I accidently discovered how to make homemade Dippin’ Dots today…

I know.

Wait, it gets better.

It’s easy to make, there’s only one ingredient and it requires no heat whatsoever to make (all Midwesterners breathe a sigh of relief with me!)

Ok, let me back up. As you know, it’s been ungodly hot here this past week. We’re going on our third day of triple-digit heat indexes, and the need for something cool and creamy to provide temporary relief from the misery is high.

The need for something cool, creamy and waist-line friendly is even higher, which the climbing needle on my scale can attest to (damn you I Do I Do Wedding Cake Ice Cream!)

A thought struck me yesterday.

You can process frozen bananas into "ice cream", but what about other fruits? What would happen if I put frozen peaches in a food processor? Or strawberries? Or blueberries? Or a mango?

Now I know the reason why banana "ice cream" works so well is because bananas are very starchy, which makes them smooth and velvety when processed. I figured that processing frozen mango chunks wouldn’t give me AS creamy a result, but you never know…

So last night I cut an uber-ripe mango into small chunks, then froze them. This evening I plopped the frozen chunks into my food processor, held on tight, and let ‘er rip.

The result was nothing short of aaaaaAAWWESOME! I didn’t have cold & creamy "ice cream" – rather – I had cold & creamy all-natural Dippin’ Dots!!!!


The frozen mango chunks processed into tiny beads of cold, melty, sweet & creamy goodness – it was unreal!


The beads had texture, but melted inside my mouth. Seriously, it was so cool.


I think the reason why mango – over blueberries or strawberries, for instance – works better in this way is because it’s a different type of fruit flesh, you know? Less water and more fleshy girth. (Did I just say fleshy girth?)


I’m thinking this would also work with frozen pineapple. WHAT IF YOU MIXED THE TWO AND HAD TROPICAL DIPPIN’ DOTS!?! 8O



Run, don’t walk, to your counter, cut up that mango, and get yourself on the sweet, creamy, fun & COLD path to Homemade Mango Dippin’ Dots!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I get to go sit in the dark now.


Yeah, Ben is making us keep all the blinds and curtains in the entire house closed in an effort to keep it as cool as possible.

Good times!

The AC’s been running all night and day, and we’re finally down to 80 degrees from a high of 91. Success!?

Stay cool, wherever you are!


Would you rather be cool & comfortable but have to be in the dark for the rest of your life, or be miserably hot but get to be in the light for the rest of your life?

Decisions, decisions…I say hot but in the light!