Free Amanda Catherine Designs Print Giveaway!


***This giveaway is now closed. Thank you for entering!***

If you’re anything like me, you know a cute kitchen, living room, or bedroom when you see one online or in a magazine, but are pretty much lost when it comes to recreating the look yourself at home.

(Seriously, why can’t my home design Pinterest board just magically apply itself?!)

While I can’t give you tips on how to re-arrange the sofas to make your living room appear 15x bigger, or give you plans for a complete country-chic kitchen makeover for under $10, I can give you an adorable print from Amanda Catherine Designs to help spruce up a special spot in your home!

arrows pancakes bikes teacups todayistheday anchor

Amanda Catherine Designs features the cutest, most clever prints with whimsical designs and colors in her Etsy store, and has offered to give away an 8.5×11 print to one of you!

Enter to win 1, 8.5×11 Amanda Catherine Designs print by Thursday, April 12th at 5pm central, by visiting the ADC Etsy store, and leaving a comment naming the print you’d like to win.

Ready? Set. Go! :D

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  1. Ashley 04.11.2012

    I absolutely LOVE the ‘Be kinder..’ print. I could decorate everything with these prints!

  2. Mariana 04.11.2012

    I looove the tea & happy things on the grey with the pink heart. It’d look so wonderful in my new single room for next year!

    • Katya 04.12.2012

      Love the bikes!

  3. mandy gross 04.11.2012

    My favorite is the arrows print.

  4. christa 04.11.2012

    LOVEE the multicolor confetti heart!!!!!

  5. Christine 04.11.2012

    I would choose the “tea and happy things” print on charcoal. So cute!

  6. Ruthie 04.12.2012

    The “Today is the Day” print would be great to wake up to :)

  7. Nikki Peters 04.12.2012

    I love the “today is the day” print, however so many are cute and deserve a place in my home!

  8. Marijke 04.12.2012

    The bicycle print in the mutli coloured collection is just to die for!

  9. What a fun giveaway. I’d love the colorful confetti “hello life.” It’s so lively and bubbly.

  10. Amy 04.12.2012

    It’s a toss up between “the workout poster” and the lemon print!

  11. Michelle 04.12.2012

    I adore them all – but especially the tea cups!

  12. Celeste B. 04.12.2012

    I like the anchor print and tea cups.

  13. Kayla 04.12.2012

    I would like the Lily Pulitzer inspired collection!

  14. Christina 04.12.2012

    It was a tough choice but the Scrabble Love sign won out!

  15. Lauren 04.12.2012

    Gosh, she’s so talented. I would love to have a Chevron geometric print of my own! Thanks for the drawing and opportunity to win one!

  16. Tiphaney 04.12.2012

    “Today is the day” How perfect would this be by the door you walk in and out of everyday! Love Love Love it

  17. Jaime 04.12.2012

    tea cups please! They would match my kitchen to a “tea” :)

  18. cayce 04.12.2012

    I LOVE the Aqua and Yellow collection. Matches my kitchen perfectly!

  19. Marcia 04.12.2012

    The colorful “Celebrate Everything” says it all!

  20. The Arrow print is my favorite for sure!

  21. Tara 04.12.2012

    The powerful and adorable poster that says be YOU tiful is wonderful. Thanks Iowa Girl Eats for turning me on to this artist who so positively makes your home and day so much better!!!

  22. Lauren 04.12.2012

    I love the lets get lost together!!

  23. Michelle 04.12.2012

    Blue, Turquoise, and Lime Pattern poster

    It’d be great in my new office!

  24. Danielle 04.12.2012

    Would love the anchor print – its a perfect grey – the look I am hoping for for our bedroom makeover!

  25. Angeline 04.12.2012

    My favorite has to be “Cupcakes Make People Happy” It would be awesome in my kitchen :)

  26. Stephanie 04.12.2012

    I LOVE the peanut butter one!

  27. Nancy 04.12.2012

    I loooove the “do small things with great love” it would look great in my home!

  28. Candy M. 04.12.2012

    Oh, I just adore the colorful “You Are My Happily Ever After” print poster! My hubby truly *is* my happily ever after. :)

  29. April Frohnert 04.12.2012

    We do love print poster is my favorite. Thanks for shairing the Etsy shop! There are a lot of great prints and the prices are good.

  30. Brie 04.12.2012

    Ooh…what a tough decision, but I’d have to say the Red “LOVE” print is a personal fave. Or the “Do Small Things with Great Love” print in coral.

    Decisions, decisions…

  31. Cheryl 04.12.2012

    I can’t decide which one so here’s my list: the colorful bikes, and I want to have adventures with you, the books and the anchor.

  32. Brandy 04.12.2012

    “Tea for Two” is my fav! Thanks!

  33. Nicole S 04.12.2012

    I would get the Thanksgiving print. It’s really cute and I have ZERO holiday decorations!

  34. Kelley Forbes 04.12.2012

    I love the Purple “Workout” print poster!!

  35. Kim 04.12.2012

    I think that the confetti hearts poster (coral, aqua) would look great in my daughter’s room!

  36. Lillian 04.12.2012

    It’s a toss up between the “We Do Love” poster and the “Be A Little Kinder” one. Either one would be perfect right by the door to serve as a little reminder.

  37. Jody 04.12.2012

    I want the neon Polaroid Print! My hubby to be is a photographer so these would be perfect!

  38. Kayla M. 04.12.2012

    I love the bike print. I’m planning on riding in Ragbrai for the first time this year.

  39. Erin Champion 04.12.2012

    It was a tough choice…I loved so many, but my favorite is Geometric Triangles print poster.

  40. Claire 04.12.2012

    I love the “Always be a little kinder than necessary” print. It’s something my husband and I strive to do!

  41. Robert 04.12.2012

    I like the Today is the Day one :)

  42. Jill 04.12.2012

    Thanks for sharing these! I absolutely love the grilled cheese/tomato soup one and the books print. And the anchor, the lime, the today is the day one…You get the idea!

  43. Prairie Princess 04.12.2012

    So many great ones it was hard to pick a favorite. But I think “Celebrate every day like it’s your birthday” is awesome and kind of how I roll. :)

  44. Pat F 04.12.2012

    Today is the Day print, please

  45. Jodi K. 04.12.2012

    “Eat More Cupcakes” in aqua and yellow would be adorable in my kitchen!!

  46. Sydney 04.12.2012

    I love them all! I think “today is the day” and “celebrate everything” are my favorites!

  47. Kel 04.12.2012

    Definitely the bikes! Enjoy your vacation!

  48. Sarah C 04.12.2012

    I love the blue live simply print. Such a simple, but powerful message!

  49. anne 04.12.2012

    I love the “Do small things with great love” and “I want to have adventures with you.” Totally torn.

  50. ram 04.12.2012

    I like the Virginia Woolf coffee cup.