How to Cook Like a Dude


Tonight’s post comes from my older brother Justin who, in the past few months, has been spending more time in the kitchen then ever before. And talking about Gorden Ramsey. Like, excessively. I’ll let him tell you about it… ;)

I’ve never been much of a cook (or a chef, for that matter). The extent of my culinary repertoire included toast, angel hair spaghetti, and Kool-Aid. If it was frozen or fried, I could probably make it. Outside of that? Well, you’re taking your chances.

My interest in cooking laid dormant until I tried cooking my dad’s famous gumbo. I asked him for the secret recipe. He agreed under the terms that if I shared it with anyone, I’d have to pay him with my firstborn child. I didn’t squeal, and I found that I was actually pretty good at gumbo-making.

Fast forward to my baby sister starting this blog. It exploded in growth for a reason: she can cook! The tips and recipes that reside in these pages would keep any wannabe-chef busy for a fortnight (it’s a real word. I looked it up). I started to see (and taste!) all the fun she was having and thought, I wonder what would happen if I gave cooking a shot for real? The cooking bug had bit.

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, really. Cooking, it seems, runs in our family. From my dad’s gumbo recipe to mom’s party potatoes, the Wises like to cook. Who am I to stand in the way of genetics?

The next dish I chose to master after Gumbo, was Gordon Ramsay’s “Sublime Scrambled Eggs”. You might be thinking, “how many different ways can you make scrambled eggs?” But I promise you, you’ve never had eggs like this. Here’s a video of the man himself making the dish.

I have to tell you, Gordon Ramsay’s become something of a cooking idol to me. Some might even call it a “man crush”. I just like the food he cooks.

My latest foray is experimenting with herbs and seasonings. I read an article that said you can make a $5 steak taste like a $20 one simply by covering it with rock salt for 30 minutes. Sounds insane, but it worked. Couple that with a thyme, garlic, and basil olive oil marinade and you’ve got yourself a prime piece of seared sirloin.

Bottom line: Cooking is creative. It’s fresh and unique. You get to take ingredients that meld together in new ways every time you use them. The best part? Watching people enjoy something you’ve just crafted.

If I can do it, anyone can do it. Trust me. What I’ve learned is that it takes a little bit of curiosity, a love for food, and the skillfull guidance of a few folks who’ve been down the road a little bit further. Like Kristin. Or Gordon. Or this guy.

What was the last thing you cooked? How’d it turn out? We’re you nervous, scared, or a mix of the two? Talk to me. I’m all ears!

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  1. Great perspective! With a little effort, anyone can cook! ;)

  2. Ms.S 10.20.2011

    Just popped Alton Brown’s baked Mac & Cheese in the oven to take to a potluck dinner. I haven’t tried the end result yet, but the sauce tasted amazing prior to being baked, so my confidence level is high for this being a hit tonight. Good work venturing into the realm of cooking!

  3. kellyo 10.20.2011

    Great post!

  4. nicole 10.20.2011

    I tried to make my own pumpkin pancake complete w/chocolate chips. Unfortunately I didn’t get too far. For some reason, after a very long time on the stove, the pancake was still mushy inside. I am going to try again this weekend. Maybe I’ll use less pumpkin puree. I tried using 3/4 cup and then 1/2 cup. This time around I am only going to use 1/4 cup. And maybe this time I’ll actually get to put the chocolate chips in the mix.

  5. Panera John 10.20.2011

    Pretty sure fortnight is about a $50 word!

  6. Lauren 10.20.2011

    What an interesting method of cooking them! I never would think to add the butter after the eggs but now I must try this. I love Gordon Ramsey. He is such a cooking stud. ;)

  7. Sarah W 10.20.2011

    I’ve been stalking stuffed jumbo shells on pinterest and finally found one to try, taco flavored. They are delish…. going to go eat some right now.

  8. Rachel 10.20.2011

    I tried a new pork chop recipe this evening. I thought the sauce wasn’t as great as it could’ve been, and the pork chops were a little dried out. My mom & my husband both thought they were good, though, so dinner wasn’t a total loss!

  9. Machelle 10.20.2011

    the last thing i cooked was chili……..”First Runner Up Chili” to be exact! i’ve won 2nd place 3 times at my neighborhood tavern’s chili contest. just can’t seem to nail down 1st place! maybe next time!

  10. Eve P 10.20.2011

    Lasagna Soup was the last menu item at our house.

  11. Stefanie 10.20.2011

    I just made chicken chili, cornbread, lasagna roll-ups and two kinds of homemade ravioli. It was a productive evening.

  12. Ashley 10.20.2011

    I made salmon marinated in white wine and garlic sauce coupled with gnocchi, pesto and feta cheese =) Such an easy dinner that tastes amazing! 20 minutes to make….and eat.

  13. I love meeting your family! This is such a cute post haha I love your writing style! Forwarding on the link to my brothers and dad as we speak ;)

  14. Dawn Marie 10.20.2011

    I kind of stopped cooking, like I am on strike! But when I did cook, I only liked cooking for my daughter because I would take it really personally if somebody didn’t like my cooking and my kiddo thought I was (am) the bestest cooker! ;-) Great when guys cook more than BBQ!

  15. Angie 10.20.2011

    Great to hear that you’re discovering the joys of the kitchen. I have to agree with you on the steak seasonings. I’ve used a few dry rubs that have made a world of difference. Loved the donut video :)

  16. I really like this post, it reminds me of my boyfriend :-)
    You have a great attitude to cooking, I particularly like the ‘bottom line’!
    I’m a bit like you when it comes to famous cooks, I have a big crush on Jamie Oliver and Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall! :-P

  17. Jessica 10.21.2011

    The last “new” thing I cooked was homemade super fluffy pancakes. I was nervous, because I’m not the best baker and these pancakes called for about 10 ingredients! My boyfriend’s daughter loves French Toast, so I decided to make them into French Toast Fluffy Pancakes for her by adding cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger into the pancake mix. It turned out awesome, and now we make pancakes together on the weekends :)

    This was a great guest-post. I loved the Gordon Ramsey video and I am totally trying out his perfect scarmbled egg instructions….apparently I was doing everything wrong before! :)

  18. Love the post! Love cooking too. I recently tried making Falafel… It fell apart but tasted incredible.

  19. Angie 10.21.2011

    Yesterday, after reading your post about your dad’s gumbo, I was a) loving the family tradition/memory and wanting to create some of my own; b) growling stomach HUNG-A-RY; c) itching to try to make my own version of gumbo; d) inspired to get cooking; e) all of the above. Yes, your post set each of those things into motion for me. I’m feeling rather inspired, in multiple ways. Now, I read your brother’s guest post about how your dad’s gumbo was part of his kick-start to cooking. Seriously, that must be SOME gumbo! I am going to make it tomorrow, and I hope my version turns out half as good as that, I’d count myself very successful. I’m a MN girl, so I too am feeling the cold weather and need for warm, cozy, comfort foods. Cook on, girl! Thanks for the inspiration!

  20. VeggieGirl 10.21.2011

    my man is a great cook and I think its a great skill to have :) And I think anyone who says “I cant cook” just hasnt bothered to learn! Its not THAT hard to feed yourself…

  21. Erin 10.21.2011

    I’ve been on quite the cooking streak lately also. I’ve newly entered the cooking realm, thanks to this blog :-), and it’s really teaching me to be patient and learn from my mistakes. No matter what I attempt to cook, something always seems to come out a little off-kilter, but the more I try the more confident I become! It’s a fun process!

  22. Strangely enough, my boyfriend is much more of a cook than I am. He’s really creative with his meals. Me, I just don’t care. Baking’s a whole other story, though!

  23. Erin 10.21.2011

    I made chicken fried steak with mashed potatoes and gravy FROM SCRATCH this week. It was amazing! Normally, I make the chicken fried steak and mashed potatoes from scratch but just use a gravy packet to save some time at the end. But I don’t think I’ll ever use the packet gravy again! Making my own was so easy and pumped up the flavor of the entire dish!

  24. Tia 10.21.2011

    Great post! This really inspired me to cook more. I’m thinking spaghetti for supper tonight. :)

  25. Kelly 10.21.2011

    Love this post!

    I loved the end of the video where Gordon said, “If you want to be a good boyfriend, then give it to your girlfriend in bed……to eat!!” Haha. Clearly realized his slip up and tried to correct himself.

  26. Morgan 10.21.2011

    My man friend got me hooked on the Gordon Ramsey eggs! They are great. Took me a couple times to master but the video helped.

    Currently learning to cook in Italia! Gnocchi, ribollita, and just being creative with whats available. Nothing like some homemade pasta with veggies from the garden!

  27. Sandi 10.21.2011

    We’ve been marinating our steaks in a mix of soy sauce, fresh pressed garlic and a dab of Chile Garlic paste (my favorite brand is Lee Kum Kee). Either over night or frozen in marinade with our vacuum sealer. When ready to grill, pat dry with paper towels and grill to preferred doneness. No additional seasoning necessary, just dig in. I’ve also pan fried them in a bit of butter in a pinch. They still come out delish.

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