Beach Bound


Howdy! How was your weekend?


I spent the past couple of days getting re-acquainted with chocolate (uggghhhh yes…) shopping with my Mom, hanging out with Ben, and loving down a new Sephora find – Urban Decay De-Slick in a Tube.

This stuff ROCKS!

Previously I had been using Laura Mercier’s Shine Control Powder to mattify my oily-yet-sensitive skin. It worked fine, but I found myself having to reapply during the day. I tried the de-slick in a tube this weekend, and have had zero shine throughout the day – AND no dryness from the product either. It’s love!

Just thought I’d share. ;)

In other news, this afternoon I planted myself in the kitchen to work on a few yummy freelance projects, whisking, pouring, and baking to the reggae tunes of Bob Marley on Pandora.


I couldn’t resist, as Ben and I finally booked our Spring Break trip yesterday. This April we’re heading straight to the sun, sand, and surf of Negril, Jamaica mon! 8)


Ben and I haven’t been on a tropical, sand in our toes-type trip since our honeymoon to Cabo San Lucas in 2008.

We always like to go somewhere for our anniversary, and decided to take it totally easy for our fourth one (!) this year. The thought of kicking-back to eat, drink and be merry in the Caribbean sounded absolutely irresistible to both of us. I CANNOT WAIT!!! :D

Beach-body preparations begin immediately, starting with…pizza for dinner?


Despite it’s appearance, this isn’t pizza-pizza, rather, it’s low-carb Cauliflower Crust Pizza!


I’ve been seeing some buzz about cauliflower crust pizza – pizza that uses grated cauliflower instead of flour in the crust – for several months, and finally had the motivation to give it a try for dinner tonight. ;)


The recipe starts with the crust. Instead of yeast, flour and the like, combine grated and steamed cauliflower with egg, seasonings, and mozzarella cheese instead.


Shape the mixture into a 1/2″ thick circle on a non-stick sprayed pizza pan.


Then bake the crust until golden brown, about 15 minutes.


Now, the only way I could convince Ben to try this was to make it BBQ Chicken Pizza, his fave, so I topped the crust with BBQ sauce,


chopped –> seasoned –> sauteed chicken,


and 2% sharp shredded cheddar cheese.


Broil the pizza until the cheese is melted and the toppings are warmed through.


Finally, the moment of truth. How would it taste? What would the texture be like? Could a grated cauliflower crust pizza really replace standard pizza in my life?!




It was…different! The crust was a little moist, but still stood up to being held like a normal slice of ‘za. It was actually kind of wild.


The taste was excellent though, and if you are looking for a low-carb alternative to regular pizza crust, and/or have to get in a bikini in a couple months, then you will love this. ;) Click here for the full recipe!


In other news – I’m off to oogle the dresses on the red carpet at the SAG Awards, then it’s off to bed. Hoping to squeeze in an early workout tomorrow morning. :D

Have a wonderful night!


What’s your favorite, must-have beauty item?

Where’s the last place you went to on vacation?

Are you a fan of “fake-out” recipes?

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  1. Um this idea is insane. Can’t wait to try it!

    Photog question- what lense(es) do you use?!

  2. i’m dying to try that cauliflower crust — have had it pinned for months! thanks for sharing… your pizza looks delish :)

  3. Nancy 01.29.2012

    That cauliflower pizza is new to me. Worth a try, I think.

  4. Rachel 01.29.2012

    I’ve been seeing this around the blogosphere too, and when I asked my husband about trying it, I got a look like “Are you kidding me?” So, I haven’t made it yet. I’m jealous of your vacation…Outside of trips to visit family, we haven’t had a real vacation since 2006, when we went to South Padre Island.

  5. Rene' Marino 01.29.2012

    I order a gluten-free pizza from a local pizzeria ~ and it is delicious! It costs a little bit more, but it’s still cheaper than buying bigger clothes :-) Looking forward to trying out this recipe!

  6. Cauliflower is the greatest. I love making cauliflower mashed “potatoes”. Yummy. Pretty much any veggie I can sneak into a dish for my fiance is a fake-out.

    I hope y’all have a wonderful time in Jamaica!! So fun!

  7. Cauliflower crust sounds very interesting – glad to hear it turned out well for you. Just might have to get brave and try it for myself.

    And are you going to Couples? I sure hope so that place is amazing!

  8. Rachel 01.29.2012

    Where are you staying in Negril? We went there for our honeymoon in 07 and stayed at a little villa on the 7-mile beach…the beaches there are so beautiful, but be prepared for a scary hour or two car ride from the airport in Montego Bay to Negril…they drive crazy!! :)

    • Julie S. 01.30.2012

      Ha ha! We went to Jamaica almost 15 yrs ago, & I still remember being scared for my life in the back of the passenger bus! Just don’t look, Kristin!

  9. Kassie 01.29.2012

    You’re going to LOVE Jamaica. I went there two years and have been dreaming of going back ever since. Where are you staying? I stayed at Couples Swept-Away which was amazing!

  10. Cary 01.29.2012

    My boyfriend and I were hoping to plan a trip to Jamaica this March or April too! Do you have any advice for where to stay or what site to book it through? I’ve never booked an all inclusive vacation and I’m scared to overpay or end up at a bad resort!!

    P.S. Can’t wait to try this pizza! :)

  11. jad18 01.29.2012

    I’m amazed (and jealous) of how often you and Ben travel. For budget and work-related reasons, we usually only to get to take one trip per year. Last year we went to Sedona and the Grand Canyon. This year we are thinking about northern California or maybe Seattle.

  12. Amy 01.29.2012

    Great to know it worked for you, now I know I’ll try it! I love that pic of you and Ben on your honeymoon! I am going to visit a pal in Los Angeles in a week and a 1/2, cannot wait, never been, yay…………!

  13. Lindsey 01.29.2012

    Urban Decay eye primer – love it :)
    We went on a 11 day road trip from home (Alberta) to California, 8 states, 6500kms – it was awesome!
    I have been wanting to try cauliflower pizza crust – hubby loves pizza so I thought I’d try this for sure.

  14. My husband and I honeymooned in Cabo 6 years ago, and have the same photo of us near the rock formation. When we went it was apparently Spring Break in Cabo, pretty fun for people watching. We loved it and have gone back to a Mexican/Caribbean every two years! Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

  15. so jealous!!! Have a great time in Jamaica – we had a wonderful time on our honeymoon 7 years ago!

  16. Jennifer 01.29.2012

    om my!! I am LOVING that pizza!!

    ♥ Jen
    The Teachers’ Cauldron

  17. Sounds interesting — i too have seen it online for a while now and guess who bought a head of cauliflower today??? me me me. Guess I will be trying this out myself…thanks for the push! xoxo from Trinidad

  18. I think I’ll have to try that “pizza”, I’ve got some leftover BBQ pulled chicken that would make the perfect topping. Hope you have a fabulous trip!

  19. Ann 01.29.2012

    My husband and I just went to Negril in December for our honeymoon and had the time of our lives!!! It was amazing and the most relaxing vacation ever. Would love to go back. We stayed at Sandals Negril and highly recommend it!

  20. Lindsay 01.29.2012

    I wish I could figure out how to find a good vacation location. I want to go on a Spring Break trip, but I dont want to go to a place that is CRAZY busy and filled with college kids. :(

  21. nicole 01.29.2012

    I live in Florida and the weather was GORGEOUS today. So I went and took a nice long walk on the beach. Sorry not bragging but I gotta say Fla east coast beaches (particulary where I went which was Bradenton beaces) has the most beautiful, soft sugar WHITE sand. Not any of that icky yellow rough sand. I do get upset during the seasons (Oct – Dec) when its hot and the season’s don’t feel like seasons down here in Fla. However I am grateful for this time of the year; I can kick back on the beach and enjoy breezy mid 70’s perfectly sunny weather. :-)

  22. Interesting! I’ve been seeing the cauliflower crust for a while and I’ve been wondering what it’s like. My weekend was filled with wedding prep tasks like registry and bridesmaid dress shopping! Eeee!

  23. So jealous of your vacation! You will have a great time :-) I can’t wait until my boyfriend and I have real jobs and can take a trip somewhere wonderful! We are contemplating a road trip to Colorado this summer. Fingers crossed!

  24. We went to Jamaica last February for our anniversary and I am seriously sad that our trip this year is Baltimore’s Inner Harbor. I mean, it’ll be good… it’s just not Jamaica haha.

    I’ve been looking at this pizza crust recipe on pinterest and trying to decide if it could actually taste good. I think I’ll need to give it a whirl soon. Might have to make it bbq like you did for the boyfriend!

  25. Kristin from MN 01.29.2012

    Urban Decay Eye Primer is my latest and greatest discovery.
    What do you use for powder? I’ve been using Tarte clay finishing powder to control my major shine problem, but my dermatologist says to only use make-up labeled non-comedogenic so I am not sure if that’s the answer, although Tarte make-up is all natural so I’m not sure if that is the same thing.
    My husband and I were planning to go to Punta Cana in March but the couple we were planning to travel with can’t go anymore so right now the trip is cancelled. :(

  26. Kim 01.29.2012

    This will seem like a silly question. What search engines do you use to search flight prices? I am needing to buy airline tickets for our family of 5 and there are so many search engines out there for flights and I am lazy and don’t want to look at them all. Just curious what you have found to be the best. Have a great week!

    • Iowa Girl Eats 01.30.2012

      I always, always, always use Expedia!

    • Kristin from MN 01.30.2012

      Also check out I like Kayak’s layout and they show prices for all other travel websites also.

  27. I would have never thought that cauliflower and those ingredients would hold together! Genius! And I really must try out that Urban Decay De-Slick stuff. My poor, shiny five-head. ;)

  28. Whalin 01.29.2012

    Looks good! How does the crust compare to traditional thin crust calorie wise?

    @Kim-we travel a lot and I rely on ITA software’s flight matrix-looks at all the major airlines, gives prices, easiest to navigate. Only drawback is that you can’t buy the tickets from ITA itself, you have to go to another website (i.e. Expedia,, etc) that ITA lists and links to. It’s what travel agents use.

  29. Oh man, this pizza is genius! I can’t wait to try it, although I’ll probably counteract the good things about it by eating twice as much.

    My favorite must have beauty item is waterproof mascara. When it comes down to it, it really doesn’t matter what kind, but knowing that your eyes won’t ‘run’ while sweating in the middle of the summer, or tearing up from cold wind in the winter is a great thing.

    My last vacation was with my husband. We recently moved to the the middle of the country temporarily (always being a coastal couple) and took advantage visiting Kansas City, St. Louis, Memphis, Little Rock, Dallas, and back to Oklahoma.

    And I LOVE fake out recipes.

  30. Beth 01.29.2012

    I literally JUST saw this on pinterest today! Glad to hear a review of it :)

  31. Meghan M 01.29.2012

    I am so excited to try this cauliflower dough! I had seen something like this on Pinterest but these step by step photos will motivate me to try it!

    When you go to Negril, definitely go to the Rockhouse Resort. They have 3 restaurants and I remember going to one that was right on the water … it was a beautiful dinner at sunset by the sea! If you are feeling really risky, try cliff jumping right near the Rockhouse but make sure you don’t land on the back of your legs-I had some nasty bruises! The walk along the 7-mile beach is filled with vendors (don’t touch unless you want to buy! No thank you is 99.9% of the time accepted, too) and little walk up bars and pristine, clean beaches. We also did some sort of River Walk Tour about an hour and a half away that was amazing! Make sure you negotiate your Taxi fares in advance!

    I love your blog so much! I am so glad I stumbled upon this thank you for sharing all your recipes and ideas!

    • Iowa Girl Eats 01.30.2012

      Thanks for the tips! Was it the Mayfield Falls river walk that you went on?

  32. Emily 01.29.2012

    I am definitely a fan of fake-out recipes (especially if the husband doesn’t catch on…). I’ve never heard of using cauliflower like this – very creative. I’m starting a one week clean-eating challenge (in hopes of making some long-term changes, too) tomorrow, and this would mean I could have pizza! :)

    My must have-beauty item is L’Oreal Voluminous Mascara. Been using it for years and ’tis amazing!

    Last place we went on vacation was to Seattle for our honeymoon in October!

  33. Chelsea 01.29.2012

    A love carb pizza?! Yesss! I love pizza haha. Now if only I’ll actually give this recipe a go one day…

  34. Kayla 01.30.2012

    Love that you tried this recipe! I had this recipe on my blog a week or two ago and I have been eating it ever since! Do you find that the crust holds up and doesn’t fall apart?

    • Iowa Girl Eats 01.30.2012

      It didn’t fall apart, but it wasn’t anything like a flour crust. Like I said, kind of moist…and…I don’t know! It’s almost indescribable! ALMOST like firm tofu, maybe?

  35. So exciting about your vacation! We are thinking of going to Hawaii for ours this year–did you love Cabos San Lucas?

    • Iowa Girl Eats 01.30.2012

      We did! It’s one the least “touristy” parts of Mexico that I’ve been to (Cancun, Cozumel, Puerto Vallarta) as far as not having a big downtown area to walk around. But the beaches are beautiful with big waves (love). We stayed at the RIU Palace which was TO DIE!

  36. Emilia 01.30.2012

    Wow, that pizza looks fantastic. I’m definitely going to have to try that soon and I’m not even that much of a pizza fan!

  37. Elena Ballam 01.30.2012

    Oooh girl, I am jealous of your travels. :) Jamaica is definitely on my someday list too! Can’t wait to hear how your trip goes!

  38. jennyv 01.30.2012

    Made the Cauliflower Crust ‘Za on Friday night with my husband and we LOVED IT! My husband was worried about making a non-traditional pizza as he was HUNGRY — he thought he wouldn’t be filled up — but he was! :) We will be making it again.

  39. Leslie Albers 01.30.2012

    OMG. We are going to Negril too! April 10th , Couples Swept Away. When/where for you?

  40. Cara 01.30.2012

    We just went to Negril in October for our honeymoon! We LOVED it. Stayed in the Couples Negril resort and loved everything about it :) Have fun!

  41. Brindi 01.30.2012

    My husband and I went to Savannah, GA last year. We stayed on Jekyll Island…beautiful and can’t wait to go back!

    • Iowa Girl Eats 01.30.2012

      I JUST told Ben that’s where I want to go on our next domestic trip! :D

      • Brindi 01.31.2012

        I definitely wouldn’t mind turning that into a once every other year trip. Great food, people and beautiful sights!

  42. I’ve seen variations of this for several months now and I so want to try it, but I am intimidated by (lazy) the cauliflower part, lol. It looks so tasty!

    • Iowa Girl Eats 01.30.2012

      I actually zipped it through my food processor, which saved a ton of time and mess!

  43. Jackie 01.30.2012

    Wait…is that a CYCLONE on Ben’s shirt?!

  44. Emily 01.30.2012

    I’ve been meaning to make a cauliflower crust pizza since forever! I never have! Thanks for reminding me!!! You vacation sounds fabulous! I’ve been a graduate student for three years… haven’t had a real tropical vacation since high school with my parents (almost 10 years ago!). I probably won’t get one for years to come. Enjoy it for me!

  45. Ashley 01.30.2012

    You have to go to Rick’s Cafe in Negril… it has the best view of the sunset.. plus pretty cool clif divers/live music, please, please go! It’s worth it.

  46. No way are you going to Negril! We have been planning on going there now for the last 6 months, and you are the second blogger to plan a trip there. This is my sign!!! Our last trip we went on was this past summer were were in London and all around the countryside of England. Must travel again soon!

  47. Jennifer L 01.30.2012

    My forehead is an oil slick, so thanks for the tip! I’ve been wanting to try something like this, but I’m always afraid to spend so much on something without knowing if it works. So thanks!

    I just had some amazing thin crust, neapolitan-style pizza, so the idea of cauliflower crust makes me sad. If I were getting into a bikini any time soon, I’m sure my tune would change, though! Can’t wait for the vacation pics!

    • Iowa Girl Eats 01.30.2012

      I don’t know if you have a Sephora nearby, but they let you take home samples of anything they have in the store, so you can try it out for a few days before you decide to buy it!

      • Jennifer L 01.30.2012

        I didn’t know they did that. There is one nearby, I’ll have to go in soon and try it. Thanks!

  48. MareMare 01.30.2012

    My fave item is also Urban Decay–their Primer Potion for eyeshadow that doesn’t run and stays on all day. I actually went to Cabo last summer for my cousin’s wedding, it was amazing. I’ll be going to Vegas in a couple months here, I need some sun and warmth. I’m ok with fake-out recipes as their own thing, as long as I don’t think of them as replacements, if that makes sense.

  49. Kath 01.30.2012

    OK, I had never heard of cauliflower pizza crust before today, but I have seen it here and on another blog in the last few hours. I think I need to make it soon! ;)

  50. Shannon Underwood 01.30.2012

    Thanks for the recommedation about the Urban Decay primer! I can’t believe that I haven’t tried it, because I LOVE the Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion! It is a must for crease free eye shadow (especially living in Texas where it gets a bit hot in the summer). Lots of people ask me how I get my eyeshadow to stay in place, and this is my secret.

    My last vacay was just a couple of weeks ago…I went to Maui for 10 days. Loved it!

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