Month of Holiday Giveaways: One Sydney Road Earrings


***This giveaway is now closed. Thank you for entering!***

The next giveaway in the Month of Holiday Giveaways comes from a company that I just HEART.

One Sydney Road!

One Sydney Road sells new and handmade, uber gift-friendly items that I’ve included in several past Friday Favorites posts. From adorable doggie clutches, to cutesy table linens and mod accent pieces, I find a new must-have item every time I visit their website.

What I really love though, is OSR’s jewelry. It’s elegant, fun and unique – just like the Anna Earrings they’ve offered to give away!

I’m just a squeench bit jealous about this one, guys. ;) These earrings are gorgeous! Perfect for a pretty New Years Eve dress, no?

Enter to win this pair of Anna Earrings by Friday, December 9 at 5pm by leaving a comment telling me about the gift you are most excited to give to someone this holiday season!

Good luck!

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  1. Laura C 12.09.2011

    My little brother loves William Sonoma Peppermint Hot Chocolate, so I send him some every year…

  2. Jaime 12.09.2011

    I’m super excited for Christmas morning because my 2 1/2 year old daughter understands Santa more this year. When you ask her what she wants from Santa she always says a bicycle so that will be waiting for her when she wakes up. Seeing her excitement is going to be priceless!

  3. michelle 12.09.2011

    i am most excited to give my sister a north face down sweater. she has no idea and i hope she loves it just like i love mine!

  4. Kate 12.09.2011

    My brother and I had a favorite game growing up and I found it on ebay to give to my nephew. Christmas morning is going to be epic!

  5. Koren H 12.09.2011

    I don’t think I can pick just one… I LOVE watching my kids open all their gifts! :)

  6. Erin 12.09.2011

    I’m incredibly excited to give my boyfriend the thing that he hasn’t quit talking about since it came out (an IPAD 2)He always does so much for me, and would never spend the kind of money the IPAD 2 requires on himself, so I am soooo happy to be able to show him all my love and appreciation through this gift! Is it Christmas yet?!?!

  7. Pippy 12.09.2011

    I’m most excited to give my husband and kids one of those red professional popcorn carts for our basement. Anticipating many fun movie nights with the family!

  8. stacy 12.09.2011

    I’m super excited to watch my 7 year old open the nutcracker that I bought him. He started collecting them last year and I think he’s going to love the one he receives this year!

  9. Kim 12.09.2011

    I’m most excited to give my 6 month old nephew an Elefun Ball Popper.

  10. Ellen 12.09.2011

    Framed photos of our newborn baby girl! Grandmas are going to love them!

  11. Stephanie Schimmel 12.09.2011

    Well i’m really excited to finally tell my mom that I signed us up for the zumba classes she’s been dying to take! I had to stop her from signing herself up since it was my present to her.

  12. Sara Ennis 12.09.2011

    My nephew is so excited about his new train set, so it makes me extra excited to give him some more trains to go along with it!

  13. Laurie S 12.09.2011

    My 1st yr college son so wants a North Face jacket to wear between classes and not have to deal with his bulky winter jacket in the Northern Tundra of Decorah. Well I had to talk him out of a similar one from Gordmans while Christmas shopping because I already found a clearance Columbia jacket in a tall. (He is 6’5″ and is going to be so thrilled!!)

  14. Jaime D. 12.09.2011

    I am most excited to give my nephew a lego set that I know he wants REALLY bad.

  15. Emily 12.09.2011

    I’m excited to give my kids each an Ipod touch this year. And that will be about all they get, since it’s so expensive!

  16. Kristin 12.09.2011

    I’m excited to give my boyfriend a pair of fly fishing waders and new trout flies… he loves fishing and asked for them. The funny part is, I tried to be sneaky and sent the Cabela’s package to my parents house (since my bf and I live together nearby) and then he saw the box there when we randomly went in the basement the other night at my parent’s house to get something!! Oh well, he doesn’t know for sure what’s in there until he opens it. =)

  17. Jillian 12.09.2011

    I am making several kinds of homemade cookies to pass out to friends and family in the next couple weeks. Since they are homemade, I’m able to give even more people a small gift this year!

  18. Jana 12.09.2011

    I am always excited to give gifts, especially to my kids. But this year I am making a lot of the gifts and that makes me very excited! Bath salts, body scrubs, knit stocking hat, and a photo collage for the grandparents. These gifts don’t cost as much money, but more thought and time involved with each one!

  19. sara 12.09.2011

    I’m excited for my son to open gifts. He’s 3 this year, and is really excited for Christmas. Should be fun!

  20. Meaghan 12.09.2011

    I ordered my 5 & 2 year-old boys custom made super-hero capes with their initials on the back! (Honestly, I was just a little sick of tying a blanket around their necks 1 million times a day:) I know they will LOVE them!

    Merry Christmas!

  21. Lindsay schumacher 12.09.2011

    I am so excited to give my boyfriend his gifts this year. We just moved into our first place and he needs some “manly tools” and wall decorations for the spare bedroom as I have deamed it “his small man cave!” :-)

  22. So cute!

    I’m going on a cruise with my parents for Christmas. The hubs and I bought theme a Kayak and Snorkel excursion. Pretty excited to give them that and do it with them.

  23. Lauren 12.09.2011

    I got a soda maker for one of my little sisters and I’m excited to give it to her because I know she will be SO excited to receive it. I’m equating her potential excitement to my excitement when receiving the Easy Bake Oven years ago.

  24. Bridget 12.09.2011

    I’m really looking forward to giving my dad and step-mom a digital camera.

  25. Joanne Haroldson 12.09.2011

    My daughter, who has Down’s syndrome, loves opening presents. It doesn’t matter what the gift is, she is excited when opening every gift. She makes Christmas a special family time.

  26. Shannon 12.09.2011

    My poor dad, and his lack of style. I am SUPER excited to give my Dad new “cool” running shoes for Christmas!

  27. michelle gabela 12.09.2011

    I am really excited to give my niece (she is 4) the pair of high heels she desperately wanted. She loves everything girly and has been dreaming of high heels. I know she will love them.

  28. Colleen 12.09.2011

    I’m really excited to give my husband his first fancy briefcase.

  29. I love giving gifts! I love watching someone opening something that I know they’re going to love. Unfortunately I haven’t done ANY Christmas shopping yet (eek!)

  30. Diana 12.09.2011

    O.M.G. I love those earrings!

    I am most excited to give my husband (a whiskey fanatic) a set of gorgeous whisky glasses with our college emblem etched into the glass. They took forever to have made and hes going to love it!

  31. RaeAnne 12.09.2011

    I was so excited to give my husband a new XBOX 360 that I couldn’t wait and gave it to him on Black Friday :)

  32. Madeline 12.09.2011

    Those earrings are adorable! I can’t wait to give my newborn niece some Iowa State gear to teach her this is a CYCLONE state! :)

  33. Molly 12.09.2011

    Ha it’s a gag gift for my college track team secret santa but I am a senior girl and he’s a freshman boy so I got him an awkward gift from Spencer’s Gifts and he’ll be super embarrassed to open it in front of the whole team (hopefully not considered hazing…)

  34. Abby 12.09.2011

    Im looking forward to giving my brother (who is in Afghanistan) a home quilted comforter made out of Crown Royal bags (his fave drink) by a good friend of mine. Can’t wait to see his face when he gets it!

  35. kristin 12.09.2011

    Me and my brother got my parents a new tv. I hope they love it because they are worth it.

  36. Emily M 12.09.2011

    My brother and sister in law announced over thanksgiving that they’re expecting twins! So I’m super stoked to go out and start buying all kinds of cute baby stuff for them!!!

  37. Shari 12.09.2011

    I have a surprise gift for each one of my 3 kiddos this year. Hard to pull that off every year!

  38. Allie 12.09.2011

    We had a white elephant party last night as part of our monthyl supper club… I was so excited to see who would get the finger mustache temporary tattoos I brought!

  39. […] forget you have until 5pm today, Friday, to enter to pin a pair of One Sydney Road earrings. And, here are my favorite finds from around the web this […]

  40. Meme 12.09.2011

    I’m giving my friend a Dutch oven for Christmas/her birthday

  41. Karen T 12.09.2011

    I am most excited to surprise my sister with a pair of Ugg boots on Christmas day. She is going to be so excited! :)

  42. Crystal Christopher 12.09.2011

    Well every year my mom and I go on a Christmas trip, just us ladies. This year we just got back from Washington DC. This was our 9th trip to date. Abuot 5 years ago, I started a journal just on our trips together. So every year, I steal the journal back from her house, and write all about our most recent trip in extreme detail. Laughs, cries, anything and everything, so that we will always remember every trip we’ve had together. So no matter what else I get her, it’s always both of our favorite gifts to give and receive. Once she read part to my dad, and was laughing until she bought peed in her pants, and he didn’t really get it haha.

  43. Michelle 12.09.2011

    I am super excited to give my Dad a new Head Tennis racket for Christmas. He has changed his lifestyle in the last year, lost 30 pounds by playing tennis every chance he gets and just eating healthier. So proud of him :)!

  44. Celina 12.09.2011

    Im excited to give my parents a hug for christmas…I havent been home in so long!

  45. Angela 12.09.2011

    We’re giving our daughters (1 1/2 & 3) digital cameras so they don’t ‘play’ with mine anymore! :) They will love them!

  46. Amy H 12.09.2011

    I’m excited to give my mom a new blender – she’s gotten really into juicing so I know she will love getting an upgrade!

  47. Rachel 12.09.2011

    Running playlist CDs for my friends – fun to make and receive ;)

  48. Jill 12.09.2011

    I can’t wait to give my mom a framed family picture that my brother and I took as a surprise!

  49. Marilyn 12.09.2011

    I’m excited to give my husband an Amazon Prime account. He’ll love it.

  50. Cellabella 12.09.2011

    I got my husband archery lessons, he’s been wanting to learn archery for a long time now so I’m excited to see his face when he finds out!