Hike on the High Trestle


This afternoon Ben and I drove 30 minutes north to Madrid, IA, to hike on the High Trestle Trail!


The High Trestle Trail is 25 miles long, packed with bikers,

(bananas too…)

and features the beautiful High Trestle Bridge that towers over the Raccoon River Valley.

It used to be a train bridge, actually, and is HUGE. 1/2 mile long and over 13 stories high!

Each end is anchored by two massive pillars,

and stunning, red angled arches called "cribbings" run the entire length.

Cool huh?!

It was a beautiful summer day and we walked about 4 miles total on the trail – 1 mile coming completely from the bridge!

Note to self: do not use camera’s "vivid" setting on people. Can you say Oompa Loompa? ;)


We’re back home now, sipping on some Summer Shandy’s and deciding between what feels like 50 things to do tonight.


I guess when it rains social outings, it pours! ;)

Happy Saturday everyone!

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  1. What a fun day! :) So cool that you and Ben biked together, I have a really hard time getting my husband to be active with me. :( Have fun, wherever you end up going tonight!

  2. Jenni Clark 07.09.2011

    That looks like an amazing place… I think I will be planning a mini family get away very soon! Thank you!

  3. Great pic of the bridge! I’m impressed with your photography skills :)

  4. What an awesome bridge!! That is so cool. Have fun tonight!

  5. Mac 07.09.2011

    That is the coolest bridge I have ever seen in my life! Need to get to Iowa asap!

  6. kelly 07.09.2011

    Love that bridge!! Looks like a great day!

  7. Lisa 07.09.2011

    On Tuesday, I did a run/walk from Woodward, across the bridge and back. Was 6.26 miles round trip. The bridge is beautiful. We are fortunate to have this gem in Central Iowa.

  8. Lynn 07.09.2011

    How have I lived in Iowa almost my whole life and never heard of this? Very cool.

  9. That’s such a cool bridge! Awesome pictures of it too… looks like something you could have printed on a canvas and display in your casa

  10. Courtney 07.09.2011

    I am so happy you were not attacked by anything!! I was picking blueberries this afternoon and just knew that bat had told all his little friends to come after all of us ;) Haha– the pictures are beautiful, looks fun!!

  11. Teresa 07.09.2011

    I live just 2 blocks from the High Trestle Trail. You were in my neighborhood! Not to be a know-it-all, but the High Trestle Trail stretches over the Des Moines River, not the Raccoon River. And that banana guy is a regular on the bike trail. There’s also a guy with a boombox, with a strong affinity for Neil Diamond/Bob Segar songs.

  12. This may seem forward… but you are a beautiful Oompa Loompa! haha

  13. Noreen 07.10.2011

    You always have such fun. Bridge looks really cool.

  14. I’ve been wanting to check out the High Trestle trail for awhile now…hopefully soon. You’ll have to check it out at night…I’ve seen pictures and the ‘cribbings’ are lit up with blue LED lights at night.
    Looks awesome.

  15. dmcgirl (Dawn) 07.10.2011

    What is the drink? A beer? Never have seen that. I love the bridge, very cool. I would def. go there.

  16. erica 07.10.2011

    beautiful pictures!
    love the one of you and ben together! :)

  17. That bridge is sweet! And btw, the day after I commented that I had never had Summer Shandy out of a can, my boyfriend came home with a whole case of cans! I’m drinking one now :)

  18. Luv What You Do 07.10.2011

    I love the banana. I saw him at RAGBRAI last year : )

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  20. A.J. 07.10.2011

    Fun!! I definitely want to go on a hike there sometime!

  21. Kate 07.11.2011

    Your pictures are so vivid, that looks like a very beautiful place to spend time outdoors! And ending the day with Summer Shandy? Brilliant. I had it for the first time last month and it easily became a favorite.

  22. Emilee 07.11.2011

    Georgeous pictures!!!! Good job.

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