How Time Flies


It’s hard to believe that just two short years ago, this little guy entered our lives.


My mop topped, goofy, sweet and silly nephew Finn turned TWO today. My oh MY how time flies!!


This morning my Mom, Dad, Ben and I drove a couple hours over to Omaha, NE, where my sister-in-law is from, to celebrate the big day.


I don’t know who had more fun –

DSC_0246 DSC_0248

Finn or all of us, his family and friends, watching his expressions as he tore into oodles of presents, 


had an impromptu tissue paper party,

DSC_0269 DSC_0270

DSC_0283 DSC_0282

and opened the biggest surprise of the day – a brand new tricyle!




No WAY, Mom!


Check out the features on this thing! ;)



Afterwards we stripped down to our birthday suits (ok, just Finn ;) ) for some lunch.


Sloppy Joes, pasta salad, fresh fruit and some chips & dip.


Then it was time for cake!


ARRGOMPH momph momph – I have never seen a child take a bigger bite. It was the cutest thing I have ever seen!


Want some kizschtn? (That’s Finn’s name for me until he can pronounce his R’s. ;) )


Wheee! I love cake!


La di da,


di da…


Oook, and we’re done with that. ;)


While Finn dug into his egg, dairy & nut free cupcakes (food allergies…) the rest of us noshed on the regular variety – MMMM I love any excuse to devour a good cupcake! :D


Happy Birthday to the light of our lives! We love you so much Finn!


The end of the birthday party coincided with the start of a football game between the state’s biggest rivals – University of Iowa vs Iowa State University. PICK YOUR SIDE!


Not wanting to miss it, my parents, Ben and I stopped by a local bar & grill to catch the last half over a round of beer before heading home.


We’re all die-hard University of Iowa Hawkeye fans.


I won’t go into detail, but the Hawks unfortunately ran into some technical difficulties today.


This is going to be a long season…sigh!

We’re all back home now and are settling in for a low-key night. Lots to do tomorrow! Happy Saturday! :D

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  1. Laura 09.10.2011

    We went to our only iowa bar in albuquerque today….it was a good game with an unfortunate ending….at least the company was good!

  2. omg finn is the CUTEST THING EVER!!!! I MIGHT EXPLODE

  3. Amy 09.10.2011

    I love that you caught Finn’s expression when he saw the trike. That is gold, just GOLD!!

    Too bad our gold team couldn’t bring it home though. I think if the receiver had caught the ball in the 3rd OT, we would have scored and gone into 4th OT. I had a feeling ISU was going to pull it out in the end. We seemed to lose steam just as they were picking it up. Oh well! Always next year. And, of course, we have the history of huge wins over them, and have won more meet-ups than they have overall. Just sayin’. . . :)

  4. Deanna 09.10.2011

    Go Cyclones! I won’t gloat, as we’ve been on the losing end more than our fair share and I know how it hurts. What an exciting game!

    • Iowa Girl Eats 09.10.2011

      I agree – even though it ended up the way it did – it was still very exciting to watch. 3 OTs?!

  5. Kat 09.10.2011

    You captured some great pictures of that sweet two year old! Looks like you guys had a blast…off to make cupcakes since you reminded me of my true love :)

  6. Katie 09.10.2011

    Finn is adorable, two is such a fun age! LOVE the facial expressions! Sorry to hear about the outcome of the game (ok, maybe I’m not). We’re currently watching our Huskers losing to Fresno St early in the 2nd, it will be interesting to see how we fare in the Big 10. I would love to attend the Huskers/Hawkeyes matchup in November, should be a good matchup. Enjoy your evening and the rest of your weekend.

  7. Sarah 09.10.2011

    What a great game– GO STATE!!!

  8. Nicole 09.10.2011

    What a great day to be a Cyclone! Woot! :) Even if the tables had been turned, I’d still be a proud Cyclones. 3 OT’s unheard of!

    I recently got to see a nephew chomp into his first birthday cake. Why is it enjoyable to watch little kiddos eat cake?

  9. Kelly 09.10.2011

    That first picture of sweet little Finn is too precious! Frame-worthy for sure! :D as is the one with the *Gasp! Happy Birthday Finn!

  10. Tammy 09.10.2011

    Cute pics! Finn wasn’t about to let go of those Sesame Street figures was he, lol! I won’t gloat too much either but….Yeah Cyclones!!!

  11. Lisa 09.10.2011


    Finn is adorable!I have 4 nephews and a niece… love them all!

  12. Lauren 09.10.2011

    Too cute! I can’t believe he is 2 already!

  13. erica 09.10.2011

    i love watching kids open gifts! they’re so excited and happy! :)

  14. Angela @ Momethis 09.10.2011

    Those pics are great! He’s adorable. My monkey is 5 months and the te is flying by. They grow way too quickly. Thanks for sharing. :-)

  15. He is such a cutie. I have a niece and nephew and I can’t believe how big they are. Happy birthday to him!

  16. Finn’s facial expressions are priceless. You captured some great moments!

  17. oh what precious pics! your nephew is so sweet!

  18. That’s a fun looking party. I love watching my kids and I bet Finn was fun to watch, too!

    Yeah, let’s not talk at all about the game today… Yech.

  19. What a fun and fantastic day with your loved ones!! The Hawkeye game was rough, but that aside, It looks like y’all had a wonderful day!!

  20. How cute! I love the pics of him eating his cupcake!!

  21. Sarah 09.10.2011

    Finn is so cute! Our niece turned 2 in July, it’s such a fun age!

  22. CUTEST. BOY. EVER. What a darling.

    Ps, seeing him light up over those toys reminded me of a YouTube video, ‘Books for Christmas’. It is perhaps one of the funniest ones I’ve seen on there– the look of shock and dismay on the little boy’s face, and his exclamations, e.g. ‘That’s not toys, that’s BOOKS!’. Hahaha gets me every time ;)

  23. how cute! our nephew has a birthday coming up soon and we can’t wait to celebrate! they grow up so fast!

  24. Calee 09.11.2011

    Ughhh… I was so annoyed with the “technical difficulties”. I have no idea what was going on.

    I’m a Hawks fan that went to ISU (grew up around Iowa City) and the game was SO GOOD that I didn’t care really who won by the end of the game. I live in Ames, so more or less I was kind of happy that the out-of-towners would likely be going home instead of sticking around to brag and party. Quiet evening instead of Quiet Riot. :)

  25. Finn’s facial expressions are always so classic! I love how excited he is about the big present.
    Happy Sunday!

  26. Mac 09.11.2011

    What a ham! I love nieces and nephews!

  27. Lee-Lee 09.11.2011

    What a cutie!!! Too bad Finn has the food allergies….I can relate….my girls have them too. Poor things have never tasted chocolate.
    As for the Hawks….so sad…huge Hawkeye fan too. It was a good game but would have been better if black and gold would have won! I am def hearing it from all my State friends!

  28. Dawn Marie 09.11.2011

    What, no Pepperidge Farm? Blasphamy!

    I hate football. LOL Go golf!

  29. Jenn P 09.11.2011

    I have a Finnegen nephew too :-) he’ll be 1 in November.

  30. jane 09.11.2011

    Aww Finn is so cute! I went back to the post of when he was born-big baby!! My sister had a baby a week ago Friday and he was the biggest baby in the nursery-9lbs 6oz. He’s my first nephew and I AM SO EXCITED!

  31. Finn is flippin’ adorable!

  32. Lori 09.11.2011

    Do you guys make your own allergen free cupcakes or buy them? My niece has egg, tree nut and peanut allergies so I’m always looking for options for her. They all just moved back to Des Moines from Colorado.

  33. I was sure the Cyclones were going to lose going into that game, but as an alum, I’m glad they won! Mwahahahahah!

  34. Allison 09.11.2011

    Your nephew is adorable! The pictures of the cake eating are too cute :P

  35. Erin 09.11.2011

    I cut my son’s curls off this summer. Seeing Finn’s curls still in tact brought a tear to my eye. What a fun party!

  36. Anna 09.13.2011

    That bar didn’t happen to be Oscar’s would it? I’m from Omaha and I hate to admit this out loud but I’ve been there a few too many times :)

  37. Paige 09.13.2011

    Awww Finn is so cute. :) Sorry your Hawks lost. But, as a Cyclone fan, sometimes it’s nice when the little underdog wins, right? ;)

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