Instead of telling you about the Chicken Enchilada Crock Pot Soup that bubbled away all day and ended up tasting like nothing (??) I thought I’d tell you about the incredible meal Ben and I had last Friday night (do it allll again!) at Flying Mango!



Ben and I have dined at Flying Mango several time in the past couple of years, but last Friday night (do it alll – ok I’ll stop) was a showstopper.

Flying Mango combines "succulent BBQ" with the "bold flavors of the Caribbean" and serves it up in a dining room that’s cozy and comfortable, yet classy and Caribbean-chic. Guests fit in wearing anything from casual to dressier clothes.


Perhaps the reason I feel so at home here is because the walls are the same color as my kitchen’s – ORANGE! ;)

Funky, Caribbean-esque touches are everywhere,

and you can even dine al-fresco on the patio out front.

One feature of the restaurant that we greatly appreciate is you can bring in your own wine to drink for a $10 corkage fee. 

Don’t mind if I dooooo! ;) PS this wine was great. Sometimes Chardonnay’s are a bit too intense for me – but this was on the milder side, for a Chardonnay.

Flying Mango has a great wine list if you don’t want to bring in your own, and they also have an awesome hand-picked beer selection that Ben enjoyed.

They don’t even sell Miller or Bud products – so don’t ask! ;) (Whale with a halo, anyone?!)

We knew last Friday night (…) was going to be a special visit, when the owner (who is always present, talking to customers, busing tables, etc) brought out a plate of their special Orange BBQ Ribs for us to dig into before we even ordered!

Spicy, saucy and citrusy – these were off the chain. I could have licked the plate clean.

If Ben hadn’t beaten me to it…! ;)

Flying Mango is known for their smoked meats, and that deep, smoky flavor spiked with the sweet heat of the orange BBQ sauce was unREAL.

After devouring the ribs, we were tasked with placing our actual order and… things got a little nuts. The menu has this terrible quality where you want EVERYTHING YOU LAY YOUR EYES ON so instead of trying to pick and choose, I got, um, it all. Literally, almost all the kinds of meat they offer. (More) Smoked Ribs, Chicken and Brisket!

It was insane!

There’s no such thing as too many smoked ribs at Flying Mango and my 1/4 rack, doused in house BBQ sauce, was fall off the bone tender.

The chicken reached new heights of juicy, and the 24-hour smoked brisket was arguably the most delicious thing on the plate.

All it needed was a fork tap to fall apart. These people KNOW what they are DOING.

I always make sure to get Flying Mango’s house cornbread with honey butter to have as dessert, and to make sure that there’s, uh, something besides meat on my plate. Incredibly moist, dense and not too sweet – this is a real treat.

Ben ordered the Red Neck Surf & Turf, which came with Red Beans & Rice, more Smoked Ribs (what rib problem…) and Catfish. The crispiest catfish I ever did have, actually. Gahhh.

I you haven’t been to Flying Mango – get there!

Their menu ranges in prices from $$ to $$$, is great for a nice weekly meal or any special occasion, and is high on FLAVOR, FLAVOR and MORE FLAVOR. It’s definitely tied for 1st place with Miyabi 9 for my favorite restaurant in Des Moines (tied because you can’t compare sushi to smoked, Caribbean BBQ, imo.)

In non-smoked meat news – LOOK WHAT’S BACK!!!!! 


I found this pup on our way home from Omaha this weekend and snatched it up quicker than you can say largest peanut butter to chocolate ratio of all the holiday Reese’s Cups! Which actually isn’t that fast…

Anyways, it was amazing but I should have stocked up when I found it as they were nowhere to be found at the gas station I went to today. Bummer!

Off to walk, walk, walk the night away – it was 92 degrees today!

Have a great night!


How often do you go out to eat?

Ben and I eat typically eat out 2-3 times a week – 99% of the time it’s during the weekend!


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