One-Day Valentine’s Day Pizza Giveaway!

***This giveaway is now closed. Thank you for entering!***

As much as I love me some St. Patrick’s Day inspired Homemade Shamrock Shakes, I can’t just leave Valentine’s Day in the dust!

Say what you will about the “Hallmark holiday”, but an excuse to shower your loved ones even more love and attention than usual, and perhaps get some chocolate and sour cherry gels out of the deal? I’m not mad at that.

Every year on Valentine’s Day, Ben and I face the same dilemma – do we stay in, or go out for dinner?

Dressing up and going out on the town is definitely enticing, but knowing that a lot of restaurants jack up their prices just because it’s a holiday makes choosing this $7.00 Papa Murphy’s Heartbaker Pizza on the big day incredibly alluring.

(Plus it’s so dang cute!)

Throw in a $3 S’mores Dessert Pizza, and Valentine’s Day dinner is SOLD for a grand total of $10!

‘Cause nothing says I love you like hot & cheesy, inexpensive home-baked pizza. ;)

Whether you choose to stay in or go out this February 14th, Papa Murphy’s wants to help make your Valentine’s Day special by giving away a Romantic Package for 2, to one IGE reader.

Open a bottle of wine, build yourself a floor fort, and dive into these fun goodies:

A $30 Papa Murphy’s gift card to get your own Heartbaker and S’mores dessert pizza, candles to set the mood,


a handy pizza paddle and cutter,


and the classic rom-com When Harry Met Sally, with wine glasses to sip from while you watch.


Plus, all the chocolate hearts you can handle. ;)

Enter to win this Papa Murphy’s package by Friday, February 10 at noon central time, by telling me what your favorite romantic comedy is. I’ll announce the winner in tomorrow’s Friday Favorites post!

Good luck! :D

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  1. andra 02.10.2012

    The Holiday is my fav!

  2. Tara 02.10.2012

    I’m a fan of Date Night – a little action, the hilarious combination of Steve Carell and Tina Fey, and the cute romantic parts definitely works for my boyfriend and I!

  3. Mia 02.10.2012

    My pick for a movie would have to be “Somethings Gotta Give.” Love Love Love that movie.

  4. @splush 02.10.2012

    The Proposal!! …gotta love Papa Murphy’s take & bake!

  5. Sarah 02.10.2012

    I love French Kiss! A close second is Love Affair from 1939.

  6. Susan Del Broccolo 02.10.2012

    You’ve Got Mail!! I too love NY in the fall and the movie always puts me in a happier mood :)

  7. Katie 02.10.2012

    It’s a newer one … but I love Just Go With It!

  8. Chelsey Wood 02.10.2012

    Love Actaully is the best!

  9. Kim B 02.10.2012

    Love Actually is my all time favorite…I have to watch it every Christmas!!

  10. Ashley F 02.10.2012

    I love the movie Little Manhattan! It doesn’t get much better than little kids falling in “love.”

  11. LaQuita 02.10.2012

    Princess Bride is my favorite!

  12. Morgan 02.10.2012

    How to lose a guy in 10 days. It’s all about the LOVE FURN ( and that yellow gown Kate wears)!!!,

  13. Nicole Recker 02.10.2012

    All time favorite, Pretty Woman!

  14. Amanda 02.10.2012

    So hard to choose one. I love Sabrina with Harrison Ford…oldie but so good!

  15. Megan Ruddell 02.10.2012

    I love Elf. I watch it year round because the comedy mixed with fantasy and feelings of love, can’t beat it!

  16. erica 02.10.2012

    You’ve Got Mail

    I could watch it every day.

  17. Makayla Brannen 02.10.2012

    I would say How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days!

  18. Tracy 02.10.2012

    When Harry Met Sally is a classic!

  19. Andrea Reece 02.10.2012

    Pretty Woman, day in and day out. I even got my boyfriend to watch it and he laughed through the whole thing! It’s a movie that is classic and will never die.

  20. Kendra K 02.10.2012

    Pretty in Pink!

  21. Jenn 02.10.2012

    I still love The Princess Bride. As you wish! ;)

  22. SarahT 02.10.2012

    I’d pick The Proposal and we love Papa Murphys, celebrated the Super Bowl with their take & bake.

  23. I love PENELOPE! Christina Ricci is so adorable!

  24. Kayla 02.10.2012

    Fever Pitch!

  25. Julie 02.10.2012

    There are SO many, but if I had to pick ONE, I would say……..Serendipity. Especially for Valentines day….love it!!!!

  26. Gretchen 02.10.2012

    My favorite rom-com is definitely Miss Congeniality!

  27. Sarah Gilmore 02.10.2012

    Love Actually. Goes to show that love is actually about a lot of things, kindness and family and sometimes heartbreak, but always worth it at the end :)

  28. Hannah 02.10.2012

    Ah man, this is hard because I am such a lover of romantic comedies!! The Holiday is definitely one of my fav movies, although I am not sure it’s considered a comedy. I also really love How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days!!

  29. GeeAnn 02.10.2012

    Love Actually and The Holiday!

  30. Amy 02.10.2012

    Love actually – it’s one movie that my husband and I agree on!

  31. Holly 02.10.2012

    I love Pretty Woman! Can’t pass it up anytime on TV – such a classic!

  32. Bailey 02.10.2012

    The Proposal or Sleepless in Seattle!

  33. Kristin 02.10.2012

    Love Actually or When Harry met Sally!!

  34. Kari 02.10.2012

    You’ve Got Mail – an oldie, but a goodie! :)

  35. sarah j 02.10.2012

    Music and Lyrics is so quirky but hilarious to me for some reason!

  36. Jessica 02.10.2012

    How to Lose a Guy in 10 days!! I could watch that movie everytime it is on TV!

  37. Cindy B. 02.10.2012

    Pretty Woman is my all time favorite!

  38. Sarah 02.10.2012

    Ooh, hard one!

    I would have to say The Holiday! I love Kate Winslet and Jack Black!

  39. Victoria 02.10.2012

    Tangled! Not your classic romantic comedy, but the one of the best!

  40. Sherry 02.10.2012

    My favorite Rom Com is How to Loose a Guy in 10 Days. Very cute movie.

  41. Michelle 02.10.2012

    Kind of loved “Friends With Benefits”!

  42. Mikaela 02.10.2012

    I’ve always been a sucker for Sleepless in Seattle. I could watch it a hundred times.

  43. Sherri 02.10.2012

    There’s so many but one that I always watch if it’s on is Dear John.

  44. Cari Fairchild 02.10.2012

    Why…Valentine’s Day, of course!

  45. Kristi in Texas 02.10.2012

    Sabrina (the 90s version, not the 50s) – I love Harrison Ford and Greg Kinnear – great love story!

  46. jme 02.10.2012

    How to loose a guy in 19 days!

    • jme 02.10.2012

      How to Loose a Guy in 10 days!

  47. Reba 02.10.2012

    I love the movie the proposal. It’s a close second to Dear John though!

  48. Jenni Meyer 02.10.2012

    My all-time fav romantic comedy is “You’ve Got Mail,” with Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan. You can never go wrong with a Tom/Meg combo!

  49. Karen M 02.10.2012

    So many good ones out there!Depending on the mood, Philadelphia Story, You’ve Got Mail, or The Proposal.

  50. Megan 02.10.2012

    Super hard to choose just one – I love Sweet Home Alabama!