Re-u-nited and it feels so goo-ood!


Me and the kitchen, that is. :) Can we please take a moment to check out what’s happening in the back quadrant of the room, hmmm?

DSC_0010 (2)

The door is wiiiiiide open! :D

DSC_0008 (2)

It appears that while Ben and I were away, normal came out to play. Gone is the choking humidity and unbearable heat that has plagued us for nearly the entire summer. In it’s place – billowy clouds and a cool breeze that we’ve been aching for for months. I’ve got the front door open too. You should feel the cross-breeze – it’s top notch! ;)

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Anyways, back to the kitchen. It’s where I nearly sprinted to after work to get started on dinner. A dinner I found online this morning and simply had to get ingredients to make it tonight. Chili Lime Drumsticks & Quinoa Salad, courtesy of my friends at 1 Cup Awesome!


Seriously – Dave & Sarah at 1CA have the best recipes. I feel like we have very similar tastes, and my mouth absolutely waters whenever I read their blog. Today was no different – this meal had to be mine.


I started out by making the Chili Lime Drumsticks.


Chicken drumsticks have always seemed a bit taboo to me in regards to eating and cooking. It’s been pounded into my head over and over that they’re to be avoided because of their high(er) fat content (when compared to chicken breasts,) and I really had no idea how to cook them anyways.


Well, like Dave & Sarah say – everything in moderation. 2 chicken drumsticks, although a bit higher in fat than a chicken breast, will not kill me. And luckily they showed me exactly how to cook ’em with their recipe!


First, brush your drummies with a bit of olive oil.


Then season ’em up. I used a combo of salt, pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, cayenne pepper and chili powder.


After both sides were well seasoned, I grilled them over medium-high heat for about 7 minutes a side (flanked by two ears of corn for the quinoa salad.)


The chicken’s done when it reaches 180 degrees in the meatiest part of the drumstick.


It honestly couldn’t have been easier!


Once inside, I drizzled the chicken and corn with a squeeze of fresh lime juice. Awww, yeah.

DSC_0032 DSC_0033

A sheet of foil went on top of the chicken while it rested and I got to work on the Quinoa Salad part of the program. :)


This salad is pure genius. Like, utterly, insanely genius. Ok sorry, let me show you how it’s built before I go into more detail!


I halved Dave & Sarah’s recipe and started with quinoa cooked in chicken broth. Then I added the grilled corn,


feta cheese,


black beans


a bit of salsa,


and a big squeeze of lime juice.

DSC_0041 DSC_0042 DSC_0044

All mixed up…


don’t know what to do!!!!


Where do I even begin?!


To say that I dug into these spicy drumsticks, dripping with the sour bite of fresh lime juice, with a purpose is an understatement.


Hunched over the kitchen table, camera still swinging from my neck strap, ferociously sinking my teeth in is, sadly, the more accurate description!


Ahem. That is, they were ah-mazing. Chili lime drumsticks – you’ve got to make them!


Let’s talk about this Quinoa Salad though!


I mean – the simplicity is what really gets me. How do semi ho-hum ingredients like quinoa, corn, cheese, salsa and beans come together to make one of the most flavorful salad recipes I’ve ever had? Honestly, I don’t even get it.


But I don’t have to. It is mind-blowing. I had to put my fork in the dishwasher because I couldn’t stop going back for more. Then the serving spoon when that was no longer safe either. Eep! ;)


This was AWESOME, literally. Click here for the full recipe from 1 Cup Awesome!


Well, there’s still much to do around here since we got back! Fortunately I un-packed last night (I always unpack when I get home, no matter how tired I am. I feel a million time better in the morning knowing it’s not waiting for me to do!) but there’s still some tidying up to do.

Then, Teen Mom, obvi. ;)

(Ahh – who watched Jersey Shore in Italy last week?! I still need to watch it online! Also – you don’t need to say it – I already hate myself enough for loving this garbage! :) )

Have a great night!


What’s the last new technique or ingredient you tried out in the kitchen?