Tastes Like Pink Felt


Juuust a couple of hot messes over here…

DSC_0801 DSC_0802

Lucky me came down with a head cold on Thursday – sneezing, runny nose, sinus headache and pressure like you wouldn’t believe – and was pretty much out of commission all day Friday and Saturday. Just as I started to feel better today, Ben went down for the count!


Instead of cheersing with bubbly champagne to our long, MLK Jr Day weekend, we clinked stemless glassware with fizzy Alka Seltzer Plus.


OMG – never again! “It tastes like pink felt!” Ben cried! Ew, it did. It really did. Thick, syrupy, and, well, PINK. Wretched!


However horrendous, it did get us both out of the house and over to my parent’s for Sunday lunch, where my Mom had Mediterranean Chicken over Pan-Fried Gnocchi bubbling in the crock pot. :)


I don’t think I can ever eat non-pan fried gnocchi again. It is so good! Here was her inspiration.


Ben started getting quiet during lunch, and finally turned and asked if there was anything in the Alka Seltzer that would make him sleepy.


Eek! The antihistamine for runny noses! We learned antihistamine hits Ben hard when he almost fell face-first into his dinner plate after taking Benedryl a few Thanksgiving’s ago. If it wasn’t so sad, it would have been hilarious. Ok it was hilarious.


I completely forgot it sends him straight to snoozeville, so I whisked him home so he could sleep it off. Meanwhile I’m taking the quiet time to dig into a new book my Mom lent me, The Glass Castle. (Maybe I should change my nail polish first?! Ahhh!) I’ll let you how it is!


Hope you had a nice weekend!


Do you have tomorrow off? How are you spending the long weekend?

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  1. the glass castle was hands down on of my favorite books! i hope you enjoy it too! …and now i’m hungry for italian.

  2. Haley 01.15.2012

    I looooove The Glass Castle! My mom recommended it to me a few years ago when I had gone a long stretch reading anything that left me inspired. I couldn’t put it down and I still think about it ~4 years later! Hope you like it! And, hope you and the hubs feel better!

  3. Ohhhh lord. Alka-seltzer is just as bad as Emergen-C! But worse. I have the saaaame sickness, started on Thursday. I’ve never seen so many tissues in my life!

    p.s. I read that book for AP my junior year of high school, and although it is slow, it was good. Enjoy, lady! ;)

  4. Theresa 01.15.2012

    Sorry you two are feeling under the weather :(

    And OH.MY.GOD! That book! My mom has RAVED about that book for yeeaaarss. I literally just decided today (before stopping over here) that I need to make a library stop Tuesday (pretty sure they have off for MLK day) and GET THAT BOOK! Then I see this. It’s a sign, I swear. A sign that this book is going to be epic, I’m sure.

    Happy reading! I will have to report back and we can confer!

  5. Marissa 01.15.2012

    Hope you guys feel better soon! At least it’s a pretty pink!

    I just read that book last week (in about 48 hours). It was so good. And you won’t want to jump off a bridge like I was assuming. You’re proud of the kids!

  6. Melissa 01.15.2012

    Awe, sorry you guys are sick!

    That book. Oh my. Very well written, but so SO depressing. I just finished book 2 of the Hunger Games series and it was FANTASTIC! Better than the first. I’m glad I have the 3rd book ready and waiting for me! You should check out the series if you haven’t read it yet.

  7. “The Glass Castle” is one of my favorite books, and I love it so much that I teach parts of it to my high school students. I met Jeannette Walls when she was here last year for the Smart Talk series, and she is absolutely amazing. PLEASE let me know how much you love the book!

    Oh, and feel better! :)

  8. Megan W 01.15.2012

    The Glass Castle is a perfect read for a sick day! Wells is such a fantastic writer and the story is a crazy adventure. Her other book, Half-Broke Horses, about her maternal grandmotheris excellent as well.

    Happy reading!

  9. Nancy 01.15.2012

    Hope you and Ben feel better soon. Enjoy that book too — haven’t read it yet. Good that you two are off tomorrow so that you can recuperate.

  10. Hope you guys feel better soon! The Glass Castle is a good read…I hope you enjoy it!

  11. Emily 01.15.2012

    I don’t have tomorrow off!! –how crazy is that?! I’m pretty devastated, but alas, life goes on. I think my mouth is officially watering from this meal, btw. Another win for Momma IGE!

  12. I am so excited to be off tomorrow, mostly because like you and Ben, I’m sick :-( My cold isn’t really that terrible though, so I’m just enjoying an excuse to be lazy for three days! I hope you two feel better soon!

  13. Glad you are feeling better. That is really funny about Ben and the near Thanksgiving plate face plant. :)

    Neither of us have tomorrow off so it’s back to the grind! Enjoy your time off.

  14. I read The Glass Castle a couple of years ago and really liked it. If you end up enjoying it, you should check out Jeannette Walls’ new book…although the name of it escapes me right now!
    Hope you both feel better asap!

  15. jad18 01.15.2012

    I wish I had tomorrow off, but sadly no. The glass castle is a good book, but is hard to read sometimes. I cannot imagine having a childhood like that. I hope you and Ben feel better soon!

  16. Trisha 01.15.2012

    Feel better soon! Feeling ill is no way to spend a long holiday weekend but at least you have an excuse for lounging around being cozy, right?! :)
    I’ve got your cheesy chicken pot pie in the oven right now and plan to do some lounging around myself before I have to go back to the real world tomorrow.

  17. Lucky you to have tomorrow off! I unfortunately don’t. I also had the come down with the illness last week and for the first 3 days it was AWFUL. Hope you both feel better soon!

  18. Cari 01.15.2012

    I don’t have tomorrow off :( But I made a chocolate cake to help me feel better about it. I generally dislike all baked goods that involve chocolate, but seriously, I could eat the entire cake myself. But I won’t.

    Hope you both feel better soon!

  19. That’s a really good book!

    I do have tomorrow off and after working a lot of holidays in 2011, I’m going to relish it, mostly by spending two hours at the salon getting my hair did :) I am planning meatballs in the crockpot though!

  20. Rhona 01.15.2012

    I hope you both feel better. Ok, you will love Glass Castle. I read it for my bookclub and it has been one of my favorite books since. I think you will enjoy it. It is so unbelievable you will be shaking your head.

  21. kellyo 01.15.2012

    It tastes funky but Alka Seltzer Plus works! Hope you are both feeling better tomorrow so you can enjoy your day!

  22. Lori 01.15.2012

    The Glass Castle was a great book. I just finished Unbroken. I remember you raving about that awhile ago and I completely agree. I could not put that book down! I actually wanted to call in sick to work so I could keep reading :)

  23. Margaret 01.15.2012

    Yep, as others have commented, The Glass Castle is a terrific read. It was one I read in practically one sitting.

  24. Stacie Gorkow 01.15.2012

    Great book! From someone who waas raised in a loving home, it was heart – wrenching to read about their lives. Half-broke horses is the sequel/prequel told from the grandmothers life. Haven’t read it yet but heard it was good.

  25. Lauren 01.15.2012

    Oh my goodness poor Ben! I just read this and smiled a little because its too cute but I feel bad for laughing. :) Hope you both feel better soon!

  26. Karina 01.15.2012

    As others have said, The Glass Castle is a phenomenal read! Enjoy! Hope you both feel better as well. =)

  27. Hope you feel better soon!!!
    Oh girl…we SO need to have dinner one day. I make a pan friends gnocchni that is OUT of this world! I can’t even eat it another way!!!

    I guess I should blog about it….hmmm…stay tuned.

    xoxo from Trinidad

  28. Karla 01.15.2012

    Feel better, you two. Glad you didn’t have to do the cooking today! Keep us posted about “The Glass Castle.” I’m always looking for new recommendations!

    I have tomorrow off from work…and I’ll need it to recover from that painful Packers game :(

  29. Machelle 01.15.2012

    what is the book about? sorry you guys are sicky…..it seems to be going around. so far i have managed to escape it, knock on wood! try the orange flavored Alka next time…..it’s still not great tasting, but better than the red fruity kind…..and a lil more water than it looks like you have going on there. get well soon….both of you! oh….and thanks for the reminder that i need to do my nails! i have to work tomorrow but that’s ok! i finally got a job after being off for 1 1/2 years, so i’m happy to work! and i actually like this job, so far, so that’s a plus!

  30. nancy keller 01.15.2012

    The Glass Castle is an excellent book. I am fom Oelwein, Iowa,but live in Az now. I love your recipes.

  31. Abby Ryan 01.15.2012

    I have to plan carefully when I take an antihistamine…..If I take it downstairs with a glass of water, I’m usually able to barely make it upstairs to crawl in bed. Even the “non-drowsy” stuff has me feeling like I’ve been hit by a truck…..hope you guys feel better soon!

  32. I’m so sorry y’all are sick! I hope you feel better soon! I hate it when guys are sick… It’s so sad.

  33. Eleni 01.15.2012

    I read that book in high school and it was good!

    Luckily, I do have tomorrow off from school and work. I got a great deal on a beer brewing kit from craigslist today, so tomorrow will be full of brewing. My boyfriend and I can’t wait!

  34. Steph 01.15.2012

    Great book! Read Half Broke Horses when you’re done!

    • Pam 01.16.2012

      Agreed! Both are excellent books!

  35. Awww feel better soon!!!! Dinner looks yummy. I love stemless wine glasses, we just got some for Christmas!

  36. Feel better, guys! The gnocchi looks so delish. :)

  37. Haley 01.16.2012

    I think we have the exact same cold goin’ on… I’ve never had this much sinus pressure in my life! Hope you fully recover soon :)

  38. Wendy 01.16.2012

    This sounds disgusting but it works wonders. Next time take a medium onion and peel off the outer layer. Do the same with 2 cloves of garlic. Place in a pot along with about a 2 inch piece of ginger root. Pour water in the pot until the onion is covered. Bring to a rolling boil. Simmer until onion is soft (usually about 10-15 minutes.) Strain and pour “tea” into a cup along with some honey. Try to drink 2-3 cups for a couple of days. My friend from Hungary gave me the recipe. It’s their “go to” when you have a cold. Think of it like a broth. It’s different, but it does work wonders!

  39. The Glass Castle is a great read! The follow up (All the Pretty Horses) is great too.

    It must be head cold weekend – as I have on too!

  40. Hope you both feel better! And yes, that Alka Seltzer Plus is nasty!!

  41. Jennifer 01.16.2012

    You will love Glass Castle, it is a wonderful book! Hope you both feel better soon!

  42. It must be a mom thing – mine gave me The Glass Castle a couple of years ago too. It’s great, I hope you like it. It was totally different than a lot of the more chick-lit books I usually pick up.

    Hope you feel better! It’s going around everywhere this time of year…

  43. Allison 01.16.2012

    Feel better! Tons of people [myself included] have been getting sick because of the sporadic hot and cold weather… At least you had some tasty eats and your hubby to comfort you!

  44. Leslie 01.16.2012

    Glass Castle is such a great book! I was in tears at the end. I just read Half Broke Horses by her and that was pretty awesome too. Enjoy.

  45. Kristyn 01.16.2012

    Hope you both feel better soon! That book is amazing…one of the greatest books I’ve ever read.

  46. Daisy 01.16.2012

    The Glass Castle is a great book. enjoy.

  47. Traci 01.16.2012

    I think the chicken dish your mom made looks amazing! My family is coming for a 4 day visit this week, so I’m looking for some new recipes to try on them. Crock pot recipes are great because it leaves us free for the day to do other things. Wondering if you could share this one – once you’re feeling better, of course!

  48. Tammy 01.16.2012

    I am going to splurge on myself and get a mani/pedi. Heaven!!

  49. Kerri 01.16.2012

    The Glass Castle is an AMAZING book. It is one of my favorites and I cried through most of it. You will probably love it!

  50. Angie 01.16.2012

    Enjoy the book! I remember feeling depressed and inspired all at once while reading it. Oh, and the gnocchi looks amazing :)

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