Some Things Never Change


There are some things in life that never get any less awesome, no matter how old you get. Things like… Running hugs (source) Bag fries (source) High fives (source) Oreos & milk (source) Licking yogurt lids Mini golf (source) Puppies (source) PIZZA Remember when pizza parties were the absolute ish…

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Building our Dream Home


Lately Ben and I have been obsessed with building a new house. Not that there’s anything wrong with our current house – it’s in great shape, serves its purpose very well, has tons of storage space and is…cute. Yeah, cute! It’s a nice starter home, but we’re ready to spread…

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Grilled Chicken Gyros


So it turns out 3rd time isn’t always a charm. This afternoon I figured I’d give my angry bird ONE last chance to calm the heck down and let me peacefully pass by his wretched tree perch located alongside my running trail, as the first two attempts were anything but. I…

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Sweet Potato Fries


Sweet Potato Fries are so delicious, and are made healthier by being baked, instead of fried! I did something way out of character for my Sunday-self today. I had fun. My anxiety level is usually a bit on the high side when I wake up on Sunday mornings, as I…

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Hike on the High Trestle


This afternoon Ben and I drove 30 minutes north to Madrid, IA, to hike on the High Trestle Trail! The High Trestle Trail is 25 miles long, packed with bikers, (bananas too…) and features the beautiful High Trestle Bridge that towers over the Raccoon River Valley. It used to be…

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