Fig, Goat Cheese, and Bacon Naan Pizzas


I’m back, baby!

In the gym, that is. :)

I’ve been running on the trail for the past couple of days, relishing the unseasonably warm weather and sweet breeze, but today it was time to face the music. We tapped out at 53 frigid (well, it felt frigid compared to the last few days!) degrees this afternoon, and there was just no getting around those God-awful, whipping winds. To the gym I went!

I slipped in right after work, before it got too crowded, and completed this 44 minute treadmill/stairmaster combo routine in, well, 44 minutes. :)


Time Speed
0-2 4.0
2-7 6.5
7-12 7.0
12-17 6.5
17-22 7.0
22-27 6.5
27-32 7.0
32-34 4.0
Total 3.65 miles

Stair Master:

Time Steps per minute
0-2 70
2-4 80
4-5 90
5-7 80
7-9 90
9-10 100

I loved only having three, 5-minute intervals of each speed – 6.5 and 7.0 – on the treadmill. Four repetitions of anything teeters on edge of MAKE THIS END, but for some reason three is totally doable in my book. Don’t you think?

I came home and whipped up a super easy, super flavorful dinner:

Fig, Goat Cheese, and Bacon Naan Pizzas


(Ugh, winter photography is back – I have GOT to figure out a better system this year!)

This semi-homemade dinner came together lickity-split, which is nice when you come home starving from a kick-butt sweat sesh. :)


The base of my pizza was a piece of Naan from Trader Joe’s.


I’ve tried TJ’s Frozen Garlic Naan before, with good results, but this fresh naan, or East Indian flat bread, is really giving its frozen friend a run for its money. Each piece is pillowy-soft and squishy. The perfect base for a pizza.


First I preheated the oven to 425 degrees, then I got to work on my ‘za, starting with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil.


Not just any EVOO though, this was incredibly flavorful Tuscan Herb EVOO a friend gave me awhile back. I could totally pick out it’s garlicky, herby flavor through all the bold pizza toppings. Major yum.

DSC_0388 DSC_0389

Next went on a layer of roma tomatoes sliced whisper-thin,


and a sprinkling of quartered, dried mission figs.


I heart dried figs – probably more so than fresh – as the outsides are chewy while the insides, filled with tiny seeds, pop POP pop. Fun!

DSC_0395 DSC_0397

Next went on some applewood smoked bacon,


then perhaps my very favorite topping of all, fresh chevre!


I popped my pizza onto a pan and baked it for 10 minutes.


Just enough time to let the figs start to sizzle and caramelize, the tomatoes to soften, and the goat cheese to become golden brown.


The flavors were riveting, I tell you!


The figs became chewy and sublimely sticky in the hot oven, while the chevre melted over the entire pizza. The naan also got really crispy on the bottom, which reminded me of a mix between a thin and hand-tossed pizza crust.


By the way, I polled my Facebook and Twitter friends today, and between thin, hand tossed, deep dish and stuffed crust – thin was the hands down winner for favorite crust. Who knew? :)


I have laundry on the docket tonight. WHEE! :cry:

Have a great night!


If you could choose any other name for yourself, what would it be?

I think I would choose Claire. It’s precious, yet sophisticated. Ben chooses Lincoln T. Cartwright. Riiiight.

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  1. I think you look like a Kristin, so I think it’s funny to picture you as a “Claire!”

  2. Jaima 10.26.2011

    Honestly, I’ve been asked this before and I wouldn’t change my name. I love the name Jaima. It suits me.

  3. Lauren 10.26.2011

    Haha, that’s an interesting question and one that I used to love to answer as a little girl. Back then, I wanted my name to be Dawn soooo bad because of my love for The Babysitters Club. Now, I’ve always loved the name Ella but that is the same reason I want to name my daughter that.

  4. Kaleen 10.26.2011

    You should start doing your grocery hauls again. It’s kind of fun to see what you got and guess what you might be making later in the week!

  5. Melissa 10.26.2011

    I love garlic naan! I never thought about using it as pizza crust. When I was little I always liked uni-sex names: Cori, Max, Sam. I get called Michelle a lot so I must look like a Michelle. My nickname is Poppy (like the flower) and I love it and think it fits me.

    • Machelle 10.26.2011

      that is funny because people very often call me Melissa! :)

  6. heather 10.26.2011

    heather sounds like the first buxom cheerleader to die while running UP the stairs from a killer in a stupid 80’s slasher movie…i’ll never forgive my parents for this, lol. i used to daydream about having a sophisticated name like Juliette or a crazy hemingway name like Margaux. *sighs* but hey, you had pizza tonight, life’s good.

    • jad18 10.26.2011

      Your post cracked me up! I always think of the plant (or is it a flower) heather when I hear the name heather.

      • heather 10.26.2011

        LOL–its a flower that grows on the moors in ireland…so romantic in explanation, so skanky in shorthand, lol.

  7. That looks like a fabulous combo! Why I can’t have all these great ideas when I’m making dinner? ;)

    I would totally be Natalie. I love that name!

  8. Jen 10.26.2011

    I have always loved the name Claire… my dad had a sister named Claire that died her senior year in high school. I never met her but the name has always been one of my favorites.

  9. Colleen 10.26.2011

    late fall has arrived here in Northern Ontario as well – my sister and I ran outside today in 4C which is … 39F! gotta run fast when it’s that chilly! and that pizza looks devine!

  10. i love TJ’s naan! just bought some this week and used it as a soup dipper last night. can’t wait to try a pizza.

  11. weee for choosing cla(i)re! Also – I like TJ’s frozen naan BETTER than fresh. is that weird?

  12. i think my name would be….i’m not sure actually! i kinda like my name, but might like another middle name. there are just too many sarah elizabeth’s out there!

  13. I always loved the name Elizabeth. I think it is so classy and pretty!

  14. jad18 10.26.2011

    My mom almost named me Cassandra instead of my name (Jessica). I always loved that name when I was younger b/c I thought it sounded so sophisticated and elegant and was less common than my name. I actually really like my name as an adult, though.

  15. jennyv 10.26.2011

    I’d go w/ my dog’s name: Ghia (GEE-uh)

    Kristin — did you hear that Great Harvest closed? Just read that in the DM Register!

  16. Machelle 10.26.2011

    i like Clairee, like in Steel Magnolia’s. i would be Natalie Clairee, or Carly Noel. or maybe Anastasia Beaverhousen…..HA!!!

    • Whit 10.27.2011

      That’s Anastasia like royalty and Beverhausen like…where the beaver live.

  17. Dawn Marie 10.26.2011

    I think you look like a Claire. I like Paige for me.

    How do you keep track when you are on the treadmill of the time?? Do you take a stop watch, cheat sheet or???

  18. Amy 10.26.2011

    My parents almost named me Emily. In my goofy, dorky youth, I wanted to change my name to Misty – after a (get this) horse I read about in a girl’s book series!! ;) That switched to Claudia (also after the Babysitter’s Club, as someone else mentioned).

    Now, I wouldn’t mind being named Piper. I think I could rock that name.

  19. Claire 10.26.2011

    You’re post warmed my heart tonight! :) I’d be honored to share the name Claire with you!

    • Claire 10.26.2011

      Epic fail with the “You’re” Gah… it’s late!

  20. Totally jealous since I don’t have a Trader Joe’s nearby but make sure to try Stonefire Authentic Flatbread if you see them in your local grocery store. Their Tandoori is fabulous!

  21. This pizza looks so incredibly perfect, I can almost taste all the different flavors! Yummm!
    I was always one of a few Jennifers in class growing up and i wanted a different name SO bad, I’m pretty sure I wanted to be Kelly or Tiffany, anything but Jennifer!! I’m good with it now, just don’t call me Jenny ;)

    • jennyv 10.27.2011

      Funny! I’m a Jenny — LEGAL name — not Jennifer. So I can’t stand being called Jennifer as it is NOT my name :)

  22. I could see you as a Claire! I don’t know what name I’d choose for myself, but something “different”.. you know, anything but Sarah lol.
    Love that you used the naan for the crust! I’m actually enjoying some pita bread and garlic hummus for breakfast as I type :)

  23. Stephanie 10.27.2011

    I love that Ben would like to be named Lincoln. My five year old is named Lincoln Grant H. It fits him to a t and there aren’t very many other Lincoln’s out there.

  24. Erika 10.27.2011

    I love homemade pizza! Easy, simple, delicious!

    I hit the gym myself this morning (after 2 days off) to run/walk and my legs are pretty sore. I’ve been doing the elliptical for the past month so I’m a bit out of running shape. Hopefully after a couple weeks I can get back in the groove!

  25. Kristin from MN 10.27.2011

    Pippa! :)

    • Kristin from MN 10.27.2011

      I’m just a wee bit obsessed.

  26. Kylie 10.27.2011

    I would have it be something unique. I really couldn’t choose another name that I think would suit me. Middle name on the other hand, I could easily change that. I think the only drawback with Kylie is that it’s often mispronounced as “Keylee”, “Kaylee”, or even “Kyle” *face palm*

    Your other name choice would have suited you fine as well!

  27. Anne Weber-Falk 10.27.2011

    I always liked the name Joan. All the Joan’s I know are beautiful, artistic, earthy women with thick, brown, curly hair and twinkling eyes. This is how I wanted to be growing up.

  28. Melissa 10.27.2011

    I love thin crust! Makes me feel less guilty when eating pizza for some reason! And I would totally choose Reese…love that name!

  29. Cristy 10.27.2011

    I’ve always liked Megan. Because that would be so fitting for me, all Mediterranean and dark and all.

  30. I went to Cosi last night and they had a “greek grilled pizza”. I think it’d be fun to make at home with chicken, feta, tomatoes, red onion, and on Naan

  31. Iowamom 10.27.2011

    I hated my name as a child, such an old lady’s name. Now that I’m *ahem* older I love it. I always wanted to be named Stephanie…….seriously, you can tell I was born in the early 70’s.

    Bridget aka Stephanie ;)

  32. Lexi 10.27.2011

    Real name: Alexia. Boy, did I hate it growing up because I didn’t get to have personalized paper, pens, calculators, etc. Tear. I wanted to be Samanthan, Keisha or Shawna. HA! I do love Claire as well but when you asked that; I thought of Hillary. Perhaps I watched Beaches one too many times as a teen.

  33. Hannah 10.28.2011

    When I was a kid I always wanted my name to be something more fancy — like Elizabeth (then people could call me Lizzy) or Chloe. But now that I’m older I really like the name Hannah! I don’t come across many other Hannahs and I really think it suits me!

  34. stephanie 08.04.2013

    Ah! Lincoln, you say??? Too funny. Congrats again on your little boy.

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