DIY Holiday Decor for Under $15


It’s time for another round of Crafting with IGE! Today’s project:

Spruce & Berry Filled Mason Jars!

It’s been a grey and blustery day (although surprisingly warm) and I couldn’t help but feel the holiday spirit creep in as I ran around town doing my errands this morning. Every store I stepped into was dressed to the nines in cheerful, red & green decor.

A stop at Starbuck’s where I was handed my first red cup of the season (shown next to this adorable individual sized baking dish from World Market, which made me giggle to myself because all I could imagine was a mini turkey being roasted in it!) sent me right over the edge and into ’tis the season mode.

I made a split second decision to stop at the craft store on my way home and pick up supplies to decorate my mantle with cheerful berries & rustic spruce fronds stuffed in shabby-chic mason jars.

Whee! First Christmas decorations of the season!

Here’s what you’ll need:

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– 7 mason jars

– 7 votive candles (mine were 1.4oz each)

– fake berries in any color

– fake spruce

– Hemp string or twine

Step 1

Drop the votive candle into the mason jar. Cut 4 pieces of spruce about the height of the votive and place them on 4 sides of the votive.


Step 2

Cut the berries off of the vine. These were attached by a thin wire, which I was able to cut with regular scissors.


I also used the mason jar lids to corral them.


Step 3

Drop the berries in between the spruce pieces. Because of the size of my votive, I was only able to add the berries to the front, which was fine because you only see them from the front.


Step 4

Cut a length of string/twine/hemp and tie it around the neck of the mason jar.


Step 5



I honestly had no intentions of putting up any additional Christmas decorations today, but the votives looked so lonely and out of place all alone up there!


So I did the damn thing.


Just imagine there’s one of these going on in there. ;)


I couldn’t have been more happy with how the jars turned out – and for so cheap!


Cost Breakdown

Mason jars = free from my Mom (thanks Ma!)

Berry springs = $.69/piece (used 6 total)

Spruce spray = $2.99

Hemp string = $1.79

Votives = $2.79

Total cost: $11.71


Gah, it feels so deliciously 1900s in here! ;)



Are you a crafty kind of person? Have you started putting up holiday decor around your house yet?

Normally I wait until after Thanksgiving, but I just couldn’t help myself this year. :)

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  1. These are so cute! I like how you got a couple of different varieties of spruce berries and mixed them together.

  2. Amy 11.19.2011

    Yes you did, do the da– thing, soooo cute!!! I need to make some of these, a few for me and some for my mom’s home—it could be my hostess gift next Thursday:) Thanks IGE!

  3. Julie 11.19.2011

    Very cute idea! I have the same willow tree thing on our bookcase :)

  4. Super duper cute! I love the addition of the frosty berries and the way the light reflects! Love your new site layout too!

  5. Erika 11.19.2011

    I love the new site redesign!!

  6. Iowa Girl Eats 11.19.2011

    Thanks guys! I’ll walk you through the new site after we get all the kinks out, hopefully early next week! :)

  7. I’m not a crafty person but I am thinking I might try this idea!

    Love the new blog design!

  8. Beautiful! Great idea. I need to be more artsy like that. No doubt it’s much more enjoyable than just going out and buying it.

  9. I absolutely love this idea! I had “pinned” something similar, and already picked up the fake cranberries (and got severely ripped off at Pottery Barn, but they did have the “frosted” and regular in a combo pack!) I can’t wait to make this, it looks beautiful!

  10. Love the classic look of the decorations! I am not a crafty person, but I could handle that craft. I’ll start putting decorations up on Friday. I just want to get through Thanksgiving first.

    Adore the new design! Now you have me wanting to give my blog a makeover.

  11. wow, this site looks great!

  12. These are ridiculously cute, love them! And your pictures are absolutely beautiful of the finished product. Can you come to my house and do this too please haha? ;)

  13. Dream Mom 11.19.2011

    Oh, those are really cute. They look nice on the mantle.

    Yes, I am almost done putting up Christmas decorations. I was excited to get started this year since I am in a new space and couldn’t stop thinking about where things would go. Tomorrow, I’ll put up the tree so I can enjoy it.

    The blog design is pretty although I did like the photo of you with the corn cob, lol.

  14. Those look beautiful! Awesome job!

  15. Libby Bouma 11.19.2011

    I try to be super crafty… but haven’t done it much recently. I love these super cute wintery jars!

  16. DIY gifts and craft projects are the best kind of gifts to receive…and to give. So fun!

  17. Rebeca 11.19.2011

    I love your new layout!

  18. Karie @ The HoB 11.19.2011

    These are super cute! Great job!

  19. Christa 11.19.2011

    Just saw your green bean casserole recipe linked over on How fun to see a familiar face while reading other sites!

  20. Very pretty – I’m a big fan of the cranberry and spruce sprigs combo. I do something similar every year using cranberries and spruce sprigs, but I add water and use floating candles. So cheap and easy, but looks amazing.

  21. Anita 11.19.2011

    I LOVE your new site design! I’m not sure if this happened a few days ago, but regardless, it’s great! And I’m totally going to try to get my roommate to help me make these for our apartment. :)

  22. Molly 11.19.2011

    Gasp! IGE, with a new look! Lookin good! Perfect timing too, right before Thanksgiving. Its like how in college when you go home for Thanksgiving Break, you want to look all cute because you haven’t seen your high school friends in months. Oh, that was just me? Oh. :)

  23. Maria 11.19.2011

    These are so pretty!! We put up most of our decorations today too — but mostly out of necessity, since if we didn’t do it today we wouldn’t be able to until Dec 5! And we like to do it right after Thanksgiving :)

  24. Ms.S 11.19.2011

    Love the new look!

    I am a crafty person, and made the pine cone garland you posted about a couple weeks ago. I wrapped a small string of Christmas lights around the garland to make it a little more wintery. Love it! But my next project needs to be making another stocking. I made mine and my husband’s last year, but now we have a new little guy who needs a stocking of his own! Gee, wouldn’t it have been smart to just make 4 stockings right away instead of 2? :)

  25. This is such a cute idea! And for cheap, too!

  26. Lindsey 11.20.2011

    Love the new blog!
    We decorated the house for Christmas yesterday. I did a few Christmas word art designs and put them in frames and then did a Christmas countdown from Pinterest. I love crafts but don’t ever have too much time for them!

  27. Stefanie 11.20.2011

    These are a-dor-a-ble! Love them. If I had a mantle I would totally make these. Maybe I’ll turn our dining bar into a makeshift spot for these during the holidays.

    BTW — I’ve been reading the site via my mobile RSS reader… I LOVE the new site layout – it is to die for!

  28. Allison 11.20.2011

    I’d consider myself a pretty crafty person and those would look great on our mantle this holiday season- thanks for sharing! It’s my first year living with my Dear so I need to start thinking of and buying holiday decorations :D

  29. Casey 11.20.2011

    I use my mason jars for every season, they are so easy and cheap to work with! Yours look great and now I am putting up my decorations so I can have the warm cozy too!

  30. Laura 11.20.2011

    I’m uncreative and uncrafty – but I’m trying to tap into that part of my brain more. I made that pine cone garland you blogged about and I love it! It’s already on my fireplace ;)

  31. Ashley 11.20.2011

    I love this! How cute, and I have tons of Mason Jars lying around! Too bad I don’t have a mantle, hmmm I’m sure I can find a place to put a couple of them :).

    Oh, and love your new blog design! Looks great!

  32. Like the new look! I just posted some DIY holiday gifts on my blog the other day…and now I need to do some decorating!

  33. Megan 11.20.2011

    I did decorate for Christmas this weekend too! Husband was out of town and my mom was over, so no surprise! :) Most of it came from the basement or other rooms of the house, but I did find some adorable pillows at Target. The one new craft this year was to make a garland of fabric Christmas trees in various holiday fabric. It took awhile to sew them up but I love them swagged on the fireplace! Cute mason jars – I love candles around this time of year

  34. MOM 11.20.2011

    These are just beatiful with the mantle lights and greenery behind them:) You’ve got me excited about decorating the house for Christmas now:)

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  36. AbbieD 11.21.2011

    I love these jars! I admit to being a scrooge…I’m single and live alone so I only put decorations up about once every three years. :( Just don’t really see the point of going through the effort just for myself…and my cat said she doesn’t care either! ;) BUT…I actually think I might hit Hobby Lobby tonight and make some of these!

    One question, though. Can you actually light those candles?! I feel like they would catch the spruce on fire. No??

  37. Iowa Girl Eats 11.21.2011

    I’m not sure – I haven’t tried lighting them yet! I’d imagine the glass around the candle would get hot, but maybe not *that* hot?!

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  39. Bridgett 11.22.2011

    I’m working on 6 of them right now and watching Eclipse! Got to get ready to see Breaking Dawn! In addition to the red berries, I found some pretty white pearly looking ones. I’m excited to put on my fireplace.

  40. Dee 11.25.2011

    Instead of actually votives (I don’t think I’d light those!)get some of the battery operated votives that are out now. They even flicker like candles. Same effect, only much, much safer.

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  50. “DIY Holiday Decor for Under $15 | Iowa Girl Eats” actually
    got myself addicted with ur website! Iwill certainly wind up
    being returning more normally. Thank you -Barbara

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