Merry & Bright


Merry Christmas everyone! Hope your day is merry and bright. :) Talk to you from DC!

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Friday Favorites


Happy Friday everyone! Well it’s Christmas Eve eve, and the anticipation of gift giving, spending time with family, and a looming vacation has turned me into a giddy school child, but at the same time, I can’t believe the holidays are almost over! I mean, we still have our pumpkins…

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Mexican Braised Beef (Crock Pot Recipe)


I am HO-HO-HOME FREE FOR THE HOLIDAYS! :D Wheeeee! OMG that video seriously makes me laugh like an insane person every time I see it. BAHAHAHA! So yeah, I’m officially on “Christmas vacation” until January 3rd. I feel like my life has been strictly work, eat, sleep, repeat since this…

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Brand New Recipes Section: Search, Print, Email & Share!


Howdy, people. TGIAF! (Thank goodness it’s almost Friday!) Wait, it’s only Wednesday, isn’t it? Ugh! I’ve been having day later syndrome this entire week! This always seems to happen when holidays are on the horizon. Hollar if you hear me! …crickets… Anyways, as I mentioned a few weeks ago, I’ve…

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Lighter Scalloped Potatoes with Ham


Lighter Scalloped Potatoes with Ham is just as decadent as the original butter and cream-laden recipe, but on the lighter side! I cannot believe it’s December 20th – 5 days before Christmas – and I have yet to bore you with a snow-laden, whiny winter weather post this season! You…

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