Giddy Girl


I’m in a weird (read: crazy) mood right meow.

Could it be the fact that it was still light enough to take pictures in the last rays of the sun when I got home from work that’s making me deliriously happy? Completing Day 2 Week 1 of’s 30 Day Fitness Challenge without coughing up a lung? Getting to pick up dinner instead of cooking it at home?

Oh wait, I know what it is…

I get to eat sugar in one day! WHEE!


Week 1 of Sugar Free Jebruary is coming to a close tomorrow, and the first thing I will be devouring when I wake up Saturday morning is THIS. A warm(ed up), Cinnamon Crunch Bagel with Reduced-Fat Hazelnut Cream Cheese from Panera.



Goll – seriously! I am giddy with anticipation. Look at that streusel pocket!


This week without sugar hasn’t been hard, per se, rather, it’s just been annoying. I never ever bake during the week, but all I can think about the past couple of days is the cakes, doughnuts and cookie recipes that are burning holes in my Evernote must try baking recipes list. I know I only want them cause I can’t have them though, which annoys me even more.


Oh well, I’ll survive. It’s good for me, and it makes weekends that much sweeter (pun intended.) ;) PS: last night’s peanut butter cookie dough dip experiment was a total bust. I tried to cut the recipe by 1/5 (why?) and totally screwed up the measurements. I’m trying again tomorrow, so I’ll let you know if I have better luck!


In other news, I picked up the Cinnamon Crunch Bagel when I was at Panera picking up dinner. A You-Pick-2 Combo of All Natural Steak Chili with Cornbread Crumbles, and an Asian Sesame Chicken Salad!


I had a fabu recipe all picked out to make tonight, but realized too little too late that it was a sweet, breakfasty-type dish that would violate my main goal for SF Jeb – no extra sugar during the week.


A quick spin to Panera solved my problem. This chili was spicy and tasted down right homemade. Reminded me of church soup supper chili. Good!


(I know, there’s sugar in the cornbread. I forgot, and it was only like, 2 Tablespoons worth!)


This Asian Sesame Chicken Salad was tossed with a far-east inspired, reduced-sugar Asian sesame vinaigrette that was just dynamite. I wish they sold it in bottles.


The chicken was great too – Panera always has the best chicken!


Done and done. :)


Well Thursday night = Ben and Kristin night. Both of our favorites are on tv, which means neither one is left to space off and/or dink around on the interwebs while the other is reveling in Teen Mom and/or (another) NBA game.

30 Rock, Parks & Rec, The Office and Up All Night – here we come!  :)



What’s your favorite TV show?

If I had to pick one I’d say…30 Rock. Tina Fey’s type of humor is my kind of humor. ;)

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  1. Jordon 01.19.2012

    Cinnamon Crunch bagels are my favorite from Panera!! Also, tonight is my favorite night of tv on NBC, too! Hooray!

  2. panera is my go to last minute, need something delicious and healthy, meal! i haven’t tried the chili yet — looks yummy, especially the cornbread!

    can’t wait for round 2 of the peanut butter dip!

  3. Debbie 01.19.2012

    They sell the Panera Asian dressing at HyVee!! Its delish! makes an awesome marinade for chicken too!

  4. Katie C 01.19.2012

    LOVE 30 Rock. And that dinner looks delish. Panera is the perfect meal to pick up, the quality is always spot on!

  5. You’re in luck – I recently discovered that some Super Targets have been carrying Panera products! I used the Asian Vinaigrette to make a pasta salad. Can I get a yum? Good luck finding it!

  6. Brother 01.19.2012

    Excellent job, dear sister.

  7. Lauren 01.19.2012

    Those bagels are probably one of the top 10 best foods on this earth. And now I want one! :)

  8. Laura 01.19.2012

    Happy Endings!! Breaking Bad!! Real housewives of bev hills!

  9. Trisha 01.19.2012

    Aww, Cinnamon Crunch bagels from Panera… my grandma’s favorite. She had a major sweet tooth and LOVED when my mom or I would pick her up a few of these. Miss that lady so much!
    Enjoy your sugar rush tomorrow! :)

  10. cinnamon crunch bagels with hazelnut cream cheese is hands down my favorite breakfast ever! thank goodness the closest panera bread is 1.5 hours away. i’m literally salivating.

  11. ana 01.19.2012

    My favorites that are on right now are New Girl, Modern Family, and Raising Hope.

    Also a little Californication and Gossip Girl.

    …Yes, I watch too much TV in the winter.

  12. jad18 01.19.2012

    My favorites are Parks and Rec, New Girl and Happy Endings. I used to eat those Panera bagels on a regular basis until I realized how many calories they have. Now they are definitely a once in awhile treat.

  13. Machelle 01.19.2012

    i have a few favorite shows! Big Bang Theory, Parenthood, and Hoarders…to name a few! and i’ve been getting into Hawaii Five-O, so not my type of show but it’s good! plus i dance like crazy by myself in my living room during the theme song!! :)

  14. Dee 01.19.2012

    My market basket sells Panera soups in the deli. I hardly ever go to Panera, I’m not sure why there food is always delicious.

  15. Hahahaha you are so funny. You were NOT kidding about the shugs — I used to work at panera and sooo many people ordered the cinnamon crunch bagels! That cream cheese is also a huge hit. Mildly sweet, and still sooo good.

  16. I was day dreaming about a bagel today hahaha! I finish my detox on Sunday and am excited to have a treat like that here and there afterwards.

  17. Kim 01.19.2012

    They do sell that dressing in a bottle! My Hyvee has it!

  18. Cari 01.19.2012

    cinnamon crunch bagel? yummmmmm. In college, the honor’s dorm I lived in had a monthly free breakfast in the lobby, and it was always utterly amazing when whoever hosted the breakfast brought Panera. I always (greedily) snagged two cinnamon crunch, saying that I would get two breakfasts out of it, but who am I kidding — I ate that second bagel the same day.

    My favorite show is Bones. I’m a sucker for any crime drama, but the characters and intellectual humor on Bones is just phenomenal. I love it!

    • Cari 01.19.2012

      oh also! Have you tried the Thai chopped Chicken salad yet? It’s my new favorite salad.

  19. Ashley Schantell 01.19.2012

    Did you know that panera DOES sell their dressing in bottles? I just saw it the first time at a super target here in Minneapolis a few weeks ago.

  20. I LOVE 30 Rock! Tonight’s was pretty funny :-) Although I might have to say Modern Family is my favorite. It’s a close race though!

    I know what you mean about wanting to bake when you’re trying to avoid sugar. I challenged myself to go a week without sugar and did it last week – as soon as I finished I had to bake chocolate chip cookies!

  21. Aidan 01.19.2012

    That Panera dressing is sold in bottles!!!! While I’ve seen other flavors at HyVee, I have only seen the asian sesame dressing at Target. It’s my favorite too!!!

  22. I love 30 Rock too! Thursday is my favorite night for TV, I love Parks and Rec and The Office too!

  23. LisaL 01.19.2012

    Oh that bagels looks so yummy! Thank goodness we don’t have a Panera real close by.
    Fave shows are Hawaii Five-O and TheMentalist.

  24. Stacey 01.19.2012

    Aw! Those are cute!

    Also, I am a college student so I really don’t have the time, space, ingredients, or energy to make all of these scrumptious things you have on your site so…. What would you say is your favorite, most health beneficial snack? I’ve been eating multigrain cherrios every morning and I need something new! I was looking to buy some CHIA SEEDS! What would you suggest? THANKS

  25. I’m so glad 30 Rock is back!

  26. Christi 01.19.2012

    My favorite shows are Big Bang Theory, Parenthood, and Mike and Molly, oh and The Office although it hasn’t been so great lately. Okay I think I need to cut back on the tv. I was wondering about whether or not you use all the “props” they use on bodyrock. I have tried to do several of the videos but I don’t have the timer they use or sandbags. I thought since I work out everyday that I was in good shape but their workouts are impossible for me to do. I wish they had a video that showed you how to do the workouts and then they would do them but their videos are very hard for me to follow, but that trainer’s abs are very motivating. :) I workout with Stephanie Vitorino videos, they are challenging but still doable for me. I wish I could cut back on my sugar too, I eat a dessert everyday, I run just so I can eat. I would love to try that bagel, it looks so delicious but since I count calories I just can’t use that many on one bagel. Can’t wait to try your quinoa recipe too.

  27. Karla 01.19.2012

    Mmm…all of that Panera looks so good. I’ve never seen the chili/cornbread combo on their menu before. Must try!

    My favorite TV show is Modern Family. I can’t help but laugh out loud nearly every episode!

    P.S.: All of these photos of you are too cute! Happy (almost) sweet weekend :)

  28. Angie 01.20.2012

    Yum! You’re reminding me of my not-often-indulged Panera love :) I watch most TV shows via Netflix, which puts me a year or two behind the rest of the world…Friday Night Lights is numero uno, but of those still running, it’s probably between Weeds, Dexter and True Blood.

    Enjoy your sugar fix this weekend!

  29. Christina 01.20.2012

    I think someone already mentioned this, but Panera dressings (and soups) are totally sold in SuperTarget- they usually keep them in the cold dressings section (by the lettuce)!

    As far as I know, the only one they don’t sell is the thai peanut vinaigrette…the second they start carrying it i’ll go broke, because that stuff is amazing. Like “crack for salads” amazing.

  30. I have never seen that chili offered at the Panera near our house. I will look for it next time as your dinner looks dynamite!

    If I had to pick a favorite tv show I have to go with Modern Family followed by The Office. For a more serious pick I will go with Parenthood and then Desperate Housewives (if that show can be considered serious, ha!) :)

  31. Diane 01.20.2012

    I love Panera. That and Chipotle are my two favorite ‘fast food’ places to eat :)

  32. I don’t have a TV, so Friday night is my Thursday night as I watch The Office, 30 Rock, and Parks & Rec on Hulu! If I had to pick my favorite show, I’d have to pick How I Met Your Mother. Every episode makes me laugh hysterically!

  33. I’m having Panera for bfast too! I just got their Mediterranean Egg White sammie and it’s super tasty! I’m straight addicted to their broccoli and cheese soup!

    My fave show might be The Office… looove.

  34. All I can think about is the cinnamon crunch bagel….yum. My husband and I love 30 Rock and Modern Family, but my new favorite show is Whitney! She says crazy things like “taste like diabetes” and I just can’t get enough.

  35. Brie 01.20.2012

    Okay, I feel like a freak for noticing, but is that jacket/sweatshirty thing you have on from Old Navy? If so, I’m sporting the same one – right now – in grey. Is it not the best activewear purchase!? So cute and comfy :)

  36. I hear ya on the sugar free diet being annoying. That’s what I always find when I try to eliminate a certain type of food group for awhile to cleanse. It’s not so much difficult as just takes a lot of energy to think about what to eat instead. Not a lost cause though, because once you get in the habit it does get easier.

  37. C. 01.20.2012

    The lack of sugar is getting to you! Haha. Cinnamon crunch bagels are my FAVE too. Argh I haven’t had one in forever!

  38. OBSESSED with cinnamon crunch bagels. That’s a great way to use you sugar allotment this weekend :)

  39. Sydney 01.20.2012

    My cousin recommended I start watching 30 rock…and I can’t believe I didn’t do it sooner! I’m almost caught up now!

  40. Life's a Bowl 01.20.2012

    Panera has such good bfast, lunch, and dinner options- I could honestly eat there for each meal in one day and not be unhappy… Maybe that should be on my to-do list ;P I’ve never tried that bagel flavor but it looks simply like super good bread + sugar, I’m sold :D

  41. Renee C. 01.20.2012

    Hi:) I am just curious what kinds of foods you are eating on your no-sugar diet? Is it no sugar at all or no extra sugar? Like …ketchup…is that off-limits? I have been thinking of trying a similar plan so just wondering if you could give some examples of meals:) Thanks!

  42. Chelsea 01.20.2012

    Favorite TV show = Dexter and The Walking Dead :) Shows that come in 3rd and 4th are Revenge and The Secret Circle. I watch too much TV…

    • Kristin from MN 01.20.2012

      Revenge! I love Nolan’s character… he cracks me up! :D

  43. Oh my goodness, now I want Panera ASAP! I love everything about that place!

  44. Lori P 01.20.2012

    Thursday night tv is definitely our favorite night for tv! I am a Parks and Rec fan for sure. Modern Family is awesome if I can ever remember to watch it!

  45. Kristin from MN 01.20.2012

    My favorite TV shows right now are Revenge, Once Upon a Time, Vampire Diaries & True Blood. Now I need to schedule a trip to Sioux Falls or the twin cities so I can get to Panera! :)

  46. Erin 01.23.2012

    I seriously squealed with joy when I found that my local Target sells Panera’s dressing. The Asian sesame dressing is by far my favorite too! I can recreate their salad for like 1/4 of their price!

  47. Lisa 01.30.2012

    I found a food blog that recreates the dressing for the Panera Asian Chicken salad – I made it tonight and it is right on!
    I bought pre-made wonton strips from HyVee and poached boneless skinless chicken breasts – it was DELISH! Just wanted to share as it is my favorite salad from Panera by far.

  48. […] recently enjoyed one of these masterpieces as part of Panera’s You Pick 2 Combo, natch, and it was perfectly […]

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