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I’m so glad you enjoyed today’s Friday Favorites! How about that White Chocolate-Covered Popcorn?!

I can’t wait to make it, as it’s basically my favorite Fall flavor combo – honey roasted peanuts + candy corn – on ‘roids. Muwahaha!

Anywho, I spent the morning and afternoon giving my to-do list my all, and swiftly knocked out the following in record time: 

  • Eye doctor appointment
  • Trader Joe’s run
  • Conference call
  • Write freelance article (all about better-for-you dip recipes for tailgating – can’t wait to share!)
  • Victoria’s Secret ‘roo sale (7 ‘roos for $25 – regularly 5 for $25!)
  • Exchange iPhone (the microphone on my phone stopped working so the apple store replaced the entire phone, no questions asked. Amazing! I feel like that never happens/big companies always find a way to blame you for whatever’s wrong with their product.)

I came home starving and awarded the title of most random lunch ever to myself for combining Egg Drop Soup, Spinach & Artichoke Quesadilla, and figs all on one plate.


It was one of those things where you look into the fridge and there’s too many good lookin’ things staring back at you, so rather then picking and choosing, you make them all instead. :) I started with Egg Drop Soup.


Lately I’ve been making this 2 minute soup when the evening munchies set in. It’s incredibly filling and ridiculously easy to make. All you do is boil low-sodium chicken broth, then whisk in 1 egg + 1 egg white that have been whisked together. Let the egg cook in the boiling broth for 30 seconds and you’re good to go!

DSC_0182 DSC_0183

A 1/2 teaspoon or so of soy sauce makes this almost-instant soup totally satisfying and extraordinary.


A Spinach & Artichoke Dip Quesadilla was planted next door.


This mayo-free dip was one of the subjects of the freelance article I wrote today, and I stuffed some of the extra dip in between a low-carb tortilla, then crisped it up in a hot skillet. YUM.


For a sweet finish – fresh figs!


The first time I ever had a fig was one year ago in Italy, and I wanted to further torture myself re-live the anniversary of our trip with a sweet bite of the ripe fruit.


Figs are very mild in taste with a fun, poppy texture. I just LOVE them!


Like I said, most random lunch ever! ;)


Later I went for a 3 mile run, then came back and zipped through this 30-20-10 full-body circuit:

30 crunches (abs)

30 reverse crunches (abs)

30 modified pushups (arms)

30 bicep curls with 5lb free weights (arms)

30 high knees (legs)

30 deep squats holding free weights (legs)

1 minute plank (total body – sqeeeze it!)

* Repeat entire circuit doing each exercise 20 times each and a 45 second plank, then repeat again doing each exercise 10 times each and a 30 second plank.

I feel as though the last plank alone earned me a couple glasses of the Skinny Girl Margarita Ben just walked in the door holding – whee!



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  1. Umm– I’m going to make egg-drop soup like NOW. what a seriously amazing quick snack!! throw some chopped green onions in there…

    also, isn’t the Apple store the best? I’m on my 2nd freely replaced iPhone (I have the worst luck), it’s always no questions asked! I love them (and my phone!!)

  2. That quesadilla sounds amazing! I wish I had ingredients on hand to make it for dinner. And now you have me craving figs!

    Glad you got a replacement iPhone with no questions asked. Do you love your iPhone? I am thinking about getting one this fall with at&t service, but I am not 100% sure about it yet. I love my iPod touch and I just fear being too addicted too technology with an iPhone!

  3. Brandee 09.02.2011

    That popcorn looks so good! And so does the soup. I can’t wait to make that. I’ve never tried the Skinny Girl Margaritas but that is on my list when I get back to the US!

  4. your lunch may have been random, but still looks oh so tasty!

  5. Luv What You Do 09.02.2011

    I am loving FIGS and just did an entire post about them…random indeed!

    Have you tried the other Skinny Girl drink? Mojito I think? Saw it at the store and haven’t heard of anyone who has tried it!

    Ps If you are a popcorn lover like me, next time you find yourself in Chicago make sure you stop by GARRETT’s Popcorn (or order their macadamia nut popcorn)!

  6. kayleigh 09.02.2011

    so, i would kill for that quesadilla right now. spinach and artichoke dip is one of my favorite “football foods” and i’ve never thought to make this into a quesadilla, but wow. now i have to! can’t wait for that recipe.

  7. Kristin 09.02.2011

    Your dinner looks good. Where did you find fresh figs? I’ve been wanting to try them but can’t find them in Iowa.

  8. I appreciate the randomness of your lunch! I agree – sometimes it’s just not worth choosing, but better to eat whatever looks good – even if it’s random. :)

  9. Krista 09.02.2011

    Ahh, my parents bought a fig tree at the Farmers’ Market when they came to visit this summer! My aunt also got a TON of them from a friend a couple weeks later, and so a late night was spent making jar after jar of fig jam– sooo good :D

  10. Amy 09.02.2011

    Love the soup “recipe.” So simple! And, it’s protein packed and cheap! Whoo-hoo! I love spinach and artichoke dip, so that is fantastic. What brand of tortillas did you find that carries low-carb??

  11. Ashley 09.02.2011

    What are ‘Roos??

  12. Claire 09.02.2011

    I love skinny girl margaritas! Or, I should say I loved them! Did you hear about the recent reports that they aren’t all natural and that they actually have sodium benzoate (a preservative) in them? Whole Foods has pulled the products off the shelves, and will no longer sell them. I’m curious if the new brand of skinny margaritas (I think Jose Cuervo) has preservatives in it too? If not, it may be a better alternative!

    • Iowa Girl Eats 09.02.2011

      My Mom *just* emailed me about that! Looking into it…

      • Claire 09.02.2011

        That’s so funny because my mom is the one who texted me this afternoon about it! It’s supposed to be a “small” amount, but it’s also supposed to cause cancer… I’ll be curious to hear what you find out!

        • Tonya 09.03.2011

          Oh my gosh I was at the grocery store the other day getting snacks for the game today and got some chips. One of the gals that works there told me she heard there is something in chips that causes cancer now…… I still got the chips.

  13. What a fun Friday!! Random is sometimes the best though… I love it!

    I can’t wait to read the article on better-for-you dips!

  14. That popcorn looks amazing! I’m a candy corn fiend. I also love skinny girl! So good! Thanks for posting that circuit too, I may just try it tomorrow.

  15. Cassie 09.02.2011

    how do you eat figs? just wash and take a bite?! i’ve never had one before!

  16. Eve P 09.02.2011

    The quesadilla looks fabulous. I have to admit I was soooo disappointed in the Skinny Girl Margarita. I don’t drink that much so I’ll allow myself a nice glass of red wine or two when I do have a little drinky drink.

  17. I bought some fresh figs @ TJ’s today and just had some in my cereal – so delicious!

  18. Angela @ Momethis 09.02.2011

    I heard about the Skinny Girl controvery yesterday. I’ve had 2 bottles of the stuff but I don’t blame her for anything. I think its comical. I am a cancer survivor and to say that sodium benzoate mixed with vitamin c “could cause cancer” is like saying leisure suits “could cause cancer”. I wouldn’t want to drink something bottled for 8 months + withouth a preservative. I guess it’s up to the buyer. Anyways…preservative stinks but in moderation..In my opinion… are fine. I’m looking forward to making your White Cheddar Popcorn. As always, love your blog.

  19. Dawn Marie 09.02.2011

    Yay, Go Bethany!!!

  20. Lindsey 09.03.2011

    I cannot wait to try that workout! Sounds awesome!

  21. Melissa 09.03.2011

    wow that soups looks so good!

    high five for an awesome workout to kick off your weekend :)

  22. i looove random lunches!

  23. The quesadilla looks fantastic! It’s making me hungry!! I’ve never had a fig before….not sure if I would like the texture, but they certainly look good in your pictures. I also wanted to try the Skinny Girl Margarita, but after reading some of the comments, I think I’ll do a little research first. Enjoy the weekend!

  24. I think figs are one of the rare foods that look as beautiful as they taste!

  25. That popcorn looks delicious! I once had …. get ready for this …. cupcake popcorn! I was in heaven.

  26. Allison 09.03.2011

    Oooh, I wanna try SkinnyGirl! Loved Bethenny’s show haha, she’s a hoot!

  27. oooh I need some of that popcorn. And great idea for the egg drop soup! I’m alwayyys looking for different ways to cook my eggs. They’re definitely on the top of the list for protein in my diet, but the same ol way gets boring everyday!

  28. Sarah 09.03.2011

    I have a big jar of dried figs in the fridge, and I’m still trying to get over the texture…I love fig cookies, so I like the taste…but the fact that they’re all dry and shrively and kind of an icky color is hard to overcome. I’d love to try fresh sometime, but I can’t bring myself to buy a whole box and have yet to see them sold individually at our grocery store, darn it!

  29. Lesley 09.03.2011

    LOL @ “honey roasted peanuts + candy corn – on ‘roids.” I almost can’t believe it now, but I had never tried that combo before reading your blog and now it’s the only way I eat candy corn. I also like adding in honey roasted cashews. Mmmm.

  30. Wendy 09.04.2011

    Thank you for the Egg Drop Soup recipe. Just made it for breakfast. So easy and quite delish.

  31. Alicia 09.06.2011

    I’ve had this post kept unread in my reader since it went up – I finally made the egg drop soup for breakfast this morning. So easy and SO GOOD! Especially since my fav. Chinese place has gotten a few too many health code write-ups for me to be willing to continue eating there…

  32. Christy 09.06.2011

    OMG Where did you find fresh figs!!??? I love them and can never find them around DM! I love dried figs and buy them frequently at Hy-Vee but now I’m craving fresh ones.

    • Christy 09.06.2011

      I obviously got so excited I hadn’t yet read the other comments. I see you got them at Trader’s…. :-)

  33. Wendy 10.12.2011

    I am having a love/hate relationship with that candy corn popcorn right now. Love because it is SO.FREAKING.GOOD. Hate because I CANNOT.STOP.EATING.IT!!!!!!

  34. Imelda 10.23.2012

    Thanks for the LOL at work. #roos

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