Friday Favorites


Ok, I went a wee bit overboard with today’s Friday Favorites. There were so many indulgent, hilarious and beautiful things to show you, that I just had to show them all. Here are my favorite finds from around the web this week!

Favorite find (perhaps of all time): Brownie Cookie Dough Sandwiches. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! I might enter into a sugar-induced, coma-like state after one bite, but it’d be totally worth it. ;)


Favorite affordable art. These prints are unique, colorful, and very affordable!


Favorite finger flair: Catbird Alphabet Rings. It’d be cute to stack a heart between the letters of you and your signif other’s. ;)


Favorite fall dinner: Chicken & Sausage Gumbo. I can’t imagine a more hearty, cozy meal to enjoy on a cold, fall evening.


Favorite vacation memento: City Map Art. Choose your city and color for a unique and stylish way to document your travels.


Favorite coat. (I know – obsessed!) I am desperate to find out the designer/brand of Pippa’s navy coat with gold zippers. Loves! (edited to add: here’s the coat! Thank you Heidi!)


Favorite manicure: Essie’s “Marshmallow”. Romantic and feminine.

Essie Marshmallow

Favorite look. Snuggly, yet put together looking. I could live in this outfit!


Favorite how-to: Homemade Corndogs. My favorite state-fair indulgence, any time I want?? Sign me up!


Favorite infographic. So, so, so true. ;)


Favorite DIY idea: Paneled walls. I would LOVE to do this on the wall behind my fireplace. It would add so much to the room!


Favorite sip: Pink Stiletto Martini. Mouthwatering, and for a good cause!


Favorite dream home idea: Dutch doors. This would be so fun to have in the kitchen. With a screen door, of course.


Favorite dip: White Pizza Dip. Decadent and drool-worthy.


Favorite photo. Don’t try and make sense of it. Just succumb to the laughter. ;)


Favorite healthified dish: Quinoa Mac & Cheese. I was just lamenting over the fact that I hadn’t used my beloved quinoa in awhile. This looks so delish!


Favorite kitchen. Perfect in every way. Ok, maybe I’d change the color of the granite, but that’s it!

Favorite photo. I imagine this is how I would start everyday if I lived in Paris.


Favorite kitchen tip. Place cooked chicken breasts in your kitchen-aid and let ‘er rip for perfectly shredded chicken in no time.


Favorite places. I couldn’t pick just one!

Church of St. Magdalena in Val di Funes, Italy


Iceberg Lake, Montana


Multnomah Falls, Oregon


Favorite funny. Cracking. UP!!!!


Ok I have to throw another one in too… Gaahhh. Are you done yet??


Favorite green project: Cork Trivet. Great look and who couldn’t use an extra trivet or 10 around the kitchen? If you were able to snip the corks in half width wise, they would also make great coasters.


Favorite indulgences. The sweet tooth bug bit HARD this week. The following clearly represents where my appetite lies at the moment!

Gingerbread Pumpkin Bites. YES.


Mini Cinnamon Rolls. These are made with frozen bread dough which make them mercifully easy to make.


Oreo Pudding Poke Cake. A cakey twist on my Mom’s dirt cake. MMMM!


Cinnamon Roll Pumpkin Vanilla Sheet Cake. Practically all my favorite desserts, all rolled into one recipe. Fabu!


Fluffernutter Bites. Ben’s Mom would go crazy for these. Salted nut rolls are her favorite!


Peanut Butter Oreo Ice Cream Pie. ‘NUFF. SAID. :D


There you have it friends! I hope you have a wonderful weekend (the last in October – can you believe it?!) TGIF!


What are some of your favorite finds from around the web this week?

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  1. The coat that Pippa is wearing is from Zara. When I last checked it wasn’t sold out.

  2. I look forward to this post every week! Love the city maps & Pippa’s coat – and I’m bookmarking 99% of these desserts!

  3. that chicken breast idea is genius!! and the initial rings so cute :) love this week’s favorites!

  4. Amie 10.28.2011

    Thank you so much for these posts…I always look forward to Fridays!!

  5. Sara 10.28.2011

    Multnomah Falls is BEAUTIFUL! I went there in high school with my parents while visiting family who lives in Portland.

    Funny story – it was raining the day we visited, and the park had umbrellas you could borrow for free. We got up to the bridge, and my mom was leaning back to take a picture upward, and completely dropped the umbrella down the waterfall! We weren’t able to give back our borrowed umbrella. Haha, that was the last time we ever let my mom carry anything important near water!

  6. Michelle 10.28.2011

    I LOVE your Friday Favorites posts! They get me so inspired! :)

    Happy Friday!

  7. Kath 10.28.2011

    I love your Friday posts!
    I think my favorite fiind this week was the Ancho Chile, Shrimp, and Pasta recipe from Simply Recipes!
    (And I do Love Pinterest for organizing my finds!)

    • Iowa Girl Eats 10.28.2011

      That shrimp looks to die – I can never get mine to look like that! Probably because I use frozen –> thawed :/

  8. Kristin 10.28.2011

    I love this! I too, have pinterest and I remember seeing a few of the same ones this week! Love them! Most of my other favorites this week can be found in the “Everything” –> “Humor” section. I’m too embarrassed to point out the actual ones I think are the funniest though… there are some that have made me laugh out loud this week. =)

  9. Jenna Sue 10.28.2011

    Thank you so much for featuring my maps! Great blog…. I love everything you posted today :)

  10. Stacie Gorkow 10.28.2011

    I made Picky Palate’s cake and it was DIVINE! It got rave reviews from our whole family as well as some friends who must have smelled and just happened to drop by! It was gone very quickly! I will definately make it again!

  11. Alyssa 10.28.2011

    I love these posts – you give me many great ideas!

  12. Oh my goodness I don’t even know where to start with all of the glorious-ness that this post is! I love that outfit too… I am wearing something similar today as a matter of fact! But with spandex instead of jeans, even more comfy :)
    And those desserts…oh gawddd do they look tasty! I shall pick one out to make sometime this weekend!

  13. Imwaytoobusy 10.28.2011

    Wow. I can’t even begin to list which favorites I loved the most. I loved every single thing here! You have the best lists. However, when it comes to immediate needs, mine would be that coat and that nail polish…and everything else ;)

  14. Rachel 10.28.2011

    I’m a new reader, and I just have to tell you how much I LOVE your Friday Favorites posts!

  15. Erin 10.28.2011

    I am DYING! Rolling around on the ground laughing, side ache laughing from the dog funny. Their faces are PRICELESS! This seriously just made my day, maybe even my weekend!

  16. One of my favorite finds of this week are the Homemade Butterfingers I’ve seen on a few sites. Only 3 ingredients – chocolate, peanut butter, and candy corn.

  17. Charity 10.28.2011

    Love your Friday Favorites. Love quinoa and playing to try this recipe this weekend.

  18. sandra mc combs 10.28.2011

    You cannot have to many Friday Favorites!!!!! Love,Love,Love them. This is the first place that I visit in Friday Morning!!!

  19. This week’s Friday Favorites is no joke. OMG. That pie looks to die for. Those are the ones you HAVE to make when you’re going to a party or something so you only get the chance to eat a sliver of it. :)

  20. Christine 10.28.2011

    I look forward to these posts too! Here is one of my fav finds this week.. Kardashian holiday nail polish!

  21. Wendy in central iowa 10.28.2011

    Claire @ Live and Love to eat – if you’re getting a plethora of bookmarks you should definitely check out Pinterest! If you’re like many of the women I know, it will become your next guilty pleasure and you will have a hard time pulling your eyes away from the screen!! IGE – Keep up the fantastic work – I look forward to the Friday favorites and have made a number of your recipes! have a great weekend everyone! ;)

  22. Allison 10.28.2011

    Fun post! I looove the kitty on the keyboard – hilarious! You gotta come visit Portland sometime. Multnomah Falls is only about an hour away!

  23. Jennifer 10.28.2011

    Favorite discovery from the web this week, “”
    You will die. SO adorable.

  24. Lindsay C 10.28.2011

    I love, love, love your Friday Favorites posts! I look forward to them all week!

  25. I LOVE Multnomah Falls!!

  26. Emily 10.28.2011

    I look forward to your Friday favorites every week!

  27. Shelley 10.28.2011

    So many excellent things on this list! When I went with my boyfriend and his mom to Fleming’s, we each got two Pink Stilettos. The prosciutto, goat cheese, and avocado combo pretty much made me drool all over my desk. Thanks for that! Oh, and I’ve already picked out my favorite cities from that Etsy shop! (Sorry for all the exclamation points.)

  28. I have been reading your blog for years, and must say, Friday Favorites are my absolute fave- well that, and your apple crisp, of course. Thank you for the fashion tips and recipes- they make my Friday!!

  29. I love it all!! That kitchen is GORGEOUS. Talk about a dream home. :)

  30. Hahah, I just laughed out loud at the photo booth with the sheep. Do you find your “Friday Favorites” on Pinterest? I just saw the prosciutto wrapped avocado on Pinterest so I was just curious :) I find myself getting lost on that site for way too long – so much inspiration!

    • Iowa Girl Eats 10.28.2011

      A lot of them I do! I know I have a severe love/hate relationship with the site. LOVE the ideas/HATE that it’s such a time suck!

  31. Oh no, no, no! Shredding chicken breasts up with a Kitchen Aid? Have you tried it? Does it really work? As I made homemade chicken salad this week and was cussing the whole time I was shredding!

  32. Eleni 10.28.2011

    The guy in the photobooth/sheep picture is Buster from Arrested Development. If you don’t already watch that show, you totally should! It’s the best!!!

  33. Ari 10.28.2011

    I had the whole office ROFL when I sent them the pic of the dogs :)Oooh those purty rings! I’ve already sent the website of those beautiful rings to the hunny. :) <3 them!! And Pippa's coat is a must for this year!
    Love Friday favorites Posts!!!

  34. C. 10.28.2011

    Hahaha I love all of these, but especially your animal ones! I’m totally that employee in the dog photo and my cat does exactly that to me when I’m on my laptop. Except she generally tries sitting on top of me while doing it.

  35. Jen 10.28.2011

    O.M.G.!!! All those recipies are to die for. My mouth is literally watering. I’m super intrigued by the quinoa mac n’ cheese – a whole new spin on what I usually end up throwing in with quiona.

  36. Margaret 10.28.2011

    I’ve been to both Multnomah Falls and Iceberg Lake (in Glacier National Park). Both are spectacular. Every view in Glacier is even more beautiful than the last. We’re working toward seeing all 50 states, and it is my favorite spot so far! Highly recommended if you like hiking.

  37. June 10.28.2011

    Multnomah falls is my all time fav place. I am from Oregon and go there anytime I can

  38. Kristin! I know you read Kath’s blog, but wanted to share in case you missed it. A solution for your winter lighting problem?

  39. Jenn from B-More 10.28.2011

    I am dying for those fluffernutter balls – SO MAJOR :)

  40. Wow, thank you so so much for featuring my DIY panelled walls! Your a sweetheart, and I am so glad that it led me to your wonderful blog, I will definitely be following :) hugs,

    Nancy xo

  41. I have no idea where to even start commenting LOL! I loved everything on this list!!!!

  42. jen 10.29.2011

    I’ve been eying those trivets forever! I have a gazillion corks that need to find a purpose, and those seem perfect. Happy Weekend!

  43. Brandie 10.29.2011

    Thank you so much for featuring one of my recipes. I really appreciate it. The kitty picture is cracking me up!! Love it!!

  44. Laura 10.30.2011

    i just started reading your blog, and I seriously bookmarked almost everything from this post. great home decorating ideas, I love that ring, and can’t wait to make so many of the recipes!

  45. Lisa in Fort Worth 10.31.2011

    Kristen, here is the link to the castle your favorite kitchen is in. I read Granny Mountain from Arkansas and she had the castle for sale pictures up and there was your kitchen!

  46. Very fun roundup! I love the photos and tips, the dog one made me lol.
    Thanks so much for linking my Kitchen Aide shredded chicken tip ;}
    It’s so funny how things you do every day can be such a big treat for people.

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