Grilled Chicken Gyros



So it turns out 3rd time isn’t always a charm.

This afternoon I figured I’d give my angry bird ONE last chance to calm the heck down and let me peacefully pass by his wretched tree perch located alongside my running trail, as the first two attempts were anything but. I set out on a 3 mile run after work and luckily the first pass by went smoothly. He was nowhere to be seen.


On the way back, though, it was like a scene out of Scarface. He’s all…

You wanna mess with me? You wanna try and sneak by here with no repercussions?? Ok.


Say hello to my little friend!

Circles. Extracts claws. Dive bombs.

OMG NEVER AGAIN! I will officially be crossing the street over the tunnel its perch sits outside of from now on. I can’t take the anxiety, plus I’m sick of looking like a damned fool running around with my arm whooping around my head and screaming as I run for my liiiife!


Dinner, thankfully, was a lot less dramatic. In fact, it was easy, delicious and really fun – Grilled Chicken Gyros!


Ben’s been (ha) begging for gyros lately, but I’m not about to cook lamb (I just can’t) so I took to the Googler to look up a yummy recipe for Chicken Gyros.


Many of the recipes I clicked on had ingredient lists a mile long – you know me, I like to K.I.S.S. – so they were out right away.

Then I clicked on the link for Annie’s Eats’ Chicken Gyros. The ingredient list looked a tad long at first, but upon further inspection I realized I already had most of the items in my house, save for some yogurt and a few produce items. Sweet!


I followed Annie’s recipe, except I used Greek Yogurt instead of regular yogurt to knock out Step 1 in the directions.

First I marinated three pounded chicken breasts in a wonderfully fragrant concoction including dried oregano and lemon, then quickly grilled them for ~3 minutes a side. Then I thinly sliced ’em up!

DSC_0015 DSC_0023

Next I laid out zee toppings for my chicken gyros:


Feta cheese, tomatoes,

DSC_0005 DSC_0007

red onion and tzatziki sauce.

DSC_0019 DSC_0021

I actually made the tzatziki sauce (and the marinade) last night, so the flavors had a chance to meld together and get wonderfully, mouthwateringly delicious.


Finally it was time to assemble my gyros!


I split a Trader Joe’s pita in half,


spooned in a dollop blob of tzatziki sauce (LOVE),


added in the grilled chicken,


then stuffed that baby full of toppings!




These truly tasted like traditional gyros! That sauce was fantastic!


Fellow Iowans – I base all gyros off the insane U of I ped mall gyros (you know the ones) and these were just as good. Plus they’re made with lean grilled chicken breasts, which makes them a bit more accessible and easy to replicate at home. Win.


Ben and I both adored. Thanks Annie! :D


  • Emails, emails, emails!
  • Bachelorette (I stopped watching the season, but want to catch Emily’s interview to see what happened with her and Brad – sadface :( )
  • Laundry!

Have a great night!


What’s your favorite street food?

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  1. Annie’s Eats is my FAVORITE site, like ever. (Right up there with yours!) Everything of hers is phenom!

  2. I’ve eyed that recipe from Annie Eat’s for awhile, and glad to hear it got raving reviews from you! We’re actually having Greek style meatballs in pitas later this week. :)

  3. Eleni 07.11.2011

    Ooh, I know the gyro place in IC you’re talking about…George’s Gyros. I even know George. He’s a cool dude!

  4. ktlovespie 07.11.2011

    Putting this on my “to-make” list. No matter that said list happens to be a mile long :-p

  5. I cannot get over that bird. It is hilarious…though I am sure it is traumatizing. ;) My favorite street food is soft pretzels (preferably from NYC). So doughy and so good.

  6. Emily 07.11.2011

    mmmmm hot pretzels or Nuts 4 Nuts on the streets on NYC!!!

  7. jean 07.11.2011

    How do you get so much done after work, time to run and cook such awesome dinners!!!?

    • Iowa Girl Eats 07.11.2011

      Make ahead, make ahead, make ahead! I pounded out my chicken breasts, made the marinade and tzatziki all last night. Tonight all I had to do was grill the chicken and cut up tomatoes & cucumbers (for Ben.) I always do meal prep on Sundays to make cooking during the week go much faster!

  8. Chicken Gyros are great – yours look amazing

  9. I love gyros too!! Yum. There’s an awesome greek restaurant near my apartment, I need to hit it up soon :)

  10. Lauren 07.11.2011

    Gyros are AMAZING and one of my hubby’s favorite summer dinners. Something about warm gooey pita, salty feta and creamy yogurt sauce….it’s mind changing.

  11. Daisy 07.11.2011

    you’re missing out on this season. its the worst one yet ;)

  12. Favorite street food would have to be crepes! There’s an awesome crepe truck in Southern California that has tasty, cheap crepes… I make sure to find it when I visit my old college roommies down there!

  13. Christine 07.11.2011

    I totally know the bird you are talking about! I just got back from a run and it got both me and my boyfriend today!!

  14. Ash 07.11.2011

    Those gyros look fantastic!

    I would have been long gone on day 1 with that crazy bird! yikes!

  15. Brynne 07.11.2011

    These sound delicious! But of course, so does everything else you make :)

  16. Manon 07.11.2011

    If these are even CLOSE to the ones in IC, I must try ASAP!

  17. Shawn Pierce 07.11.2011

    Those birds are definitely nasty they used to get me on part on my run too – I was always the crazy lady flailing my arms and yelling! What else are we supposed to do!!

  18. Kira 07.11.2011

    So I just decided that starting on Thursday I am going to do a week of Iowa Girl Eats recipes!! You have so many delicious recipes on here and I have to try them!! I am going to mix it up and do some breakfasts, dinners, sides, and desserts! Also thanks for mentioning Trader Joes!! I went this weekend and am in LOVE!! Such an awesome store!

    Kira :)

  19. OK seriously, that bird is evil. Maybe it’s protecting its nest or something.

    I’m watching Emily’s interview now…. sadness.

  20. Hillary 07.11.2011

    My favorite “street food” in college was Stein Pizza in Cedar Falls, but gyros are a close second. Thanks for the recipe!

    • Iowa Girl Eats 07.12.2011

      STEIN!!! Cheese brick, I mean pizza square, with ranch was a late night NECESSITY!!!

  21. debbie 07.11.2011

    oh those gyros look to die for!

    and what the hell is up with that bird? Geez.

  22. Yumm!!! I mean, I’d leave the chicken out, you know ;) but that looks good! I need to try making tzatziki sauce!

  23. dmcgirl (Dawn) 07.11.2011

    OMG.. you are on YOUTUBE. I swear, this guy is filming everyone at that tunnel entrance and I saw you today!!!!!! Funny!

    • Iowa Girl Eats 07.12.2011

      I seriously believed you for a second and panicked…!

      • dmc (Dawn) 07.12.2011

        LOL!!! You are seriously funny, so I had to pull your leg! ;-) I could just picture it, flaling arms and all!

        Glad you are having an awesome summa!!! Keep us laughing!

  24. The Cleaner Cook 07.11.2011

    I love tzatziki sauce! What a perfect summer time dinner, yum!!

  25. Those gyros look really good. Along with gyros I really like falafels.

  26. Amy 07.11.2011

    I’m a huge gyro fan too!! I like the ones at the Valley Junction Farmers’ Market from The Greek House. They are HUGE though!!

  27. Annie 07.11.2011

    So glad you enjoyed them! They are still my favorite dinner ever. Period.

  28. Charis 07.11.2011

    Why can’t you cook lamb??

  29. Kie 07.11.2011

    That lunch looks great! Check out the famous Hong Kong egg tart, which is a delicious dessert:

  30. Casey 07.11.2011

    Haha yikes! You’re making me scared to go outside!

  31. Hope 07.12.2011

    Those gyro’s look delicious! I’ve actually never tried one before. I should get on that! :)

  32. Cait's Plate 07.12.2011

    Grilled chicken gyros are legitimately one of my favorite things on earth. Being Greek it’s pretty much a sin that I don’t like them with lamb, but I’ll happily take a chicken one any day! (and just hide it from my grandmother! haha)

  33. Teresa K. 07.12.2011

    omg! – They look great – am definitely trying them!

    Have you seen your dive bombing bird’s babies? Betcha if you look (before you get too close), you’ll see the angry birds wee ones!

  34. pinkflipflops 07.12.2011

    omg these sound amazing. will have to make soon!

  35. Amy 07.12.2011

    Philly Soft Pretzels….yum.

  36. Diana 07.12.2011

    I am so terrified of birds to begin with, and your every post about your angry bird frenemy makes me anxiously look over my shoulder, even safely in my cubicle! AAHHHH!!! I’m sending you positive, happy bird vibes!

  37. Brindi 07.12.2011

    Thanks for the yummy post! These remind me of a Paula Deen recipe I make all the time for my husband, called Grilled Chicken Pitas (here’s the link to the recipe: )

    I also stopped watching this Bachelortte season because it was just getting ridiculous and I needed to cut some “trash” out of my TV viewing! lol but I adored Emily and I’ll have to read up on it.

  38. Jackie 07.12.2011

    Mmm. On the list. Had a total “local” Des Moines meal on Sunday. La Mie baguette, Grimes sweet corn, Iowa tomatoes stuffed with Graziano’s sausage, Iowa Orchard pie with Sheader Farms ice cream. Gotta love summer!

  39. I loooove gyros! They look great! And btw made your twix balls the other day and they were a hit!

  40. Those look so yummy. My favorite street food is Falafel! Can’t get enough.

  41. James 07.12.2011

    This sounds so good! I make pitas all the time and always need new ways to use them up. The pita recipe is on my blog (link at top to Dishes) if you are interested, they take about 5 minutes once you have the dough ready!

  42. Bree 07.12.2011

    If you want to try lamb in your gyros-check out Fareway, you can buy pre-cooked lamb strips, and you just have to warm them up in a skillet, YUMMMMMM.
    I definitely will be trying this chicken recipe for gyros though!

  43. Chris 07.12.2011

    What is in the fourth bowl? Feta, tomato, onion, and sauce – but in big picture there is another bowl with white cubes? Cucumber? I made these tonight and it was sooooo good!

    • Iowa Girl Eats 07.12.2011

      Those are chopped cucumber! Ben doesn’t like that sauce and requested just plain, cut up cukes. :)

  44. jordan 07.13.2011

    i made these last night and they were awesome! we all LOVED the chicken marinade! so flavorful :) thanks for posting!

  45. PaulZ 07.15.2011

    These look delicious! If you’re counting every calorie, you might want to check out the tzaziki sauce at SkinnyTaste, it’s one of my absolute favs (so is just about every recipe there, especially the chicken bruschetta!):

  46. Christy 08.01.2011

    Just found this recipe – they look delicious and I can’t wait to make them! You said that you used Greek yogurt instead of regular yogurt, but did you strain the Greek yogurt?

  47. I’m seriously scared of birds. It started with Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds and me at 7. I would have been screing bloody murder and covering my eyes. LOL

    Those gyros look awesome. :)

  48. Do you still have the full recipe? I’d love to make this. I’m having this addiction to chicken gyros and tzatki sauce right now. I can’t seem to find a good recipe. But everytime I make one of your recipes they never fail. So I know this one will be good too. :-)

  49. […] am legit terrified of any and all birds after the repeated attacks to my head from those crazed red-winged black birds last summer. […]

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