Free Amanda Catherine Designs Print Giveaway!


***This giveaway is now closed. Thank you for entering!***

If you’re anything like me, you know a cute kitchen, living room, or bedroom when you see one online or in a magazine, but are pretty much lost when it comes to recreating the look yourself at home.

(Seriously, why can’t my home design Pinterest board just magically apply itself?!)

While I can’t give you tips on how to re-arrange the sofas to make your living room appear 15x bigger, or give you plans for a complete country-chic kitchen makeover for under $10, I can give you an adorable print from Amanda Catherine Designs to help spruce up a special spot in your home!

arrows pancakes bikes teacups todayistheday anchor

Amanda Catherine Designs features the cutest, most clever prints with whimsical designs and colors in her Etsy store, and has offered to give away an 8.5×11 print to one of you!

Enter to win 1, 8.5×11 Amanda Catherine Designs print by Thursday, April 12th at 5pm central, by visiting the ADC Etsy store, and leaving a comment naming the print you’d like to win.

Ready? Set. Go! :D

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  1. Danielle 04.11.2012

    Polaroid camera! Fo sho! :) Thanks!

  2. rachel e. 04.11.2012

    The Colorful Confetti “Hello Life” would look great in our nursery!

  3. denise carlson 04.11.2012

    I really like the pink, green, blue “Be Gracious” print.

  4. Hope 04.11.2012

    i love love love the tea and happy things print! thanks : )

  5. LOVE her prints! might have to go buy one even if i don’t win ;)

    I’m totally in love with this one though:
    Green, Yellow & Blue “Be a Good One” print poster

    A little inspiration never killed anyone :D

  6. OMG– SO CUTE!! I love the “Be a Good One” print.

  7. Jenna 04.11.2012

    Love the aqua workout print!!!

  8. Katie 04.11.2012

    Love the multi-colored heart!

  9. Christie 04.11.2012

    The Lemon Print is adorable!!

  10. Lindsay 04.11.2012

    Colorful “Celebrate Everything” print poster

  11. Kristin 04.11.2012

    I love the colorful bicycle print photo!

  12. Mollie K 04.11.2012

    What a great giveaway!

    I am OBSESSED WITH the “always be a little bit kinder than necessary” – James M. Barrie

    Imagine if we all lived this way?! =)

  13. Jamie 04.11.2012

    I love the multi-color confetti heart and the bicycle print posters.

  14. Rachel Barnes 04.11.2012

    I love the confetti heart!

  15. Laura 04.11.2012

    I really like the black and white “in a year” poster!

  16. Kelsey 04.11.2012

    Her prints are so cute! I think I would pick “I love pretty things and clever words” for my office, because I’m a writer!

  17. Kristen W. 04.11.2012

    I love the confetti heart print!

  18. Jenn Getts 04.11.2012

    i love the ‘WE DO LOVE’ print!!! :)

  19. Linda 04.11.2012

    Such cute prints, it’s hard to pick! I love the In This House…

  20. Natalie R. 04.11.2012

    I love the confetti hearts!

  21. Stefanie 04.11.2012

    These are all SO cute! I love pretty things and clever words – in coral – it’s my favourite! Would look fabulous and inspiring in my office :)

  22. Sherri 04.11.2012

    Colorful Confetti “Hello Life”

  23. Nicole 04.11.2012

    the coral anchor print poster would look awesome in my nautical bedroom!

  24. holly 04.11.2012

    that polaroid camera print had me at hello!!

  25. Ruth 04.11.2012

    These are super cute! I love the books print poster.

  26. Karla 04.11.2012

    The Multi Colors collection is TOO CUTE! Totally buying it for my place now. Thanks for the heads-up, Kristin!

  27. Maureen 04.11.2012

    These are adorable! I’m moving to a new place and would love one of these in my bedroom. Even if I don’t win I may be buying one!

  28. Danielle Whigham 04.11.2012

    love the Blue, Turquoise, and Lime “Pattern” & “Be a Little Kinder” posters

  29. Casey 04.11.2012

    These are all so sweet! I like the confetti heart print.

  30. I love the ones that say ‘creative minds are rarely tidy’ – so true! Plus it gives me an excuse to be messy hehe

  31. Sarah 04.11.2012

    So cute! I like the LOVE scrabble tiles one!

  32. Brandy 04.11.2012

    OH – it is SO hard to choose just one! They are so adorable! I think I will have to go with the pink creative minds one :)

  33. Beth 04.11.2012

    I really like the We Do Love print! The bicycle print is a close second.

  34. Elyssa 04.11.2012

    love the confetti heart

  35. Danielle 04.11.2012

    the “birthday print poster” would just cheer me up every day :)

  36. Erica Skuta 04.11.2012

    I think the “Tea & Happy Things” is adorable!

  37. Mark 04.11.2012

    I really like “Lemon”.

  38. Jenny 04.11.2012

    I like the tea cups print.

  39. kristin 04.11.2012

    The geometric chevron print would be perfect for our bedroom!

  40. Jenna 04.11.2012

    I love the colorful celebrate everything! super cute :)

  41. How fun! I love the “you’re just one workout away from a good mood” would love to have that in a future workout room of ours!! (in PINK, of course!!!)

  42. Beth Smith 04.11.2012

    I am in love with her work!
    Especially the Coral and Pink “Lovely Days Start with Cafe Au Lait” print poster, it would look great in my ktichen!

  43. Mallory 04.11.2012

    AH, I want all of them! The pink “She decided to start living the life she had imagined” print would be super cute in my bedroom though!

  44. Kara D 04.11.2012

    I like the “you’re just one workout away from a good mood” poster in aqua!

  45. Stacey 04.11.2012

    I love the “Dined Well” print!

  46. Katherine 04.11.2012

    What charming prints! I love the geometric ones, but my absolute favorite is the Tea & Happy Things poster :)

  47. Natasha K. 04.11.2012

    They are all great, very hard to choose just one. I love the colorful “you are my happy ever after”. So CUTE!

  48. Meghan 04.11.2012

    I would love the Pink “Life She Imagined” print poster!

  49. colleen 04.11.2012

    All are great! Definitely could use the black and white “in a year you may wish…” print.

  50. Heather Raabe 04.11.2012

    “She Decided to Start Living the Life She Imagined” for my home office.

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