Prosciutto, Cantaloupe and Cashew Salad


Prosciutto, Cantaloupe and Cashew Salad is fast, easy and fresh. Perfect for any season!


Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

I walked in the door to the sweetest sight tonight. A fire, flowers, wine, Reese’s Egg(s), and Ben, my dear sweet Ben, preparing dinner for the two of us. Swoon!

I’ve been sent to the living room to relax by the fire while he finishes up, so I thought I’d share a light lunch I’ve been obsessing over recently in the meantime.

Cantaloupe, Prosciutto & Cashews

This combo is SO freaking unbelievable and best of all it takes, like, 4 seconds to put together after you’ve scooped out the cantaloupe.


I got the idea from Mowielicious who combined cantaloupe, avocado, cashews and parsley for the most gorgeous and refreshing looking salad I think I’ve ever seen. Not having an innate love of whole parsley leaves and, well, forgetting to put avocado in the first time, I came up with this combo instead.


The salty, whisper-thin slices of prosciutto melt with the juicy cantaloupe, while cashews provide a unique crunch and buttery finish. I ate it 3 times for lunch last week. Obsessed much?!


If I didn’t have Ben, it would for sure be my Valentine. ;)


That, or the cutest penguin nephew in the entire world. I can’t even handle this!

Have a LOVEly night!

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  1. kristin 02.14.2012

    I’m going to nourish what counts by taking the stores as often as possible and by adding veggies to every recipe that I can. Spinach into every soup, pasta, etc.

  2. YAY for a $500 donation!!!

  3. Bridget Miller 02.14.2012

    take the stairs. every. time. you’ll never regret it ;)

  4. Josie 02.14.2012

    I’ve started training for a half marathon. Something fun to do plus it’s good for me!

  5. Margaret 02.14.2012

    Instead of just reading “Skip to My Lou” to my son, I’m going to nourish what counts by skipping and hopping around the house with him while singing it. It gets the heart racing!

  6. Lauren 02.14.2012

    I’m going to nourish what counts by getting up from my desk for a walk at lunch time every day.

  7. Camara 02.14.2012

    even though i’m cooking a not-so-healthy meal of steak and potatoes tonight for valentine’s day, i’m adding a spinach salad on the side. you have to get those leafy greens!

  8. Drink more water. When I’m thirsty, I tend to crave salty foods (weird, I know)!

  9. Jen C. 02.14.2012

    Adding more veggies!

  10. Iā€™m going to nourish what counts by eating adding more whole grains to my diet: Steele Cut Oatmeal & Psyllium Husks….and according to Mayo Clinic drinking a glass red wine/beer will lower your cholesterol as well! Who knew!

  11. Stacie Gorkow 02.14.2012

    I have been making a conscious effort to eat fruit at every meal…smoothies in the morning, apple at lunch, and lately, cuties for supper! I know the kids have noticed!

  12. I am going to participate in See-Us Run Des Moines for the second year in a row. It is a mentoring program that works with at-risk/underserved teenagers by showing them that through goal-setting and a little hard work, anything is possible – even something that only 1% of the population has accomplished (a marathon). It is by far the best thing I’ve ever done, and I am so excited for it to start again.

  13. Jill Kasparbauer 02.14.2012

    I am already a good veggie eater, but I’d love to do veggies in more unexpected places, like pizza, etc. Yay for Quaker!!

  14. Jessica 02.14.2012

    I am going to nourish what counts by taking my exercise class twice a week, exercising with my husband, and running around outside with my kids. And I will be eating Quaker oatmeal every day for breakfast because it is SO good!

  15. Sarah T 02.14.2012

    I’m going to nourish what counts and make sure I get up from my desk at least once an hour. I also plan to refill my water bottle not from the closest fountain but one on another floor & I”ll take the stairs!

  16. Catherine 02.14.2012

    I’m going to convert white flour recipes into whole wheat as much as possible and do more prep work at the beginning of the week to have washed and cut veggies ready for lunches and snacks.

  17. torp 02.14.2012

    Adding fruit more often to our meals!

  18. Dana 02.14.2012

    I have been spinning, running, and yoga-ing 6 days a week. and always oatmeal for a heart healthy breakfast!

  19. Victoria 02.14.2012

    Add a sprinkle of goat cheese and we’ve got a deal! That looks yummy!!

  20. Diane 02.14.2012

    I’ll nourish what counts by walking the dog a little farther

  21. Theresa 02.14.2012

    I will have at least one serving of fruit or veggies with each meal.

  22. Lindsay 02.14.2012

    I’m going to try to add more veggies which I am in dire need of…What can I say, I love my carbs!

  23. Jen S. 02.14.2012

    I’m going to add dried kale and a mean green puree (puree of peas, broccoli, and spinach) to more soups, stews and casseroles. Yeah for leafy greens!

  24. Amanda 02.14.2012

    I will nourish what counts by walking as much as I can!

  25. Hannah S. 02.14.2012

    Leave a bowl of fresh fruit on the counter. Reach for that at snack time instead of into the pantry for salty snacks. :)

  26. Liz 02.14.2012

    Bypassing the chocolate & sticking to my crunchy apple for morning tea!

  27. Amanda 02.14.2012

    I have class on the third floor every day of the week. Between classes, a bunch of us girls walk down all three flights and back up, TWICE! Not to mention the elevator is way closer than the stairs, but I haven’t taken the elevator in over a month! :)

  28. Daisy 02.14.2012

    prosciutto and cantaloupe are an amazing flavor & texture combo!

  29. Jennifer 02.14.2012

    I’ll nourish what counts by giving up the occasional energy drink and hit it even harder at the gym.

  30. i love adding whole grains, whether it be oats, brown rice or some other pure grain. they are the best and better for you! and i truly believe they taste better!

    $500 donation here we come!

  31. K. Bell 02.14.2012

    I’ll take the stairs … every time. Good luck! Hope you get to 100!

  32. Christen 02.14.2012

    Nourish what counts by exercising more often and bring a pal for the workout.

  33. Laura 02.14.2012

    I will add more whole grains and veggies to my diet!

  34. I love cantaloupe balls! Add saltiness and I’m all over it.

  35. Jessie 02.14.2012

    I’m going to take 5 minutes a day to make a healthy “green smoothie” to bring to work for my afternoon snack!

  36. Mandy 02.14.2012

    I don’t have a child, but I do have a boyfriend who needs bread at every meal, so I’ll be replacing his white french loaf with a hearty whole wheat and grain bread!

  37. nicole 02.14.2012

    We’ll nourish by putting extra veggies in, I mean hiding extra veggies in my son’s (and our) food and cooking from scratch

  38. Kay 02.14.2012

    Take the stairs and start eating whole wheat pasta!

  39. Crystal 02.14.2012

    I’m “nourishing what counts” by taking the stairs at work rather than the elevator.

  40. Stefanie 02.14.2012

    I just bought a new car, so I will definitely join you in the whole parking far away thing. I am definitely going to make it a point to up my consumption of veggies. We do pretty well now, but every now and again I realize it’s been a little while since I had a vegetable, definitely going to work on that!

  41. I’ll do my part by talking to my teenaged students about living a healthy lifestyle. If they’re super cool teacher thinks its a good idea, then they’ll HAVE to agree :-)

  42. Bethany G. 02.14.2012

    I’ve been added more fruits and veggies to my life. I also keep oatmeal in my desk as a quick lunch between classes.

  43. Ellen Humberston 02.14.2012

    Extreme stress can also be very damaging to the heart, so as a college student, I’m going to try to take time out of my day to relax. That, and get more sleep : ).

  44. Sarah W 02.14.2012

    eat more veggies, take the stairs when I can

  45. Kristin 02.14.2012

    Eating more protein and less sweets (actually I gave up sweets six days a week, at least through February).

  46. Cass 02.14.2012

    I’m going to nourish what counts by substituting ‘white’ products with wholemeal.

  47. Karianne 02.14.2012

    I teach kids with autism and I’m nourishing what counts by teaching them about healthy eating and exercise. We have gym time every day where I try to make trying new sports active and functional for them and (ironically), we just had a nutrition lesson today where we tried red fruits and vegetables (strawberries and red peppers!).

  48. Danielle King 02.14.2012

    I’m cutting out over-processed foods for our family. I make our own whole grain bread and we eat lots of fresh veggies and fruit and more raw foods.

  49. Ashley 02.14.2012

    I’ve been finding lots of fun and yummy ways to add veggies to every meal. So far, it’s been great!

  50. Christine 02.14.2012

    I’m going to take the stairs whenever possible. :)

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