Month of Holiday Giveaways Begins!

***This giveaway is now closed. The next giveaway will be Monday, December 5th!***

Raise your hand if you can’t even believe that today is December 1st. December. First!

Bring on the Mariah Carey Christmas CD, milk nog, unrestricted viewing of my favorite Christmas movie of all time, and the…

Month of Holiday Giveaways!

Wheee! :D

This is the third year (third?!) of the Month of Holiday Giveaways here on IGE, where I giveaway some of my favorite fun and foodie items all December long. I am this pumpedTHIS PUMPED – about the items on the giveaway list this year, and have a feeling you’ll be just as excited.

I’m kicking things off with a prize pack chock full of goodies from a company that I just adore – Sabra!

I had the pleasure of visiting the Sabra factory back in May, and my love for their products only increased when I saw first-hand how passionate the company is about their customers and food, and learned that they’re not just a hummus company.


In addition to a wide variety of hummus flavors (pine nut and roasted red pepper being some of my faves) Sabra also has delicious lines of individual snack packs, salsas,

HummusPacks Salsa

Greek yogurt vegetable dips, and guacamole.

VeggieDip Guacamole

In the first giveaway of the month, I’m featuring 1 Sabra Prize Pack, that includes:

  • 3 VIP Coupons (read: 3 FREE Sabra products)
  • Bamboo chip and dip platter
  • Sabra Apron
  • Putumayo World Music Party CD
  • Hummus Chicken Salad recipe card
  • Spinning world keychain
  • Sabra bamboo spatula

Enter to win the prize pack by tomorrow, Friday, December 2nd at 5:00pm central time, by commenting below on what your favorite part of the holidays is.

In the meantime, be sure to try Sabra’s special holiday hummus flavors – Rosemary, Olive Oil & Sea Salt – which are only in stores until the end of December.

Good luck everyone! :)

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  1. Alison 12.02.2011

    My favorite part of the holidays is spending time at home with family and the little traditions that we only do at the holidays like White Elephant gift swaps and food traditions like my Mom’s caramel rolls on Christmas morning with mimosas! :)

    Happy Holidays!!

  2. Carrie 12.02.2011

    My favorite part of the holidays is being with family, enjoying great food and watch my kids eyes on christmas morning.

  3. Katie 12.02.2011

    I love getting together with my entire family, and spending several days of quality time together. Especially since I live far away from them now, it is really nice to get to see them a lot over the holidays. :)

  4. Traci 12.02.2011

    My favorite part of the holiday season is time off from work! Let’s face it, I get to see my family at Thanksgiving and drive all over the place to see them. When it’s time for Christmas, I’m looking forward to a little extra time off work and time to do some things that I want to do!

  5. Jamie 12.02.2011

    Making and sharing all of the delish baked goods with friends and family. Love this time of year!!

  6. Raechelle 12.02.2011

    My favorite part of the holidays is getting together with my family to eat some great food! I actually tried some Sabra products after you did your post last time, and I loved them! I really want to try the vegetable dip.

  7. Melaney 12.02.2011

    My favorite part of Christmas is watching the magic of the season come alive in my daughter’s faces. It is so wonderful to pass down a love of the holidays and the joy from sharing with others. I love your blog! :)

  8. Courtney 12.02.2011

    Spending time with family! My brothers and I dont live near home anymore so its nice for everyone to be there at the same time.

  9. […] up the first week of the 20 Day Holiday Workout Challenge, and launching the first giveaway in the Month of Holiday Giveaways (which is still open until 5:00pm […]

  10. Tara 12.02.2011

    This will be a great xmas we just adopted a little girl August 26, 2011 this will be a Christmas to remember

  11. Stefanie 12.02.2011

    My favorite part of the holidays is definitely spending time with my amazing family, watching classic christmas movies snuggled up with tea while its snowing outside, and obviously cookies galore :p so 3 things! haha

  12. Camara 12.02.2011

    Two words. The. Food.

  13. Mia 12.02.2011

    My favorite part of the holidays is (obviously) the food. But I also love driving around looking at Christmas lights! My sister and I stop at Starbucks for hot chocolate, then wander around finding the most festive homes:)

    P.s. First post on your blog (which I LOVE by the way)!

  14. Heather 12.02.2011

    My favorite parts of the holidays are family and food. I live far away from my family so only see them a couple times a year, and rarely all at once. Of course, food has to make the list as well with all the yummy sweets that around every corner (which creates the need for the awesome 20 day holiday workout challenge!).

  15. Katie 12.02.2011

    My favorite part of the holidays is being able to spend time at home with friends and family. And also, the food, of course!

  16. Wendy 12.02.2011

    I love walking my dog at night and seeing all the pretty lights on my neighbors houses.

  17. Carolyn B. 12.02.2011

    My favorite part of the holidays is spending good old fashioned quality time with family! Since moving 750 miles away from my parents, this was my first Thanksgiving without them. That makes me even MORE excited to go home and spend time with them for Christmas!

  18. Maren 12.02.2011

    My favorite part is baking cookies and all other Christmas goodies! It should be more fun this year with the help of my 2 and half year old! :-)

  19. Chris 12.02.2011

    Twinkling lights everywhere! I just can’t get enough of ’em!

  20. Sara 12.02.2011

    I love colorful Christmas Tree lights and Mistletoe!

  21. Josie 12.02.2011

    My favorite part of the holiday season is all the extra cooking and baking I get to do. So many new recipes to try and new foods to eat. Yum!

  22. Mary Claire 12.02.2011

    I love the holiday season because it gives me an excuse to bake!! :)

  23. Randi 12.02.2011

    I LOVE the warm feeling of Christmas lights and the fire while cuddling with my daughter and watching all our favorite Christmas movies and drinking hot chocolate!

  24. Kelli 12.02.2011

    My favorite part of the holiday season is spending time with my friends and family… and the holiday treats!

  25. jen 12.02.2011

    I love decorating. I could sit and stare at my tree for hours!

  26. Kara 12.02.2011

    Christmas parties!

  27. Leigh 12.02.2011

    My fave part of the holidays is family…and food…but mostly family. The bickering seems less “bickery” when there are Christmas tunes, TV specials, snow and cookies around!

  28. Sarah 12.02.2011

    Decorating the Christmas tree :)

  29. Diana 12.02.2011

    My family is out of state, so my favorite part is definitely going up to visit them! And see my new niece!

    By the way, Elf is my favorite Christmas movie too!

  30. Robin 12.02.2011

    Christmas lights! I can not have too many lights around my house and I love to drive around and look at others’ lights!

  31. Matt 12.02.2011

    Getting together with family and friends to devour some awesome grub. You cant get any better than that during the holidays :D

  32. Amber 12.02.2011

    My favorite part of the holidays is traditions! This Christmas is particularly special because i am newly engaged, and a new homeowner, so we get to start our own traditions!

  33. Cari Fairchild 12.02.2011

    My favorite part of the holiday season is snuggling up on a cold, snowy day with a comfy blanket and some hot cocoa and watching some classic Christmas movies! All while our beautiful Christmas tree is glowing in the corner!

  34. Ashley 12.02.2011

    Our new tradition is to grab a cocktail and watch The Griswold’s after dinner. That movie never gets old!

  35. mandy lekin 12.02.2011

    Putting out all the decorations and listening to Christmas music, nothing
    Is better than the warmth of a Christmas home.

  36. Quinn 12.02.2011

    I love just relaxing and curling up in front of the fireplace..and watching Elf , of course.

  37. Katie 12.02.2011

    I love all of the decorations! in stores, in homes, everywhere

  38. Alison 12.02.2011

    Baking!!! I love Holiday baking with my mom and sisters!

  39. Ashley F 12.02.2011

    I love putting up the decorations. But right now, I’m just ready for some snow!

  40. Samantha 12.02.2011

    My favorite part of the holidays is well, everything – the music, decorations, cheese made for tv movies, not cheesy movies, parties, egg nog flavored EVERYTHING, family get togethers, shopping, wrapping, cozying. Loves it all.

  41. Whitley Noel 12.02.2011

    My favorite part of the holidays is sitting with family and watching my daughter open her presents. She is only 18 months old so it takes her almost 3 day! And chocolate… anything and everything chocolate! :)

  42. Kaitlin 12.02.2011

    my favorite part of the holidays is easily christmas music. i’d listen to it year round if i could! my particular favorite is the n*sync christmas album :-)

  43. Christy 12.02.2011

    Favorite part is breaking out the old Christmas shows that my parents taped (yes, taped off of TV) for me when I was little. Cabbage Patch Christmas (!), Pee Wee’s Christmas, Garfield Christmas, etc…. The tapes are starting to get super jittery so I’m going to have to find them all on DVD!

  44. Zoe 12.02.2011

    How festive the holidays are! I love the snow+lights combo all over town and how happy everyone is in December :)

  45. Katherine 12.02.2011

    I love drinking hot cocoa in front of the fire on Christmas Eve with my family. P.S. I love Sabra and live near the factory in Richmond, VA.

  46. Allison R. 12.02.2011

    My favorite part of the holidays is going back to my hometown and getting that indescribable, nostalgic feeling.

  47. Kate 12.02.2011

    My favorite thing about Christmas time is how it permeates EVERYTHING! Decorating the house, Christmas music, parties, and cooking. So fun!

  48. shannon 12.02.2011

    my favorite part of the holidays is spending time with family.

  49. Stacey 12.02.2011

    My favorite part of the holidays is getting together with family!

  50. Amy Tolbert 12.02.2011

    My favorite part this year is that my son will be home from Iraq just before Christmas!!! I can’t wait!