How to Make Homemade Dippin’ Dots


I accidently discovered how to make homemade Dippin’ Dots today…

I know.

Wait, it gets better.

It’s easy to make, there’s only one ingredient and it requires no heat whatsoever to make (all Midwesterners breathe a sigh of relief with me!)

Ok, let me back up. As you know, it’s been ungodly hot here this past week. We’re going on our third day of triple-digit heat indexes, and the need for something cool and creamy to provide temporary relief from the misery is high.

The need for something cool, creamy and waist-line friendly is even higher, which the climbing needle on my scale can attest to (damn you I Do I Do Wedding Cake Ice Cream!)

A thought struck me yesterday.

You can process frozen bananas into "ice cream", but what about other fruits? What would happen if I put frozen peaches in a food processor? Or strawberries? Or blueberries? Or a mango?

Now I know the reason why banana "ice cream" works so well is because bananas are very starchy, which makes them smooth and velvety when processed. I figured that processing frozen mango chunks wouldn’t give me AS creamy a result, but you never know…

So last night I cut an uber-ripe mango into small chunks, then froze them. This evening I plopped the frozen chunks into my food processor, held on tight, and let ‘er rip.

The result was nothing short of aaaaaAAWWESOME! I didn’t have cold & creamy "ice cream" – rather – I had cold & creamy all-natural Dippin’ Dots!!!!


The frozen mango chunks processed into tiny beads of cold, melty, sweet & creamy goodness – it was unreal!


The beads had texture, but melted inside my mouth. Seriously, it was so cool.


I think the reason why mango – over blueberries or strawberries, for instance – works better in this way is because it’s a different type of fruit flesh, you know? Less water and more fleshy girth. (Did I just say fleshy girth?)


I’m thinking this would also work with frozen pineapple. WHAT IF YOU MIXED THE TWO AND HAD TROPICAL DIPPIN’ DOTS!?! 8O


Run, don’t walk, to your counter, cut up that mango, and get yourself on the sweet, creamy, fun & COLD path to Homemade Mango Dippin’ Dots!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I get to go sit in the dark now.


Yeah, Ben is making us keep all the blinds and curtains in the entire house closed in an effort to keep it as cool as possible.

Good times!

The AC’s been running all night and day, and we’re finally down to 80 degrees from a high of 91. Success!?

Stay cool, wherever you are! 8)


Would you rather be cool & comfortable but have to be in the dark for the rest of your life, or be miserably hot but get to be in the light for the rest of your life?

Decisions, decisions…I say hot but in the light!

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  1. Genius idea my dear! Love these pics too, and what a refreshing summer recipe :)

  2. Molly 07.19.2011

    This looks amazing. No heat? sold!

  3. Genius, I say!! Genius!

  4. Lauren 07.19.2011

    How cleaver!

  5. Colleen 07.19.2011

    Will definitely have to try that. We too are sitting in the semi-dark to keep the house cool. Every little bit helps keep the AC bill down.

  6. Bree Bridgeman 07.19.2011

    Ice cream and hot wings, sounds like the perfect combo. Wing Ding sounds like a great event!

  7. erica 07.19.2011

    ooh, i think i may need to try that with pineapple!!!

  8. Rachel 07.19.2011

    That mango “ice cream” sounds fantastic! Definitely have to try it. Gotta love free wings, hope to go to Wing Ding this weekend!

  9. Beth 07.19.2011

    I’m still on the fence about mangoes! Can you compare the taste to anything else? Can you mix them in salads and if so, what kind of dressing would you be able to use?? (Lost in Ankeny)

    • Iowa Girl Eats 07.19.2011

      Mangoes are absolutely brilliant in salads! Any dressing at all works. You can also put them in fresh salsa, or in smoothies! The taste is tropical and delicious. It might be my favorite fruit, actually.

  10. Jane 07.19.2011

    Wing Ding sounds like a ton of fun!

  11. Me me me! I want to go to Wing Ding!

  12. debbie 07.19.2011

    hope you’re doing okay in the heat! I heard it’s crazy over there.

    that looks deliiiiiiiish though! And perfect for hot summer days!

  13. Stefanie 07.19.2011

    The boyfriend and I have “wing-nics” all the time. Simply go
    to the nearest B-Dubs and order wings to go and then proceed to the nearest park and enjoy. We never go on regular pinics, just these. So Wing Ding would be right up our alley.

    Also I have a freezer full of frozen fruit and am suddenly feeling creative, thanks for the motivation.

  14. Katie 07.19.2011

    Your “ice cream” looks amazing. It’s soo hot out- might have to give it a try! Would love to go to Wing Ding this weekend! :-)

  15. Melissa 07.19.2011

    wow, you’re kind of a genius! can’t wait to try this…it is SO hot here!!

  16. Katie Aronow 07.19.2011

    Wing Ding sounds awesome! Who doesn’t love chicken wings! Would be the perfect pre-race dinner! Followed by the perfect pre-race dessert Mango Dip-N-Dots!!

  17. Jesse T 07.19.2011

    What’s better than wings and some beer. Wing Ding sounds like a real good time!

  18. Melissa W 07.19.2011

    Mango Dippin Dots sound great but wings and beer sound MUCH better – provided we haven’t all melted by then! I saw the Chicken handing out flyers the other day at Hy-Vee and couldn’t believe he was wearing that suit in this heat! I would love to attend the Wing Ding!

  19. robyn 07.19.2011

    The hubby and I are celebrating our 7 year anniversary this weekend. I think Wing Ding followed by mango “ice cream” would make for a great night!

  20. Katie 07.19.2011

    I would love to check out Wing Ding….sounds like all my favorite things in one place! :)

  21. The mango dippin dots are genius! I’m totally trying it…

  22. I will have to try your homemade Dippin’ Dots. Dippin’ Dots = Happiness

  23. I LOVE mangoes! Can’t wait to try this!

  24. Amy M 07.19.2011

    I would love to go to Wing Ding and couldn’t be happier with the cause they’re supporting!

  25. Diana Amy 07.19.2011

    This looks like the best thing I have ever seen!!! I nominate you for the nobel prize for desserts.

  26. It looks like rice, but sounds delicious! haha, who knew it’d be that consistency?

  27. Karen 07.19.2011

    We are already going to Wing Ding, but going for free would be even better!

  28. Lindsey 07.19.2011

    I agree hot in the light. I am always cold and hate it so being it the dark would be even worse!
    That mango looks yummy! I have processed frozen blueberries with a banana and it makes one heck of a treat too!

  29. Jenna 07.19.2011

    I have no plans this weekend – Wing Ding sounds perfect!

  30. Elizabeth R. 07.19.2011

    Wing Ding sounds like a lot of fun!

  31. Nicole 07.19.2011

    My boys who have all kinds of allergies will love the mango dipping dots! My husband and I would love to go on a rare date- Wing Ding sounds like a good excuse to get a sitter!

  32. Don’t you love it when you have an idea and it just works!!! And I mean come on, mango dippin’ dots!!! How awesome?!? I hope it starts to cool down in Iowa!

  33. Jenna 07.19.2011

    Holy buckets, you’re creative!!
    I really wish I liked mangos right now…

    I have an OLD, two-story, four bedroom house…so saying my electric bill is large is an understatement – which means I can’t really afford to have the house at the comfortable temperature I’d like.

    I wish strawberries would work like that!

  34. Emily 07.19.2011

    I read this and picked up a mango at the store on my way home. So excited to try it out! :)

  35. Yum! Looks good! I can’t believe how hot it is across the whole country, we’re definitely sweating it out in PA. I think I’d rather be hot… I don’t think I could stand the dark all the time!!!

  36. We’re sitting in the dark tonight too, and I just made banana soft-serve with blueberries stirred in. Iowa bloggers vs. the weather!

  37. AKastler 07.19.2011

    OMG I’m sssoooo excited to bring home a mango tomorrow and try!!

    I’d rather have the light with the heat! My blood will thin out eventually thus making it seem not so hot (you know like those crazy people out west who walk around in sweatshirts in perfectly good 70 degree weather…ahhem…my brother!! I’ve seen it people, it really happens!!)

  38. dmcgirl (Dawn) 07.19.2011

    What, no brownies or casserole? LOL..

    I will never let that slide my friend!

    Why not mix banana with the mango too? Use banana as your base for the rest of the frozen fruitys!

    I like it cool. I keep it dark all day, closed up with AC (not too low) and then come home and it is GREAT!!! Listen, I live in So. Cal. We know heat bAbY!

  39. Machelle 07.19.2011

    ha! the ex and i used to fight cuz he kept the house so darn cold & dark thru the entire summer…..i so hated it. i need a little sunshine in my life! now that i think about it, he kept it too cold in the winter too! yet another reason why he is my EX!! ha! seems like it’s taking a long time for your house to cool back down. i must have a really stellar central a/c unit cuz it will freeze ya outa here in no time! =) i’m not gonna try to win the tickets cuz my class reunion is this weekend, so i wouldn’t be able to attend anyway. good luck to all the rest of you tho!

  40. Cari 07.19.2011

    Hey Iowa Girl! I just moved to Des Moines with my fiance about a month ago from Indianapolis, and I stumbled across your blog while trying to find some “potential friends” in the area because we know no-one!! I am an avid runner and fit foodie, and have tried ( and LOVED) many of your recipes!! In fact I’ve been debating starting my own blog :) I figured I should finally leave a comment because we’re actually going to the Wing Ding this coming weekend- atleast that’s the plan! We haven’t actually bought our tickets yet but I don’t think my BBQ-obsessed fiance will let me pass on this event! Anyway, love your blog!

  41. Mel 07.20.2011

    Hey- save that “Fleshy Girth” talk for your romance novels, lady!

    JK! I think you are the best and I have to mangos at home just waiting to be pulverized! I’m gonna pulverize your fleshy girth, Mango

  42. Tracy 07.20.2011

    Wing Ding? Yes please!

  43. Hope 07.20.2011

    That looks delicious!! Dippin’ Dots are my absolute favorite! If I see them somewhere, I have to have them! :)

  44. Maria 07.20.2011

    I love the frozen banana ice cream, I will definitely have to try the mango version! I have family coming to town this weekend and would love to take them to the Wing Ding!

  45. Stephanie 07.20.2011

    This looks awesome! Just need to get myself a food processor? Would love tickets to the Wing Ding!!

  46. Kath 07.20.2011

    You should come to Seattle – we’re nice and cool here. Had a fire in the fireplace last night. Today’s forecast? 68 and cloudy.
    Your mango ice looks fantastic! Great idea!

  47. Lindsay 07.20.2011

    I have a similar recipe but you have to keep blending and add a touch of water…and maybe some frozen pineapple, too.

  48. Lindsay 07.20.2011

    YUM! That sounds amazing. A must try. I’d love to go to Wing Ding this weekend!

  49. Traci 07.20.2011

    Ding, ding, ding…I hope I’m the Wing Ding winner!

  50. Anne 07.20.2011

    I’ll actually be in Iowa this weekend! Wing Ding sounds like a blast!

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