Smoked & Sauced


Instead of telling you about the Chicken Enchilada Crock Pot Soup that bubbled away all day and ended up tasting like nothing (??) I thought I’d tell you about the incredible meal Ben and I had last Friday night (do it allll again!) at Flying Mango! (source) Ben and I…

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Making the Most of It + Grill Skillet Giveaway!


Ben and I have been busy making the most of our sunny Sunday. We’ll be snowed in before we know it – there’s no time to waste! ;) An early morning grocery shopping run was followed by a quick trip to the mall for new work kicks for Ben, and…

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How Time Flies


It’s hard to believe that just two short years ago, this little guy entered our lives. My mop topped, goofy, sweet and silly nephew Finn turned TWO today. My oh MY how time flies!! This morning my Mom, Dad, Ben and I drove a couple hours over to Omaha, NE,…

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The "I had SunChips & Coffee for Breakfast" Workout


First, put the Cheddar Harvest SunChips down. True, they’re decent for chips in that they’ve got whole grains and 30% less fat than regular potato chips – but still, no. Vanilla flavored coffee and cheddar SunChips at 7am, or really anytime for that matter, is not a good look. Chug…

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Friday Favorites


This week we said so long to summer by celebrating Labor Day and the kickoff of college football season. Here’s to sleeping with the windows open, hoodie weather and my favorites for the week! Favorite Funnies (HIGH-larious – put your milk down!) Favorite Fall Salad: Autumn Chopped Salad Favorite New…

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