos all day long. If I hadn’t just had a piece of cake, and wasn’t craving salty foods at the moment, I’d probably say this exact chocolate cake!

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  1. Must make this chicken ASAP!!!!!!!

  2. Lexi 06.27.2011

    How do I choose just one thing!? I would have to say chips and dip…preferably Ruffles with AE french onion dip. Ooooh, I could even splurge on FULL fat rather than light!

    • Karinda 06.27.2011

      AE chip dip is simply the best!

  3. girliefriend 06.27.2011

    I always add extra lemon (or lime) to recipes too! Must add that chicken dish to the menu soon! Thanks Kristin!

    • girliefriend 06.27.2011

      My “if calories don’t count” food would be mac and cheese in any type combination, traditional, ravioli, pasta salad, you get the idea.

  4. If calories didn’t count I’d eat cake and ice cream ALL day long :D.

  5. I love how fresh and summery this dish is!
    If calories didn’t count, I’d be eat Fritos all day long. Love them! But they have to do be the big ole scoops!

  6. Emily 06.27.2011

    holy jealousy, Batman. you have blue eyes! i’ve always wanted dark hair with blue eyes!!
    nevertheless, i’d have just-out-of-the-oven brownies

  7. If calories didn’t count, I’d probably eat brownies all day. Or tatziki sauce and pitas all day.

  8. Em Marie 06.27.2011

    Reese’s (possibly on top of a hot fudge brownie sundae…) :)

  9. Cassie 06.27.2011

    If calories didn’t count I would eat Girl Scout Thin Mint cookies ALL day long.

  10. Dessert…cake, cookies, ice cream, you name it!

  11. erica 06.27.2011

    if calories didn’t count i’d eat cake and ice cream all day long.

  12. If calories didn’t count I would eat peanut butter, starburst jelly beans, cheddar & sour cream chips, and any kind of cheesy pasta all day long!

  13. ashley 06.27.2011

    If calories didn’t count, I’d eat Moose tracks ice cream and mac & cheese like it was nobody’s business!! :)

  14. If calories didn’t count I’d probably eat cheese, toasted oats squares, and/or mint chocolate chip ice cream all day long.

    Great recipe btw!! Isn’t it great when a recipe pans out? Love it!

  15. meghan 06.27.2011

    You have no idea how many of your recipes I have bookmarked! This reminds me of chicken piccata which I LOVE.

    If calories, stomachaches and allergies didn’t matter…DQ oreo blizzards!!!

  16. Eve P 06.27.2011

    I am with you on the Cheetos.

  17. Abby Ryan 06.27.2011

    If calories didn’t count, I’d eat fried mozzarella cheese sticks with real ranch dressing EVERY day! I’d have Ruffles potato chips with AE French Onion dip as a side, and for dessert I’d have a Butterfinger candy bar. What a wonderful world that would be….

  18. lauramich 06.27.2011

    Part of me is tempted to chime in that I’d eat brownies all day long if calories didn’t count. But honestly? Although I could eat a hefty portion, I’d hit a limit and just feel sick.

    But nuts? Dried figs, dates, raisins, and cranberries? Pretzels and popcorn? Bring ’em on!

  19. Trisha 06.27.2011

    That chicken looks DI-VINE! I’ll definitely be whipping it up some soon!
    If calories didn’t count, I would eat assorted chips with the appropriate dips all day. Every day. Hint of lime Tostitos with fresh guacamole. Ruffles with French onion. Fritos with Texas Caviar. Mmm, chips… Oddly enough, I just read an article about how chips are the number one contributor to weight gain. Makes total sense now. :)

  20. dmcgirl (Dawn) 06.27.2011

    It is SO MUCH easier to peel ginger with a SPOON.
    Look it up online. Mucho Betta!

  21. If calories didn’t count, I would eat my chocolate chip oatmeal cookies all. freaking. day.

  22. Kate 06.27.2011

    Easy! Chocolate milkshakes. All day. Every day. Unless I was craving salty, and in that case, ditto on the Cheetos.

  23. Martha Brown 06.27.2011

    potato chips…all kinds too, they are my kryptonite!

  24. Loved hearing about your Summer Shape Up progress. That chicken looks delicious!

  25. I would eat ice cream all day long!!

  26. Rachel 06.27.2011

    If calories didn’t count, I’d eat potato chips all day long. And French fries. Fried potatoes in almost any form. I love lemony chicken–I might have to try that recipe soon!

  27. Lindsey 06.27.2011

    Cookies! I must be craving cookies these days because it is all I can think about. I might also put milkshakes in there :)

  28. Mmm looks like a good recipe! Im always looking for ways to spice up chicken. I’d eat ice cream all day long!

  29. Charis 06.27.2011

    That looks delish!
    Do you think it would work as well with garlic instead of ginger?

  30. debbie 06.27.2011

    if calories didn’t count I would probably eat that cake everyday too!

  31. I would just eat that cake!

  32. I love this chicken! I don’t think I would think of putting ginger, lemon, and honey together! Delicious.

    If calories didn’t count, I’d eat Rita’s Cookies N Cream Gelatis every day!

  33. Brindi 06.28.2011

    I’d eat cheesecake all day long! (until I got a belly ache and then I would eat blue cheese gnocchi all day long!)

  34. Courtney 06.28.2011

    Chicken looks yumm!
    I would eat chips with salsa and a big plate of enchiladas… with a margarita too!

  35. C. 06.28.2011

    Yum that chicken looks great. I’d have to say anything with chocolate… aka cookies. I can’t have them in the house at all; not even a smidge!

  36. Nancy 06.28.2011

    What do you use to flatten the chicken breasts? I don’t have a meat tenderizer.

  37. Hope 06.28.2011

    Yum! That chicken looks absolutely amazing! I am definitely going to try this! :)

    I would have cupcakes and brownies every single day!

  38. If calories didn’t count, I’d eat mozzarella sticks with ranch (w/a little hot sauce in it) all day. Yum haha.

  39. Amanda 06.28.2011

    I would eat cake, preferably white with buttercream frosting (a good wedding cake). I can eat a lot of cake!

  40. I would have to eat cupcakes all day if calories didn’t count! Also BTW, loved your Balsamic vinaigrette recipe – so easy and good!

  41. I would eat icing – in between cookies, on cake, on cupcakes, you name it – all day long!

    And I am saving this recipe for sure!

  42. Amy 06.28.2011

    This should say “If calories didn’t count and I wouldn’t get a belly ache, …”

    Then I would eat doughnuts all day long!

  43. Meghan 06.28.2011

    Every meal would be chips & dip followed by ice cream. ICE CREAM!

  44. McKenzie 06.28.2011

    It is hard to pick one food. But Ruffles & Dean’s French Onion dip is always up there on my list. I love sweets, the salty foods are what really get me!

  45. Delia 06.28.2011

    If calories didn’t count, I would eat olive ciabatta bread dipped in olive oil all day or covered in creamy goat cheese…it’s scary how much of a loaf I can eat in one sitting!

  46. Carrie 06.28.2011

    If calories didn’t count, I’d eat Double-Stuff Oreos dunked in milk all.. day… long!

  47. That chicken looks awesome! I’m definitely incorporating honey + lemon into my dinner now tonight.
    And that cake…
    “If calories didn’t count, I’d eat CUPCAKES all day long.”

  48. Yolanda 06.28.2011

    Your chicken dish looks very tantalizing!

  49. Meghan 06.28.2011

    I’d eat bagels slathered in real butter, poutine with double the cheese curds, chocolate layer cake, and Deep fried snickers (sounds weird but tastes amazing). Mmmmmmm.

  50. Stephanie 06.28.2011

    Peanut Butter Cap’n Crunch. Oh man. I miss that stuff. I know it’s still on the shelves, but I can’t bring it into my house for risk of eating the entire box in one sitting. And Sun Chips. I love Sun Chips. I still indulge in those from time to time…

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