Angry Birds


I am cursed.

First a bat in the basement, then I get attacked by a bird.


Completely ambushed. Wings, claws, hair, bike, chase, terror.


So, ok, this afternoon Eloise and I biked up to the gym for a nice treadmill sesh and on the way home I was feelin’ great. My workout was amazing, the weather was gorgeous, the trail I was cruising on was all downhill, yadda, yadda, yadda.

It doesn’t get much better than this! I thought to myself as I sailed through a short tunnel that dotted the trail. ‘Til I popped out the other side and quickly realized that it does, indeed, get better than this…

It’s much, MUCH better when a large, black bird is not dive-bombing the top of your head, flapping it’s wings in your face, and hovering 2 feet above you for a good 20 yards as you pedal for your liiiiiife!

Ahhhhh, what am I going to dooooooooo?! I screamed inside my head as I pedaled like a mad woman, chest pressed to my handle bars looking around for someone, anyone, to help!

Then just like that – it was gone.

WTF.  I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry! Our trapped bat must have sent a distress signal out from the basement, and this was payback from an angry cousin, or something. Sheesh!!

Or, you know, I pedaled too close to it’s nest. Probably the first thing though.


Post-attack I calmed my nerves with the most epic of dinners – Nachos!


Nacho bar happens to be one of Ben’s and my favorite thing ever. All you do is layout a ton of toppings and types of cheese for your chips, then customize your very own pan o’ deliciousness!


Tonight we had chopped broccoli, grape tomatoes, red onion,

DSC_0015 DSC_0005

fresh corn, grilled & shredded Chipotle chicken,

DSC_0007 DSC_0008

homemade salsa (made with a can of petite diced tomatoes), freshly shredded fontina cheese, shredded cheddar cheese & green Tabasco sauce (both un-pictured.)

DSC_0010 DSC_0012

First you pre-heat your oven to 350 degrees, line a cookie sheet with foil and layout your tortilla chips.


Then you add your toppings! I make each chip totally different, so each bite is unique. :)


Some had cheese & chicken, others had cheese, corn & broccoli, while others had cheese & red onion. CHEESE being the central theme here, in case you couldn’t tell… ;)


Into the oven for 5 minutes…


and presto! Customized nachos – wheee!


After they nachos came out of the oven I topped each one with a dallop of salsa, and a dash of green Tabasco sauce. Several got the coveted quartered cherry tomato, too. :)


Crunchy & chewy,


sweet & savory,


hot & cold.


Great nachos cancel out freaky bird attacks!!


So does fresh fruit salad.


This combo of mango, peach & watermelon for dessert was sooo delicious.


Well, I am in for the night for fear of encountering a terodactyl in the streets. I got a free RedBox code for ma’ bday which we cashed in for Battle Los Angeles.


I know. There is seriously nothing good out there right now that I haven’t seen though!

Have a great night!

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  1. Tiffany 07.08.2011

    OMG — the exact SAME THING happened to me last night while running. Twice!! (Once as I was just starting my run, and again as I was almost home.) I thought someone had clubbed me from behind…I’m thinking the crazy bird wanted to rip my hair off.

  2. Meghan 07.08.2011

    This has been happening at the park where I run- it’s always the crows that do it! I guess they get protective of their young and will dive bomb people who they think are a threat. Crazy! Sorry to hear about the bat and bird craziness this week!

  3. Lindsay 07.08.2011

    I recently read somewhere (and for the life of me cannot remember where)… that crows remember people’s faces and if you bothering them they will come back to try to get you or something like that. Maybe someone that looked like you got that bird all upset…haha.

    • Iowa Girl Eats 07.08.2011

      omg omg omg omg – that is the freakiest thing I have ever heard!!! Luckily this wasn’t a crow – it was smaller than that – I think it was a red-winged blackbird. I literally would have puked if it was a crow – I hate them!

    • anna 07.08.2011

      I read that somewhere the other day too… mentalfloss I think?

  4. Sarah 07.08.2011

    you poor thing… I am DEATHLY afraid of birds. A couple of years ago my hubby & I were walking along the wharf in San Fransisco, I had just gotten myself some yummy calamari, when the seagulls started to follow me. I swear the were 50 of them hovering over my head. I was screaming for my hubby to help me, but he couldn’t hear me he was too far ahead trying to grab a table for us. Finally one of those darn seagulls landed on my head, leaned over, and ate my calamari! It was terrifying. I still have nightmares. All of this right in front of a sidewalk cafe… I’m sure those people had a good laugh.

  5. Machelle 07.08.2011

    oh my gosh! the angry bird incident is WAY TOO FUNNY! hehehe! i’m guessing she had a nest nearby w/babies in it. i saw a blue jay dive bomb my cat in the driveway and the poor cat flipped end over end and ran for his life! your nacho’s are so much more organized than mine! i do sort of spread my chips out in a somewhat organized fashion, but then i just pile everything on into one big mess!

  6. Lauren 07.08.2011

    That is sooooo weird!!! Ugh, I HATE birds. When I was four, I got attacked and bit by a seagull and ever since, I’ve loathed them. Glad you made it out alive! :)

  7. Kathi 07.08.2011

    OMG! When I read this I had to respond. This has happend to me twice and I was wondering what I was going to do. Should I not go riding or biking? What are you going to do now? I am so terrified of birds and I am now terrified to go out.
    I would love to hear how you are going to handle going out from now on.

  8. Meredith 07.08.2011

    We are watching that tonight too. The Redbox is a little pathetic right now!

  9. Caylie M 07.08.2011

    Mmmm. Nachos.
    And Battle LA wasn’t that bad of a movie… Or it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be.

  10. erica 07.08.2011

    omg!!! at least you didn’t get hurt or poked/scratched? pecked…(i keep thinking of when fabio got attacked by a bird. lol)

    i do remember hearing birds attack if you get to close to their nest filled w/babies…

  11. amanda 07.08.2011

    OMG I got the creepy crawly panicky tummy just reading this! I HATE birds!!! I am deathly afraid of them. If I were you I would have had a heart attack and died right there I think.
    Once in the grocery store, there were gross birds flying around – INSIDE! I saw them, grabbed my kids, left my cart and hit a drive thru for dinner!
    Glad you’re physically okay, and hope the emotional scars heal fast ;)

  12. Emily 07.08.2011

    Too funny! I hate hate hate birds. Ever since I saw the movie Birds when I was little, I’ve been petrified. I legit would have died if I were you…the sound of the flapping, their thick bodies–yikes!

    Such a good idea for nachos! Never thought of this. And I love that they’re separate so each one gets its own cheese–I hate how some chips are cheeseless when you do the mound-a-chips-n-cheese way.

  13. Angela 07.08.2011

    I am eating nachos as I read your post, greek style. They are delicious! Here is the link for the recipe.
    I substituted ground beef for the lamb and used pita chips instead of toasting pita bread. Hope the rest of your weekend is free of winged creatures.

  14. I think cheese is the central theme of my life. I would have a hard time going vegan. HARD. Those nachos look on point!!!

  15. Lindsey 07.08.2011

    That is scary! Silly birds!

    Love the nacho idea, I make nachos for supper sometimes but never thought to do it like this. This way I don’t have to argue over toppings with my husband ;)

  16. OMG – I almost didn’t read the post because I thought it was about the game. I seriously laughed out loud. I would not have thought it was funny if it happened to me, but thank you for sharing.

  17. Rachel 07.08.2011

    My in-laws have a hanging planter on their porch which happens to be about 2 feet away from their front door. A couple months ago, a robin set up shop in it, hatched 4 eggs, and whenever anyone would come by, the mama would either dive bomb people, or sit in the pine tree about 5 feet away in the yard, and chirp angrily at whoever walked by. I’m so glad the babies are grown enough to be out of the nest & Mama has moved on. After having winged creatures invade my home too, I’m not a fan of ANY of them!

  18. Faith 07.08.2011

    Ha, look at you getting your Tippy Hendrix on :P

    Those nachos, holy wow. I’ve actually been craving them all week but alas no tortilla chips in my pantry – I should remedy that asap!

  19. My grandma had a fake bird on her Christmas tree and I’ve been scared of bird ever since. Poor you! I would have been oh so scared too!

  20. JennyV 07.08.2011

    Red-winged black birds are super territorial, as you all too closely experienced! I have somehow dodged them so far but have had a few running friends get similarly attacked!

  21. Teresa 07.08.2011

    Oh yeah. I’ve totally had those red-winged black birds dive bomb me while running. One time, a bird swooped down at me while I was running a 5K in Ames!

  22. Sal 07.08.2011

    I’m sure it is the nesting, protective of the young thing. Sorry for anyone that has had t endure it.

  23. Whoa, that is kind of freaky, lol.

    Those nachos look amazing!!

  24. Mimi 07.08.2011

    Sorry about your flying rodent problems!

    I LOVE nacho dinners. Seriously my go-to for quick meals!

  25. I COMPLETELY thought you were going to talk about the Angry Birds game. Ahahahahah. Silly me.

    • A.J. 07.10.2011

      I thought the same thing.

  26. Jennie Morton 07.08.2011

    Bike helmets can serve a bird deflectors too :)

    The other week, I had a run-in with some very angry geese. I bike to work along a river, which is also their nesting grounds. They’re usually hissy, but they must have been a really foul mood. I was clear in the other lane to give them space but 3 big ones charged my bike, hissing all the way! I was so scared of being bit and possibly falling over. Just imagine showing up to work bloody and bruised and having to explain you got attacked by a gang of Canadian geese! Luckily, they missed me, but I’m forever terrified of them. I carry an umbrella in my backpack down, lol, whatever good that will do!

  27. dmcgirl (Dawn) 07.08.2011

    OMG.. I hate crows too!!! I thought I was the only one to admit it!

    Ca Caw!!!! lol

  28. Micah 07.08.2011

    Ah, the red-winged blackbird(s) got you. They’re pretty mean. Usually, this just means they’re protecting a nearby nest.

  29. mina 07.09.2011

    Last year I was walking down the street when I saw a crow in a tree. It was staring at me and I got a bad feeling. Then it swooped toward me and I thought “this is ridiculous, there is no way this bird cares about me”… then it started chasing me. I had to run and people were laughing at me! It was so embarrassing! But it seems from the comments that we’re not the only two people with this experience. It’s pigeons that remember faces… not crows. Crows make tools and are going to take over the world:

  30. oh my goodness. I can’t even imagine. I too wouldn’t have known whether to laugh or cry. I probably would have done that nervous laughter and would have peddled home faster than Auntie Em! The nachos totally made up for it though :) Happy Saturday

  31. Karin 07.09.2011

    Birds can be vicious. I feel for you. It is a scary to get attacked by birds. When my son was a year old, we were bombed by a bunch of ducks at the zoo. They flew overhead, and pooped all over us, hair, face, clothes, shoes etc. My son was covered in bird poop, and he didn’t know not to put it in his mouth. Other Moms screamed in terror. I went straight to the zoo bathroom, took off his clothes, and cleaned him up the best I could, and we went home for a bath. I have never trusted ducks again.

  32. Jean 07.09.2011

    Yep, as a few others have noted, the red-winged blackbirds are extremely territorial. Along my trails, this happens on a daily basis this time of year as the youngster are fledging. I get dive bombed all the time on my runs (I am a bird watcher, so I get a kick out of this!). Just wear a hat or a helmet and you will be fine. They are small and won’t do any damage. And once the little ones fledge, they will be out of there, which should be soon. Now the Canada geese – those are another story. I make an effort to steer clear of mama with her babies, because she can be mean! :)

    Those nachos look insanely good. Beautiful colors and nice contrasting textures! Awesome job!

  33. Your nachos look like deliciouness in every single bite! Yum!

  34. Stacie Gorkow 07.09.2011

    As a kid, I would have to go out to the road to get our mail (we lived in the country). I learned really fast that I had to run, dive in grab the mail and run back. There were many times I was dive-bombed by a red-winged blackbird. It was nuts! Those birds should have realized that I didn’t get a hoot about their nest, and that every day I was just going to grab that mail. But, that didn’t stop them. You just brought back some horrible memories for me! Ha! JK! Darn birds!

  35. oh my goodness, this is crazy! glad you’re okay!!

  36. Girl Eat 07.09.2011

    Hi IGE!
    I love your blog! I am totally and completely new to the food blog world but you make me want to come to IOWA.RIGHT.NOW. to eat sweet corn and everything else that is yummy!
    Your food is healthy and delicious-the perfect combination of the two and I absolutely LOVE that you do not sacrifice taste for health. You are a true role model and you among many other fabulous food bloggers have been a huge inspiration to me. Thank you and keep posting lady! You always put a smile on my face (and I am a true bird hater after my own attack experience so this post just had to get a comment!)
    Girl Eat

  37. Hockettruns 07.09.2011

    Well, the starlings have been flying around me lately when I’ve been walking or running by. No dive-bombing though, thank goodness. Glad you’re OK iowagirl! phew!

    I think they are protecting their nests, in answer to your question. but I think this specie (sp?) of bird is pretty tempermental anyway for sure!

  38. Meg 07.09.2011

    glad you escaped!!! but…where was your helmet girlie?? :P

  39. Julie 07.09.2011

    This story is seriously hilarious. My hubby was attacked by two chihuahuas while biking once!

  40. Alison 07.10.2011


  41. […] sweat really started rolling when we crossed paths with my angry bird! Ben’s all, it’s fine it’s fine, just keep walking, while I’m all […]

  42. Daisy 07.10.2011

    soo that happened. holy sh*t

  43. A.J. 07.10.2011

    I did NOT care for Battlefield Los Angeles. War/alien movies just aren’t my thing. However, I would care to eat those nachos…. YUM. Looks much better than the greasy, flavorless kind available at most restaurants & sports bars.

  44. A.J. 07.10.2011

    Wow, reading the above comments, I am amazed at how many people have experienced bird attacks. Little did I know that birds hate on people so much. Kinda scared now! Birds are gross. My sister has two as PETS. Craaaazy.

  45. Alyssa 07.10.2011

    I was also attacked by a red-winged blackbird while riding my bike. I was in 7th grade riding my bike home from gymnastics practice and I had to turn onto a gravel driveway and ended up crashing but was so scared I immediately got up and kept going and it kept swooping at me. And I hit my head on my handlebars and had a bruise in the middle of my forehead. In 7th grade people weren’t so nice and I got made fun of. It was all a terrorizing situation!
    Red-winged blackbirds are very territorial when they have a nest nearby. And according to my junior high science teacher they won’t actually “attack” you, they just swoop down to scare you off. I wear a helmet now when riding. Nevermind that we are ten times the size of these birds, we wee little humans are easily spooked!

  46. Emily 07.11.2011

    I am terrified of birds!! This is exactly why!! Birds have run into me twice… I can’t explain it

  47. Val 07.13.2011

    Red winged black birds are very territorial. If you are biking or running or what have you, I highly suggest wearing a hat (or helmet). To keep the birds from attacking, print out a picture of an eye (or eyes, if you’re not into the Cyclops thing) and pin it or tape it to your hat. It sounds like a very silly thing to do, but the birds do not like eyes. This is all information that comes from my father who goes on long bike rides in the country side where many birds have attacked. He did his research and hasn’t had a problem since learning of the eye trick. Hope this helps!! :)

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  49. […] megaphone of chirping that I can hear from pretty much anywhere in the house or office 24/7. They terrify me. […]

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