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Happy Friday everyone!

Well my dreams came true, and the sun did indeed peek out for a short while last night! It seems the nice weather is here to stay too, through the weekend anyways. Should be a great time to get outdoors and maybe start planning the raised garden beds I want to build in my backyard this summer.

In the meantime, my Mom and I are off to Davenport, IA, about three hours east of here, this morning to attend a luncheon with Curtis Stone, followed by a meet & greet wine tasting. Oolala! I’m a sucker for a good accent! ;)

I’ll give you all the deets when I get back, but in the meantime, please enjoy my favorite finds from around the web in this week’s Friday Favorites!

Favorite treat: Copy Cat Starbucks Lemon Pound Cake. Occasionally, if I’m feeling frisky, I like to indulge in a slice of Lemon Pound Cake when I’m at Starbucks (unless it’s Fall, in which case I get an Iced Pumpkin Scone.) This recipe looks spot on, and I love the shortcut used in the recipe!

Favorite photo: Pancake Tower. Need. I. Say. More. Such happiness!

Favorite house: Dogtrot Home. This home built in South Carolina is a low-country stunner. Check out the long and wide front porch with a retractable window wall. Dream home material, fa sho.

Favorite party: Margarita in a Jar aka Jargarita! Make these jargaritas ahead of time, then stash in the freezer. Whenever the mood strikes, take one out, shake it up, and enjoy!

Favorite sweater: Color Block Bateau T. A unique and light early spring top. I just adore stripes!

Favorite project: DIY Garden Basket. Place all your freshly picked produce in the basket then rinse at the garden hose before bringing in the house. Brilliant! I really want to plant a garden this summer, so I’m thinking this will be a must-have item.


Favorite light bite: Heavenly Angel Food Cake. Light, fresh and dripping with fluffy icing. So spring.


Favorite earrings: Kendra Scott “Dee” Teardrop Earrings. An elegant pop of color that can be dressed up or down.

Favorite item: Swirly Wine Bottle Holder. A fun wine holder that will fit anywhere!


Favorite fake-out: Penne & Broccoli in Dorito Cream Sauce. My inner junk food junkie jumped for joy when I found this recipe, which replicates the taste of Doritos with cheesy-tasting nutritional yeast. I MEAN!


Favorite home accent: Wine Crate Shelves. This couple just nailed together wine crates, then put them up on the wall as shelves. Inexpensive, gorgeous and custom-looking.


Favorite video: Ultimate Dog Tease. This video gets funnier and funnier as it goes on. Poor little pup!

Favorite travel tip. To avoid the dreaded exploding shampoo bottle, place a piece of saran wrap underneath the cap.


Favorite outfit. All the things!


Favorite drool-worthy dinner: BBQ Pork Sandwich. Did you gulp just now? I did. Drooooooool.

Favorite furballs. Trouble makin’ BFFs. I cannot get over these two. ;)


Favorite death by chocolate: Baked Chocolate Doughnuts. Baked Chocolate Doughnuts dunked in a silky buttermilk glaze. I want to reach right through the screen for these babies.

Favorite cozy spot. I love the long, built-in bench, and warm, inviting colors of this kitchen. Plus those chairs – don’t they make you want to sit back and draw your knees up?

Favorite DIY: Mason Jar Solar Lamps. This is such a fun project – I want these all over my back deck.


Favorite twist: Inside Out Spring Roll Salad. All the taste of a spring roll, without the effort of rolling it all up! Ben’s all, whaaaaaat is that, and hooooow soon can you make it?


Favorite funny. BAHAHA!


Favorite hell naw: Snickers Cake. Now they’ve really gone and done it!!!

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Have a great weekend everyone!

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  1. Great favs this week, girl!

  2. That shampoo saran wrap trick is brilliant! How have I never thought of that??

  3. McKenzie 03.23.2012

    Welcome to Davenport! It’s a bit foggy this morning, but after chatting with Curtis, you should make a stop by the river walking trail. It is going to be a beautiful day!

  4. Love those earrings AND that shampoo bottle trick! It’s hard to believe I never thought of that myself…I mean, kinda obvious!! I love your Friday Favs, thanks for sharing :)

  5. lisa 03.23.2012

    I am so jealous you get to meet Curtis Stone, I loved his show Take Home Chef and wish it was still on. Have fun!

  6. i am absolutely 100% obsessed with curtis stone and absolutely 100% jealous of you. why don’t i live in IA right now?

  7. Eleni 03.23.2012

    Haha, I love the dog fake out!
    Have fun meeting Curtis Stone. I’m kind of jealous! My friend’s mom loves him so much, she tried to buy the lifesize cardboard cut-out of him from Hy-Vee, but they said no.

  8. You get to meet Curtis Stone?!?! Jealousy does not begin to describe my feelings!

  9. Kristina Vanni 03.23.2012

    Thanks so much for including our recipe contest winner in your “Friday Favorites!” The idea of an Inside Out Chinese Spring Roll is so fresh, fun, healthy and delicious!

  10. Awesome roundup, I found myself clicking on soooooo many! Love those 2 dogs!!!! ;)

  11. LisaL 03.23.2012

    First off, so very jealous that you get to meet THE Curtis Stone! Take lots of pix!!

    Secondly, I look forward to your Friday favorites as there are always such do-able items on there! I am hosting a brunch in April and the Angel food cake recipe is going to be fantastic!


  12. That list is major! Thanks for including me!

  13. Amy 03.23.2012

    You get to meet Curtis Stone—-ENJOY!

    Love the two dogs, ha……………and that margarita yum!

  14. I don’t know what to choose this time! I saw the dog tease video some months ago and I was SO embarrassed to LOL in front of people! Those earrings, the striped dress, want it ALL! :D

  15. I am in LOVE with the retractable walls.. and shout out to SC! I live in Upstate SC but I’d looove to live in the lower country.

  16. Brittany 03.23.2012

    I have just finished my raised bed garden, I wrote my post about that today. It was so much fun. The DIY basket is adorable. That snickers cake has me sweating and drooling with excitement.

  17. Holy mama look at that snickers cake!! Looks amazing!

  18. Umm the trouble makin’ BFFs is TOTALLY my dog and my roommates dog. Always coming in covered in mud after a storm. Great picks this week!

  19. Mandy 03.23.2012

    AWESOME Friday favorites! The South Carolina house and the mason jar lamps pretty much have me convinced that my next house NEEDS to have a porch.

  20. I am DEFINITELY going to try the saran wrap trick, as the hubs and I are in the middle of a travel-athon with him interviewing for medical school in a few different states right now. That’s brilliant!

  21. erica 03.23.2012

    ooh, this is one of your best friday favorites so far! i love it! love the pic of the dogs, it had me giggling at my desk :)

    i want to try that travel tip w/the plastic wrap, and make that salad too!!!

  22. Lemon poundcake, snickers cake, donuts….. I mean…. totally drooling over here. Not to mention those pork sandwiches. I could totally go for one right about now. :) Happy weekend!

  23. Caroline 03.23.2012

    I LOVE your Friday Favorites – I’ve found some favorites of my own from reading yours. Thank you SO much! The Starbucks recipe looks YUM!

  24. Hilary 03.23.2012

    I <3 Curtis! Looking forward to hearing all about it (and hopefully seeing some photos of the cutie)!

  25. Thank you for featuring my Doritos Cream pasta! love that doggie video and the inside out spring rolls! yumm

  26. Nicole G 03.23.2012

    Geez, Kristin! These were great pics! You had me with the mention of Curtis Stone (swoon!!!) Then went on to mention the copycat Starbucks Lemon Poundcake recipe (that cake is my nemisis! I love it!!!) and the deconstructed spring roll salad looks amazing! Hope you have an awesome trip! Can’t wait to hear what you think of Mr. Stone :)

  27. Amber "Virginia Foodie" 03.23.2012

    That garden basket is FANTASTIC! I’m also starting my raised bed this weekend (got the materials last week!) and cannot wait to have fresh tomatoes, herbs, lettuce, and maybe some strawberries this summer! Whew going to need some veggies after I make that snickers cake – looks too delicious to NOT try!

  28. A margarita anytime you want it? I’m sold :-)

    And I LOVE that summer outfit! Even though stripes aren’t usually the most flattering look on me, I think I’d wear them if I had that dress!

  29. Sue 03.23.2012

    These recipes sound sooo good. I can’t wait to try them. Thanks for all the tips you give – Love them

  30. Theresa 03.23.2012

    I saw this pin on pinterest… thought you might enjoy on a day of favorites:

  31. Alison 03.23.2012

    Those are some great finds! Dorito sauce?! Amazing!!! I wonder if it could be made with the cool ranch doritos…those were my absolutely favourite.

  32. I’ve recently become obsessed with mason jars so those solar lamps are to die for! I also bookmarked the inside out spring roll salad – I need more healthy meals in the house. My skinny jeans are getting a bit too tight!

  33. BridgetSoup 03.24.2012

    You have some pretty awesome finds.haha Love that house in South Carolina!! #movingthereSTAT

  34. jessica 03.24.2012

    Wow! I have to make that pancake tower! Looks Awesome! Thanks for sharing!

  35. Great finds..I think I’ll take all of them! And definitely do a garden this year…you will love getting food out of your own backyard. My advice…do a raised bed.

  36. Kristina 03.24.2012

    I live in the Quad Cities and just read about you in an article in the QC Times – so awesome that you got to be up on stage with Curtis Stone – so jealous!!

  37. Kelly 03.24.2012

    Great picks, as always! Where is the striped dress from? I need it now!

  38. Ann Galanis 03.24.2012

    Love the stripped dress from Topshop! I am an Iowa girl and split my time between Toronto and Chicago – so frequent stores in both cities with my girls…My daughter turned 18 y’day and we found some great tops and dresses there earlier this week. Love the SC porch – Kiawah Island is one of our vacation favs – in fact my Iowa parents are there this week!

  39. I’ve been watching that dog video forever. I crack up EVERYTIME. “Bacon?” lol lol. Now that angel food cake looks good. It looks so pretty and feminine. You could serve it at a baby or bridal shower. :-) Happy Friday (well now Saturday)

  40. Nicole 03.24.2012

    I’m going to try 3 of these for sure! The Jargaritas are brilliant! Love the Mason Jar Solar Lights and I can’t wait to make the Chinese Salad- yes my mouth is watering :) Thanks for sharing!

  41. alan 03.24.2012

    hi i found your website by accident and am happy i did. I love that stack of pancakes and pork sandwich.

    I make a lot of pork sanwiches and lately thai food .
    Hope your weather stays nice here in arizona its 80 very cold for us.

    best wishes


  42. […] I always find good ideas in Iowa Girl Eats “Friday Favorites” now I want to make a garden basket and make mason jar solar lights :: Like this:LikeBe the first to […]

  43. Jessi 03.26.2012

    I love your blog and your recipes. I’ve nominated you for a Kreativ Blogger award: Can’t wait to see what you post next =)

  44. Life's a Bowl 03.26.2012

    I pinned a bunch of those pins last week too :P That Doritos pasta dish had me at hello and the idea of taking a picture of your friend pushed up against a window is hilarious!

  45. Renee @ Bendiful 03.27.2012

    I LOVE this post, that garden basket I must now attempt to make for myself! And Snickers Cake?? Yummm

  46. CJ - Food Stories 04.02.2012

    I love the tip about the shampoo bottles. I always put my products in ziploc bags so that if they do leak at least it stays contained. Will give it a try.

  47. stacy 04.07.2012

    O.M.G. I made the lemon pound cake yesterday and my hubby said it was the best cake he had ever had!!! He took it to work to share for Easter, and he said it was gone in a matter of minutes! It was super easy to make, and was one of the most moist a delicious things I have made in a long time :)
    (the only thing i would change is to add a little lemon zest to the icing, otherwise it was perfect)

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