Keurig Platinum Brewing System + Free K Cups Giveaway!

***This giveaway is now closed. Thank you for entering!***

I wish I could zip you up into my suitcase and take you with me to Jamaica!

beach paradise

Alas, I’m not sure how cozy the underbelly of a plane would be, so let’s get you a taste of the tropics with island-inspired Coconut Mocha K Cups brewed in your very own Keurig Platinum Brewing System at home!


If you’ve been reading IGE for any length of time, then you know how obsessed I am with my Keurig. Since Ben doesn’t drink coffee, I used to make a whole pot just for me in the morning which took oodles of time, not to mention messing around with coffee grounds and filters at 6am is slightly hazardous work.

Keurig’s single cup brewing system uses pre-measured coffee pods that come in a TON of different flavors, like this tropical, chocolate and coconut spiked Coconut Mocha flavor, that lets me brew a yummy cup of hot coffee in about 30 seconds with no mess.


Keurig is giving away 1 Platinum Brewing System and 1 box of Coconut Mocha K Cups to 1 IGE reader. Enter to win this package by Tuesday, April 10th at 5pm central by doing one or both of the following:

1. Leave a comment telling me your favorite tropical destination (one you’ve visited, or want to visit!)

2. Share this post on Facebook using the Facebook share button below this post, and leave a second comment telling me you’ve done so.

Good luck everyone! 8)

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  1. Mandy 04.09.2012

    The closest place to tropical I’ve been to was Puerto Rico. The beaches were gorgeous, but it was little too hot for me.

  2. Amber 04.09.2012

    Shared on Facebook!

  3. Anna Kreiss 04.09.2012

    I’m not sure it counts as tropical, by absolutely loved Key West. Such a neat place!

  4. Anna Kreiss 04.09.2012

    Shared on facebook :)

  5. Judy 04.09.2012

    I ablsolutely love Jamaica. One of the most beautiful places on earth!

  6. Judy 04.09.2012

    Ishared on my facebook page. Wish me luck!

  7. Mia 04.09.2012

    I love Maui!

  8. Amy 04.09.2012

    My husband and I went to Jamaica for our honeymoon and had a blast! We stayed at the Royal Caribbean Sandal resort for a week. We are hoping to head back there again for one of our anniversaries. Definitely the most beautiful place I have been!

  9. Fran 04.09.2012

    ok, my tropical get away was long long time ago, for my high school graduation present I went to Hawaii with my older sister. Haven’t been anywhere tropical since but now that my husband just retireed (2nd time retireed and final)and I’m getting close to mine (early retirement) we would love to go to Cancun with my sister and her family who go every January. Since I work in a school I could never get away in January since I have Christmas vacation in December. I also heard Cabo is beautiful.

  10. Amanda Word 04.09.2012

    Shared on Facebook!

    My next tropical location: I’m hoping to go to Cambodia next fall to give free dental treatment! (and to explore!)

  11. Christine 04.09.2012

    I visited Australia, visited the rainforest and SCUBAed the Great Barrier. Sooooo cool. I can’t wait to go back

  12. Michelle G 04.09.2012

    The most tropical place I have been is Ft. Meyers Beach, FL, but I would love to go to any Caribbean island!

  13. Meredith 04.09.2012

    Shared on fb! :)

  14. Brenda 04.09.2012

    Aruba has been the nicest tropical place that I have been to.

  15. Meredith 04.09.2012

    I want to visit hawaii! Only problem is…we hate to fly! :(

  16. Heidi 04.09.2012

    I would love to take a trip to Hawaii.

  17. Heidi 04.09.2012

    Shared on facebook

  18. Hannah 04.09.2012

    I’m not sure if this is considered tropical but I love Cabo! My Grandpa lives there for the cold half of the year so my family frequently travels there.

  19. Ariel Keeley 04.09.2012

    Have been to Honolulu but way to many tourists for my taste, I would like to go somewhere a little more remote.

  20. Ariel Keeley 04.09.2012

    shared on facebook

  21. April 04.09.2012

    Shared on Facebook!

  22. Amy 04.09.2012

    I would love to visit Fiji!

  23. Andy Tims 04.09.2012

    Hilo, Hawaii! So much more beautiful than the Cancun/Cozumel region of Mexico and has significantly less tourists. The volcanoes national park is one of the most spectacular national parks in the country and there is a valley 30 miles north of Hilo that is a must see! The valley is flanked on both sides by two huge cliffs and is beautiful to hike down into. Great diversity of food on the island too.

  24. April 04.09.2012

    My favorite tropical place is Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. Beautiful place and the locals are so fun and friendly. I have traveled here twice and both times were amazing!

  25. Nicole G 04.09.2012

    Florida is my favorite tropical destination. I loved San Diego too. I am not a fan of international travel so I have a feeling that Florida is as tropical as I am gonna get.

  26. Becky H. 04.09.2012

    Love, love, love Jamaica. Beautiful weather, amazing seafood and friendly people. You can’t go wrong!

  27. Katelyn 04.09.2012

    My dream destination would be Fiji!

  28. Tamika T. 04.09.2012

    I would love to visit India.

  29. Tamika T. 04.09.2012

    I also shared on facebook! :D Hope you have a great vacation!

  30. Christine 04.09.2012

    I would totally go anywhere that is described as “Tropical!” But I think I will have to choose Hawaii!

  31. Becky H. 04.09.2012

    Shared on Facebook! Thanks for the opportunity!

  32. Ellen Humberston 04.09.2012

    My favorite so far has been Guadeloupe! My brother lived there so I got to visit : )

  33. Maria S 04.09.2012

    My favorite tropical place is the big island of Hawaii. So peaceful!

  34. Mary 04.09.2012

    I LOVE Hawaii!!! The smells of the hibiscus, the roar of the ocean…I LOVE walking on the beach.

    I have been to the Bahamas, and I loved it also. I think I would love anywhere tropical, but I’ve been to Hawaii more than once, and I loved it both times!

    Have a great vacation!

  35. Erin C 04.09.2012

    Would love to go to Hawaii!

  36. Lauren 04.09.2012

    I love runaway bay jamacia!

  37. E Powell 04.09.2012

    I would love to return to our Honeymoon spot in the Dominican Republic for an anniversary. Nothing beats the clear blue water and tropical heat. Hope your having a blast in Jamaica!

  38. Ruth 04.09.2012

    I want/need to visit Bali

  39. Ashley C 04.09.2012

    i have been to Cozumel and it was so great! We spent one whole day on the east side of the island and it’s practically uninhabited. We had the whole place to ourselves.

  40. Mary 04.09.2012

    shared on Facebook! Have a fun vacation!

  41. Ruth 04.09.2012

    Shared on facebook.

  42. Tara Peterson 04.09.2012

    We honeymooned in Puerto Vallarta so it holds a special place in my heart.

  43. Erin 04.09.2012

    Favorite place I’ve been has to be Mojacar, Spain. But I am really looking forward to seeing Poland this summer. My travel obsession mixes well with my boyfriend’s European soccer obsession. Euro cup 2012 here we come!

  44. Hillary Valentino 04.09.2012

    Cabo San Lucas!

  45. Tara Peterson 04.09.2012

    Shared on Facebook

  46. Melanie 04.09.2012

    I really want to go back to Belize. Beautiful country and people!

  47. Lauren 04.09.2012

    My favorite island location that I’ve been to is Ochos Rios, Jamaica! The one I want to go to…the Maldives!

  48. Melanie 04.09.2012

    I shared on Facebook, too.

  49. Lauren 04.09.2012

    Shared on FB, too!

  50. Lacey B. 04.09.2012

    I went to Bali two years ago and loved it!,,

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