Chicken Flautas


We were making such good progress on the list!

Friday night, after happy hour on the deck, Ben and I headed downtown for the Italian-American Festival. It was a beautiful, hot summer evening, and the party was hoppin’!

Singing and traditional dancing were part of the entertainment, and singer Moreno Fruzzetti held nothing back. ;)

The sounds of his lively tunes and commentary filled the entire festival and set a fun tone as we strolled through the crowds with a couple cold ones in hand.

We stopped to watch a few games of bocce ball,

Can I play?

before digging into the real highlight of the festival – THE FOOD! :D

There were over 20 restaurants selling their delicious, authentic Italian food at the festival – I wish you could’ve smelled the place – but we chose Des Moines’ legendary Tumea & Sons as our pick.

One savory spiral roll and an order of Chicken Diablo – a mixture of red sauce, white sauce and chicken with a kick – down the hatch! :D

Italian Fest – check!

The next morning I woke up to find IGE down for the count. I kept getting an error page when trying to access it. I talked to my web hosting company who told me my shared server was down, and there was nothing I could really do about it until they got it back up and running. Sigh.

No sense in sitting at home on a beautiful Saturday morning waiting for someone else though, so Ben and I headed out the door to keep chipping away at our summer-fun list. Next stop – the Farmers’ Market!

Oh boy – it was a HOT one, but never so crowded despite the heat! We only got there with an hour left and it. was. nuts!

This was Ben’s first visit this summer (I know, right?) so we made sure to end our visit with a Pupusa.

They actually ran out of the spinach & cheese mixture we usually get, because it was so late, so we ended up with a half spinach, half zucchini/veggie medley Pupusa, topped with slaw and hot & mild sauce mix.

Ok, not going to lie, Ben was a little…miffed. This was his first Pupusa of the summer and he wanted his Spinach & Cheese Pupusa, PURE, damnit! He doesn’t usually get upset about things like this, so it was kind of comical/weird to see him all flustered. ;)

That frown quickly turned upside down, as running out of spinach filling turned out to be the best thing that could’ve ever happened. He went crazy for this pupu! “I’m going to ask them for the zucchini filling every time!” he raved! ;)

Then my world came crashing down, like the cheese string down Ben’s chin.

I checked my email on my phone as we were leaving the market, and noticed I had a new message from my web hosting company…


“Earlier today a procedural error committed by one of our staff caused data loss on Web207, the shared server that hosts your site. We were able to restore most of the customer data, but unfortunately we were not able to restore your data.

We deeply regret any inconvenience caused by the data loss. As compensation, I have credited two months of service to your account.

Please let us know if you have any questions.”

Translation: We accidently deleted your entire website, BUT we’re going to give you 2 months free hosting of the new, non-existent one!

I’ll spare you the details as to what happened next, but confusion, sadness, helplessness, rage then…tears…were all part of the mix. :( Everything I had worked on for 2+ years was gone, and my web hosting company clearly didn’t give a damn. They had even put up a fun little message on my now-blank homepage that said, “Welcome to the NEW!

My vision turned red after seeing that one…

Anyways, due to another error they made, that actually ended up being a blessing in disguise, somehow 1 single, solitary back-up of my site had been made on Thursday night. God only knows how they found it, but they put it into place and my data was restored about 3 hours later. All images from June 24th to the present were still missing though, so I had to spend most of my afternoon, summer-fun-list free, manually inserting them back into each post.

Not ideal, but HALLE-freaking-LUJAH!!!

Of all the things that went wrong, I cannot, in any way shape or form, understand how a company can send someone an email that basically says,

“Whoops! Accidently deleted your entire website – so-rry! But hey, don’t worry about it ’cause we’re going to give you 2 months hosting of a blank page for free, mmkay? Are we cool now? Bye!”

What if IGE had been my livelihood? What if my family depended on the income from this blog to survive? This company wasn’t even going to try and do anything about restoring it – I had to stalk them via email and Twitter (they won’t talk to you on the phone) to get any sort of action.

I know things like this happen in the server world, so I need to be responsible on my end and make sure I’m covering my butt by making daily back-ups of the site myself. Still, I just can’t get over the customer service I received from this company.

After the trails of smoke stop wafting from my ears, I’m officially joining the ranks of letter writers. Actually, maybe I’ll have my Mom write one for me. She’s the expert!

ANYWAYS, thanks for listening reading, it always helps to rant to someone else besides your husband, Mom and developer friend (thank you Michael for being the calm voice in my storm of fury!)


I didn’t want to tie up Ben’s entire Saturday afternoon with waiting on me while I re-inserted images into the past month’s blog posts, so I took a break about half way through so we could get out to clear our heads.

A quick trip to Brown’s Woods for a 10 minute hike helped…

but then we saw a snake, and bugs were dive bombing Ben’s head so we promptly skidaddled. Yes, we still want to live in the wilderness, we were just NOT in the mood – know what I mean? ;)

A stop at World Market afterwards left us smiling, as we found Zapps potato chips in our favorite flavah! We fell in love with these kettle-cooked delicacies while in NOLA, and they were a site for sore eyes. :)


After a quick trip to the Mexican grocery next, we headed home to make a festive feast for dinner – Chicken Flautas!


Ben came home from work the other day going on and on about how he wanted to make these spiced chicken & cheese stuffed tortillas, so we decided to give it a go.


I poured us a couple chilled glasses of Cellar No 8 Pinot Grigio while he got started.


‘Twas was light and delicious.

DSC_0011 DSC_0013

PG is my favorite white wine!


First he poached 2 large chicken breasts in water, reserving 1/4 cup cooking liquid before draining and shredding the chicken. He returned the shredded chicken back to the pot along with the reserved cooking liquid, and stirred in the following spices before letting it simmer together for a few minutes:

  • 3/4 teaspoon cumin
  • 1/2 teaspoon each chili powder & garlic powder
  • 1/4 teaspoon each dried oregano & onion powder
  • salt, to taste


Next he laid out a flour tortilla and filled the center with shredded oaxaca cheese.


The seasoned, shredded chicken was added next, before rolling the tortilla up tight.




Finally he placed the flautas on a baking sheet and baked them for about 15 minutes, at 425 degrees, flipping half way through.


Flautas are traditionally deep fried, but baking them made them healthier and super light & crisp!


We served the flautas with some dunkin’ sauces.


Homemade cheese sauce, and salsaaa. :)


I helped by making the cheese sauce!


I used the recipe I found on Pinterest which combined shredded cheese (I used oaxaca,) evaporated skim milk, cornstarch and a little hot sauce.


Heated and whisked until smooth and creamy.


It was…ok. Kind of grainy, which is how any cheese dip made with milk seems to always turn out for me!


Delicious nonetheless!!!!


After dinner I sat down with my glass of wine and finished inserting all the missing images into the blog posts in need, while Ben watched the X-games (and scared me half to death with a whoop you could hear in Arkansas when Shaun White apparently made a huge comeback?!) Yesterday started out with no access to my site, then I didn’t have a site, and now it’s as if nothing happened. I guess you could say the day definitely ended on a high note!

Hopefully today goes much smoother. I have a to-do list a mile long, but I’m hoping to get through it fairly quickly so we have time to get to some fun things this afternoon.

The National Balloon Classic is calling my name! :)

Have a great afternoon!

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  1. You have such a great attitude toward such a FRUSTRATING situation!!!! So glad it’s back up and running- what a bummer that the company was so helpless about the sitch!

  2. Melissa 07.31.2011

    I’ve never had a blog, so I really don’t know how this works, but could you not buy a second hard drive and save a copy of each post you do to it? Click to upload, click to save on separate drive. That way you would never be *completely* dependent on any company like that again. Sure, it would be time-consuming to upload post after post after having lost a website, but this would just be a measure against getting completely screwed over.

    I have a Passport external storage drive and it’s GREAT. It just connects via the usb port like any other jump or thumb drive, but has huge storage capacity.

    • Iowa Girl Eats 07.31.2011

      Unfortunately it’s not *quite* the same, but that is a great reminder that I need to get an external hard drive to start saving all my important pictures to. Right now they’re just on my computer and no where else – I’d be devastated if I ever lost them!

  3. Dawn Marie 07.31.2011

    Glad to see you back up and running. Check out Carbonite, Moxy or one of the online cloud backup stratagies and don’t worry anymore!

  4. Lindsay 07.31.2011

    Hi Kristin!
    I am a new blog reader (love your blog!). I am very excited to try some of your recipes (I was very excited to see the fall post you had the other day – I, for one, am super excited about fall, esp. the food!). I can’t imagine your frustration with the blog issues today, so sorry to hear about that. The real reason I wanted to comment today though is because I was SO excited when I saw your husband’s t-shirt in this post! My husband is a HUGE Hold Steady fan (has seen them 6 times in concert so far). Did your husband get the shirt at a concert? Have you seen them live!?

    • Iowa Girl Eats 08.01.2011

      Hi Lindsay! I think he did get it at a concert – he is a music fa-reak! :D

  5. Melissa 07.31.2011

    Oh my goodness, I am so sorry Kristin. What a stressful day. No fair! I’m glad it ended on a high note, though. Flautas used to be one of my favs when I was a kid–I think I need to try your method! Hope today is better!

  6. Your definitely deserved that glass of wine after such a stressful day. (And pinot grigio is my favorite too!) Glad the site is back up and running…how frustrating!

  7. Melissa 07.31.2011

    Kristin, I’ve been reading your blog every day for about a year now. So glad you were able to recover *most* of your data :) Sorry for the stressful day!!! Maybe you should treat yourself to that hot air balloon ride….

  8. So happy you were able to recover most of the site! I love your blog and would have zero recipes book marked if it wasn’t for you!

    Those look incredible… add ’em to the list! ;-)

  9. Katy 07.31.2011

    So happy everything worked out! Is that a Hawkeye shirt you’re wearing? It looks cute, where did you get it?

    • Iowa Girl Eats 08.01.2011

      It certainly is! Ben got it for me for Christmas or my birthday (can’t remember which!) a few years ago. I think he got it at Scheels!

  10. Mac 07.31.2011

    My boyfriend and I order Zapps online all the time! He used to live down there and I’ve visited a number of times so we like to bring the south up north every now and again by order Zapps, Hurricane mix, Ettouffe seasoning, beignet mix, etc. We love us some southern food!

  11. emily 07.31.2011

    I am so glad you got it {mostly} back! I cannot begin to imagine how devastating it must have been, and I can’t help but feel for anyone else hosted by the same company who was also effected. Are you going to stick with them?

  12. Nancy 07.31.2011

    I’m still not getting your website when I type in – I get the one sentence welcome. I found the updated posts through the DM Register website. Hope you get things straightened out – must be very frustrating!

  13. Stephanie 07.31.2011

    I feel so bad for you- it stinks you had to spend your day uploading images!!! That’s horrible and they should definitely make up to you in some other way. On another note, your dinner looks fantastic and it’s just another one that I’ll have to add to my “to make” list!

  14. Carolyn B. 07.31.2011

    Did you know they sell Zapps potato chips at Potbelly’s? I’d never had them before but I went on my first Potbelly’s run the other day, and the Zapps were the best part!

  15. Afton 07.31.2011

    I made the Flautas for lunch today. Simple and delicious! We’re overwhelmed with tomatoes from our garden right now, so I diced up 2 of those and added them to the chicken. The flautas turned out tasty- just were so hot from the oven that it burned our fingers when we tried to dip and eat them. Lol.

    Enjoy the balloon classic! We went the summer before last- it was so pretty to watch:

  16. Rachel 07.31.2011

    Ugh…You’re making me think a back-up of my own blog is in order for today! Glad to see everything else is back up & running for you! Hopefully you get your to-do list done…which reminds me I need to get crackin’ on my own!

  17. Kidd 07.31.2011

    You always find a good way to chill out. Although I would have been flipping out also. Your good balance comes from your adorable Mom.

    Happy Summer!

  18. So glad that everything worked out! I can’t stand bad customer service…drives me crazy!

    Your dinner looks amazing though!

  19. how stressful! glad things are back up & running now!

  20. I remember the balloon festival! We would go every year for my birthday with my extended family when we lived in Iowa. My mom would make her special taco salad! Oh the memories!

    … and those flautas look de-lic-ious! Looks like you managed to rest a little afte your stressful day!

  21. Joanna 07.31.2011

    Yikes, sorry to hear about your site frustrations! I can’t believe how they responded to the whole thing.

    Have you considered switching to another hosting company?

  22. kelly 07.31.2011

    Glad IGE is back! Have a good evening…

  23. Nancy 07.31.2011

    I still hope your web host will still credit you for two months of service after all the grief they caused. Meanwhile I think I’d be looking for an alternative, and consider notifying the Better Business Bureau.

  24. T 07.31.2011

    So glad to have your site back! Just a quick question – where do you find oaxaca cheese in DM? :) Thanks!!

    • Iowa Girl Eats 08.01.2011

      We went to the Mexican grocery, east of the capital in La Tapatia Square.

  25. christa 07.31.2011

    Thats totally bogus of the web hosting company. I would spend these next two free months looking for a new blog hosting company, they obviously dont value your business enough.
    Also, it brought to mind that website,, which you can get bascially your whole website turned into a hand held old fashioned BOOK. They might be a little pricy, but it would be a good way to have a ‘physical’ copy of your website that is non dependent on your provider, back up drive, or whatnot. Just a thought…

  26. Elyse 07.31.2011

    If your milk-based sauces are grainy, your heat is too high.

  27. Alyssa 07.31.2011

    Oh my gosh! You should definitely do the letter writing! That’s a ton of work to lose! So glad you have it back so I can look up old recipes!

  28. I am so sorry about the torture you had to endure with the blog situation, but I am glad it worked out! Also, I have never had a papusa and don’t even know where to get one here in Rhode Island, but I am going to find one! They look so amazing! Thanks for the inspiration!

  29. Hope 08.01.2011

    I’m sorry that you had to go through all of that! I’m glad that they were able to restore most of your blog! That is just awful.

  30. AJ 08.01.2011

    I really can’t believe your web host company. I definitely would switch companies after this fiasco. How can they have deleted your ENTIRE website?! My technological knowledge is very minimal, but that just seems like something that SHOULD NOT, under any circumstances, happen. To have years of work down the drain – uh yeah, pretty traumatic, to say the LEAST!!

  31. Ugh! What a disaster!! Glad it is psedu-resolved and that flautas helped make everything better. I made grilled flautas recently and they were SO good!

  32. Emilie 08.01.2011

    All I can say is…cheese! Yum! Terrific post. Now you have me starving!

  33. Kristin from MN 08.01.2011

    Wow that is terrible customer service! Will you be posting your flautas recipe? They look really yummy! I have read that if you spray the outsides of the tortillas with cooking spray it helps them get crispy.

  34. Rachael 08.01.2011

    Those flautas look amazing! I was worried about why I couldn’t see your posts! Scary!!! Glad it is back up! :)

  35. Sarah Perry 08.01.2011

    Aww I love the band The Hold Steady :)

  36. Jennifer 08.01.2011

    I’m glad your website is back up and running! I would have dearly missed looking back at your old posts. The chicken flautas look amazing, by the way! Such a great new take on ordinary tacos or taquitos! Love from :)

  37. I still CANNOT believe that happened to you. As a customer of the same hosting company that you use, I am embarrassed and saddened at the situation and the customer service response. Completely unacceptable.

    The good news in all this is that you probably just instilled a great sense of fear into numerous bloggers who are now frantically scrambling to back up their blogs for the first time in order to avoid the situation you had!

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