Redesign Reveal!


I’m so pumped that YOU’RE so pumped about the 20 Day Holiday Workout Challenge!! :D

I made a couple buttons and posted them on the Challenge Page, and officially designated the hashtag #20DayChallenge for all related Twitter chatter over the next month. We totally got this!

Since I hadn’t run in nearly 2 weeks before yesterday, I was feeling all kinds of sore today (it’s crazy how much you can feel a run in your abs, right?) so I ran through this quick & dirty 30 Minute HIIT Routine after work.

Holy buckets, I sort of thought my legs were going to spin off, but running to a HIGHlarious episode of Friends helped make it, not me, fly by! :)

Afterwards I came home and popped Spicy Orange Baked Tofu in the oven for dinner. It has seriously been a hot minute since I had the luscious ‘fu in my life!


This dish was easy enough to prepare – just cubed tofu marinated in an exotic mix of flavors including soy sauce, orange juice, ginger and red chili pepper flakes, then baked ’til golden brown.

I started with Nasoya Sprouted Extra Firm Tofu.


“Nasoya organic sprouted tofu plus, made with sprouted soybeans, aids in the absorption of nutrients, is easy to digest, a good source of vitamin K, and is an excellent source of protein & calcium!”


Last night I cut the block into cubes, then layered them in a 9×13 baking dish.


This morning before I left for work I poured the sweet & spicy marinade over top to soak into the tofu all day.


This evening all I had to do was bake, mix with some roasted asparagus, and pour it over brown rice.

Ummm, it was not good. I know – so sad!


It was a little too sour, or something. I think there was too much rice vinegar in the recipe. That, and Ben said the oranges I got weren’t that great. Thanks for warning me ahead of time.

I WILL say that the tofu was great! Awesome texture, and with 12 grams of protein per serving, it’s bound to keep me full all night.


Yeah, although it didn’t taste the best,  I still ate it all. It was one of those recipes where you can’t decide if you really hate it or not, so you keep eating then decide at the end that yep, you definitely hated it. Oh well. You win some, you lose some!

DSC_0833 Redesign

In other news, let’s talk about the big Tiffany-blue elephant in the room, shall we? The brand new look of! :D

First of all thank you so, so much for your kind comments regarding the re-design. It’s been a long and intense labor of love, and I’m so glad you like it.

Second of all, a million thank yous go out to the man who made it all possible, Michael Novotny. Michael custom developed the entire theme, and I couldn’t have asked for a smarter, more hard working or patient person/developer/friend to crank this beast out beside. Be sure to give him a call if you have any web development needs yourself.

Major props also go out to Justin at 8/7 Central for the calming, serene color palatte and design. I LOVE IT!

At any rate, let me show you around!


At the top of the header, in the green bar, you’ll find links to connect on Twitter and Facebook, or send me an email or subscribe to IGE via RSS feed (more on that in a minute!) On either side of the white logo in the middle of the header, you’ll find links to all the major pages on the site: Home, Recipes, Workouts, Travel, Top Posts, About & Contact.

Posts & Getting Around

On the left side of each post you’ll find a grey floating button (perhaps my FAVORITE part of the new design!) that let’s you jump to the top of the post by clicking the arrow, or jump down to the comments/sharing section by clicking the heart. Comment, share, tweet, stumble and pin here, if you so desire!

If you are on the homepage, vs being in an individual post, you can click on page 2, 3, 4, etc at the bottom of the page to get to older posts.

If you are in an individual blog post, rather than the homepage, you can navigate to previous blog posts by clicking on the green “Prev/Next” buttons either right below the comment/sharing section of each post, or at the very bottom underneath where you would submit a comment.


The sidebar of the site is packed with the usual suspects – a search field, quick links to the major pages of the site, Facebook, popular posts and something new: an email subscribe option. (To those of you that were concerned about the RSS excerpt, I shortened it so email subscribers wouldn’t get a huge long email, but I’ve switched it back.)

In addition to navigating to old posts by clicking on the page numbers at the bottom of the homepage, and on the green prev/next buttons inside posts, you can also find old posts by month and day with these widgets in the sidebar!

Still to Come…

1. A BRAND NEW RECIPE SECTION where you will be able to print, email and, most importantly, easily search for all the recipes I’ve ever posted. I am THIS excited for well, this, and hope to have it completed by Christmas.

2. Dropdowns on the main navigation, so I can bring back some oldie but goodie pages like Restaurants!

3. Better search results. Right now when you search for something only one page is returned, and you have to keep clicking “next page” at the bottom of the site to see all the posts that match your search query.

4. Plus more fun stuff! Stay tuned. ;)

I hope the site tour will help you navigate a little bit better, and again I do hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Lots to do tonight including putting laundry away. The joy! ;)

Have a great night!


Have you had any recipe bombs in the kitchen lately?

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  1. You make me want to enjoy ‘fu so badly! I just can’t! WAH WAH! Great lil tour you just gave. ;)

  2. Josie 11.29.2011

    Just wanted to say I LOVE the new look. I was so sad when you shortened the RSS feed (because I hate shortened feeds, I’m lazy… lol) and I’m so glad it’s back to a full feed. I love your recipes and I think I’ll try this tofu one this weekend.

  3. Cristal 11.29.2011

    I love the new design, however, It is taking a really long time to load things…

  4. Lauren 11.29.2011

    Loving all of the new features. I also love the design. Totally clean and chic but cute and flirty at the same time. It’s so you!

  5. Kim 11.29.2011

    Hey, I’m totally in with your 20 day challenge. I did my 2nd day. It will be tough getting in 20, but I should be able to finish up on Christmas Day. Thanks for the motivation!

  6. shandy (@webgals) 11.29.2011

    I know I already told you this, but I LOVE this new design.

  7. Lara 11.29.2011

    I saw your tweet about the new design and had to click through! It looks great! I love the Tiffany blue color too..both of my blogs have had it in the theme :)
    The tofu is what really has my attention though! It’s been so long since I’ve made a stir-fry. I may have to try your marinade!
    Congrats on the great new look!

  8. Wendy 11.29.2011

    Your redesign is beautiful! However, I just noticed that “Subscribe” is mispelled “Subsribe” in the sidebar…

  9. MWG 11.29.2011

    I do love your colors and design. So bright and cheery and delightfully pretty. :)

    And, sadly, I just had a recipe BOMB in the kitchen lately. It’s the best marinade ever (soy sauce, ginger, honey, garlic, YUM), but I think I got some bum meat. :( Here’s my goof:

    • Iowa Girl Eats 11.29.2011

      Dang, that sounded like a really good marinade too! I’ll have to try those Brussels sometime! :)

  10. christa 11.29.2011

    sooooo glad you switched it back to the full post in the rss feed! thanks!

  11. Ahhhh I STILL love the redesign so much it’s literally gorg anddddd meow I want tofu. #collegeissues

  12. Eleni 11.29.2011

    I made some really bad potato spinach curry in the crock pot the other day. I think I should stop trying to make up recipes. They always fail!

  13. Sal 11.29.2011

    I love the new design. Keep on…..

  14. i am LOVING the new site — the color palate, sleek design, easy to find posts, overall organization — it is all GREAT!

    i can’t even remember the last time i had tofu… must add it to the grocery list!

  15. Cindy 11.29.2011

    I absolutely love the redesign, especially the Tiffany blue :)

  16. I love the new look of IGE and I’m LOVING the #20daychallenge!!

  17. Julie 11.29.2011

    Thanks for the tour…everything looks great! So fresh and new, love the color pallete!!!! Excited for more fun things in store.

  18. Jessica 11.29.2011

    Please let your new recipe section be Recipage!!!! It is do user friendly and I wish all my fav bloggers used it. Your tofu looks divine, too bad it wasn’t :(

  19. Jessica 11.29.2011

    I meant “so” user friendly, darn iPhone

  20. Really love the new design! I totally did the same thing the other day when eating a new brand of chicken sausage… couldn’t decide if I loved it or hated it and by the end I totally hated it. Ha!

  21. Lindsey 11.29.2011

    Love the new design!
    And yes I had a flop yesterday with salted caramel chocolate shortbread bars, caramel was way too hard! Boo.

  22. Allison 11.29.2011

    Well, your dinner may not have turned out as tasty as desired, but at least you made dinner! I got home at 7 p.m. after a long day and somehow ending up eating a banana, a protein shake, and . . . about a gazillion servings of tortilla chips. I just couldn’t stop. FAIL!!

  23. Michael Novotny 11.29.2011

    Aw, thanks for the kind words! It has been an honor and a privilege to work on this with you.

    I say we didn’t do too bad for a couple rookies launching their first website. ;)

  24. Alyssa 11.29.2011

    I’m lovin the new site. So pretty and very excited about the recipe search function. :)

  25. I LOVE your new blog layout! So cute!!

  26. skinnyrunner 11.29.2011

    its adorable and love the colors. i have a special place in my heart for grey tones.

  27. girliefriend 11.29.2011

    Still lovin’ the redesign. Can’t wait for #3 though! Thanks Kristin!

  28. Beautiful design.

  29. this looks GREAT, kristin! i can see why you love it so much. simple, organized and beautiful!

  30. Ashley 11.30.2011

    I love the new site! It looks fantastic!

    Off to grab a 20 Day Challenge “Button”.

  31. Looks great! I really need to do a redesign, but I’ll be doing it myself and I am no html master, so yeah… but anyway, love it!

  32. Julie 11.30.2011

    It’s a really good thing that I had a backup pie on Thanksgiving because the healthy (er, healthier?) pecan oatmeal pie (from Cooking Light) was a total failure. It was gross. Just. Gross. (The “unhealthy” pecan pie I made a couple of days later was pronounced the best pie ever by the Huz.) I guess some things are worth a smaller portion but taste amazing and turn out the way the recipe says. :)

  33. Ris 11.30.2011

    Congrats on the new design! It looks absolutely fabulous!!

  34. I love love love the new design! It all looks beautiful :-)
    The design is fantastic and the colours are lovely.
    And that meal looks so delicious, I might have to try marinading some tofu like that some time.
    I also might have to join you with your 20 Day Challenge, I need something like that!

  35. VeggieGirl 11.30.2011

    Loving the redesign and the workout challenge!

  36. Ryan 11.30.2011

    I LOVE your new layout! I’m in the process of trying to find someone to redesign my blog too and to help me make the switch to self-hosting. I’m quite inspired! :)

  37. Love the redesign!

  38. janetha 11.30.2011

    DOPE site.

  39. jen 11.30.2011

    Oh my gosh! i love it! looks absolutely amazing, kristin! cannot wait for the recipe search thingy. congrats on the new digs!

  40. Anna 11.30.2011

    I love the look of the clean! Last night I sauteed greens with onions and added apples…I think it would have been good but I added some mushrooms and go…next time I’ll try it without! Of course, I ate it anyway ;)

  41. Love how the redesign looks! :D

  42. Liz 11.30.2011

    Congratulations on a beautiful new site! It looks GREAT!

  43. Ellen Ludwig 11.30.2011

    I LOVE the new site, Kristen! It looks great and excited about your enhancements!

  44. Alison P. 11.30.2011

    CONGRATS on the new baby! ;) I’m sure it was a labor of love getting the new design up and running and it looks FABULOUS!


  45. OHH yum!! This would make a lovely lunch meal!! I can not wait to make it! (:

  46. LOLA 12.17.2012

    LOve your web-page!! We have alot in common….I’m from Iowa, love to travel (travel agent in my past years) and love to RUN!!! I love reading your pages….thanks for sharing!! Lola

  47. Brian 03.14.2013

    Love the blog design! Very visually appealing – especially all the beautiful photos.

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