A Taste of What’s to Come


Wooo – what a crazy weekend!

It’s been absolutely gorgeous out, and spring, it feels, it definitely here to stay. Tree buds are noticeable all around the neighborhood, and bright green flower shoots are popping up everywhere. Check out the difference one week made on the day lilies in my garden!

DSC_0634  DSC_0027

I spent the entire morning on Friday spring cleaning and decluttering like a friggin’ CHAMP. My trunk is completely stuffed with, well, stuff to donate to Goodwill, and I’ve never felt more organized. Remind me to do this more often, mkay? ;)


Ben had the day off to watch March Madness, so while I cleaned he smoked us a thousand racks of ribs. We joined forces in the afternoon, along with some friends and my parents, to chow down and relax under the sun while watching the games on a TV we dragged into the garage. Think The Ultimate Home Tailgate, swapping football for basketball, and no dub-T driveway haircuts. ;)

Leinenkugels Mom

Saturday seemed to last forever (in a good way!) and after running errands all afternoon, then doing a bit of lot shopping, Ben and I decided to spend St. Patrick’s Day on the back patio with a bottle of Flip Flop Wines’ Malbec (awesome red with just a wee hint of sweet) to sip while watching Iowa State get spanked by Kentucky.


I think this was the first St. Patty’s Day in years where I haven’t had a green beer and some rafters to swing from. It was…really nice, actually!


Truthfully it was a miracle we stayed in, because four hours later at 10pm I got a text from my brother, “Taking Kerry (my pregnant sister-in-law who’s due in 2 weeks) to the hospital, can you come over and watch Finn (their 2 1/2 year old son)?!” Ahhh, it was go time! Or so we thought…


We found out when we got there that the baby wasn’t on her way, rather my sister-in-law was very sick (she and baby are totally fine now!) and they didn’t know if she’d need to have a c-section that night. They jetted and we hunkered down on the blow up mattress with the monitor nearby to keep an ear on Finn.

Like nervous new parents, Ben panicked every time he heard Finn move, while I panicked wondering how we were going to explain to a 2 1/2 year old where his parents were if he woke up!


Despite a few squawks Finn remained asleep, but we laid there wide-eyed worrying about him and Kerry the whole time. Thankfully they returned from the hospital around 3am, tired but on the mend. Hallelujah!


This morning Ben and I slept in, then went grocery shopping and got quick and easy Jimmy John’s subs for supper. Two Vegetarian Subs sans mayo, por favor!

DSC_0943 DSC_0944

They were heavy as all get out, so Ben weighed ’em – 10+ ounces each, plus a pickle spear each.


Blerg, I’m stuffed!


Although we’re exhausted, I think Ben and I are going to try and get out for a walk around the block still this evening. It’s so nice outside, and I think the exercise and fresh air will do us some good.

Have a great start to your week, everyone!


What was the best part of your weekend?

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