Making the Most of It + Grill Skillet Giveaway!


Ben and I have been busy making the most of our sunny Sunday. We’ll be snowed in before we know it – there’s no time to waste! ;)

An early morning grocery shopping run was followed by a quick trip to the mall for new work kicks for Ben, and a mad dash to the onsite Panera for lunch. We were shopping away just fine, then all of the sudden both of us were ravenous!

(Totally repping for my fallen Hawkeyes…)

I was going to be adventurous and try the Thai Chicken Salad, but panicked from my aforementioned hunger level, and went with my standard order – You Pick 2 with Cream of Chicken Wild Rice & Mediterranean Veggie Sandwich.

You can’t go wrong with this combo! Creamy soup with chewy wild rice,

and the zestiest sandwich ever. The combo of cilantro hummus, feta cheese, cucumber, red onion, lettuce and spicy peppadew peppers is so delish.

I HATE peppers, but I just love those peppadew ones. They’re like a cross between pickles and banana peppers- which, ok I guess I love too. :)

A sweet apple served as dessert.

We were both to the point of stomach-shrinking hunger when we walked in, and were stoooofed by the time we walked out.

We decided to push through it though, and drive 20 minutes west to Adel, IA for a stroll on the local bike trail afterwards. It is gorgeous out today – no time to stay indoors!

Adel is home to the free sweet corn festival every summer (which I tragically missed this year!) and sits in a great spot right on the Raccoon River Valley Trail.

Normally we park and head east on the trail, but today we decided to switch it up and head west!

Ummm, it was kind of creepy!

The first 1/2 mile was normal enough, but then the trail emerged from a thick canopy of trees and started running right next to this eerie looking brickyard.

The whole vibe was totally horror movie-esque, and the abandoned warehouse-like structures randomly running along the other side of the trail didn’t help matters.

Ben, on the other hand, thought it was the coolest thing he’d ever seen.

Babe, let’s LIVE HERE! he pitched, regarding one of the most-busted looking buildings we encountered.

Seriously, we’ll buy the place, turn it into a bar for the bikers, and live upstairs!

Uh-huh! I semi encouraged.

Sorry, I just love old, decrepit things…

Teeheehee. ;)

It wasn’t all doom and gloom though. Once we finally got past the 1/2 mile long brickyard, the trail led us back into the trees and sweet, sweet nature!

That’s better. :)

I had big plans for dinner once we got back – Bruschetta Chicken with Grilled Veggies!


After a healthy and active day, this light, delicious and nutritious dinner was just what we were craving.


I used the new Mr. Bar-B-Q Grill Skillet reader Karen sent me to try for the grilled veggies!


I have a grill basket, but I’ve been dying to try a grill skillet. It’s the same size as a large skillet you’d use on the stove, but you use it right on the grill grates. The handle also folds up for compact storage, unlike my grill basket. LOVE that.

DSC_0449 DSC_0450

The holes are big enough to let the flames of the grill get through for great taste and color,


but small enough that thin items like asparagus won’t fall through while cooking.


I put the skillet on the grill to heat up while I chopped up zucchini, eggplant (prepped the same way as last time) onion and asparagus, and seasoned them with some Bisignano’s Italian Dressing for flavor.


After the skillet was hot, I added them right in.


Within minutes, they started getting that char-grilled look & flavah!


The non-stick feature on this thing is redick, and I easily tossed the veggies every couple of minutes until they were soft and delicious looking (that’s a technical term, right there.)


The result was AMAZING. Every morsel was perfectly tender and flavorful!


I wish I would’ve had this thing at the beginning of the summer. I will be using it every chance I get before we put the grill away for good this year. :)


To nestle on top of my grilled veggies, I whipped up super-easy Bruschetta Chicken. All I did was marinate two chicken breasts in the same Italian dressing, grill them for 3-4 minutes a side, then lay a couple slices of fresh mozzarella on top when the chicken had about 1 minute left.

DSC_0463 DSC_0473

After placing on top of the veggies, I piled on fresh bruschetta topping!


You could certainly make your own bruschetta topping, but Trader Joe’s sells the juiciest, freshest tasting pre-made bruschetta around.


It’s really good!

DSC_0476 DSC_0478

I heart this meal – AND that grill skillet!


You know what? I think you would too so Mr. Bar-B-Q is giving one away to an IGE reader – whee!!!

Enter up to 2 ways by tomorrow, Monday September 12 @ 5pm. Here’s how:

1. Leave a comment telling me your favorite thing to grill.

2. “Like” Mr. Bar-B-Q’s Facebook Page then leave a second comment here telling me you’ve done so.

Good luck, and have a great start to your week everyone! :D

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  1. mere... 09.12.2011

    favorite thing to grill: steak with a few white onion pieces, just long enough to get a little charring going on.

  2. Robin 09.12.2011

    My favorite thing to grill is corn on the cob, wrapped in foil with butter, parmesan cheese and s&p!! served with a grilled steak :)

  3. Erin 09.12.2011

    I absolutely LOVE grilling salmon marinated in a soy-terriyaki sauce along with aspargus, red onion slices, and russet potatoes!

  4. Natalie 09.12.2011

    Anything my hubby grills is fine with me! He is a grill master! If I HAD to pick on thing, I guess it would be salmon or venison….yummm!!

  5. Natalie 09.12.2011

    I liked Mr. Bar-B-Q’s Facebook Page!

  6. Kim G 09.12.2011

    My favorite thing to grill is bacon wrapped jalepenos stuffed with chicken. So hot and so good!

  7. Rachel B 09.12.2011

    Portabello mushrooms! They are my favorite!!!

  8. Ty 09.12.2011

    I really love sweet potatoes and potatoes grilled. YUM!

  9. Laura T. 09.12.2011

    I’ve recently become obsessed with grilled steak! i used to be a vegetarian, but now I’m a hardcore carnivore, so i think I’m making up for lost time :)

  10. Kylie 09.12.2011

    I always eat grilled vegetables and have tried different grilling methods. I’ve never seen this skillet before! My favorites are red peppers, mushrooms, onions, tomato, and so on.

  11. Kylie 09.12.2011

    I’ve liked Mr. Bar-B-Q’s facebook page

  12. Emily 09.12.2011

    Favorite thing to grill? Grilled stone fruit and pineapple served with a big creamy cold scoop of frozen yogurt!

  13. Danielle 09.12.2011

    Steak! Can’t eat it any other way.

  14. Megan 09.12.2011

    I love grilling zucchini, squash and sweet corn, but I really wanna grill pizza & fruit sometime! I also liked their facebook page!

  15. Megan Joy 09.12.2011

    Bratwursts and corn on the cob! Amazing~

  16. Joan 09.12.2011

    All entered, now just waiting to win!

  17. Nichole 09.12.2011

    That grill skillet is SUPER cool!! My favorite thing to grill are crab legs (wrap them in foil, cut little slits in them and stuff with garlic, parsely and fill foil bag with lemon) along with artichokes, I LOVE grilled artichokes!!

  18. Nichole 09.12.2011

    Oh and I also ‘liked’ Mr. Bar-B-Q’s facebook page :)

  19. Christine 09.12.2011

    Favorite thing to grill would have to be grilled asparagus.. yummmm

  20. Sarah 09.12.2011

    My fav thing to grill is onions and green peppers! With a chicken breast of course! :)

  21. Lisa 09.12.2011

    Grilled fresh pineapple

  22. JJ 09.12.2011

    I LIKE to grill, but what I LOVE is when the husband does it-less work for me!

  23. Amanda 09.12.2011

    My favorites to grill are steak, corn, and asparagus! Mmmm.

  24. Nicole 09.12.2011

    Nothing better than a steak on the grill! But to be totally honest, the hubby does the grilling and everything tastes better if you don’t have to cook it yourself!

  25. Allie 09.12.2011

    Love grilled cheese ;-)

  26. Jill Gentile 09.12.2011

    My absolute favorite thing to grill is pineapple. It is quick, easy, and so tasty. When grilled it seems to become a smokey sweet medley that everyone enjoys. I am originally from Iowa but recently moved to Florida and the pineapple down here is so fresh. I go to my local farmer’s market on Saturday morning and they have a freshly rippened pineapple stand, with the juiciest of the fruit you have ever seen or tasted. You pick out a winner and they skin and chop it up right in front of you, bag it, and send you on your way. I usually don’t make it to the car before I have had a few pieces. I take it home, either slice it in the cubes, if I am doing kabobs, or I chop it into length wise quarters. I love to enjoy them with marinated shrimp or chicken on skewers or I make a fruit and vegetable medley out on the grill.

  27. Jill Gentile 09.12.2011

    I liked the Mr B-bq’s facebook page! Hope to win :)

  28. Sarah C 09.12.2011

    Oh…I covet this grill skillet!! I live in Texas and my husband and I grill/smoke almost every dinner we eat! My new favorite thing we made was bacon-wrapped bunches of fresh green beans. I’ve learned that when you bacon-wrap anything opt for the thick sliced bacon…do not settle for the cheap bacon, you will really regret it! My Husband grilled them to go alongside our steak covered in roasted hatch peppers. It was delicous!!

  29. Laurel 09.12.2011

    Fareway makes a great flatbread that is awesome on the grill! My favorite is cheddar and pepperoni. Just heat it up and add a little grill char…delicious!

  30. Sarah C 09.12.2011

    I liked Mr. BBQ on facebook and left a comment on that page too :)

  31. Beth Rose 09.12.2011

    I love a big juicy ribeye and grilled zucchini. My fav…I need to get a skillet asap! Looks great!

  32. Tracy 09.12.2011

    My favorite thing to grill is eggplant!

  33. Tracy 09.12.2011

    I liked Mr Bar-B-Q on FB!

  34. Kim B 09.12.2011

    I love grilling zuchinni and squash with balsamic vinagrette brushed on…yum!

  35. jill 09.12.2011

    i love to grill cajun shrimp on a skewer!

  36. Stephanie 09.12.2011

    I love to grill kabobs and thick fish steaks!

  37. Jess C 09.12.2011

    Any kind of veggies, especially sweet corn! My husband also makes a mean steak on the grill.

  38. Brooke P 09.12.2011

    I love to grill cajun shrimp.

  39. Amy 09.12.2011

    New favorite thing to grill: pizza!

  40. Kristina 09.12.2011

    What do you mean, ” put the grill away for good this year”? I’m from Wisconsin, snow doesn’t stop us from grilling. You’re making Ben sound like a wimp! :)

  41. Allison Muhlbauer 09.12.2011

    I love grilling vegetables!!

  42. Cellabella 09.12.2011

    It’s hard to pick just one thing I love to grill, but right now I could go for a nice piece of grilled sirloin steak with a side of grilled zucchini, asparagus, and corn! Okay, I know that’s more than one thing ;)

    Btw, your bruschetta chicken looks delicious!

  43. Esther Sam 09.12.2011

    My favorite thing to grill right now is chicken, steaks and pizza!

  44. holly morgan 09.12.2011

    my favorite thing to grill is chicken breast with some marinade. veggies are great too!

  45. Link B 09.12.2011

    My favorite thing to grill is fish! Or corn…OR tofu….

  46. Justin 09.12.2011

    My favorite thing to grill is a nice thick ribeye and fresh peppers, onions, mushrooms and zuchinni. That grill skillet would be perfect.

  47. Justin 09.12.2011

    I liked the page, and I really do like that page :)

  48. Courtney F 09.12.2011

    Um yes please! I liked the page. Almost “loved” it!! Fabulous meal by the way!

  49. Kristin 09.12.2011

    I LOVE to grill asparagus! Yum!

  50. Lauren 09.12.2011

    I like to grill everything!! If I had to pick a favorite, I’d go with a squash/zucchini mix.. mmmm!

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