Start Your Friday With a Smile + 1 Day Pop Chip Giveaway!


Ben edition!

Yes, these smile-inducing images come courtesy of my funny husband. Enjoy!

Sergeant Chewbacca, sir. Reporting for duty.


Morning Glory Clouds over Australia


Nothin’…just haaaangin’ out.


Execution fail.



APTOPIX Italy Weather

If only I’d bought that hot pink collar while it was still on sale…


And my personal favorite…Hmm, great point! Never thought of it that way!


One Day Pop Chip Giveaway!


Friday just got even better, because PopChips sent me 2 coupons for a free bag of chips to giveaway!


PopChips are, mmm, basically the greatest chips ever. They’re not baked, nor fried – they’re potato chips  that have been popped from a little heat and pressure, which yields a crispy, crunchy, guilt-free treat. LOVE.

All you have to do to enter to win 1 coupon, is tell me your favorite way to spend a Friday, by 5pm central TONIGHT.

Good luck & TGIF!

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  1. I have never tried Popchips, but I heard they are delicious! My favorite way to spend Friday night is Date Night with my husband!

  2. Bahahah those cookie monster cupcakes are the funniest thing I’ve seen in awhile.. that’s awesome!!
    I always look forward to relaxing at home on Friday nights.. usually with some wine & pizza :)

  3. Amanda 07.29.2011

    We like to go grocery shopping! It makes me feel old an boring, but the stores are much less busy then.

  4. Kala 07.29.2011

    A nice cool run in the morning, loafing with my husband, and ending the day with an amazing healthy dinner and a glass of wine = My perfect Friday.. :)

  5. Lanie 07.29.2011

    I love to go out to dinner and then have a movie night on Friday, especially since I don’t have to wake up Saturday morning!

  6. Sara 07.29.2011

    On the porch, grilling out with cold beer!

  7. Hope 07.29.2011

    On Friday nights, I love cooking dinner with my fiance and then watching a movie or catching up on the dvr together :)

  8. Samantha 07.29.2011

    At the beach and then out for drinks with friends!

  9. Alicia 07.29.2011

    My favorite way to spend Friday night is relaxing with a class of red wine. Playing scrabble or catching up on all of my favorite shows! It is the perfect ending to a long week.

    P.S I LOVE POPCHIPS!! :) Salt & Vinegar are the best!

  10. My favorite way to spend a Friday is not working – but running and baking/cooking instead.

    A girl can dream, right?!

  11. Amy 07.29.2011

    Bookstore by myself, lunch w/a friend, pool w/my kids, dinner out w/my husband=perfect Friday

  12. Christina Schave 07.29.2011

    Grilling on the back deck with my hubster! Pop Chips are gluten-free, which is important to this girl!!!

  13. Becci L. 07.29.2011

    My favorite way to spend Friday is to play hookie from work, going grocery shopping and then spending the rest of the day in the kitchen baking!

  14. tiff 07.29.2011

    Love Pop Chips! My favorite way to spend a Friday is to relax in our garden with our kitties.

  15. Kira 07.29.2011

    I love to hang with my hubby on Friday after a long week of working. If it’s nice out…a bonfire in the backyard, if it’s not, a movie on the couch. :)

  16. Jenna 07.29.2011

    Love the pictures! Way to go Ben!

    My favorite way to spend Friday’s are some quality time with my husband, but unfortunately, since I work full time and take night classes full time, the reality of my Friday nights are a little more homework based. I usually catch up on a couple DVR’d shows and do homework. Tonight’s Friday edition will be two mid-term exams. Some Pop Chips would definitely make the evening a little better since I can’t do what I WANT on Fridays!! :)

  17. Melody 07.29.2011

    I like spending it going around town with my mom because it means I get to spend time with her.

  18. Andrea 07.29.2011

    Love picking up take-out on the way home and catching up on the DVR with my husband!

  19. Molly 07.29.2011

    I love to spend my Friday with my large family! We always have a good time-cooking, relaxing, and chatting! Tonight is a special Friday-it’s my brother-in-law’s wedding rehearsal dinnner!

  20. Chris 07.29.2011

    Getting together with friends and just celebrating the best night of the week!

  21. Erin 07.29.2011

    Friday nights in the summer consists of dinner on the grill, putting the baby to bed, then sitting on the deck drinking a nice cold beer!

    Love the cooking moster cookies. I am an pinterest fanatic as well and love all of the stuff on there but when I seem to make something it doesn’t turn out looking anything like the photo!

  22. Jackie 07.29.2011

    My favorite way to spend a Friday night is with pizza (usually homemade – my fav!) and a movie. It’s a good way for my husband and I to wind down after a long week!

  23. SarahT 07.29.2011

    I enjoy getting off work early on Fridays, and spending the extra time doing something unexpected with the kids!

  24. Lauren L. 07.29.2011

    I am usually sort of tuckered out from the week by the time Friday night rolls around. I prefer to do happy hour if I’m going out so that I can get home and relax and gear up for a Saturday run!

  25. Stephanie 07.29.2011

    Happy Hour drinks on a patio outside!!! Have a fabulous Friday!

  26. Alison 07.29.2011

    By the time Friday comes, I’m usually so tired from the week that the best way to spend the evening is with a good movie and dinner with my hubby!

  27. hanging around a bonfire with my friends :)

  28. Blair 07.29.2011

    Oh. Popchips are Amazing. I love to spend Friday’s with a good margarita and some great friends! =)

  29. Brin Dather 07.29.2011

    Never had Pop Chips! Its a Friday Night Ritual to go grocery shopping and then have Ice Crean at Ivanna Cone with my fiance!

  30. My favorite Fridays include grilling our and enjoying a drink on the deck!

  31. Robin 07.29.2011

    Load up the camper and head out to an area campground for the weekend! When we get to the campground, we always start a fire and roast hot dogs and eat chips (hey, maybe we’ll try PopChips!) for supper!

  32. Maureen 07.29.2011

    Gotta have pizza on Friday night! Homemade, preferably!

  33. Allie 07.29.2011

    My favorite way to spend a Friday is hanging outside, grilling dinner, and drinking a beer. Have a good weekend.

  34. Maria 07.29.2011

    It changes weekly, but so far today I’ve been scouring the Internet for recipes to recreate the Chilean Sea Bass I had at Crave in Minneapolis last weekend. I hope to serve it for guests tonight!

  35. Kathryn 07.29.2011

    I love happy hour on Fridays!

  36. Cas 07.29.2011

    Fridays are usually pizza night….so I premake my crust earlier in the week…then my 2 boys who are 1 and 2 help me sprinkle on cheese and whatever toppings we are having. Then they get to have sprite in fancy glasses while Mom and Dad have wine in fancy glasses…lol

  37. Tasha 07.29.2011

    I’ve heard those are amazing, guess I need to pick some up asap! I love spending Friday’s hanging out with my boyfriend after a long week at work.

  38. Karin 07.29.2011

    Hanging out at the pool with a nice drink. It’s FRIDAY!

  39. Deb Hamilton 07.29.2011

    My favorite way to spend Friday night is out watching slow pitch softball… or even better playing!

  40. Anne 07.29.2011

    Pre-pregnancy, a glass of wine was all that was required! Nowadays, an ice-cold glass of lemonade, a dinner from the grill, and some Rita’s makes me really happy by the end of the week!

  41. Beth 07.29.2011

    Those pictures are great! I want something easy so I can unwind usually burgers and beers on the deck.

  42. Elizabeth R. 07.29.2011

    Eating pizza and drinking wine with the hubby and kiddos!

  43. Sarah LJ 07.29.2011

    My favorite way to spend a Friday night is either out to dinner with my husband and friends or going on a bike ride with my dog in her new Snoozer Pet Basket on my bicycle! :-)

  44. My favorite way(s) to spend a Friday night is either home with my love sipping on a glass of wine and watching a movie or hanging out at my parents house drinking a beer and making a fire in their backyard.

  45. Stacie Gorkow 07.29.2011

    My favorite Fridays are when my husband stays home from work and we just have a good ol lazy family day. It’s like we are cheating getting to do that during the week and then it is so nice knowing we still have Saturday and Sunday left!

  46. The Iowa Expat 07.29.2011

    My fave way to spend Friday is totally at leisure–this is my last day of that before the school year begins–next Monday.

  47. Love the photos!

    My favorite way to spend a Friday is cooking a nice dinner, drinking wine, and cuddling with my fiance’!

  48. Jennifer 07.29.2011

    Loooove Pop Chips! My favorite way to spend Friday is what I am doing today – day off of work, taking my kids to the zoo, then the pool and enjoying a fun summer day with them!

  49. amanda 07.29.2011

    During the summer I like to spend Fridays taking the kids somewhere, maybe just the park or the mall to the indoor playground. The rest of the year I like to spend Friday planning meals and getting ready for the weekend so I don’t waste valuable time doing those things!

  50. Doing whatever I want at that moment… Kind of dodging the question, I know…

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