Easy Homemade Calzones


Easy Homemade Calzones are made with fresh, store-bough pizza crust and whatever meats and veggies you’ve got in the fridge!


Today has been the perfect mix of business and pleasure!

Business: Early morning meeting with my web developer.

Pleasure: Mall run for new shoes!

I tried these Banana Republic Shey Sandals on at the beginning of the summer, but put them back on the shelf as they cost $120. $120!!! Frugal Frannie here has a hard time paying anything over $60 for summer shoes.


Well I decided to pop into Banana while strolling through the mall this morning, and randomly found these puppies in my size and on final sale for $37.49!!! That’s nearly 70% off – I was SO jazzed! :D


Business: Mid-morning meeting re: new freelance gig.

Pleasure: Crammed Calzones for lunch!


Yeah! I rolled out some leftover dough from my grilled pizza the other day, then stuffed it chock full o’ goodies and baked it ’til it was golden brown.


I started by pre-heating my oven to 350 degrees and flouring a big flat surface.


Then I rolled out my dough, which had been coming to room temperature for 20 minutes, into a big circle ’til it was nice and thin – about 1/8″, or so.


Next I added my toppings which – ok – were the same as my grilled pizza. Waste not, want not! Pesto,


chicken sausage,


artichoke hearts,


cherry tomatoes,


green onions and goat cheese.


I piled all my toppings on one side of the dough, pulled the other side over like a big, pillowy blanket,


then rolled the dough onto itself in a twisting motion to seal.


Snug as a bug.


I transferred the calzone to a non-stick sprayed pizza pan (you could use a baking stone or cookie sheet) then sprayed the top with more non-stick spray and made a few slits on top with a sharp knife to let the steam escape out of.


Baked in the oven for 25 minutes…


and voila! I’ve never made calzones before and was totally tickled with the end result!


The crust was soft and chewy,


the insides were piping hot and bursting with bold flavors and textures.


My favorite was the cherry tomatoes that burst when I took a bite. So sweet! :D


Business: Sweeping the house and doing the laundry.

Pleasure: Painting my nails while watching an Awkward mini-thon (what a hysterical show!)


This is Teenage Dream by OPI, and – ok, the sparkly pink is a tad, well teenage dream, but whatevs.


It’ll be fun for a couple of days – plus it makes me feel like Midwestern Barbie. ;)


Business: Taming my wild email inbox.

Pleasure: Making Fluffernutter Cookies!


I included these uber-soft, crazy-rich, 3-ingredient delights in last week’s Friday Favorites post, and have been thinking about them every day since.


I found myself with all three ingredients at home today – marshmallow fluff (leftover from Twix Balls,) peanut butter and an egg – so I finally gave into temptation and whipped up a half batch.


These cookies are dense, rich and absolutely smashing with a hit of ice-cold almond milk!


Dunked and devoured!

DSC_0750 DSC_0746

See how creamy??? :D


Business: Well…nothing, really. I haven’t had a Friday where I didn’t do anything in a really long time – so I kind of milked it this afternoon!

Pleasure: Spending the evening at my parent’s house. My brother and his girlfriend are in town for the weekend, so we’re celebrating tonight with a(nother) family BBQ!



Has your day been more business, or pleasure?

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  1. Maria 08.26.2011

    Those cookies look amazing!

  2. Excuse me while I wipe the drool off of my keyboard. a day filled with calzones, cookies, shoes AND a mini-mani— basically a Friday sent from heaven.

    Have fun at your parent’s house!!

  3. Calzones are my favorite – even over pizza! That looks amazing, I’ll have to make one once I figure out how to roll out dough in a circle ;)

  4. Making grilled pizzerrr right now, your calzone looks killer!

  5. Stephanie 08.26.2011

    OMG- your ring is BEAUTIFUL! I’m not sure why I’ve never noticed it until now, but dang Ben did a great job!! :) And, the calzone looks amazing!!! Have a great bbq with your family!

  6. Natasha 08.26.2011

    I smiled while reading this post…I just bought fresh pizza dough to make calzones for dinner tomorrow, and I just bought the exact same polish last week! Great minds think alike! Have a great weekend :)

  7. erica 08.26.2011

    i saw people use teenage dream on top of a more opaque nude color…i think it helps tone it down. ;p

    and i LOVE your ring!

  8. Melissa 08.26.2011

    Midwestern Barbie…HA!
    Love it.

  9. Brindi 08.26.2011

    pleasure! and i’m getting ready to make some cream cheese chocolate chip cookies :)

  10. I’m in love with those wedges! And I like the color you initially ended up buying.

  11. Tammy 08.26.2011

    I went shopping too, but for a vacuum…nothing fun :-(.

  12. Mine was business–but it’s about to be pleasure! :)

  13. Amy 08.26.2011

    Oooh the calzones look yummy!

    I have Teenage Dream, too! And I don’t care how sparkly it is, it’s fantastic (hmm. . . “life in plastic. . . it’s fantastic” LOL!).

    Love the cookies, too.

  14. JennyV 08.26.2011

    My best friend and I used to make ‘pizza pockets’ all the time in middle school. We thought we were genius! Of course ours were onlyl filed with cheese and marinara… no fancy ingredients for our ignorant pallets! Still, it was great!

    Your “Midwestern Barbie” reminded me of “Western Stampin’ Barbie” After a little google search, I found her: http://barbieobsession.blogspot.com/2010/07/western-stampin-collection.html

  15. Bridget 08.26.2011

    Love calzones! I think I need to whip one up for the fam tomorrow evening.

    Today was a little bit of business (laundry and cleaning) and then pleasure (golf with hubby who’s been gone for days on end for biz). Have a great weekend!

  16. Tracie Marshall 08.26.2011

    I want your life! Love the nails.

  17. Baking N Books 08.26.2011

    Did you say 3 ingredients?! Going to check that out now! :)

  18. Colleen 08.26.2011

    i also made calzones for the first time yesterday – so delish! quite similar to yours but added sauteed spinach w. onions & garlic, some bocconcini, green peppers and a dash of hot sauce!

  19. This week has been mostly pleasure as I took four days of vacation from work, but it’s back to all business on Monday morning. Still have Saturday and Sunday though! :) Your calzone looks yummy.

  20. Dawn Marie 08.27.2011

    Lots of businesss.. writing! Love it when I can carve out a couple of hours for that. Then took my girl to her ortho appoint.. ugh.. bands! Then to mexican and a marg.. ahhhh pleasure.

    Today off to the Laguna Pageant of the Masters. Nice. Maybe swing by the sawdust festival.

    When are you going to have a new web for yourself, you’ve been threatening for a year!~!!

  21. Angela 08.27.2011

    I made the Fluffernutter cookies when I saw you post about them last week – soo good!

  22. meghan 08.27.2011

    If it weren’t for this damn hurricane I would run out to Banana right now to find those shoes, love ’em!!! Also need to buy fluff so I can make those cookies, creative :)

  23. I love good deals! Way to go on the shoes. :) They’re adorable!

    Today has been filled with pleasure. Pool time, cookies and Little League Baseball. (My husband is from Montana and they are in the USA finals.)

  24. Allison 08.27.2011

    Your calzone looks so good! I tried making some a couple of months ago but unfortunately they turned out soggy- I guess I should cook the veggies before stuffing them inside the dough?!

    P.S. I love the nail polish- oober cute! Hopefully you don’t get too tired of it too quickly :P

    • Allison 08.28.2011

      Guess what, we’re making calzones tonight! :D

  25. I love how fun that nail polish is!

  26. Laura 08.27.2011

    i’m digging your sparkles! i’m 29 & i allowed myself to get pink sparkles on my toes with my pedicure just yesterday. heeheee ;)

  27. Jessie 08.27.2011

    those fluffernutters look delish. My day was pleasure: my wonderful mother-in-law is visiting today and on a whim we decided to go to disneyland! (I live in LA). It was blast, there were no lines (I guess all the kids are back in school?), we were able to let loose and de-stress.

  28. Sarah 08.28.2011

    Hmm. Tried making a trial run of the fluffernutters to possibly use in our bake sale — but they didn’t turn out well. At 14.5 minutes, they were still falling apart…

  29. I love those wedges! I wanted to find some for the summer but never found any I liked that were in my price range.
    Mmm that Calzone looks amazing! I’ve never made one myself but it looks like fun :-)
    Oh and Fluffernutter cookies sound delicious, might have to have a go at those…

  30. Melissa 08.28.2011

    Only you could rock that polish, Midwestern Barbie. Well played, my dear, well played.

  31. Erin 08.29.2011

    Mmm I’ve been wanting to make calzones for awhile, love your stuffing!

  32. Karee 09.01.2011

    You inspired me to make calzones last night…. used Trader Joe’s whole wheat pizza dough, pesto, spicy italian sausage, fresh spinache, tomatoes, mozzerella, parm and ricotta….. with some pizza sauce on the side. Amazing, thank you :)

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