Tastes Like Pink Felt


Juuust a couple of hot messes over here…

DSC_0801 DSC_0802

Lucky me came down with a head cold on Thursday – sneezing, runny nose, sinus headache and pressure like you wouldn’t believe – and was pretty much out of commission all day Friday and Saturday. Just as I started to feel better today, Ben went down for the count!


Instead of cheersing with bubbly champagne to our long, MLK Jr Day weekend, we clinked stemless glassware with fizzy Alka Seltzer Plus.


OMG – never again! “It tastes like pink felt!” Ben cried! Ew, it did. It really did. Thick, syrupy, and, well, PINK. Wretched!


However horrendous, it did get us both out of the house and over to my parent’s for Sunday lunch, where my Mom had Mediterranean Chicken over Pan-Fried Gnocchi bubbling in the crock pot. :)


I don’t think I can ever eat non-pan fried gnocchi again. It is so good! Here was her inspiration.


Ben started getting quiet during lunch, and finally turned and asked if there was anything in the Alka Seltzer that would make him sleepy.


Eek! The antihistamine for runny noses! We learned antihistamine hits Ben hard when he almost fell face-first into his dinner plate after taking Benedryl a few Thanksgiving’s ago. If it wasn’t so sad, it would have been hilarious. Ok it was hilarious.


I completely forgot it sends him straight to snoozeville, so I whisked him home so he could sleep it off. Meanwhile I’m taking the quiet time to dig into a new book my Mom lent me, The Glass Castle. (Maybe I should change my nail polish first?! Ahhh!) I’ll let you how it is!


Hope you had a nice weekend!


Do you have tomorrow off? How are you spending the long weekend?

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  1. Cari Fairchild 01.16.2012

    The Glass Castle is amazing! I had to comment as soon as I saw the book in your post!

  2. Ashley Courtney 01.16.2012

    The Glass Castle is such a good read!!

  3. Sheryl Shantz 01.16.2012

    I too had to respond once I saw the book. Loved Glass Castle!!! I read Half Broke Horse first. Even though it is not required that you read it before GC it is about the grandmother and mother so make sure you read that one too.

  4. Kalli 01.16.2012

    You might have written a post on this… but can you tell me what you use to organize your recipes? I am just getting into cooking and can’t decide if I should go digital or keep it traditional and use a recipe organizer. Any help would be great! :-)

    • Iowa Girl Eats 01.16.2012

      Right now I’m just using a list I keep in Evernote, but Pinterest is perfect for keeping track of recipes!

  5. Kira 01.16.2012

    The Glass Castle is one of my favorites! Can’t wait to hear what you think about it! :)

  6. Dee 01.17.2012

    I am forever faithful to Oscillo during the winter months. You have to take it as soon as you feel a little “off” but it works, I haven’t had a full fledged cold or flu for almost 3 full years now.

  7. Very good book. How far along are you?

  8. Evi 02.07.2012

    How did you like the book? I really really liked it, very fascinating and really sucked me in.

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