A Beautiful Mess


Hello from beneath the snow!


After a winter where we’ve had maybe 5 inches of measurable snow – total – central Iowa finally got her first storm yesterday. Ben’s ecstatic. He’s a snow guy. I’m ticked. I’m a beach girl. Hmph! ;)


While the white stuff is far from my favorite, the fact that it fell all. day. long. yesterday, left me little choice but to stay home off the roads. Snow day – wheee!


Hello Chopped marathon, self mani, and finally finishing a DIY project that’s laying half done for weeks.

Mmmyeah, didn’t turn out quite as well as I’d hoped. On the left is the inspiration for my paint chip DIY wall art piece from A Beautiful Mess. On the right, um, a legit beautiful mess. Sure, colorful paint chips layered on top of each other to mimic a pixelized beach scene is colorful and pretty, but the fact that I apparently can’t measure for ‘ish, made the final product a big, hot mess with uneven lines. Also, what was I thinking with the random pink paint chip? Blerg!


It was supposed to hang above the bed of the remade guest room, but now I”m not so sure what to do with it. Maybe I’ll put modge podge on top and some wood stain to give it an antique look?! We shall see.

Anywho, as nice as it was to have an excuse to do nothing yesterday, Ben and I are both suffering a bit from cabin fever, and are excited to get out and head to a friend’s place for a Super Bowl watching partay in a bit. We’re bringing Slimmed Down Buffalo Chicken Dip, Mini Corn Dog Muffins, Bacon Wrapped Dates, and Salscamole.

Nobody’s leaving hungry, that’s for sure! ;)

Hope you had a wonderful weekend!


Talk to me! What was the highlight of your weekend?

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  1. briana 02.05.2012

    just made your corn muffins stuffed with chicken sausage and your buffalo chicken wrapped in cresents for the super bowl and my husband and I have eaten almost all of them ourselves they are awesome!! Thanks for the recipes!

  2. Funny to think I only live 2 hrs from DSM and we only got flakes in the air!

  3. Rachel 02.05.2012

    I had a fail this afternoon too–I was making the Hot Cocoa cookies you featured last Friday. If you haven’t made them yet, DO NOT use regular mini-marshmallows! If you can find them, use the Mallow Bits. One batch, I didn’t space out enough, and they spread out more than I was expecting. The second batch was almost impossible to peel off the parchment paper, until I realized (AFTER I tossed the rest of the dough, of course) that they would peel off, only if you let them cool completely on the cookie sheet. Ugh! I’m not complaining, though…It’s been up in the low 40’s here in SoDak, and what snow we’ve gotten has almost melted!

  4. Jenna 02.05.2012

    It’s so crazy how the weather was so patchy yesterday. Here in Tama (just an hour east of you) we didn’t get ANY snow. The morning was a little slick, but turned out to be a decent day, all in all!!

    I think your DIY is cute! Learn from experience!

  5. Michelle 02.05.2012

    I think your DIY looks great!

  6. Wendy B 02.05.2012

    If the third picture is your finished product, I love it! The highlight of my weekend was our angel of a neighbor using his snow blower and clearing our drive. Big lazy weekend….which are always nice!

  7. Sara 02.05.2012

    I love your DIY!

  8. Amy 02.05.2012

    The snow looks nice, but……….that’s all, ha……..no fun to see it for mths! In MN we’ve been so lucky in a way, little snow, above average temps….woot!
    I dig the DIY project, it’s your creation, hang it up….!
    One last note, I’m visiting a friend in Los Angeles next wnkd, for 4 days, cannot wait……:)

  9. I think your project looks great!

    This weekend we threw my friend a surprise party for being cancer free for 5 years. It was awesome!

  10. Sandy 02.05.2012

    Here in CR we got no snow (yeah!) and I was so happy. I am a beach girl and will take 80 degree any day. Made some chicken chili this weekend and roast beef subs for the game tonight. Little mozzeralla cheese, onions, dipping sauce and napkins and we’re set.

  11. I just returned from a Super Bowl party, and I brought the buffalo chicken poppers. They were, by far, the most popular dish of the evening. I should’ve made a TRIPLE batch because they were all gone within two minutes – literally.

  12. Mae 02.05.2012

    I made you buffalo chicken poppers – mmm! And I made these: http://allrecipes.com/recipe/figs-with-goat-cheese-pecans-and-bacon/detail.aspx
    They were good but needed something…maybe a balsamic reduction. Anyway, thanks for the recipe, and I think your DIY looks great!

    • Mae 02.05.2012

      I meant, “I made your…” Ha ha.

  13. Maria W 02.05.2012

    Chicago weather has been great this winter, hardly any snow! The highlight of my weekend was rehearsing for a musical drama that my family is part of. My husband watched the Super Bowl. I did lots of catching up on things I love to do. I copied some of your recipes for ‘give it a try’ recipe book that I’m making.

  14. Karla 02.05.2012

    I think your project looks fantastic, Kristin! You are so talented and Real Simple. :) Hope you had an awesome time at the Super Bowl party!

  15. jad18 02.05.2012

    We did not get any snow that stuck in the Iowa City area yesterday, but it was a slushy mix on Saturday and I worked on a scrapbook from a European trip from several years ago. It was a cozy afternoon and today was errands and then the Superbowl.

  16. melissa gray 02.05.2012

    Made mini-corn dogs for Superbowl party – big hit! Looking forward to trying some of your other Superbowl recipes soon. Beautiful sunny day in Charleston, SC – perfect for watching the game al fresco, until the wind picked up and the temp dropped to 59 degrees – brrrr, lol! Love your blog – thanks for sharing so many great recipes :)

  17. The snow is so beautiful! I love the pictures you took! Our neighborhood doesn’t have any big trees yet since it’s so new, but driving on the interstate was INSANELY gorgeous with all of the snow stuck on!

  18. I think your DIY piece looks great in these photos. Add a little more pink, orange, and purple and it could be sunset at the beach. I actually made paint chip artwork for my bathroom last week and posted it on my blog – must be a good project to wrap up with some downtime.
    And, thank you for the recipes you posted for the SuperBowl. I made the mini muffin corn dogs and the chocolate chip oreo cookies. They were both a huge hit!

  19. Kari 02.06.2012

    I love the finished artwork, but if you don’t, I think it would make a great background for a vision board too! And, I’m hoping that snow is not headed our way now….

  20. I’m a Giants fan so the highlight of my weekend was the WIN! Super pumped! I ended up making a simply layered taco dip for our super bowl party, but I neeeeed those buffalo chicken bites in my life!

  21. Jen Davis 02.06.2012

    Howdy! I made your buffalo chicken bites with avocado dip (which we actually mixed up a bit and made more of an avocado ranch dip) for our SB party. They were a HUGE hit! I doubled it and they were gone in seconds! Thanks so much for your awesome ideas, keep ’em coming please!

  22. Jaime D. 02.06.2012

    Pretty snow! I just want to let you know that I made your mini corn dog muffins for the Super Bowl party we went to and they were a HUGE hit! So tasty and so easy to make! Thanks so much for sharing the recipe!

  23. Angie 02.06.2012

    I made your Buffalo Chicken Poppers and Oreo stuffed choc chip cookies for our neighbors’ Super Bowl party last night. Both were big hits!! Thanks for the recipes and great blog. I enjoy reading it often.

  24. sarah 02.06.2012

    I’m jealous of your 5 inches…we got almost 3 feet between Friday and Saturday!

  25. AbbieD 02.06.2012

    No “highlight” really. Worked my PTJ for a few hours Saturday afternoon and had a few cocktails with friends. ‘Twas NOT fun driving to my hair appt Saturday morning! The interstate was scary! Like you, I was ticked.

    One thing I did do was to make those buffalo chicken poppers. Omg…I’m not good at it. I wish the pieces were squares instead of mishapen triangles. (One half of the half was too long and skinny, and I had a hell of a time forming it into a shape that would work.) BUT…they still tasted delicious! I’m thinking next time about just making a “pizza” out of it instead of trying to make little pockets. Took. Me. FOR. EVER! :(

  26. We live in Milwaukee and there is absolutely no snow on the ground. I’m not complaining though, but your pics make me miss a real winter just a bit! This weekend I went to a clothing swap at my friend’s house. 8 girls, tons of good food, wine and new outfits makes for a wonderful Saturday night!

  27. I love snow days. I had one on Friday and became addicted to Downton Abbey. I’m hoping for another one, not because I love snow, but because I LOVE missing work:)

  28. I visited my brother in Ames this weekend and didn’t get a lick of snow! Funny what a difference a few miles makes! We didn’t get any snow in my hometown either and I went on a bike ride!

  29. Your photos are lovely, I’m not really a snow person either but I do appreciate how beautiful it can look! And even if you’re not too keen on the result of your project I think it looks really good and I also think it’s brilliant that you gave the project a go :-) I would love to try doing something like that!

  30. Megly 02.09.2012

    I honestly think your paint chip mural looks GREAT! I would definitely put it up as-is, or fix it up a little and hang it somewhere. I’m always hard on myself when it comes to crafts (probably why I never do them…) but I came off my Google Reader to post a comment because I genuinely think you did a great job!

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