Keurig Platinum Brewing System + Free K Cups Giveaway!

***This giveaway is now closed. Thank you for entering!***

I wish I could zip you up into my suitcase and take you with me to Jamaica!

beach paradise

Alas, I’m not sure how cozy the underbelly of a plane would be, so let’s get you a taste of the tropics with island-inspired Coconut Mocha K Cups brewed in your very own Keurig Platinum Brewing System at home!


If you’ve been reading IGE for any length of time, then you know how obsessed I am with my Keurig. Since Ben doesn’t drink coffee, I used to make a whole pot just for me in the morning which took oodles of time, not to mention messing around with coffee grounds and filters at 6am is slightly hazardous work.

Keurig’s single cup brewing system uses pre-measured coffee pods that come in a TON of different flavors, like this tropical, chocolate and coconut spiked Coconut Mocha flavor, that lets me brew a yummy cup of hot coffee in about 30 seconds with no mess.


Keurig is giving away 1 Platinum Brewing System and 1 box of Coconut Mocha K Cups to 1 IGE reader. Enter to win this package by Tuesday, April 10th at 5pm central by doing one or both of the following:

1. Leave a comment telling me your favorite tropical destination (one you’ve visited, or want to visit!)

2. Share this post on Facebook using the Facebook share button below this post, and leave a second comment telling me you’ve done so.

Good luck everyone! 8)

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  1. Sarah 04.09.2012

    I love Aruba

  2. Jan 04.09.2012

    Punta Cana, DR is amazing!

  3. Laurie DePhillips 04.09.2012

    I shared on fb!

  4. Kelly 04.09.2012

    I would love to go to FIJI!!!!

  5. Autumn 04.09.2012

    I desperately want to go to the Galapagos Islands!

  6. Sarah 04.09.2012

    Shared :)

  7. Brandi 04.09.2012

    We loved Jamaica!

  8. Nichole 04.09.2012

    and just shared it on Facebook!

  9. Jacki 04.09.2012

    Hard to choose just one. Maui was beautiful. St Lucia we had a great time biking in the paths through the rain forest and boogy boarding in the surf (lots of sand in your suit!). Dominica was probably the best though. Right combination of tropical with some modern conveniences without being too comercial. Plus my husband cliff dived near a waterfall..awesome!

  10. Keri 04.09.2012

    Hawaii is my dream vacation!

  11. bridget 04.09.2012

    I would love to visit Hawaii. :)

  12. Jennifer Latham 04.09.2012

    Jamaica was my favorite destination for a lot of reasons, one being that climbing the Dunn’s River Falls was a blast!

  13. Kara 04.09.2012

    My husband and I love the island of Kauai.

  14. Missy 04.09.2012

    Maui is probably our fav! Have a great time in Jamaica!!

  15. Donna Dee 04.09.2012

    I loved Aruba, oh and Jamaica, oh and Punta Cana. I really can’t choose between those three, I loved them all so much.

  16. Jenifer 04.09.2012

    Hawaii. It’s where I got married.

  17. Ashley 04.09.2012

    We recently went to Cabo San Lucas, MX. It is gorgeous!!!

  18. I loved the Bahamas..Hawaii…hard to pick just one favorite!

  19. Sarah B 04.09.2012

    I would love to go to Hawaii!

  20. Janet Burke 04.09.2012

    I’ve always wanted to go to Jamaica. I also shared on facebook!!!

  21. Megan 04.09.2012

    I spent winter break of my sophomore year at Iowa in Key West and Miami(the year we won the Orange Bowl!)…not super tropical, but I’d also love to visit the Virgin Islands!

  22. Tahiti! My honeymoon spot.

  23. Kathy 04.09.2012

    Nevis and St. Kitts!

  24. Chris 04.09.2012

    Hawaii, Bahamas, Mexico, etc – have never been, but my hubby and I are going to go – someday !

  25. Natalie 04.09.2012

    I would love to take a cruise to Alaska or Greece!

  26. I just shared on Facebook {} and tweeted too {@paperkeeperetsy}

  27. Katy 04.09.2012

    Someday I am going to Tahiti, where you can sleep in those huts over the ocean!

  28. Kathy 04.09.2012

    Just shared on Facebook. :)

  29. And just shared on Facebook.

  30. Evan Poe 04.09.2012


  31. Chris 04.09.2012

    Hawaii, Mexico, Puerto Rico, etc – have never been, but my hubby and I plan to go some day in the future. Have a great vacation!

  32. Chris 04.09.2012

    shared on fb

  33. Evan Poe 04.09.2012


  34. Amanda 04.09.2012

    Negril, Jamaica is somewhere I’d loveeee to go! Of course there are many, many other places I’d absolutely die to go to also.
    Have fun in Jamaica! :)

  35. Katy 04.09.2012

    shared on facebook!

  36. Mare 04.09.2012

    I shared on FB! My favorite tropical get-away is Tortola!!

  37. Stacey E 04.09.2012

    Marco Island, Florida!

  38. Amo 04.09.2012

    MAUI! I know you share the love!

  39. Jess 04.09.2012

    Love, love, love Miami for a fun yet relaxing girls long weekend…Fiji’s on my bucket list!

  40. Natalie 04.09.2012

    Hawaii is calling my name! Or maybe Colorado…

  41. Amo 04.09.2012

    I shared this post on FB!

  42. Sara 04.09.2012

    My fiance and I are going to the Riviera Maya in July for our honeymoon. Let’s just say I’m a littttle excited!

  43. Andrea Farnell 04.09.2012

    Mallorca, Spain. I will go there before I die.

  44. karenc 04.09.2012

    Does Key West count?!? :-) I would love to visit the islands for some authentic Key Lime Pie!

  45. Jamie 04.09.2012

    I loved Beaches Sandy Bay near Negril, Jamaica! And is your younger brother single!?

  46. Samantha 04.09.2012

    I loved Ocho Rios, Jamaica but Hawaii is on my bucket list!!

  47. Julie 04.09.2012

    been wanting a Keurig for so long! I have had my eye on Lisbon, Portugal for a while ;)

  48. Elizabeth 04.09.2012

    Jamaica baby! Montego Bay. I also love the Caymans!

  49. Jennifer Herman 04.09.2012

    I would love to make it back to the Big Island of Hawaii.

  50. karenc 04.09.2012

    OK, I’m baaaaack…I shared om my Facebook!

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