Friday Favorites


This week we went from a high of 92 on Monday, to 62 on Thursday. Oh, Iowa. You silly, non-committal state. Hope all of you are enjoying the shift in weather, wherever you are! Here are my favorite finds from around the web this week.

Favorite Thing…Ever: White Chocolate, Peanut Butter Rice Krispie Treats


Favorite Project: Earth From Above

Favorite Vantage Point


Favorite Drool-Worthy Dinner: Cheese Steak Sandwich


Favorite “Are you for REAL?!” Photo


Favorite Over the Top Dessert: Oreo Cupcake with Built In Milk Cup


Favorite Refurbished Home (it’s an old oil mill from the 12th century!)


Favorite Easy Ab Workout


Favorite Fall Manicure


Favorite Copycat Recipe: Starbuck’s Pumpkin Scones (had my first one of the season at Starby’s this week – YUM!!)


Favorite Sisters of All Time


Favorite Fall Drink: Hot Apple Cider K-Cup Portion Packs (PS get 15% off your entire order and free shipping at with code AM0014-3592 until 9/25!)


Favorite Show: Human Planet (AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!)


Favorite Easy Treat: 3 ingredient Lemon Cookies


Happy Friday! TGIF!


What are some of your favorite things from this week?


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  1. Lauren Beaver 09.16.2011

    Drooling over the sandwich, love the Olsen twins, and definitely copying the nails! Great ‘Friday Favorites’ post =D

  2. SkinnyRunner 09.16.2011

    umm that cupcake is insane. in the best way. more insane than the guy sleeping on the side of a cliff.

  3. Lovin’ your friday favorite posts. Someone brought those lemon cake mix cookies to my class reunion this summer…they were SO addicting!

  4. Your panzanella!

  5. sms 09.16.2011

    I think of Iowa as more bipolar than non-committal. Look at our political situation, after all.

  6. Jackie 09.16.2011

    Thanks for the great shipping/savings code for K-Cups! I’m currently addicted to my Keurig!

  7. sara 09.16.2011

    love the OPI color!!
    — Sunday’s my birthday & my favorite birthday present is:
    KEURIG coffee maker.
    can’t wait to try all the different coffees!! SO EXCITED!!

  8. chicago is the same way with it’s weather indecisiveness… driving me crazy! monday i was wearing flip flops and today i walked the dogs in uggs!

    already gathering ingredients for those pumpkin scones. YUM.

  9. Sarah 09.16.2011

    So, yes(!) on those cookies. Do you think it would work for chocolate? Blog says to try strawberry or orange, but who doesn’t just love a good ol’ chocolate crinkle?

    • Iowa Girl Eats 09.16.2011

      LOVE me some chocolate crinkle cookies! Let me know if you give it a try!!

    • Jenn P 09.16.2011

      Oh, I just posted below because I hadn’t seen this. You can definitely use chocolate!

  10. It went from 107 to 77 in Dallas from Wednesday to Thursday. I actually was cold on my way back from class at 8:00 last night, so glad for the change!

  11. Wow that Oreo cupcake looks intense! My favorite thing this week is that I’m attending a 3-day music festival…starting now!

  12. Cristy 09.16.2011

    Favorite thing this week? Today’s glorious 70-something degrees!!! In DC? This is livin’!!!

  13. Deanna 09.16.2011

    I had my first Pumpkin Spice Latte of the season this week – it’s beginning to feel like Fall!

  14. yay for fall! that tent is crazy…and i looove the olsens too!

  15. Nancy 09.16.2011

    lemon cake mix cookies, looks easy, would taste great — yum!

  16. Allison 09.16.2011

    I think the White Chocolate, Peanut Butter Rice Krispie Treats are totes a drool-worthy dessert! I think I will be needing to make a batch of these ASAP :) The “Favorite Vantage Point” photo is a beautiful representation of fall!

  17. Lacey Bean 09.16.2011

    Thanks for the Green Mountain discount code – just ordered myself some apple cider k-cups – can’t wait!!

  18. Amazing.. the bed on the cliff? HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE??

    Also, would now like an oreo cupcake with a built-in milk cup. Holy yum.

  19. girliefriend 09.16.2011

    I could see that favorite refurbished home in that abandoned building Ben loved by the brickyards. ;)

    Your blog and recipes are always on my favorites list.

  20. christie 09.16.2011

    Favorite thing, hmmmm…my 3 year old’s cold nose after playing outside. Baking rustic bread. Hy-Vee’s pumpkin whoopee pies OMg!

  21. Jenn P 09.16.2011

    My friend makes those 3 ingredient cake-cookies all the time! You can mix it up with different flavored cake mixes too (strawberry, chocolate, maybe even Funfetti??)

  22. WOW – those are all amazing photos! I think I clicked on every single link!!! That nail polish is fabulous!
    Also, I just suggested to my husband last night that we should go as Mary Kate & Ashley for Halloween. I think he ignored me?

  23. Thanks so much for the link!!
    Great round up :)

  24. That’s it! My diet Is over bc if this blog! Aaahhhh!

  25. I love the hot apple cider. My office ordered 2 boxes last week! It’s so good!

  26. Elyse 09.17.2011

    those cookies look amazing, and so do the scones. i can’t wait to try them both. i might try with red velvet cake mix too.

  27. Sydney 09.17.2011

    I love your friday favorites every week! Those pumpkin scones look amazing – I’m drooling!

  28. Stephanie 09.17.2011

    What size of lemon cake mix for the 3 ingredient lemon cookies do you think? Thanks!

  29. thatShortchick 09.17.2011

    I’ve been reading for a while now and love your blog and recipes! (I found my way over here thanks to a link to one of your recipes on Amy’s blog -just a titch).

    I always appreciate it when you share codes for the green mountain coffee k-cups!!! thanks so much!

  30. tchrchick 09.18.2011

    What is that nail polish color?? Love it!

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  32. Cindy 02.11.2012

    What color and brand is the polish on your “favorite fall manicure”?

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