Boozy Watermelon Lemonade Coolers


Boozy Watermelon Lemonade Coolers are naturally sweetened and oh-so refreshing on a hot day!


I’m having the best/worst problem right now – there are too many fun things to do this weekend, and too little time to do them all!

Ben and I have been having the most wonderful, low-key summer ever. We’ve been in, out, here, there, doing whatever we want, whenever we want. That’s all about to change come August though, as every weekend is already booked up with pre-scheduled stuff.

Therefore we’re taking advantage of our last free weekend this summer, and cramming it full of as many fun, lazy-day activities as we can (is that an oxymoron?) I just hope there’s enough time to do them all!

Here’s what’s in the running:

Italian-American Festival

Delicious Italian food, singing, entertainment and bocce ball. ‘Nuff said.


National Balloon Classic

It’s ba-ack! The 2011 NBC is kicking off this weekend in picturesque Indianola, IA, and I’m dying to go. Riding in a hot air balloon last summer was easily one of best experiences of my life.


Unfortunately I think my feet will remain planted firmly on the ground this year unless I come across an extra $150, which is how much it costs to ride, but I still want to go and watch!


Ledges State Park

Both Ben and I used to go to the Ledges with our families when we were growing up. It’s extremely beautiful, has great trails and enormous sandstone cliffs and boulders to climb. We’re in the mood for a little outdoorsy action this weekend, and agreed that this would be a great place to get it.



Two years of fishing at the local lake, and Ben has yet to catch one of those slimy suckers! Time to change that. First thing’s first – we have to get a license. I’m not quite up for a $500 fine and addition to the ol’ rap sheet if we get caught without one.



Last weekend, when Ben and I were house hunting, we drove past a mini golf course that we’ve been meaning to go to for ages. What a fun & whimsical summer activity right?!


On second thought…this might get axed from the list. The last time Ben and I played putt-putt together, we got into a huge fight circa the 4th hole. Can you say awkward remaining 14 holes?!



Farmers’ Market

For obvious reasons (read: Pupusas.) I haven’t been in two weeks and am experiencing some rather serious withdrawal symptoms. :)

Cocktails on the back deck

This will actually be taken care of tonight with Boozy Watermelon Lemonade Coolers!

Oh yes – this afternoon I harnessed the thirst-quenching power of watermelon and lemon, and juiced them into an icy-cold cooler that screams SUMMER! 8)


Boozy Watermelon Lemonade Coolers

Print this recipe!

Serves 2

2 cups watermelon flesh
1 lemon
2 shots vodka
1/2 cup club soda


  • Juice watermelon and lemon into a pitcher. Stir in vodka and club soda. Pour over ice.
  • NOTE: If you don’t have a juicer, blend watermelon in a blender, then juice 1-2 lemons in a separate bowl. Slowly add lemon juice into blended watermelon, tasting along the way, until it is the right blend of sweet & sour. Stir in vodka and soda. Pour over ice.


Boozy: check. Watermelon Lemonade: check. Cooler: CHECK. This was refreshing to the max on this hot & humid summer day.


I loved that I was able to use ripe watermelon instead of sugar to sweeten the drink, too. :)


Good thing I only made enough for Ben and I to each have one for happy hour tonight. These are crazy delish, and that activity list isn’t going to cross itself off!


Before I go – I HAVE TO SHOW YOU THIS VIDEO. My parent’s were babysitting Finn today, so I went over to play this afternoon. I cannot remember the last time I laughed this hard.

Wait for the chest thrust.

Oh, and the word you’re looking for at the end of this video is…up. Yes, UP! I couldn’t contain myself!

Have a wonderful Friday and last weekend in July!

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