One-Day Valentine’s Day Pizza Giveaway!

***This giveaway is now closed. Thank you for entering!***

As much as I love me some St. Patrick’s Day inspired Homemade Shamrock Shakes, I can’t just leave Valentine’s Day in the dust!

Say what you will about the “Hallmark holiday”, but an excuse to shower your loved ones even more love and attention than usual, and perhaps get some chocolate and sour cherry gels out of the deal? I’m not mad at that.

Every year on Valentine’s Day, Ben and I face the same dilemma – do we stay in, or go out for dinner?

Dressing up and going out on the town is definitely enticing, but knowing that a lot of restaurants jack up their prices just because it’s a holiday makes choosing this $7.00 Papa Murphy’s Heartbaker Pizza on the big day incredibly alluring.

(Plus it’s so dang cute!)

Throw in a $3 S’mores Dessert Pizza, and Valentine’s Day dinner is SOLD for a grand total of $10!

‘Cause nothing says I love you like hot & cheesy, inexpensive home-baked pizza. ;)

Whether you choose to stay in or go out this February 14th, Papa Murphy’s wants to help make your Valentine’s Day special by giving away a Romantic Package for 2, to one IGE reader.

Open a bottle of wine, build yourself a floor fort, and dive into these fun goodies:

A $30 Papa Murphy’s gift card to get your own Heartbaker and S’mores dessert pizza, candles to set the mood,


a handy pizza paddle and cutter,


and the classic rom-com When Harry Met Sally, with wine glasses to sip from while you watch.


Plus, all the chocolate hearts you can handle. ;)

Enter to win this Papa Murphy’s package by Friday, February 10 at noon central time, by telling me what your favorite romantic comedy is. I’ll announce the winner in tomorrow’s Friday Favorites post!

Good luck! :D

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  1. Christina 02.09.2012

    My favorite rom-com is definitely Love Actually!

  2. Lauren T 02.09.2012

    Fave romantic comedy = Love Actually

  3. katie 02.09.2012

    Along Came Polly! (I feel like I’m the only person on earth that’s even seen the movie more than once. Just love it.)

  4. Lacey 02.09.2012

    “Sleepless in Seattle”. Thanks for the giveaway!

  5. Christina 02.09.2012

    My Vday flick pick would have to be Notting Hill

  6. Heather 02.09.2012

    We just moved to a place with a Papa Murphy’s and this would be a great opportunity to try it out!

    And obviously, Love Actually

  7. Emily 02.09.2012

    Staying in seems like the safe bet, although I usually get antsy to go out the day of! My favorite is You’ve Got Mail – a classic!

  8. Kyli 02.09.2012

    I love Sweet Home Alabama!

  9. Erin 02.09.2012

    My favorite is Serendipity. Perfect mix of cheesiness and romance!

  10. Jessica W. 02.09.2012

    My favorite romantic comedy is Love Actually! Thanks for the giveaway!

  11. Liz 02.09.2012

    my all time favorite is Sleepless in Seattle, but I also really enjoy the movie Valentine’s Day :)

  12. What a great giveaway! I love any seasonal-shaped foods, and the heart pizza is adorable…I love rom-coms but I’d have to say that my favorite is probably a tie between You’ve Got Mail and How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days! :)

  13. Emily 02.09.2012

    friends with benefits is a new favorite of mine… cuz who isnt envious of mila kunis and who WOULDNT love a movie with justin timberlake.. i mean cmon

  14. Eileen 02.09.2012

    My favorite is Sweet Home Alabama!

  15. Celeste B. 02.09.2012

    My favorite is the Proposal! Absolutely adorable! :)

  16. Trisha 02.09.2012

    It’s funny, all of these responses about Love Actually and I’ve NEVER seen it! I must agree with Emily though, Friends with Benefits is my new fave rom-com. I crush hard on both JT and Mila. :)

  17. Love Actually has got to be top on my list!! Though When Harry Met Sally and Knocked Up are pretty darn good too!

  18. Angie Shaffer 02.09.2012

    A lot like love! I could watch it over and over again!

  19. Charity 02.09.2012

    I like Pretty Woman.

  20. Jill 02.09.2012

    I’m going to have to say Love Actually as well :) Although I also adore When Harry Met Sally — I’ve had the same VHS copy since I bought it in high school, so a DVD would be fabulous ;)

  21. Caitlin D 02.09.2012

    The Notebook! It’s even better now that I’ve found my Noah. :)

  22. Sarah k 02.09.2012

    It’s hard to beat Sleepless in Seattle!

  23. Claire 02.09.2012

    Love Actually is the best rom com EVER!

  24. Kaye 02.09.2012

    Love Actually! And in honor of Valentine’s Day approaching, I have to say I love your blog. I have a whole stack of Iowa Girl Eats recipes I can’t wait to try. :) thanks for a fantastic blog!

  25. Sarah W 02.09.2012

    A walk to remember!

  26. Kelly Flynn 02.09.2012

    PS I Love you…. I cry every freaking time! But i love it!

  27. Kayla 02.09.2012

    My favorite romantic comedy is The Proposal by far!! Sandra bullock is hilarious!

  28. Jill 02.09.2012

    what a lovely giveaway. my favorite romantic comedy is the one you’re giving away – ‘when harry met sally’. :)

    p.s. pioneer woman is doing a ‘march madness’-style tourney with rom-coms right now. thought you might want to get in on the action. :)

  29. Eric Miller 02.09.2012

    knocked up!

  30. Is this only open to US residents? If not, my favourite romcom is Love Actually – I know it’s a Christmas film but I watch it all year round :)

  31. Sam Henderson 02.09.2012

    new years eve because it makes me laugh and “speaks” to me

  32. Tracy B. 02.09.2012

    I am currently loving No Strings Attached! Maybe not the best of all time but the best of right now works for me!

  33. Holly 02.09.2012

    Love Actually!

  34. Larissa h 02.09.2012

    youve got mail !!

  35. Rosemary Brandt 02.09.2012

    One of my new favorites is Just Go with It. Jennifer A. and Adam S. are great in it!

  36. Susie 02.09.2012

    Serendipity. I love that movie!

  37. Monica 02.09.2012

    Grease!! My favorite of all time :) :) Never gets old and I always want to sing..go grease lightning!!

  38. Jade 02.09.2012

    Love Actually :)

  39. Maggie 02.09.2012


  40. Katie 02.09.2012

    My newest fave is No Strings Attached!

  41. Angela 02.09.2012

    Absolute favorite is Sweet Home Alabama or the old standby, Dirty Dancing! Can’t get enough of those two movies!

  42. Jessica 02.09.2012

    The Holiday!

  43. Leanne 02.09.2012

    When Harry met Sally!

  44. Missy 02.09.2012

    Sweet Home Alabama! Wait….How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days! Wait….The Wedding Planner. Yes definately those three!!! :)

  45. Lindsey 02.09.2012

    My favorite: Father of the Bride :)

  46. Marissa 02.09.2012

    My favorite romantic comedy is How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days.

  47. Megan 02.09.2012

    A Lot Like Love and Love Actually. Seems like I’m into movies with “love” in the title.

  48. Melissa 02.09.2012

    My favourite is definitely How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days!!

  49. Katy 02.09.2012

    How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days has always been a favorite!

  50. Sarah H 02.09.2012

    up until this summer, love actually was my hands down favorite, but ryan gosling takes the cake in crazy, stupid love. to DIE for!

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